NOTES, NOTES, and more notes

#1 So my horrible translations of Greek, Italian, Romanian and very few words of Romany/Romani are mixed together in a broken sort of language shared by my version of Gypsy culture.

#2 Bold Italics means while Mr Kane speaks means he's talking in Romanni

#3IT IS NOT AN ACCURATE representation of any culture! No need to flame!

The traditions or culture of these Gypsies are NOT AN ACCURATE representation of any culture!

Just to make this point clearer I am changing the spelling to Romanni

#4 Also the married couple couldn't care less about any traditions in private. Publicity they do it for their families, so long as it isn't hypocritical.

#5 One last thing, I see an Adrien Brody type playing the part of Mr Kane.

At the restaurant they were greeted warmly and given a table immediately. Kristine was mildly impressed, everything smelt wonderful, not an overwhelming combination, just gentle whisps carried on the breeze caused by the opening and closing of the kitchen doors.

Their table was cornered against a pillar that was most likely decorative. Though there was a loss of seating spaces, it gave them privacy of a booth without any forced intimacy. It was perfect, Ed had been a perfect (though a little nervous) gentleman, everything was perfect! Until Kristine sat down. Right across from where she sat Was Edwardos friend Prsephone Kane. Ed was seated opposite of Kristine, so he didn't notice Seph sitting alone at a table behind him. In fact Kristine was the only person at their table that could see her without some effort. However empathic she was for that young woman, (Ed's friend) she didn't want Mrs Kane to distract anyone from their evening out together. At the station she had looked beautiful and youthful. Now she looked like the classiest of Hollywood starlets playing the part of a Greek Goddess in her simple white Spaghetti strap dress. Simplistic golden jewelry counter balanced the dramatic makeup that Matured her into a regal woman. Unfortunately while the rest of the group was unaware of her presence Kristine was distracted by her, no matter how hard she tried to ignore her.

For instance, when their food arrived, Seph was gifted with a drink from a company of three men right next to their party's table. The waitresses returned the drink explaining that the woman was waiting for her husband. Then the host and manager escorted them out of the dining area.

"Dere's plenty'a bar's 'n' clubs down a block and two streets over, she isn't here for your entertainment or to pick up a date. Leave before Mr. Kane shows up so I won't have ta clean the mess ya'll be made into by da time he's done wit you."

"Jim." The manager nodded respectfully at officer Gordan. "A new bottle for this table, put it on my tab."

"Thanks Loe." Before "Loe" was out of ear shot Jim explained. "Aidoneus Nickolie Kane, he's the backer of Loe's restaurant right Ed?" Ed nodded politely, though his eyes and shy smile returned to his date immediately. "I thought I knew this place, the best Greek food in all of Jersey! Which would make your friend Persephone Kane's wife?" Kristine noticed Jim might be able to see Mrs Kane's reflection in a large mirror (that was surrounded by flowers) with a slight turn of his head. Ed seemed puzzled by the question, his eyebrows drawn tighter together.

"Yes...She introduced herself at the station, did you not hear?" Ed's expression was incredulous and maybe a little sympathetic. Kristine was relieved by his reaction, like Jim had asked him if the bread on their table was made with flour.

"The last time I was here was on a call." O God here we go! Kristine thought. The rest of the evening would be about how Jim knew the couple too. However Kristine's worry faded some when Seph put on reading glasses and began reading or perhaps hiding behind a large book, even as Jim carried on.

"... has never been arrested really. Taken into custody for 48 hour hold, it's always been a clear case of self-defense. He seems to be a magnet to overconfident assholes. Arms like a howitzer, went from rooky wonder to Father of murder in the first 11 months of his hole 29 month professional boxing career. Killed six guys inside the ring, he told me he should have retired after the second but it was the best way he knew how to make money. There was never any hit of foul play. Didn't stop people from trying to get a piece of him in or outside the ring..."

"He once asked the DA to find a reason to keep him in jail, unfortunately most of the GCPD had bet on him when he was "an up and comer", the DA's office too...apparently" Ed added quietly. Ed's obvious discomfort ended that topic of conversation and the rest of the dinner was finally enjoyable for everyone.

They were deciding on dessert when Mr Kane arrived. He was not at all what Kristine had been expecting. Instead of a huge, thickly built, no necked, with knuckles that nearly touched the ground, he was simultaneously long and lean, somehow graceful. Though proportionally he looked a little like a Great Dane that never fully grown into its paws. The man had deep dark soulful eyes that matched his dark Olive complexion and wavy jet black hair. His large roman nose did not appear to have ever been broken. Not too surprising when he towered over Jim and Ed both. Kristine had noticed that a waitress had rushed over and had taken Seph's book and glasses moments before her husband had entered the room. As soon as he spoke the room went almost completely silent.

"Wife, have you been waiting here, all alone, for very long?" She smiled softly bowing her head slightly. As he spoke. When she made a move to stand he waved a hand (larger than her head) to stop her

"I am with our family, so I will never be alone." She soothed. "But waiting? It is always long when I wait for my husband, still I will gladly wait forever for you husband." They exchanged soft words in a language Kristine assumed to be Greek or maybe Italian as he sat down. His nose brushed her hair once as he petted it.

"I have something for you wife." He handed her a jewelry box and she whispered her gratitude. "Here, koritsi mou omorfo, let me put it on." The ornate golden hair comb perched perfectly in her dark blonde curls. His thumb brushed across her chin then jaw before sliding down her neck. She was glad that everyone else had lost interest in the couple, the noises of the restaurant obscuring their conversation to nothingness. Their interactions were so innocent, intimate, and breathtakingly beautiful! To be treated so gently, so perfectly by the person who loved was why what Kristine heard from behind her back made her vivid

"Ah! My wife! Ah my husband!" The voice of a young man mocked. "Fucking fag. Pakiv, dav pakiv! Like there are any elders to offend, Christ's sake."

"Yeah, tell me about, don't you dare hold a girl's hand in public, forget about being caught with a gadji!"

"She is a fucking Puyuria! And if she wasn't she's still an ungrateful book loving whore."

"Chachimos phral, He's gotta love cock if he let his Romni go to school."

"S'Only reason 's'cause they're the rish-(berp)-chus both here and in the old country, so no one does shit about them!"

Ed began to stand but allowed Jim to lead when he placed his hand on Ed's shoulder.

"I think you boys have had enough for tonight, why don't you leave."

"Sit the fuck down fanboy. Killer's too busy playing husband and wife to let you suck his cock."

"That's officer fanboy to you. Are you even old enough to drink?"

"Oooh! So it's his lips you've been missing! Or are you more an ass man? You one of the officers on watch aaaall night long?"

"Nah, it's her, isn't it." The second of the four well dressed (suddenly sober) teens said as he pointed his chin towards Seph before training his eyes on Lee. "You got good taste I can tell! But four eyes? Yeah I can see that, or can't unsee that!"

The four of them erupted into laughter. By now everyone at their table was standing and facing the young men angry and more than a little offended.

"A drunkard's words are a sober man's thoughts." Mr Kane mused aloud from where he stood behind the now Petrified young men. His voice was soft but commanding, colored by the slightest of began to happen very fast, two waitresses cleared the table. In the next instant Loe brought a tray of highball glasses and a clear liquor with an obscure label. "Officer Gorden, Officer Nygma, thank you for honoring us with your visit tonight." Kane said as he shook each man's hand in turn. He bowed his head to Lee's offered hand but cut her off with a firm "Please Doctor, I would not use any ladies names in the presence of my disgraceful kin. Such are Chavi!" He bowed apologetically to her and Kristine. "Officers, this is a family- well more of a cultural matter. I can assure you anything that transpires between us…" He looked bored as he glanced over the young men, who were now sweating and trembling slightly. "...Will be well within the bounds of the law. If you are still concerned, because I am asking you and your party to depart like the rest of our guests have, you or Officer Nygma are welcome to stay."

Kristine looked around, the restaurant was indeed empty. It was so surreal, another moment stolen right off the silver screen. Her head snapped to attention when Jim began to say her name.

"Miss ka-" He stopped when his eyes locked with . "Right, would you be terribly inconvenienced if Ed stayed, unless you two have more plans for tonight?" She blushed, it was only their first date!

"No, not at all. After all he's like family to Mr and Mrs Kane if I am not mistaken."

"The brother I am proud of, though I rarely understand." A polite chuckle was shared by all. Goodnights were exchanged and promises of the meal on the house the next time any of them visited.

Ed had studied as much as he could on the matter of Romanni culture.

No doubt this would end in some form of fisticuffs, drinking would be part of the proceedings, as well as verbal intimidation and much posturing to prove his superiority. They would have to pay debt for their disrespect, which could amount to a many different numbers of things-

Ed's train of thought was cut short by Aidoneus passionately kissing Persephone.

Nothing strange in their action, they challenged his manhood. He tried to convince himself.

"Pardon us Edwardo." Aidoneus said with a smug smile. "We have no wish to give you discomfort, please if you wish to sit down with a more discrete view?" He followed Aidoneus eyes to a small table faced away from where the couple's physical display of intimacy was taking place."

"Of course, I am a chaperone, not a voyeur."

You're Just here so that Jim wouldn't be. A mirror! He thought in horror as he sat down. Yes, a mirror! Of course a mirror! It just couldn't be easy! With the aid of the mirror he could see everything Aidoneus was planning on and then doing. He had already deviated from the deductions he had made on the matter.

"You stupid, stupid boys. Sexual education is very lacking within most traditions of our people-" Aidoneus knelt before where his wife was now seated, placing her foot upon his shoulder.

"Doamna I beg you, let your pleasure teach the unworthy."

"Aidoneus, párte tin efcharístisí sas." Aidoneus's hands slid up Persephone's legs, parting the skirt of her dress as he went, exposing much of her beautiful legs. His hands continued up her body, cupping her breasts for a moment before sliding them inside the dresses top. "My wife's body has been perfectly mastered, as she is the master of mine." When he removed his hands more of her cleavage was exposed as well. She was still covered mostly.

"There is complete trust between the Master and his Mistress. One follows the other even as the other obeys them. That is what a perfect union between a man and a woman is."

He helped her stand, pulling her in front of himself. The distinct sound of a zipper being pulled caused Ed to look at the mirror once more, having turned away once Aidoneus's hands had reached Persephone's knees. He couldn't tear his eyes from the reflective glass. He had to keep his darker self from appearing. Trying to distract his mind would leave him vulnerable. Aidoneus was gathering her dress now as he pulled her flush against him. He sat them down in the chair Persephone had been sitting right in front of the four boys. It was clear what was happening, he was going to have sexual intercourse with Persephone in front of them.

"The four of you, listen carefully. If you look at my wife's face I will blind you, touch yourself and I will remove your hands, it is well within my rights to do so."

Persephone turned her head, her eyes meeting Ed's as Aidoneus repositioned her for penetration.

"Look at you wife, so fucking wet, on display because it pleases your Master. You don't care about these disrespectful little boys. That fuck gadjis that don't have a tight little cunt like yours. Such a beautiful cunt, that's why your Master told you not to wear underwear..." Persephone let out a pained cry of surprise as he violently forced her down on his cock.

Ed was no longer at the restaurant, he was at his apartment Persephone in his lap. She wasn't covered by a dress as she faced away from him, she was completely exposed. Both of them sat naked on a chair at the end of his bed looking at their reflections in a long mirror in front of them. She screamed as He thrust into her for the first time. It was painful for him too, as if something like a rubber band gave way inside her. Pure pleasure shot down his spine. I was her first! She's so wet and ready… But he could tell the difference, blood was leaking down his shaft. He could smell it too, even though he was compelled to move them to his bed… He remembered thinking… Just a little longer, We'll have a stain of our own. Aidoneus was sitting naked on the bed eye closed, pleasuring himself. Ed didn't care, it was amusing if anything. He was rather vocal while taking his pleasure from his darling Persephone's body. Even though she struggled to remain silent. Aidoneus has to be able to finish inside her. He halfheartedly chided himself. It was an insult but necessary for him to wear a prophylactic. His own sounds of pleasure would aid Aidoneus's climax. Might as well finish this sooner than later.

"Oh Aidoneus" he groaned "look at how well my virgin whole takes cock! Yes! So tight and snug. Fuck! It will take it all! Make it!" He ordered, causing the other man to cry out. "So beautiful, getting red and puffy...that's it, that's it. You want to cum for me? Fill my whole? It's taking the abuse perfectly" He purred out as he watched his Persephone's cunt swell from his relentless fast pace fucking. She was even beginning to bleed again from her sex flushing with new blood. "Feels so good fucking it bloody!" She was made for us Ed, you'll see, yesssss, see how her body takes us. Can you imagine if we could separate from one another and fuck her time the same time? Where would you want? That was rhetorical Ed, I know already. Both of us in her tight puss- NO! CUNT! Say it! This cunt is ours! You want to ruin her as much as I do.

I- I- No! I've never thought of her like this! The dreams wa-were… Dreams of sexual nature are natural and uncontrollable!

Ever wonder how time always flies by when you're with her. Or why I am soooo quiet when she is with us? Think about it Ed. They gave you that apartment, it was their first home together. Then she left! Abandoning us, SHE ABANDONED ME BECAUSE OF YOU!

Lies! Lies! All of this you hate her because I can control you when we are near her!

What? Like we are now?

Ed screamed, as loud, as hard, and as long as he could.

He woke with a start. He pushed up from his bed and looked around his apartment. His Damnit! His eyes stopped on a chair. That chair