Heyo! I'm back! This chapter is my idea since my friend (Kara) couldn't think of anything for what my character should do so I guess I'll make something happen.

Good news about this is that I'm going to add a new character (or more than one character) to the story.

Bad news is that I won't tell you who!

To thy story!

"That didn't sound good," Amber whispered to herself.

"W-What do we do?"

"That's up to you, Little Jay," She chirped.

I frowned."H-Hey! I'm not little!"

She only smiled to herself.

Suddenly, the building started tilting.

We fell against the wall in a loud thump.

I heard something crack as we both hit the wall.

I bit my tongue; however, Amber screamed.

Blood trickled off my tongue and down my mouth.

I looked over next to me and noticed her holding her wrist, crying.

She must have broken her wrist...

I instantly reach over to the other side of me and tried to grab the best thing I can think of to use; A med-kit.

My luck didn't go so well though. The building leaned more, causing the med-kit to fall back and onto the floor.

I growled and slid myself along the wall leisurely.

I bent down and slowly reached for the med-kit.

My fingers brush against the metal box and soon wrapped around the handle.

"Ha! Got it!"

My eyes widened, remembering the situation I was in.

I quickly slid against the wall towards Amber, who was shaking from the pain.

I tried to open the box, but it was locked.


I groaned to myself.

"H-Here," Amber mouthed, handing me a knife with her other hand.

I nod and flat-out break the lock with a swift swing of the knife.

I briskly grabbed the bandage and wrapped it around her arm.

My computer is being stupid so I'll make the second part to chapter two soon.