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Chapter III

The Shrine of Thieves

They lied behind several shrubs, hiding from a pair of bandits who seemed to be standing guard over the a path that split from the main road to the north. Lukas mentioned for them to be all silent while Alex cupped his ear and leaned in towards them.

"So then, what do you think the boss is gonna do with our catch?" One asked as they stood there doing nothing but looking.

"Who knows? However, I wanna know how it was that the patrol lost sight of the man in white armor. How is it that someone in white doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in a forest filled with green?" He shook his head before Alm ran out of the shrubbery that they were all hiding behind.

"You curs!" Alm faced the two bandits and drew forth his sword. He stood there as the bandits began to laugh at him.

"What does this young lad think he can do to us? He is one boy while we are a small army of bandits!" Their laughing stopped when everyone else shook their heads as they walked out of bushes, surprising the bandits. Quickly the regained their nerves and shook their heads. "Heh, what does it matter, there are only a small amount of you, and a large amount of us. There is no way you could possibly win, gaah!" The bandit cried out as Alex thrust his staff outwards into the man's stomach.

"Your evident weakness is your overconfidence. If you neither of you can keep your heads out of the clouds, then you clearly can't win against a small amount of people." He pulled the middle of the staff towards him and pressed the button their, letting the staff collapse on itself. "Even if you claim to be backed by a large group of bandits. He was there one second, only to appear right behind them, a sudden blast of air, a result from his absurd speed he struck both men in the back of their necks with his hands, knocking both of them face first into the ground. His companions all had different looks upon the faces. Gray was memorized, for not even Mycen could match his speed, Tobin was shocked, for he had thought that such speeds were unobtainable, Kliff was curious, he wondered how it was that he managed to achieve the speeds required to make such a distance in such a short amount of time, Faye was surprised, as she was never expecting Alex to move to where he did at the speeds he did, Lukas was impressed, for if he could move like this, then the deliverance had an incredible ally indeed, and Alm was frightened, Alm remembered what it was that Alex had said to back at Ram village, and that since he could not beat him, then he could not beat the things that are worse than his greatest nightmares. It was NOW, and only NOW that he truly understood what Alex meant. For if Alex could move as fast as he just did, he didn't want to know how fast, or how powerful the enemies of Alex just really were.

"Alm!" Snapping out of his thoughts Alm looked to Alex who looked him in the eye, his staff back out, but now a blade protruded from one end, making the staff a scythe now. "If you want to save the girl, then you need to stop thinking about things other than the coming battle." He turned and placed the weapon right behind his back using it to make him seem more intimidating. Everyone drew their swords as Lukas went to stand next to Alex. The two shared a brief exchange of quiet words before they began get into combat stances. The five village children stood behind the two men, for they were the ones who would lead this battle.

They began to run through the shrubs taking on any bandits they crossed paths with. Most of which fled at the sight of a man using a scythe to cleave their fellow criminals down in two with ease. In fact the last thing one saw was a shadow of a man rushing towards him, a glint of sunlight reflecting off of his scythe as the blade rushed towards his body.

He ran through the forest towards the sounds of yelling and fighting, the clash of blades faint, but distinct from his time spent fighting alongside the Shepherds. As he pushed through one last wall of shrubs he saw one familiar face amongst several unfamiliar faces. Not sure what was happening he took his DC-15S blaster and his DC-17 blaster pistol. He aimed his 15S at the bandits and his DC-17 at the people who seemed to surround the general. "Everyone who isn't the general stand down, now!"

"Commander! Stay your weapons away from those who are by me now! That's an order!" Everyone looked to Alex with shocked faces as he gave the man in white an order that he followed, placing his smaller weapon in its open pouch on his belt and putting his second hand on his other weapon that he held, keeping the aim on the bandits.

"All right where's the girl I was escorting?" He raised his gun and stepped backwards, however they ended up tripping, for while all eyes were on the man in white Alex had moved behind the men in order to prevent them from escaping.

"You might want to give the man the answer he wants." Alex said in a serious and monotone voice giving the bandits a look that showed the face of a hardened man who looked to have gone to hell and back.

"Sh-sh-she is in th-ther-there." They said with a stutter of fear in their voice as they pointed towards a large cave opening not to far from them. "Th-the boss too-took the gi-girl in the-there." Nodding his head in understanding Alex took a rope and grabbed the men by the collars of there shirts he took them to a tree and sat them all down. He then began to walk around the tree with the rope. Everyone excluding the man in white released a baited breath, one they did not know they were holding. Alex tied a knot with the ends of the rope and walked towards the entrance to the cave that the thieves had taken for their base operations.

He stopped at the entrance and looked towards them as he stopped for a brief second to speak to them. "Well then, are we going to save the damsel in distress or not?" He turned away from them and continued to walk into the shrine. They all looked to each other and ran after him, all except the man in white. He took his helmet off and raised a communicator to his mouth.

"General Christian do you copy?" He received nothing for a response. "Commander Monique do you copy?" Yet again he got nothing. Sighing he put the communicator back in its spot on his utility belt and placed his helmet back on his head before he began to follow after everyone. As he entered the this shrine of thieves.

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