Hey guys and girls, it's the one, the only, KRYPTONIAN POTATO! I am so sorry that I haven't uploaded for ages. My computer is currently refusing to turn on, and that makes it hard. I am currently trying to write on my IPad, but that is also hard. But, here you go:

It was the day of the justice league training. They went to the same place they used when fighting the dominators. Cisco opened the breaches for everyone, and they all sat at a round table. To everyone's surprise, Roy was back.

"Felicity contacted me, she told me what was happening. And I figured heck, why not?"

Thea looked like she was about to cry. She tackled Roy in a hug. Everyone chose a partner. They would find get there partner, until five minutes were up, then they would switch. The tech nerds, tested their skills by making cool devices for the team.

Barry fought Kara first. He ran at her and tackled her to the ground. She laughed, and shoved him off. She shot a laser at him, just hot enough so that it would sting. He dodged, and vibrated so fast, she couldn't see him.

"Barry?" She asked. "Where are-"

She was cut of be a hand around her waist. Barry threw them both to the ground. He stopped vibrating so that she could see kissed his nose, then bit him.

"Ow!" He exclaimed. "Why did you do that?" Kara grinned.

"All's fair in love and war." Then she pecked herself him on the lips. "I win." He got up, and pulled Kara to her feet.

"Good game girl of steel."

Barry next fought Batman. Batman swung a punch a Barry but he easily dodged. Batman took some merging out of his pocket and flung it at Barry. Barry caught it but then felt weak. Batman smiled.

"It is dampening the speed force in your cells." He said. "Just enough to weaken you. Not permanent."

Bruce took advantage of Barry's weakness. He punched him, and put a set of speed force dampening hand cuffs of Barry.

"I win." Said Bruce. Barry concentrated. Trying to access his powers. Then he thought of Kara, Cisco Caitlin, Joe, Wally, the whole team. They needed him, and he couldn't be defeated by a pair of stupid hand cuffs. He moaned in pain as he found just enough speed to break the cuffs. He felt much better. Barry ran, pinned Bruce to the ground, and vibrated his hand just above Bruce's head.

"I don't think so." Said Barry. He got up, and helped a shocked Batman to his feet.

"Impressing." Said Bruce.

Training continued, until dark. Cisco let everyone go home, and everyone on earth one, returned to their own cities. When team arrow got back to star city, Felicity had to rub Oliver's shoulders, to stop him from blowing up, over the fact that Thea and Roy were making out in the corner.

Barry and Kara went home, and Cisco spent the night on earth 19 with Gypsy.

Caitlin ordered pizza and binged on NETFLIX, and Joe went home with Iris. They all knew the fight of their lives was soon to begin, but they were all focused, and nothing would prevent all of them from doing their best to stop darkseid. Nothing, or so they thought. But something would make it harder. Not evil, the opposite in fact, but something more precious than all the powers in the multiverse, something that they did not expect but something they would all die for.

Oooooh, cliffy. Seriously though, I think it is pretty obvious. But I won't tell incase you don't know. Until next time. SEE YA!