To change things up, I decided to create my own original story. All the characters are mine (and made up, of course).

Not many will read this, but I don't mind really.

I'm basing the characters off of people I know in real life. (For example, my sister. She'll be a character will a different name, but will act a lot alike).

I'll have my friends as characters too.(So Kara, try to guess who the characters are lol)

Anyways, if you would like, you can leave a review or message me of what should happen in the story.(I will give you a choice at the end of each chapter of what my character or another character does).

Sorry, I've been saying a lot! To the introduction to the story!

I was just a little girl when I read this strange book; The Rise of the Heroine.

It made me so happy to hear the story at night. When the sky was dark and the stars were bright.

It was only a memory swept away, when the parents I once knew, fell into the dark and despair that was brought to our peaceful world.

All of our dreams were shattered.

Almost everyone grew in panic and died in the end.

The days were dark. Smoke covered the sky.

The world was crumbling away slowly.

And all I did was cry at the sight; being a coward.

I was weak and I couldn't do anything.

I thought all hope was gone.

Until, I met her.

She was the light in my darkness.

She pushed away my worries and doubts.

She made me who I am today.

A fighter.

A protector.

And most of all, a hero.

(Try to guess who her is in the story, Kara)

(You'll probably get it wrong lol)

Anyways! That's the end of the introduction! I thought I did it pretty well, but it's probably not that good compared to other people.

Let me know what you think about it so far! See ya!