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Evelyn sighed as he stared at the ceiling of his bedroom, sprawled on his bed. Next to him, Mitsuhide sighed as well as she snuggled into his side, twirling his hair around her fingers. The reason for this? They were bored, and there was absolutely nothing to do. Jason was out on a walk in the nearby woods, Hajime was taking care of Yue, and Shinku was in her room sleeping. And after that debacle with Eileen and Xylophone or whatever, people had started paying more attention to them, making it harder to keep their secrets unknown.

Snuggling closer to the girl, Evelyn asked, "What should we do?" He added, "I mean, we can't really think of anything and the others have things to do." Idly, he reached out and grabbed his laptop, flipping it open and turning it on. Idly going through the programs, he said, "Anyways, I guess it wouldn't hurt to play a bit of that new game I bought a while ago." Flipping over and reaching under his bed, he pulled out a large box. Opening it, he took out an Xbox console. Plugging it in, he opened up the game he bought and went into multiplayer mode. From over his shoulder, Mitsuhide watched in curiosity.

Evelyn's eyes narrowed as he saw a certain name on the opposing team. He muttered, "We meet again, G45PYIN4B0X. I'll beat you this time for sure." Overhearing him, Mitsuhide's eyes widened in shock, knowing how competitive Evelyn could get, especially if G45PYIN4B0X was involved. The last time they competed, Evelyn screamed in rage so loud they had to put up sound-blocking barriers around his room to avoid disturbing others.

For the next few minutes, he kept battling and trading blows with his rival. This continued until G45PYIN4B0X figured out Evelyn's strategy and exploited it, effectively taking him out. Unfortunately, it was too late; Evelyn's team won. Tossing his controller into the air, he shouted, "Ha! Take that, G45PYIN4B0X! I beat you this time!" Getting up from the bed, he did a victory dance around the room, cheering throughout. Meanwhile, Mitsuhide grabbed the controller and selected another game.

In Gremory Mansion, Gasper shrieked in rage. "You shitty stab-happy jerk! I'll get you next time, TH3L0V3R666! If I meet you in real life, I'll fuck you over so hard that Bayonetta's whip at full power will feel like a silk cloth brushing lightly on your skin and Madama Butterfly's strongest punches will feel like a gentle massage!" Outside his room, a maid who was passing by yelped in surprise at the noise inside, before scuttling away.

On the other side of Gremory Mansion, Rias blinked and looked around. She asked, "Did any of you hear that? I swear I just heard Gasper a second ago." Each of her peerage members shook their heads, having not heard a thing. To be fair, though, they had tuned out everything around them, as Rias was just about to tell them yet another story about her brother.

Evelyn ended his victory dance in time to hear his controller clicking. Turning around, he saw Mitsuhide playing a different game. Making his way to her side, he looked at the screen and commented, "You know that there's a secret room at that wall, right?" At her questioning look, he added, "I played that game with my brother. He's the one who showed me the room. Is it alright if I join?" When she nodded, he grabbed the second remote and linked to the game. They spent the next few hours playing various games, until Hajime called them for dinner.

The next day, Evelyn groggily rubbed his eyes as he woke up, hearing the phone ring. Stumbling over and picking it up, he answered the call and groaned, "Hello, who is this?" He flinched and held the phone away from himself at the cheerful response.

"Hey, how's my little bro doing?" Sirzechs happily asked. "I'm glad that you still write letters, but we haven't heard your voice in so long!"

Evelyn replied, "I just woke up. How are you and the family doing? And what about Sera and Sona too?"

Chuckling, Sirzechs answered, "We're all doing well. Rias has a Queen, Knight, Rook, and Bishop. Sona has also obtained several peerage members as well. And Serafall... Well, she's Serafall. She misses you just as much as we do, and wants Shrine Maiden Miko Mori to return to her show."

Smiling, Evelyn responded, "Yeah, that much I figured."

"Anyways," said Sirzechs, "as you know, it's Sona's birthday tomorrow. Are you going to visit?"

Pursing his lips, Evelyn replied, "I'd like to, but I don't know if I can. My Pawn and Bishop are a couple, and, well... they're expecting. Twins, to be exact."

"Ah, I see," said Sirzechs, "You can take your peerage with you if you'd like. After all, we haven't met them yet."

Smiling, Evelyn answered, "Then I guess we can go. I'll go tell my peerage. When's a good time to come?" As their conversation continued, the rest of the household woke up and began their day. When the phone call was finished, Evelyn turned to Shinku and asked, "Shinku, can you get everyone else? I have an announcement to make."

As everyone gathered around the table, Evelyn cleared his throat and announced, "Earlier, I got a call from my older brother. A childhood friend is going to celebrate her birthday soon, and we've all been invited. Anyone interested in going?"

Mitsuhide raised a hand and replied, "You already know that Shinku and I will be going."

Jason shifted subtly. He was somewhat conflicted. He had never been to a birthday party before, since his mother knew that he would not be accepted by other children. However, he was invited to one for once, and by his King's family. Weighing his options, he took a few seconds to make his choice. Finally, he nodded to Evelyn, giving his answer.

Looking at Yue, Hajime didn't even have to say anything. He looked at Evelyn and said, "Yue wants to go, so it looks like we're all going." He got up and went to his and Yue's room. "I'll find something to wear. Everyone should get prepared too."

Turning to Evelyn, Mitsuhide asked, "So, can you tell us about this childhood friend?"

Nodding, Evelyn answered, "Her name is Sona. My sister and I have known her for years. In fact, Sona's only a year or two older than me." Blushing and averting his eyes, he added, "She's also my fiancée."

Mitsuhide, who was about to take a sip of water from her glass, choked. Coughing, she exclaimed, "Explain! Now!"

Scratching the back of his head, Evelyn said, "Sona was originally going to be in a contract to someone else, but she got out of it when she beat him in chess. After that, she made an oath to her parents that if a guy beats her in chess, she'll marry him. And I kinda did beat her at chess when I was eleven..." Noticing that Hajime and Yue were back in the room and listening, he quickly added, "In my defense, I didn't know about her oath at the time. And to tell the truth, I somehow forced Sona into zugzwang where the only moves she could make would give me an opening to put her into checkmate, and it apparently counted as a win."

Sighing, he finished, "Besides, Sona and I both know that the marriage is in name only, so it's not like we'll have to... you know... that." He blushed again, feeling a bit awkward about the subject. Desperate to change the subject, Evelyn was granted relief when Shinku and Jason returned to the room, wearing new clothing.

Quickly excusing himself, Evelyn ran to his room and changed into something more appropriate for Sona's birthday. Returning to the group, he said, "Alright, it's time to go. Get close." He activated the Gremory family's magic circle, which enveloped the Devils.

The group arrived within a large chamber in the Gremory household. Grayfia was standing in front of them, and immediately bowed as they stepped out of the magic circle. She quickly said, "Welcome back, Evelyn-sama. I see you have returned with your peerage."

Evelyn responded, "Thank you, Grayfia. If possible, could you inform everyone to keep this a secret? I want my return to be a surprise for Rias and Sona."

Bowing once more, the Strongest Queen said, "As you wish. Your parents and brother are waiting for you. I would advise that you speak to them when possible."

Nodding, the young Devil replied, "I understand. I was just about to go meet them." Turning to his peerage, he said, "Follow me. I'll introduce you to my family." Walking out the door, Evelyn led the group down the hall, various servants quickly stepping to the side and bowing when they saw him.

Raising an eyebrow, Mitsuhide commented, "I know you said that you were a high-class Devil, but wow. This is more than what I expected." She glanced at a suit of armor placed in the corner of the hall, gleaming from having been recently cleaned.

As the group reached a large set of doors, Evelyn stopped to turn around. He announced, "My family, aside from my sister, is inside. Try to make a good impression, alright?" And with that, he opened the doors. Striding in, he announced, "Mother, Father, I'm home." Two red-haired men, a red-haired boy, a brown-haired woman resembling Evelyn, and Grayfia immediately turned to the group and approached them.

Smiling, the older man greeted, "Welcome back, Evelyn. We've all missed you." He approached his son and pulled him into an embrace. "You've grown so much in the last two years. How have you been?"

Returning the hug, Evelyn replied, "Hello, Father. I missed everyone too." Turning to his peerage, he said, "Everyone, meet my family."

Zeoticus said, "Hello. I am Zeoticus Gremory, and as you've just heard, I'm Evelyn's father." Gesturing to Venelana, he continued, "And this is Venelana, my wife and Evelyn's mother." The woman smiled and lightly bowed to them.

Smiling, Sirzechs greeted the group. "Hello," he said, "it's a pleasure to finally meet my little brother's peerage. I've heard a lot about you. I am Sirzechs, the Satan Lucifer and one of the four rulers of the Underworld." Patting the boy, who promptly gave a bow, on the shoulder, he added, "And this is Millicas, my son."

Bowing, Grayfia finished, "Greetings. We have been introduced earlier, but allow me to do so again. I am Grayfia Lucifuge, head maid of the Gremory household, as well as the Queen and wife of Sirzechs Lucifer. It is an honor to meet you."

Taking the initiative, Yue took the initiative and performed an elegant curtsy. She declared, "It is an honor to meet the family of my King. I am Yue, his Bishop. And this is my husband, Hajime."

The young man gave a slight bow, bluntly saying, "I'm his Pawn. Took all eight pieces."

Mitsuhide spoke up and said, "It's nice to meet you too! I'm Mitsuhide." At their looks, she sighed and said, "Yes, as in that Mitsuhide. I'm his descendant, actually. I'm Eve-kun's Rook."

Blinking absent-mindedly, Shinku softly said, "Shinku is Shinku. Shinku isn't in the peerage, but stays with them."

Jason simply nodded. Gesturing to his throat, he signaled that he couldn't speak.

Looking up at the man closely, Sirzechs sighed as his eyebrow twitched violently and lamented, "Only you, Evelyn." Turning around, he sent a half-hearted glare at his younger brother. "Only you could manage to convince a revenant to join you. What are you, an angel of forgiveness?"

Evelyn chucked sheepishly, a bit amused at his brother's exasperation. However, something tingled in the back of his mind. He couldn't put his finger on it, as even though he felt like he was forgetting something, at the same time it was something he didn't know.

Sighing, Sirzechs said, "Anyways, everyone in the staff of the Gremory and Sitri households have been informed to keep your return a secret from Rias, Sona, and their peerages, as per your wishes. Why don't you go visit Serafall? She found out you were coming back and went ballistic, so you shouldn't keep her waiting. I'll take your peerage on a tour of the place."

Chuckling, Evelyn replied, "I'll do just that. Everyone, my brother will help you get used to the place. The birthday party is tomorrow, so remember to get some rest. I have an appointment to attend." Making a transportation circle, he promptly teleported to Serafall's office.

The Satan Leviathan pouted at her desk, bored out of her mind. She mumbled, "When will Eve-tan get here? I've been waiting forever!" When the magic circle appeared, she tensed herself, and upon seeing Evelyn, she went in for a flying tackle hug. "Eve-tan! I missed you!"

Hugging her back, he replied, "I missed you too, Leviathan-sama. How's Sona?"

Pouting, Serafall whined, "I keep telling you that you can call me Levia-tan! And I won't answer until you call me that!"

Chuckling, Evelyn relented and repeated, "Alright, Levia-tan. How has Sona been doing?"

Back to her cheery self, the Satan Leviathan answered, "So-tan's being doing great! She has four peerage members like you and Rias do!"

Stunned, Evelyn exclaimed, "We all have four peerage members? How's that possible?"

Giggling, Serafall replied, "Who knows? Anyways, welcome back! I still have your uniform from when you were on my show!" She pulled out an outfit somewhat similar to a miko's uniform. It consisted of a white kosode with a red ribbon seamed into the hem of each sleeve to make a dotted line design, a black obi, a pink ribbon tied into an "X," a black pleated skirt that resembled a hakama that was cut short just above where the wearer's thighs would be, and thigh-high white tabi with a red ribbon embroidering not unlike the one on the kosode. In her other hand, she held black geta and two ornamental hairpins that resembled four-petal flowers made from red and white ribbons, with two petals being red and the other two being white.

Gasping in surprise, Evelyn grabbed the clothing and asked, "You still have them?" Ignoring that Serafall was watching him, he quickly changed his clothing, putting on the uniform he wore back when he played as Shrine Maiden Miko Mori. Tugging at it, he observed, "It still fits, but it's really tight."

Scoffing in amusement, Serafall teased, "I'll say. With how small they are, you look like an actress from some porno." She wasn't wrong. Considering that Evelyn had grown in the past two years, the uniform didn't fit anymore. The kosode could only fit on one shoulder, and failed to completely cover his torso, leaving his midriff exposed. The tabi immediately tore after he put them on, leaving various holes in the fabric and causing severe skindentation. The geta were too small to wear. Finally, the skirt was extremely tight, clinging to his hips and legs, and was now only long enough to just barely cover his private parts, as well as highly accentuate his rear.

Feeling mischievous, Evelyn suddenly turned around, stuck out his rear, and asked, "By the way, does this make my butt look big?" Turning back, he was proud to see that Serafall had fallen back, a massive blush and appreciative smile on her face. Giggling, he lifted her up and helped her get back into her seat. "Anyways, with Sona's birthday being tomorrow, what should I get her?"

Snapping out of her trance, Serafall wondered, "Oh, yeah. You've been travelling for the last two years, so you wouldn't know. So-tan might like if you get her some books she doesn't have. I don't know what else though." She sulked. "All my time is on doing my job and filming my show, so I don't have any time for her!"

Smiling, Evelyn changed back into his regular clothes and said, "Sorry to hear about that. Anyways, I need to go see how my peerage is doing. I'll see you at Sona' birthday party tomorrow."

Wandering around and asking various servants, he finally found his peerage in the library with his mother. As he approached, he felt an impending sense of doom. When he reached them and saw what they were looking at, his heart stopped. On the table they were gathered around, a photo album was opened. To be specific, it was opened to the pages detailing his childhood. Amused, Mitsuhide looked at him and teased, "Eve-kun, I didn't know that you were so adorable even as a child."

Blushing furiously, Evelyn managed to say, "A-anyways, what do you think so far about... you know?" He gestured around him.

Jason simply gave a nod.

Scratching the back of his head, Hajime grunted, "It's pretty nice. I know my parents probably would have killed to see this place."

Yue smiled softly and replied, "It's beautiful. Although it is not as luxurious as my old home, it does have a homely feel."

Mitsuhide smiled and exclaimed, "It's amazing! I've never been in places like this, so it's really an honor to be allowed to come here!"

Shinku droned, "Ah... pretty."

Coughing lightly, Venelana finally spoke up. "Alright, that's enough. You should go get settled in your rooms. It's getting late." As she got up from her seat, she added, "Oh, Hajime and Yue, would you two stay behind for a bit? My husband and I wish to speak with you."

Narrowing his eyes, Hajime asked, "What's the reason?"

Chuckling, Venelana said, "Relax. We just want to give you two some advice for when your children are born. It's just a talk between parents."

Sighing, the white-haired young man replied, "Alright. Lead the way." He and his wife followed Venelana out of the room, and presumably to Zeoticus's study.

Smiling faintly, Evelyn turned to his peerage. "So," he said, "let's go to your rooms. I'll show you the way." He briskly walked down the hall, the others following him shortly behind.

As they neared the rooms where the Gremory clan's peerages were to reside, Evelyn remembered something. "Oh yeah," he wondered to himself, "I forgot to show them my familiar." A few seconds later, he decided, "Oh well, I'll just show them another time!"

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Anyways, here is the peerage list:

* means it's permanent and not up for debate

King: Evelyn Gremory

Queen (Mutated): Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)*

Bishop (Mutated): Yue (Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou)*

Bishop: undecided

Knight (Mutated): undecided

Knight: undecided

Rook (Mutated): undecided

Rook: Mitsuhide Akechi (based on character of the same name from Mononofu: Shirayuri Kassen Maihime)*

Pawn (Mutatedx8) x8: Hajime Nagumo (Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou)*


Bishop candidates: Hans Christian Andersen (Fate series)

Knight (mutated and normal) candidates: Stain (My Hero Academia), Nisa (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Rook (Mutated) candidates: Re-Class Battleship (Kantai Collection)

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