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Evelyn, Jason, Hajime, and Yue sat in front of a desk. Facing them was Azazel, who looked them over carefully. The Fallen Angel said, "That's quite the story. I'm not saying that I don't believe you, it's just that it seems a bit out there. There's never been a case of someone sneezing just before they went through a transportation circle."

Evelyn chucked sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. He said, "It's not my fault that supernatural beings have sharper senses than humans. Plus, it was in the woods, and there was a lot of pollen and dust!" Behind him, his Queen, knight, and Pawn nodded. They took a few minutes getting used to their enhanced senses and abilities, with smell being one of the ones they still weren't used to.

Sighing, Azazel said, "Well then, it's clear that you still need training. Sirzechs is a friend of mine, so I'll help you and your peerage improve." Getting up, the leader of the Grigori said, "Very well. Follow me to the training chambers. I'll gauge your skills there." The group followed the man, drawing attention, as they had caused a commotion earlier. A few minutes later, they reached a large room. Turning around, Azazel said, "Now show me what you got. Use the targets there." He pointed to several dummies stationed around the room. Gesturing to Yue, he said, "Ladies first."

Yue pointed a finger, and a red mist flickered to life. The next moment, a spear of magic impaled the dummy in front of her. Waving her hand, the girl froze the dummy, before a dark cloud formed above it. A thunderbolt shot down, blasting the dummy to pieces. Even so, Yue wasn't finished. She waved her hand again, and the remaining portions of the dummy were shredded by an unseen force. The shredded remains were them crushed into paste by another unseen force, causing a slight indent on the ground. Flipping her hair out of the way, she calmly said, "Even before I joined Evelyn's peerage, I could do that and still have enough energy to fight hordes of monsters."

Stepping up, Hajime bluntly said, "I'm next." He held his hands up, and two futuristic revolvers appeared. He said, "Meet Donner and Schlag." Covering himself in lightning, he started blasting at various dummies, each one exploding from the lightning-laced bullets. A few seconds later, he switched the revolvers out with Metzelei, a Gatling gun with six barrels. He blasted even more dummies, before switching to using his magic abilities. Using Air Walk, he disappeared, flickering around the room, even running across the air. He used Gale Claw to cut a dummy apart, while using Pursuit to send the slashed pieces to crash into the closest dummies. Finally, he summoned Orkan, blasting the remains of the dummies he attacked into oblivion.

Rubbing the back of his head, he said, "Just like Yue, I was able to do all that before joining Evelyn. I noticed that it took significantly less energy to do all that, though." Looking at Jason, he said, "It's your turn, big guy."

Jason nodded. After the dummies were restocked, he demonstrated his skills, which stunned everyone, even Evelyn and Azazel. Their vision blurred for a second, and what happened was a blur. The killer of Camp Crystal Lake suddenly vanished, and the sound of three scuffles and three heavy breaths echoed throughout the chamber. A dummy fell to the ground, an axe in its head. A second one was decapitated, and the group of four saw Jason standing behind it, his axe held out in front of him. What he did next shocked everyone. He held his axe facing the other way so its blade pointed at him, and shoved deeply it into his head. Pulling his weapon around, he left a deep gash in full view of everyone.

They knew it would kill anyone, but Jason was still standing. Pulling the axe out, Jason tilted his head so everyone could see the wound start healing at an accelerated rate. Jason nodded at the group and returned to standing next to Azazel. Without looking away from the Queen, the Fallen Angel said, "It's your turn, Evelyn." He returned to looking at Jason, a gleam in his eyes.

Sighing, Evelyn grumbled, "Fine. I hate showing off my magic skills, though." He walked up and raised his hand. Using the Power of Destruction, he fired a wave of dark red energy that destroyed the dummies in front of him. Next, he narrowed his eyes as he focused on a dummy on the far end of the training room. Snapping his fingers, the dummy exploded, with more of the Power of Destruction flaring out from within.

Finally, he used his condensation magic. He focused on a dummy, lips twitching in anticipation. The dummy fell apart, since the distribution of mass in its body was increased in some areas and decreased in others. Looking at Azazel, he asked, "Is that good enough for a demonstration?"

Nodding, the Fallen Angel said, "Yeah, that's good. Alright, now I know what to help you guys improve on, but that'll happen after I do a few tests on your peerage members." The group of four nodded, following the man out.

On the way, though, a Fallen Angel with two sets of wings attacked them. He shouted, "Die, Devil scum!" He made a brown light spear and attacked Evelyn, but Hajime jumped in the way and deflected the weapon with his prosthetic arm.

Azazel, frowning, ordered, "Dezobeyi! Stand down!" He frowned, however, at the response.

Dezobeyi spat at him and yelled, "I don't care what you say! They're Devils, so they must die, even if I have to kill you too!" He moved to attack once more, but Hajime acted in the blink of an eye.

The Pawn summoned Schlagen, an anti-tank rifle that looked more like a futuristic railgun. It was ten times stronger than Donner, which possessed power surpassing a normal anti-tank rifle thanks to Lightning Clad. Raising his weapon, Hajime aimed at the Fallen Angel.

Laughing arrogantly, Dezobeyi taunted, "Can you even aim that? I'll just kill your friends, except for the ladies! I'll cut your limbs off and force you to watch as I have my way with th-" He was cut off when his torso exploded in a shower of gore.

Coldly, Hajime said, "Don't you dare touch my wife." He dismissed Schlagen and grabbed the remains Dezobeyi's corpse by the arm. Looking at Azazel, he asked, "Mind if I have this? I want to see if my Iron Stomach ability will work on this." By this time, a crowd had gathered, curious to see who disobeyed Azazel's order to not bother the Devils.

Azazel shrugged and said, "Do what you want. He disobeyed and paid the price."

Grunting, Hajime said, "That should have been expected, considering that Dezobeyi literally means disobedient in Haitian Creole." He found an exposed part of Dezobeyi's flesh and, to everyone's horror and disgust, bit into it. They watched silently as the boy ate the Fallen Angel's arms. Getting up and wiping his mouth, Hajime reached into his pocket and pulled out a card. To everyone's interest, it radiated a magic signature that was strongly linked to the Pawn. Looking it over, Hajime said, "Huh, I guess it did work." Holding out his hand, he formed a dark red light spear, shocking everyone even more.

Curiously, Azazel said, "Hajime, you said something about Iron Stomach. What is that?"

Hajime said, "If I eat something, I gain its abilities. I gained Lightning Clad when I ate a wolf monster that generated lightning, Air Walk when I ate a demonic rabbit, Gale Claw when I got revenge on and ate a bear demon that took my left arm, and so on." Azazel whistled, impressed.

Chuckling, Azazel said, "Anyways, we should figure out the extent of the abilities you all have. Let's go."

Over the next month, Evelyn and his peerage learned about their limits. Evelyn was powerful for his age, but his ranged magic had a charging time that was long enough for even a rook to act fast enough to avoid getting touched. Also, he was able to put up a fight in close quarters, but he wasn't physically strong enough to land a particularly powerful blow, due to his small stature.

Jason was nearly impervious to damage, and was the definition of a nearly undefeatable opponent, as he was able to shrug off impalement through the skull, travel somewhat quickly underwater with no resistance despite his aquaphobia, wander around the entirety of Camp Crystal Lake in the matter of minutes, and come back to life after coming in contact with a source of energy, whether it was lightning, psychic energy, or being exposed to heat emitted from a person. His only weaknesses were extremely powerful blows and magic, and that anything holy had a much stronger effect. Due to becoming a Queen, Jason gained a decent resistance to magic. The Devil nature, though, made him two times more susceptible to holy elements, whether it was holy water, silver crosses, or the like. To fix this, the best combat method would be to have Jason and Amethyst work as a team. Both were nigh unstoppable, and Amethyst could defend Jason from things the Queen wouldn't be able to shrug off easily.

Hajime had an extremely diverse range of attacks, which made him an extremely dangerous opponent on the battle field. However, around half of his magic arsenal consisted of non combat-oriented abilities and buffs, along with the occasional debuff. He promptly learned to increase the variety of ways he fought, mixing his abilities with his weapons, focusing on more than just using Lightning Clad with Donner and Schlag to create miniature railguns.

Yue was deadly, having a dangerous arsenal of magic spells. She could regenerate from wounds, like Jason, though she had regenerated from decapitation when she was nineteen, a little over three hundred years before she met Hajime. Just like Jason, she had an increased weakness for holy elements. Additionally, she was an open target, as she usually stayed in one place while she fought. Her biggest weakness, though, was that she had little to no ways to defend herself in close combat. However, it wouldn't be much of a problem as she was always near Hajime, who would be able to keep an eye on her even in the heat of combat.

Finally, after settling a few last errands, Evelyn decided it was time to leave. He and his peerage had learned a lot, and wanted to implement it into real-life applications to make what they learned more efficient. During the stay at the Grigori, he, Hajime, and Yue befriended many of the Fallen Angels.

Evelyn became friends with Penemue, who was glad to teach him some of the magic she knew, and Mittelt, who loved to tease people just as much as he did. She would hug him from behind, jump him when he was bathing, and slip into his bed and sleep with him in the nude while he slept. Usually, he got her back by grabbing her wrists from behind and gently biting her ear, holding her close to him by the waist from behind while pressing his body into hers, and spoon-feeding her while straddling her legs at mealtimes. They were so caught up in trying to embarrass each other, they failed to notice that the other Fallen Angels started a betting ring to see how they would turn out.

Hajime was uncomfortable with the attention, and would hold on to Yue's hand for comfort. Yue, having abandonment issues do to her uncle's betrayal in which he sealed her into the labyrinth, became extremely possessive of Hajime, even going as far as to have sex with him in the bathing room, which wasn't really anything new, considering that they already had sex with each other before quite a few times.

Jason didn't interact much, spending most of his time in front of his mother's shrine. He silently told her about what his life was now like, asking for advice on what to do in certain situations. Since he was now away from the camp where he and his mother were murdered, his mother's spirit had all but disappeared, though sometimes he could hear her give him advice, whispering soothing words whenever he was troubled by something.

However, he did get along with Baraquiel, bonding with the Fallen Angel over family troubles. Both were the silent no-nonsense type, and lost their loved ones in front of their eyes. Both could usually be seen training, with the match usually consisting of Jason shrugging off Baraquiel's lightning magic while Baraquiel stayed in the air and dodged pocket knives Jason threw, occasionally getting nicked.\


The peerage traveled around, making money through temporary jobs and eliminating stray Devils. Sadly, none of them were able to give Hajime any new abilities, as they were either too weak to give him their power, or the powers weren't worth having. Hajime did not want to be able to spray acid that could only melt clothes but had to be fired from the nipples, and he most certainly didn't want to be able to create ropes from pubic hair that could only bind targets bondage style.

They met a few members of the Angel Faction in Italy, and fortunately, there was no violence. Well, none on the Devils' part. The exorcists were named something like Irene and Xenophobia, and they weren't as peaceful as the Devils. The interaction consisted mostly of the two girls chasing the Devils while swinging their weapons, while Hajime summoned his four-wheel drive for everyone to cram themselves into while they escaped. It was a strange sight that day, watching two girls with swords trying to kill one child, two young adults, and a grown man speeding away in a vehicle that couldn't fit them all very well.

Secretly, Evelyn had placed a listening seal on the blue-haired one, who, if he remembered correctly, was Xenophobia. He was amused to listen as someone, a woman named Griselda, if he remembered correctly, scolded the duo for recklessly endangering innocent people. However, he had to take aspirin since the woman said God at least ten times. That was when his magic circle was noticed, and it was destroyed.

Sighing, he told his peerage that they had to stay hidden from the Angel Faction for some time, and they decided to hunt down more stray Devils. They kept hidden for five more months, staying in populated areas long enough to buy food, clothes, and daily necessities.

Looking at the night sky, Evelyn muttered, "I better let Mother and Father know I'm fine." He quickly wrote a letter, sending it to his family using the Gremory magic circle. Sighing, he thought, 'I wonder how far Rias is with her peerage?'

Back in the Gremory estate, Rias sneezed. Her peerage members looked at her. There was Isaiah, a boy she saved after he was subjected to experiments to create a holy sword wielder. However, he had his name changed to Yuuto Kiba. Next to him was Akeno Himejima, a girl she saved from her family, who wanted her dead for being a half-blood. Silently sitting a few feet away was a nekoshou named Koneko, who was saved from being executed simply for existing after her sister became a stray Devil. Inside a cardboard box in the corner of the room, Gasper Vladi, who was also saved from being killed just for being a half-blood, peeked out.

Akeno asked, "Rias-sama, is everything alright?"

Rias wiped her nose, waving her off. She said, "It's alright. Anyways, have I told you about my younger brother?" Her eyes sparkled, and her peerage groaned. They had listened to her stories about Evelyn at least twelve times in the last week alone.

Zeoticus and Venelana read the letter they received with Sirzechs and Grayfia. Sirzechs said, "Well, it's a good thing that it was Azazel who found them. He honestly couldn't care about what faction you're from as long as you don't get on his bad side."

Humming in agreement, Zeoticus said, "You're right. However, it is very impressive that my son has three peerage members already, and they all used the mutated pieces. It is especially amazing that his Pawn used all eight pieces!"

He yelped when Venelana pinched his cheek and pulled. The woman asked, "Don't you mean our son? It looks like I'll have to remind you that they're also my children!"

Sirzechs chuckled as Zeoticus whimpered, only to yelp as Grayfia pinched his cheek. The maid said, "Lucifer-sama, you are supposed to be working. It seems that you need to be disciplined as well."

Back in the forest where they were staying, Evelyn and his peerage looked up, hearing what sounded like two men screaming in pain. Looking at Jason, who shrugged, Evelyn said, "Huh, must have been our imagination." He went to sleep, Hajime and Yue following his example, holding each other closely. Jason leaned against a tree, listening to the nature around him, taking in the chirping of the crickets. Slowly, his eyes closed, and he started snoring.

As they slept, Amethyst stepped out of the shadows. It broke parts of itself off and placed it onto the ground around its master and his servants, forming a wall. Standing tall, it stared off into the distance, determined to protect Evelyn and his peerage.

Beyond the horizon, two girls fought back to back. They both had guns, firing at the crowd of stray Devils that surrounded them. They were tiring, and while it was unknown to them, help would come soon. Whether it would arrive in time, though, was a different story.

Here is the planned peerage list with some changes. Remember, you can suggest potential members:

* means it's permanent and not up for debate

King: Evelyn Gremory

Queen (Mutated): Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)*

Bishop (Mutated): Yue (Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou)*

Bishop: undecided

Knight (Mutated): undecided

Knight: undecided

Rook (Mutated): undecided

Rook: undecided

Pawn (Mutatedx8) x8: Hajime Nagumo (Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou)*

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