I said I would start this project to see what the fans think of the Universal War series, and as such, here is the beginning of the the first Tempest, Tempest of Valentia, I hope you all enjoy

Universal War

Tempest of Valentia


They were sailing home towards the continent of Ylisse for Walhart the Conqueror of Valm was dead, struck down by the Shepherds. Christian was sitting upon a barrel that was empty in meditation, his wife Monique was going through a book on some of the history of the world. Alex was keeping watch upon the crow's nest, and Sorx was below deck doing an inventory check. Then there was his apprentice, she was on board the ship, yet she was asleep, she had been doing night watch, and as such was resting. The ship had gotten separated from the fleet a few days prior when they had come across a sudden fog bank. They were nowhere near the rest of the Ylissean continents forces, yet they were just far enough from the shores of Valm that no one could see them.

'"Land ho!" Opening his eyes Christian could see an island with a village with a port on it. Just then Sorx and Amanda came up from below deck, his apprentice rubbing her eyes.

Looking to the ship's captain he gave some orders. "Captain, head for the port, if need be we can stock up on supplies and take a small break." The man behind the helm nodded his head in understanding as he began to guide the ship to port.

"Amanda, stay and patrol the ship, we don't want any unwanted passengers." He gave his apprentice a small and easy job as he, along with his wife, second in command, and close friend. The ship captain would be staying behind to help guard the ship. As the four of them walked through the village they heard mutters, clearing his mind of all distracting thoughts and honed in on the nearest conversation that was being said in a mere whisper.

"Someone said they saw the blue ghosts again."

"Really, isn't this the third time this week that it has appeared?"

"Yeah, and apparently these ghosts looked like the heroes who grew up in the priory, Mae, Boey, Nomah, even Celica."

He had heard enough and began to walk down the road to where the priory was supposed to be.

They were about to head back to the ship when she had noticed something was off, her husband went off to look into the whispers of the people of the village, yet he still hadn't come back yet. From the corner of her eye she could see someone talking about some poor fool who had gone off to the priory at the end of the woods. Her face paled slightly, she knew her husband was capable of taking care of himself, yet they both didn't know every aspect of this world. She put the supplies in her hands on the ground and began to run off towards the her husband thinking one thing in her mind. 'The damn fool.' She could hear the the other Jedi, and the clone yelling at her to slow down, something she did not do.

He arrived at the priory, yet stayed behind bushes, watching the building with a careful eye. He saw rock next to his left foot, picking it up he grabbed it and threw it at the old building. Nothing happened, he was about to turn and leave but stopped when he heard a strange crackling noise coming from within the building, as if someone was activating a thunder based spell tome. He then saw some blue smoke start to leave the building and slowly swirl in front of its entrance. Just then he heard footsteps head towards him, placing his right hand on the hilt of his Katana he waited and slightly tensed his body, just in case he needed to launch and swift and deciding attack. When he saw his wife he loosened his muscles and removed his right hand from its perch before walking out to let her know he was fine. He also saw Sorx and Alex following her, but then they slid to a halt causing Christian to turn behind him and see the the blue smoke had become a swirling vortex that every once in awhile would shoot out electricity every couple of seconds. As it was, they all now stood side by side watching this odd anomaly. He walked forward and tried touching the tempest, but instead it trapped his arm not allowing him to move back. He looked back to his companions and moved his head in, seeing nothing dangerous he used his other hand to beckon them in before fading into a world of darkness. It was then that he knew, the Force had yet more trials for him to endure, and because of his simple, yet foolish mistake he had most definitely had dragged his close friends into this trial with him.