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Jack soon began to stir from unconsciousness, body stiff from staying still for too long.

"Auugh… My head hurrrts…" he moaned. Everything was whirring. Everything was spinning. And everything had numbers?

"What?..." Slowly, Jack began to really see what was happening.

He took in the vision that greeted him in his dazed state, a human mind confused to its new, cognitive functions. Taking a look at a particular sky, chemical compositions appeared.

Chemical compositions too familiar to a certain planet.

"Cybertron?" Jack inwardly thought. Why was he on Cybertron, of all places?

Propping himself up with his left arm, he tried to turn his body to face the floor since he still couldn't feel his lower body yet. The sound of metal against metal confirmed his suspicions.

Completing his turn, he caught a glimpse to his new form.

"What... What is this... I... I'm a decepticon?" His body shuddered, and he fell down, face first, crashing to the rough floor like an idiot.

Barely audible, suppressed giggles echoed through the alley he was in, and Jack was immediately on the defensive.

Taking another try to prop himself up, he gave a powerful growl, pushing himself up and holding himself there.

He took another look at the oddly reflective surface of metal he was on, taking in all the details.

How the tri-pronged crest on his head gave off the feeling of nobility. His squared young adult face giving the personal feeling of handsomeness and odd familiarity.

But his eyes, or optics, turned it all around.

Blood red, just like someone he knew…


"Hi Jack." A heavy shiver ran up his spine. The unfamiliar voice too unknown to him. Fight or Flight activated within him in that short instance of a greeting.

He didn't notice the sensation of his lower body responding.

He didn't even notice his face scrunching into a visage so very intimidating to witness.

How his left arm transformed into a massive cannon.

And he fired towards the voice's location. The shot was erratic, massive, energetic.

And most of all.


Out of nowhere, two cybertronians different in all aspects emerged from nothingness, tendrils of glasslike light quickly dispersing to allow both of them to evade.

The powerful shot disintegrated the wall behind them, leaving a gaping hole of molten metal. No debris were created as the shot tore straight through the wall cleanly.

Both of the unknown beings stared at him, then the wall, and then towards the massive cannon, ready and charged for another chance.

A cornered animal is the most dangerous.

Jack glared, aiming the cannon towards the mech of orange and dark purple. The tendrils retreated into his back and he took up his arms into the air, surrendering. The visored mech was clearly shook.

"Jack, stop." the femme spoke. He turned to her next, eyes wide at the call.

Jack took a look towards her and stared hard. Underneath the scowling Decepticon, he saw,

"M... Miko…" Jack was stunned as she laughed a mirthful, but nervous laugh. He looked to his cannon and it retreated back into his arm. He stared at it for a long second.

He was immediately shook out of his reverie by Miko.

"Jack that was awesome!" She looked to the molten wall. "I.. I mean that was scary that you brought that out but that is seriously too cool." She smirked at him, but he was sweating.

"I almost shot Miko and Raf… I almost shot them… What got into me?" He took a look at the still hands up mech. Big, but not as big as him.


"Raf… Is that you?" Jack looked to the mech sitting in shock, before he nodded.

"What's with the visor man?" Jack laughed to the floor, still sweating.

"I almost shot them"

"I don't know." Raf held his hand over his visor and with a click, removed them. "I woke up like this." Raf held the blue visor in his hands, or servos, and gently placed it on his lap.

"His voice is different, so different."

Jack took another look at the visorless mech and was greeted with a blank face with a frown permanently set in as his mouth. Sharp purple optics stare at him in humorless worry.

"What's wrong." Jack asked, and Raf turned to his right.

"He's just shaken." Interjected Miko. She had stood up and held a clawed hand at him. He took it gratefully. Finally standing, Jack walked to Raf, and offered a hand.

Raf took it immediately, without hesitation.

"It's okay man. I'm shaken as well here. I almost shot you both." Jack looked to the floor, shame radiating from his massive form.

Raf took a glance at both Miko and Jack, happy, but worried. They are in this new situation, therefore they better be careful.

Taking a glance at his visor, he reattached it with a click. Jack walked to a nearby wall, took in a shaky breath, and asked.

"Now, tell me. Why are we all Decepticons?"

"Okay, you're telling me that because Unicron caught us, we became Cons?" Jack looked to Raf, believing a bit of it, but still not totally sure.

"Yeah, I mean, look at us. Total decepticon look with the claws and stuff. Heck! You're as big as Megatron, and he is 30 feet tall!" Raf measured his height with one of his own tendrils and sulkily looked down in shame. "28 feet tall. At least I'm 2 feet taller than Miko now."

"Hey! That's not fair!" she grumpily looked to a smirking Raf, "Just because I'm shorter now don't you dare look down on me!"

Miko glared at both Raf and Jack, who both looked away. "All right Miko-hime."

She smirked, and they all broke into laughs in good mirth.

Jack was the first to stop, followed by Miko and Raf. He looked to the sky above them, clear and dark, devoid of any spacecraft.

His face returned to solemn seriousness. Doesn't matter if they are Cons right now. It doesn't define who they really are.

"Say, Raf, what are those?" Miko asked Raf quickly about the light tentacles he was currently playing with. He looked to Miko and Jack, obviously distracted. "Oh, they're hard-light."

"Hard-light?" She questioned back, confused. Jack stared at the appendages in critical sight. They were, interesting, to say the least.

"Yeah, hard-light. Photon particles bound and locked in a tight field of energy that allows it to be interacted with. The field can be changed in shape and it wouldn't really affect its functionality. Strength however is a different matter entirely."

"Ohh, that sounds interesting. HERE!" She shouted and charged a shot.

Instinctively, Raf flattened multiple tendrils towards the danger, and she fired a low powered stun blast.

It hit the shield and immediately dissipated. The layered barrier shuddered at the low blast and Raf retreated the appendages. He looked to Miko, and through the visor, he was radiating shock and anger.

"What the hell Miko?!" Raf was irreversibly angry.

"Yeah what the hell?" Jack turned to Miko, eyes set in a questioning gaze.

"Tee-hee! I just want to test its strength!" She stuck her glossa out, clearly apologetic. She turned to Jack with a scowl.

"Also Jack, don't do that stare at me again. You just looked like Megatron." She scowled at Jack, who was immediately taken aback.

"What?" Jack ran to the nearest 'mirror' surface and did the same stare.

He came running back.

"Oh my god I did!" He shuddered at a realization.

"Is it in any way, we're modeled after Megatron, Soundwave and Airachnid?"

Realization sets in. A sudden feeling of fear began to build up.

At once, all three of them,


"Okay, we are in Kaon, and we are Decepticons. How great is that. Not only that but all of us look like the sparklings of Megatron, Soundwave and Airachnid with Optimus, Bumblebee and Bulkhead respectively and it is definitely not okay." Jack muttered out more frantic revelations that they had in a nervous breakdown.

Both Raf and Miko followed closely behind, uncomfortable being in bodies that resembles too much of their friends.

And their enemies.

Miko sucked her lips in, nervous of her predicament. A sadistic spidercon lady as her mom? HECK NO. Its cool with Bulkhead, but with Airachnid?

Raf stopped generating his hard-light tendrils out anymore. He also removed his visor, just to stay out of the resemblance he had with both visor and cables. His sharp look and the foreverfrown was something he had to stay up with.

Unfortunately for Jack, he couldn't do anything but keep his cannon away. His massive size and armor style clearly screamed MEGATRON to everyone. He tried to stay calm, but he ended up shriveling his size instead. He didn't want to look intimidating.

"Okay. This is just bad. I don't want to look like this." Jack looked down towards his form. Disdain filled his face. "Megatron may have repented for all his doing but EWW I don't want to be looking like him!"

Raf uncomfortably hugged himself, his resemblance to Soundwave was uncanny. The biolight, the appendages, the colours!

"Jack. Cybertronians can pay to change their armor style. Like a haircut. We just have to pay a lot of credits to change how we look and the registration." Raf supplied in hurried sentences bordering insanity.

"We just have to work and get money…" Miko interjected. She looked at her form and grimaced.

"What we're gonna work, is another matter entirely." Jack looked towards the horizon with a grimace, an unknown future that awaits them.

Silently, Jack accidentally imagined himself,

Cooking patties at Knockout Burgers. Like this.

His whole frame shivered. Raf and Miko stared at Jack with worry.

"Goosebumps?" the thought pass through their minds.

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