Author's notes: This is chapter 6 of a 6 chapter - adult fan fic story involving Kim Possible and her brother's Jim & Tim.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will involve sexual content. **


A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer

Chapter 6 – Kim's turn

Tim unfastened the belt around Kim's waste and let her hands free. She saw how the boys were still in 'awe'. She said, "Hey, both of you look at me! I have one last thing for your eyes to see and have wet dreams about." They both looked at Kim as she took her fingers and whipped the thick cum off of her chin, lips, cheek and off of her boobs. She then raised her fingers up high in the air and let the thick cum drip into her mouth, like honey dripping from a spoon. Finally, she licked it off of her fingers clean.

"There, all cleaned up. I learned that from Bonnie the night of…"

"Yea, we know we saw the…"

Kim sassed back, "Well, okay then, you boys what a big cum flavored kiss now?"

Tim and Jim both cringed.

"Relax you two, I was only kidding."

Kim looked at their dicks starting to get hard…again. She laughed a little as she told them, "Now you boys can go to your rooms and beat off another 4 of 5 times thinking about what just happened because it will NEVER happen again. Meanwhile, I'm going to get in the shower, again, and wash oil and cum off my body. I might even crank one out myself. We'll talk about the revenge tomorrow."

Kim stood there with her arms crossed. The pose sort of squeezed her shiny boobs together. Jim & Tim were again hypnotized by her sexyness. She snapped them out of it, "Well, show's over. You've had your fun. Leave!"

Jim and Tim finally left the room and Kim turned the shower on, again!

When Kim got in the shower, before she soaped up, she rubbed her hands all over her oil slick body. She was extremely wet and horny. Of course this was nothing like the sexual torture of sitting on a vibrator for over an hour when Bonnie made her suck cocks through a glory hole but still, she needed to cum. She knew she wasn't turned because she sucked off her brothers dicks but she was wet because they FORCED her to suck there cocks. Yes, she played along with the fantasy and gave them a good show but her arms were tied to her side. Tim did grab her hair and held it on Jim's cock as he came in her mouth. Just like Bonnie did at the glory hole over a week ago when Brick cam in her mouth.

She got down in the tub and let the shower water spray her down. Then she started masturbating.

As she put 2 fingers in and out of her soft wet hole she starting thinking about licking Bonnies pussy. Fantasizing that, someday, Bonnie would lick her pussy too. The water beaded up on her oily slick skin as she changed from fingering her pussy to rubbing her clit.

She rubbed her clit at the thought of being handcuffed or restrained and being forced to suck cock. A strangers cock, through the glory hole. Fantasizing of someone grabbing her head and forcing her to swallow all the cum. Dreaming that she is trying as hard as she can to pull away but she can't because someone is holding her head on that cock. Cum is being forced down her throat and into her stomach.

The water in the tub splashed around as she moved her fingers faster and faster on her burning clit.

As she reached climax, she let out a loud moan.

Downstairs in the kitchen, her brothers heard the loud scream from the bathroom upstairs. Tim asked her brother, "Do you think she's masturbating and thinking about us?"

Back in the bathroom, Kim took her free hand and slid it all over her oiled up body. Then she took her wet fingers, fresh from her orgasumed pussy, and licked them. Finally, using both hands, she rubbed her hands all over her entire slippery body.

It wasn't the best orgasm she gave herself but it was a very good one.

She carefully stood up. Being covered in oil and having the shower cover her in water made it hard to stand. Once she got her footing she took a deep breath, releasing more tension from her completed orgasm.

She stood there for a moment letting the water hit her, thinking.

This time she was thinking about the deal. She hoped that her brothers will keep up their end of the bargain. She hoped that she can get revenge on Shego and Bonnie for what they put her through. And she hoped that she will stop getting these wild and crazy sexually feelings.

She leaned forward to let the shower water run over her head, breathing heavy, trying to rinse away the emotional scare of what she just did with her brothers.

Finally, she grabbed the soap and tried again to wash away the dirty slutty feelings.

The end (of part 2)

** Coming soon - Kim's Revenge: Cheer Fight pt 3. **