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Raf stared the ceiling from his bed completely zoned out from the world. He couldn't help but remember his past as he lay still on his death bed.

Whatever his grown children and his grandchildren were doing was in vain as they were left unnoticed by him. He already said his goodbyes to them. They cried and cried for him, but its time.

Tears leaked from the violet eyes of his grandchildren, begging him not to go. But he had to.

As his senses began to fade, he began to lament. Oh how he remembered his best friends. It was like yesterday that he just spent time with them. Over the years, they changed just like the world.

Jack Darby. How he fared...

After the revival of Cybertron, Jack became strong. He finished his studies and began to write his books, Discover Cybertron. It was a hit with the masses. Many disregarded it as fiction, since it was impossible for cars to transform into robots. With his newfound wealth Jack lived a good life. He even tried opening a gym with his reasoning 'We need to stay in top shape so that Decepticons can't get the jump on us!' It was a good idea too.

Jack grew in body and spirit and with their battle training with Ratchet he grew in mind as well. Jack Darby left the world as a warrior of his family and of the Pen and Paper.

Raf chuckled a little bit. Jack's children and grandchildren were as great as Jack himself. They were cute and full of will.

Miko Nakadai. Raf remembered her well.

She won her first audition for music with her jam. From that point on she trained so hard it made wonders. Songs were released in droves, and so are the fans. She with her voice travelled the world in her 'Around the World' concert. From west to east, from north to south her music reached. The fans adored her. 'Music is the language of all anyway!' she claimed.

He adored her. Even Jack was proud of her achievements. However, with her free personality and the dislike of inaction, she took parkour lessons when that personality got her in trouble. A near kidnapping by a deranged fan happened to her and by luck a little bit of agility saved her that day.

Miko didn't really ignore that point onwards. Attending Jack's gym, she took the treadmill like fish to water. In a one on one sprint with Jack, she wins definitely. As the call for a family took her, she grew old and gained her bunch of extremely rough children. She finally passed away with grandchildren appreciating her music.

Raf looked to the hazy forms of his children and grandchildren, each getting hazier with the grasp of death. Their cries fell on deaf ears as Rafael was nearing death's door.

Memories began to play themselves, each showing his fondest and most horrible moments. How he completed the programming of nanobots and their machinations. His achievement of selling the most advanced anti-virus program no human but him could ever make. He lived a good life with his family. Meeting Maria. The dates. The really enjoyable moments. Getting their first children. Growing them up. Getting the first grandchildren. It all whizzed past his mind.

Soon his head began to slow.

"I wish to see my friends soon…"

Rafael Esquivel passed away on December 25, 20XX.

Cold cold cold cold!

With a gasp, Rafael woke up. Shouldn't he be dead?

And what's with the pitch black space anyway?

"What happened?" He thought to himself. Looking to his hands gave him another shock. They were made entirely out of light. "Impossible."

Inspecting his hands led to the inspecting of his body, made from light and oddly, he looked familiar. The height, the size, the apparent familiar feeling of an age type.

He was in his prime! In his 30's!

"This is outright impossible! How did I regress to this age?!" Raf exclaimed in wonder. He was at the best age range in his life. At this age, he went to the gym with Jack. They both grew in body there. Despite Jack being bigger than he did Raf never felt threatened. He was his friend!

Raf took gym as a way to stay healthy and fit. To make sure Ratchet's battle training for them did not go to waste. He became a man with constant visits to the gym to train.

Inspecting the oddly solid darkness his body was failing to light up, Raf rationalized that this was a phenomena that was unexplainable.


Raf almost shook out of his skin when a voice echoed throughout the vast darkness. The shout's origin was further away than he was.

He looked around himself, trying to see past the darkness and find the source.

Soon he spotted a small speck of light far in the distance.


Make that two.

They were generally getting closer too. Raf squinted to get a better look and identify them.

"HEY THERE!" This time it was female.

The first was male; the second was a female voice. They were still far.

Raf contemplated his best course of action.

After a brief moment, Raf turned and ran towards the two lights.

Running was easier for him now than before thanks to Jack's gym. After an amount of time none of them could fathom, Raf reached the two humanoid lights.

Upon closer look, it dawned on him.

"Jack? Miko?" Raf asked, wary of their identity.

"Raf! You're here!" they both shouted at once. It immediately cemented the fact that yes; these two are Jackson 'Jack' Darby and Miko Nakadai.

"How is this possible? How are you guys here?" Raf asked out panting slightly. "I thought you were dead!"

They laughed while panting, before taking a deep breath.

"Raf, we did die. I remember sleeping off and then I woke up here." Jack gestured to the massive space they were in. "Soon after Miko arrived."

"Yeah, I passed away with a bang! It was the best firework show in my last moments too," Miko excitedly said. "Shame I couldn't see the finale."

"But you died like years apart!" Raf disbelievingly claimed. How did Jack say that Miko arrived here way faster?

"I lived for 8 years after Miko passed away-" Raf was cut off as both Jack and Miko suddenly spoke up. "Yeah, we noticed. You must have noticed how we are 30 again right?"

"Yeah…" Raf slowly replied. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"This age was when we were at our strongest. Miko here was a near master at parkour and I can't even catch her if she ran." Jack said before nodding slightly at a grinning Miko.

"Yeah, Jack too was the 'biggest' man around at this age too." Jack blushed slightly, seen by the red tint on his light face.

"So what you're saying is that this place has a time dilation effect?" Raf asked them both. They nodded.

"Then there must be a reason to get us here and regress us to this age." Raf looked around but could see nothing. "Jack, Miko, help me here alright. Let's try to get a clue of whoever trapped us here."

Jack and Miko nodded in understanding. Forming a ring covering each others backs, Jack, Miko and Rafael readied their highest tones.


It echoed into the unseen horizon, and nothing happened.

"Nothing happens! I think they forgo-" Miko was interrupted as a loud thunder clapped into existence miles away. The shock however carried right through them.

Far away, a violent and violet storm approaches.

It was dark as the midnight sky, and what highlighted it was the bright purple glow that made up the lightning.

And it was approaching, fast.

They turned tail immediately.

"I did not expect that!" Raf shouted in sheer panic. "What is that!"

"I don't know but just keep running!" Jack looked back and saw it was gaining on them. "We're not fast enough!"

"Not me!" Miko immediately zoomed past them, pacing herself to a run just nicely in front of them.

Being males, they couldn't really help but imagining the buns.

"Thank god I can't have erections here!" both Jack and Raf thought inwardly.

Raf looked back and indeed screamed in fear. The cloud had entirely skipped forwards. It was simply a few meters behind them.

"Look out!" Jack shouted in alarm as a lightning bolt zoomed past him, hitting the solid darkness just beside Miko. She somersaulted in the air and landed nicely, continuing her run. "That was not cool!" She screamed.

However, as lightning strikes happened and they dodged as per battle training, a sudden pulse was felt by them. It was pulling them in!

"SURRENDER TO MY WILL!" A dark and evil voice demanded. It was massive and it was deafening!

"Ahhhh! It's sucking me in!" Miko screamed, her strides weakening as she, being the lightest, began to float with each step.

Jack immediately ran forwards, and being heavier placed his arms onto her and anchoring her to the floor, allowing her to keep on running.

Like a ray of hope, a ground bridge appeared far into the horizon. It shined in the darkness like a beacon.

"There!" Raf shouted, pointing at the now noticed ground bridge.

Hope flared within them as the neared the exit, however, the dark entity enraged. The dark storm touched them and despite their efforts, consumed them.

"ARGHHHH!" They screamed in pure pain. The dark storm began electrocuting their light forms with violet lightning, and it indeed felt like real lightning.

"I-Its Unicr-cron!" Raf screamed in pure pain as the lightning began to invade his body. The dark miasma like storm began to push into their bodies, their light receding back from the invading force.

It was too much, too powerful.

As their light retreated into a single sphere, their body claimed by Unicron, was when light began to pierce the storm.

Tendrils of light ventured into the darkness, some getting cut and some dissipating. Out of the many that entered, only some made it to them.

Their minds shut down from the pain and only their soul is left, ripe for the taking.

Whoever claimed it first, wins.

As Unicron inched closer to their core it all seemed bleak.

By fate, their light resisted just enough. Three tendrils wrapped around their now solid darkness body, pulling them all out from the dark storm. It, or Primus, pulled so powerful that the storm couldn't detach that it broke off.

Jack, Miko and Raf flew into the ground bridge, the ripped pieces of Unicron flowing with them.

Within the ground bridge, the dark energy began to wrap around the light, and the souls, now having an anchor, shone with prismatic light.

Reaching the end of the ground bridge, three sparks, fully wrapped in the Darkness of Unicron, exited into Cybertron.

In an abandoned alley in the abandoned city of Kaon, light bursts in an aurora. The metal that made up the plates beneath the city began to warp, three lumps of Cybertronium alloy rising.

The three lumps began to resemble three average Cybertronian protoforms. As much as Primus' light wanted to mold the body, the spark determines.

Dark violet lightning streaked over the liquid metal alloy that still covered the forming protoforms began making changes. The first protoform grew freakishly tall, its form taking on the size of a massive Cybertronian. One could compare it to Megatron's own size.

The second one was definitely shorter, but its frame was built big and strong just not as massive as the first. However the focus was on the helm.

The third was shorter but not too short. Should it be compared, the helm of this protoform would reach only the chest of the first, with the second reaching the shoulders of the first.

This third protoform turned slender and focus was on its lower body. Soon the lightning receded, and the spark settled.

Colors of many types spread over the now complete Cybertronian armor, decals and biolights turning to life.

The three new Cybertronians popped off the metal plates, completing the birth process.

Their optics flared to life for a second, before dulling. In that single second, all was revealed.

Three newly made and sparked Cybertronians lay there, offline.

But from the colors of the optics and how they generally looked, they are definitely Decepticons.

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