AN: starting heritage legacy Zeus cursed by Hera

"What shall I do with you two?" Hera, 2nd wife of Zeus, Queen of Olympus, Goddess of Marriage and Motherhood, mused aloud at her temporary charges.

It would be against the laws to keep a mortal for a prolonged time in Olympus, and just as against the law for her to stay in the Mortal plain and 'interfere' for too long.

"I will need a place for you; and that would take far to much time to create as we are." She continued to think aloud at the children. They did need some kind of attention, she would know. "It would take to long if I keep you with me."

A smile, if it could be called such, crept along her face. "How to keep the vow though..." Thinking over the ways the vow was worded, It could be just for these two or it could be until the last of the line died. How to deal with this.

"I could leave you in the care of the nymphs, but then my husband would interfere; him finding out you still live would also make him crow to the skies and then every monster with hearing would be after you. I can't have that, after all I did swear to look after you two."

She was quite for a moment wondering if any of her pantheon would take care of them. All of them would either run to her husband (to help the children {especially after all she did to Thetis}), try to teach them to hate their father (the bloody rivalries, even some of the nymphs would try it), kill them when she wasn't near enough to help or some combination of the above.

"I could leave you with the Others-"

"Giggle", "ah"

"Oh, you like the thought hmm; but which Others?" She looks at where the hand is and what was doing. "That would work. And none of them would find you there."

*waves hands at the sky, open and closing their hands against the sun in the east*