6000 BCE

Why did he not come back? I was happy with him. His sunshine hair and sky eyes made things so bright. I didn't even know those colors existed on Men. I though we could be happy. He was so proud when I told Him but then He never came back. Its been months; I have been showing for so long; maybe two moons to go. The others in the tribe either pity me or think I got what I deserved, trying for a man like Him.

"So you're the one he was seeing." I turn to face the voice that just spoke. And oh, how did I miss some like her. "Lady", I say as start to kneel (or try to any way). "Stand" and I do so, "Look at me, I want to see the face of the woman my husband was sleeping with." what.
"I wouldn't-"

"Ah, but you did. Though answer me truthfully; Did he tell you he was ever married?" the woman in front of me asks, and oh the pain I hear in her voice. "No", I reply "never." My saying this looking at her directly in the eye is the only reason I see the shift in her face, and quick it was gone. I don't think I will ever know what was shown. "Be glad I sense no lie in you mortal. For this I will spare your children"

"Lady, what-", "cease calling me that, my name is Hera" I blanch "ah, you know who I am now. Good, now tell me..." she gets close, I could touch her now if I wasn't afraid that would get me killed, "why did he choose you? Why, after what he did, go straight to you."

"I don't know Lady Hera. I only knew him by the name I called him." Hera closes her eyes at my reply and her face has so much hurt,"if I had known I would not have let him approach me." It's the only thing I think to say and with those words she straightens and looks at me with eyes hard from pain. "You are the first that he has broken vows to me over; as such I must use you as an example, so others may at least know that there are consequences to being with him."

"I...I understand Lady. Can you wait till my child is born." It's the only thing I care about. "You will have two children. I can feel them from here" and my widen two and a smile forms. "Than-"

"Don't thank me yet. I lay a curse upon you and all those that will descend from you. You will die in childbirth, as will all those of your blood that have a child out of wedlock. If ever a male of your line is unfaithful, he will die when he returns to the one he betrayed. But In recognition that you did not know it was My husband you slept with I will give this, That your line will never need fear the childbed in any other instance, except for if one of your male children's wives is ever unfaithful to them. I also add that for every time a child born outside of marriage it will be twins. One will be male and the other female." Hera spoke, and when she finished there was a flash of light.

"I have a request my lady." "Speak", was the only reply, "When I die, I will have no family to look after my children. I ask that you look over them. At least until they know what happened and can look after themselves."


Light flashed across the Heavens with her vow

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Hera's rage when she found out about Thetis soon after this was legendary