Naruto Uzumaki opened his eyes with great difficulty. For one, he had a pounding headache that was making things very hard to focus. Second was the light of the sun was far too bright. Sitting up while feeling some pain in his abdomen, he surveyed his surroundings, taking in all the trees that surrounded him and also Sasuke Uchiha's prone body laying on the ground, face up and breathing. Naruto released a sigh of relief on seeing his friend fine and with little injuries. His Susanoo probably left him unscathed from the Space-Time Ninjutsu and most likely the fall if the crater they were laying in meant anything.

'Where are we? I don't sense any chakra at all in this area.' Naruto was brought from his musings by a groan to his left as the raven haired Uchiha began to return to consciousness.

"Where are we?" Sasuke instantly questioned, also rising to a sitting position with only the slightest of winces.

"I don't know where we are, Sasuke. I thought that Space-Time Ninjutsu was meant to kill the both of us?"

"So did I. But then again, killing and dimensional transportation are two different things." Sasuke said as he stood up and looked around the forest.

"You think that bastard Momoshiki shoved us into another dimension?" Naruto asked rather skeptically. "But now that I think about it, you're idea might hold some weight to it." He said and pushed himself up and winced slightly as pain coursed through his abdominal muscles.

"You okay?" Sasuke asked with concern as he saw Naruto clutching his stomach with a slight grimace on his face.

"Yeah, think I landed awkwardly on the Hiraishin kunai that I kept around in my pouch. I'll be fine once we start moving towards the city to our north."

"Why to our north?" Sasuke asked as he made sure his sword of Kusanagi were sheathed properly and looked the way Naruto was facing before he felt not chakra but some kind of unknown energy of everyone in the city, making a very large pool of energy. "Okay, I sense it. No need to tell me. Do we walk or speed?" Sasuke questioned, referring to their respective speed techniques for the last option.

"We'll walk for a bit until I can run. We don't really want to scare some people if we just appear out of nowhere without knowing what the people here find normal." Naruto said and he seen the look of understanding pass through Sasuke who nodded.

"Then let me lead lead on. I'll probably get us to the town quicker than you leading us." Sasuke said and Naruto nodded as the Uchiha closed his eyes so he could better feel the nature of the city, mentally gauging its distance and also committing the land between the clearing to the city to memory.

"Okay, the land itself seems to be flat for the most part so we could start running in a matter of minutes after we get out of the forest. After that, it seems to be a straight path to the city. We should get there in twenty minutes. Thirty at the most." Sasuke gave a hum of thought before sweeping his hand towards the forest.

"Lead the way, oh great compass." Sasuke felt his right eye twitch, especially as Naruto bowed down to him in an overly fancy fashion that just oozed sarcasm.

"Grow up dobe and let's go." Sasuke muttered and was greeted by the laughter of the blonde haired Hokage as he followed behind him.

It wasn't long until they reached a city, which looked larger and busier than any of the villages, Naruto and Sasuke peeked out of an ally and looked around. Naruto looked at a nearby dumpster and saw a newspaper hanging out of it.

Pulling out the paper, with a title that said 'The Daily Bugle', Naruto saw a picture on the front page showing a man in a red and blue skin tight outfit with a web pattern all over it. Apparently he was called Spider-Man, and he was apparently, to quote the article, "A Menace." Naruto didn't understand. He had never heard of anyone named Spider-Man. He looked through the paper and saw there were others. And apparently they were all superheroes.

Other headlines read 'Iron Man Saves UN', 'Ant Man and Wasp take down Whirlwind' and 'Thor Defeats the Wrecking Crew' Thor? Really, what kind of place was this? Naruto thought to himself. But as he looked, he realized this was a legit paper. Which meant that all these guys wearing these weird looking costumes were real. But he'd never heard of them. That could only mean one thing.

They really were in another Universe.

The two shinobi were so lost in thought that they didn't notice that they had reached the harbor. Naruto noticed that there was a large shadow currently gliding across the top over the water. He looked up. And his mouth fell open. Above the water the water was a giant flying fortress. It looked like a high tech aircraft carrier, except it had 4 giant turbine engines.

Both Naruto and Sasuke then looked around and noticed hardly anyone was looking at it, some would take a glance then go back to their business while other would just ignore it like it was some regular occurrence that some giant battleship would fly across New York bay. The Seventh Hokage and the last of the Uchiha both watched it in awe.

Suddenly a loud rumble was heard coming from the aircraft. And before the two shinobi's eyes an explosion ripped across the upper deck and what looked like a section of a building grew right out of the side. The vehicle shook some more as several building structures grew out of other parts of it like a sprouting seed. The sudden damage caused the engines to fail and the entire aircraft plunged into the bay.

At that moment Naruto did not think about what to do or why. He reacted on pure instinct and took off towards the downed aircraft with Sasuke following close behind.

Nick Fury the director of SHIELD was having a bad day, and when Nick Fury is having a bad day, you know that means bad news. Not only had something caused his Helicarrier to fall out of the sky, most likely a problem down in the Big House, but he had received reports about a total systems failure at both the Vault and the Cube, and if all three of those supervillain prisons were in that situation, then that could only mean that the same could be said for the fourth prison, the Raft, and if that prison was in the same situation then the whole world was in serious trouble. Fury had led the team to secure the Raft himself, leaving Maria Hill in charge as acting director, but if the Raft really was compromised, then as he told Hill, she should enjoy being acting director while she can. Unfortunately, it turned out his fears were proven true as the Raft was suddenly lifted up into the air.

Fury knew exactly who was responsible for this, and immediately threw a glare towards the sky as he saw a man with long, shaggy hair and beard in a blue and silver suit floating in the air. The minute his suspicions were confirmed, Fury immediately barked out, "Evac now! Abort the mission! Everyone off this barge!"

Fury had started to head for the helicopter that had transported him and his team to the Raft, when he suddenly found himself lifted into the air, dropping the rifle as he went. The minute Fury was eye level with the floating man he pulled out his pistol from the holster on his side and aimed it at the floating man. Before he could fire a single shot though, the man simply waved a finger and the gun was instantly pulled out of his hand, now leaving Fury unarmed and at the full mercy of the man before him. Fury only glared as he growled out, "Graviton. What do you want?"

"Oh I think you know," Graviton replied. "I want to treat you with the same kindness that you've shown me. I'm going to take years off of your life!" Graviton then flexed one of his hands for a minute causing Fury to feel an invisible force grab hold of him and force his body to start spazing uncontrollably. "On second thought, I'll take it all."

With that, Graviton clenched his fist and Fury could feel the same invisible field start to crush his body, almost as though some heavy weight was starting to crush him. Graviton could only laugh at Fury's pain until the sound of thunder reached his ears. The problem was, there was not a cloud in the sky, and when Graviton looked up to make sure, he was greeted with the sight of a hammer flying right at him before it hit him in the stomach, making him lose his concentration and drop Fury. Fury could tell that there was no way he would land on the Raft, which was already beginning to fall from the sky as well, but just moments after he passed the platform his agents were on, he felt something catch him by the strap that held his side arm's holster to him. Fury looked to his rescuer and saw the size changing hero known as the Wasp holding him up.

"No time for small talk. We've gotta move," Janet Van Dyne groaned as she began to fly Fury to shore. Wasp had no idea how right she was, as merely minutes after she had caught Fury and the agents on the platform had taken off in the helicopter they had flown over in, the Raft had crashed back down into the water and caused a large wave to rise up. Wasp flew as fast as she could, but with Fury weighing her down, it was only a matter of time before they were swept up by the water.

Wasp was about to try and put a little more speed on when the sound of something moving very fast reached her ears. Looking to the source, she and Fury both saw what appeared to be a man having short blonde hair and three whisker marks on his cheeks, he wore an orange sweatshirt with black stripes, black pants and sandals. He also wore a white cape that had a red flame pattern around the hem, held together by a red rope. His right arm was completely wrapped in bandages. Looking at his face, she saw it was in a slight scowl. His eyes were a deep blue that burned with a fire that surprised Wasp as she saw him racing along the water at high speeds. Wasp was stunned at the sight of this strange newcomer, but was soon stirred from her thoughts about who he was when the orange clad man shouted, "Drop him to me and I'll get him to shore."

Wasp nodded and did as the mystery man had asked, which led Fury to find himself being held up by said individual as he picked up his pace and began to move even faster to the shore where Ant-Man was waiting. Once they were on the docks, the stranger had set Fury down and they were joined a minute later by the Wasp in watching as Thor flew to face Graviton as he shouted out, "Have at thee!"

Fury glanced at the mystery man in the orange sweatshirt and white cape and immediately asked, "Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

"Forget about that for now. Anything you'd like to tell us Fury," Ant-Man also known as renowned scientist Hank Pym cut in.

"Not really," Fury replied shortly before he tapped his communicator. "S.H.I.E.L.D. Command, this is Director Nick Fury. I am declaring an omega level emergency. Every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, every Hulk Buster unit, the US Armed Forces are now all under my direct control."

"Wow. Nick Fury is actually worried," Wasp whispered.

"Which means we probably should be as well right?" a second voice asked. The four then turned to see a man with black eyes and long black hair that completely covered his left eye, he wore a black cloak with lavender lining, and a gray, long-sleeved, collared shirt, over which he wore a periwinkle vest. He also wore black pants, a purple belt, and a dark gray fingerless glove on his right hand with the other one being completely covered in bandages.

"So, who is that guy who tried to crush the hell out of you anyway?" Naruto asked.

"Doctor Franklin Hall," Fury revealed.

"The physicist? No one's heard from him in years. Not since he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. What happened to him?" Hank asked as he retracted his Ant-Man helmet to reveal the concerned look on his face.

"That's classified," Fury told Hank shortly as thunder boomed from the area of the battle between Thor and Hall.

"Hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure it just got unclassified as soon as we had to swoop in and save you," Naruto retorted.

"And getting even more so pretty quickly by the minute," Wasp added as she watched Thor take a swing at Graviton, only for his blow to be blocked by an invisible field around the former physicist. Thor then swung his hammer around as he threw his hammer at Graviton once more, this time infusing it with lightning when he did, only for the effort to yield the same results as before.

Thor was then blasted back by Graviton, and Janet finally felt like she had enough of just standing around and watching. "We have to do something," Janet declared. "If Thor can't stop him, he'll come into the city."

"Don't you think I know that Wasp?" Fury asked flatly.

Hank tried to get Janet to calm down, but Janet just shrugged him off as she pointed out, "We're talking millions of people! I'm not going to let that happen!"

"Jan wait," Hank called out, but it was too late. Wasp had already shrunk down and flown off towards the battle between the thunder god and the insane physicist.

"She's right you know, so either you start doing something to help stop him, or you get out of here and evacuate the people while we deal with him," Naruto added as he entered his Six Paths Sage Mode which had his body being coated in yellow chakra; a sort of circular design was featured prominently over his stomach; the whisker-like markings on his face became thicker to resemble the trigram; six magatama markings were present on or around his collar; various other dark designs appeared along his body, sometimes densely enough to give the appearance that he's wearing a body suit beneath a yellow coat much to the bewilderment to everyone else with the exception of Sasuke. Naruto then flew off to join the battle as well.

Thor's battle was not going well. While his initial attack managed to stun the gravity villain for a while, he seemed to have lost that advantage. The Prince of Thunder swung Mjolnir again and again but each time he appeared to his some invisible wall that surrounded the villain. However while Graviton was focused on preventing Thor's attacks he was vulnerable from behind. A weakness Naruto exploited when he slammed a Rasengan into Graviton's back. With that kind of surprise Graviton lost his focus.

Thor looked at the orange clad man before him, "And who are you, warrior?" He asked his new ally.

"You can call me Naruto Uzumaki and I'm just here to help." He responded to the Asgardian.

Suddenly Graviton rose out of the water, having recovered from Naruto's attack and glared at the heroes.

Thor narrowed his eyes "Then let us do battle Naruto Uzumaki. For this villain must know that we defend this realm!" he called out as he and the shinobi charged the gravity villain. Thor tried to strike but only collided with Graviton's shield. Naruto tried to use another Rasengan on him again, but the Lord of Gravity's shield was still going strong. Graviton then sent a wave of gravity at the heroes sending them flying back, they were able to catch themselves and both flew to reengage the villain.

Graviton grabbed both of his opponents in a gravity field, restricting them from movement. "Can't your feeble minds understand what I'm telling you?" Graviton screamed in a power crazy tone. "I control one of the four fundamental forces of reality. I can remove gravity's effect on you sending you hurtling into space or I can increase it a thousand fold like this!" And with that, he lifted his right arm, and with a mighty push, Naruto was sent hurling into the atmosphere. The Seventh Hokage tried to stop but the gravitational force was too strong. Graviton then slammed his left hand down, sending Thor into the ocean, sending the Asgardian deep into the sandbank.

The Lord of Gravity then sped towards the docks, eyes filled with maddening rage. "Fury!" he screamed as if on a crusade for vengeance.

Suddenly Graviton felt a stinging sensation on his face causing him to half his advance. A woman's voice then called out "Franklin Hall, you give theoretical physicists a bad name." The Wasp said as she then flew in front of his eyes. "Now knock it off before I make you."

The gravity villain then laughed, "Are you joking?" clearly not taking the heroin's threat seriously. "With the power at my disposal nothing can…" he was then interrupted when Wasp shot her stingers into the villain nose, and then proceeded to fly around him, shooting at different parts of his body. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Aah!" he cried out in pain and annoyance.

This distraction allowed the gravitational force affecting Naruto to cease, Naruto sped forward at unbelievable speeds, his Hiraishin kunai aiming directly for Graviton's exposed throat. It was with barely a second that he was able to pull his neck out of the line of the blade, but he still received a small cut that bled slightly.

"Sorry. Looks like I missed." Naruto said as he made direct eye contact with Graviton. "Next time, I won't." Graviton gulped in fear of the blonde. Every word spoken had such conviction behind them that it scared him.

Before the Seventh Hokage or the Lord of Gravity could do anything, a red and gold blur, flew pasted Naruto and slammed into Graviton. The two then speed towards the water, when they were close enough the red blur released, a bright blue light, which send the gravity villain hurtling into the water. When the blur stopped Naruto got a good look at the new arrival. It was a man, well what looked like a man, in an advanced suit of armor. The armor was primarily red, with gold on parts of his arms, legs and face, and had a blue light coming from his chest. This was Tony Stark also known as Iron Man.

"Hey, Janet." The billionaire called out to Wasp, as she flew in close to his head. "I knew we traveled in some of the same social circles, but I didn't know you came to parties like this." He joked, then he noticed the black robed man, that was floating a few feet away from him.

"And who's your friend? I don't think I've seen someone like him before."

"Okay, short version," Naruto said as he pointed to himself. "Naruto Uzumaki, I'm here to help, I'll explain everything later."

Iron Man blinked behind his faceplate, taking in the rapid fire response the new hero just laid on him. He then gave the blonde shinobi a thumbs up, indicating he understood.

The billionaire hero then turned back to Wasp. "So who was that guy?"

"Some crazy physicist. Something to do with Nick Fury," Wasp explained. She then breathed a sigh of relief as she added, "Tony am I glad to see you. I wasn't sure if you were on the west coast or…oh no. Thor!"

"What?" Iron Man asked as he flew after Wasp, who was already flying along the surface of the water.

"Thor. You know, long blonde hair, winged helmet, fancy hammer that makes lightning! He's at the bottom of the ocean. We've got to help him," Naruto explained as he flew in alongside the two. None of them got very far though as Graviton suddenly emerged from the water to block their path.

Just then Iron Man got a report from his armor's scanners that he knew that the two female heroes needed to know about. "Jan, Naruto, the energy he's putting out…the only comparison is a black hole. This guy's trouble."

"He's right about that Naruto,"The voice of Kurama, the Nine Tailed Kyuubi spoke from within Naruto, "This guy might give even Madara a challenge."

Naruto's eyes could only widen at this statement.

"You're right," Graviton simply said before his eyes began glowing. The next thing any of them knew, Iron Man was being thrown into the sky, and he showed no signs of coming back down any time soon.

"Shit. That's not good," Naruto stated with gritted teeth before bringing his attention back onto Graviton.

Watching Iron Man getting thrown into space so effortlessly was all the convincing that Hank needed to take action. He quickly turned to Fury and asked, "What are Graviton's upper limits?"

"We studied him for years, and as far as we could tell, he doesn't have any. What do you think you're gonna do Pym, talk him down?" Fury asked rhetorically.

"No. It's too late for that," Hank admitted. Sasuke raised an eyebrow in confusion at what the scientist meant by that when he saw Hank tap the control on the right side of his belt, and he immediately stepped back a few paces. A mere few seconds and a blue glow later, Hank had instantly gone from average height to incredible size that Uryu could only compare to a small sky scrapper at most. Seeing Hank was making his way over to the battle, Sasuke thought fast and instantly vanished into thin air and reappeared on Hank's shoulder just before the man had stepped in the water. It was only three or four giant steps later until Hank had smashed Graviton between his hands like a bug, allowing Wasp and Naruto a moment to fly over to them.

Hank, you went big," Wasp exclaimed excitedly.

"Janet, get out of here. I'll handle Graviton," Hank told the size changing heroine.

"Like that is going to happen," Sasuke stated from his perch on Hank's shoulder, finally drawing the now Giant-Man's attention to him.

"He's right, we're in this together," Wasp added. Hank did not get a chance to argue as he felt Graviton build up a gravity field in his hands, and the moment the villain released the field, Hank and Wasp were both blown back, while Sasuke was thrown off of Hank's shoulder, only to be caught by one of Naruto's Chakra Arms before he hit the water.

At this moment Graviton was furious, he could have ended Nick Fury already if the heroes hadn't interfered. And now there was no sign of his target. Then the lord of Gravity had an idea. He new Fury was still somewhere in the city, so what better way to kill him and show the world the power he wielded, two birds one stone.

With a raise of his hand the city began to shake. The heroes all felt the city begin to jerk, when suddenly the ground began to rise. Graviton had used his powers to raise the section of the city they were in into the sky. Thousands of tons of rock and earth were lifted into the air with everyone on it. Graviton smiled with sickening glee as the city rose, the world will tremble at his power, and no one would ever stand against him again.

That's when the burst of pressure began that made it difficult for everyone to breath.

"This bastard is willing to wipe away that much just to win." Naruto growled out, anger evident in his speech. "If I didn't want to kick his ass before I surely want to now. How dare he bring innocent people into this fight."

However someone would beat Naruto to it, when the gravity villain heard a yell come from behind him. He turned to see Thor coming right at him, he had finally broken free of Graviton's field after Giant-Mans attack had distracted the villain long enough for him to escape from the ocean floor.

The Asgardian Prince raised his hammer to its zenith, magical lightning crackling around it, and slammed it into Gravitons force field. The strength and power behind the attack was enough to send the gravity villain flying into the side of the mesa he raised.

Without Graviton's power holding it up, the entire section on Manhattan began to rapidly decent back down to the ground. Knowing that the impact could kill all within the city, and possible the surrounding area, Thor sped down under the falling mass. When he got into position, he used his godly strength to hold catch the city, even though he was nowhere near strong enough to stop it, he could at least slow its decent so there would be no damage.

Graviton however recovered from the Thunder God's attack and was prepared to crush him, for interfering again, but then a fist smashed into his face, disorienting him.

Naruto flew down to the gravity villain, after he saw Thor trying to save the city. The Naruto then proceeded to created another Rasengan but this one had an addition shape transformation applied to it. Creating four large points around the central Rasengan core, giving the appearance of a fūma shuriken.

"Rashenshuriken." He calmly said and the power erupted into a vortex of blue energy that barreled towards Graviton with unbelievable speed. Thor who had been watching was pretty sure everyone's eyes among the group of heroes widened upon watching the attack detonate and engulf the Lord of Gravity, injuring him further.

When Naruto finally stopped his onslaught, he saw that the gravity villain still wasn't down despite having a few notable injuries, but rather was glaring at the Hokage with glowing eyes full of hate. He then launched himself forward, creating a gravity field, which sent him and Naruto hurtling into the city limits, just as Thor lowered the city back into its original spot, preventing a tsunami from the water displacement.

Meanwhile, in orbit, Iron Man was fighting for his life to escape the gravity field Graviton had trapped him in.

"I need more power." He cried, as he fired all his repulsors in his boots and palms, desperately trying to return to earth. However his prayers were answered when J.A.R.V.I.S spoke through his internal speakers.

"Note Gravitational effect has ceased." The A.I stated, with a sigh of relief, Iron Man rocketed back towards the city.

The battle was not going well. Graviton slammed Naruto into the street creating a crater. Then lifted him up along with several car's, loose derbies and other objects, making them all orbit around him.

"Insolent pest." The gravity villain spat. "Your interference has come to an end. Ill crush you, like the bug you are."

Graviton then raised his hands intending to attack the blond haired shinobi. When suddenly, a mystically charged hammer, courtesy of Thor who was now floating down towards the battle, struck him and sent him right back into the crater.

"I recommend you stay down, mortal." He said as Mjolnir flew back into his hand.

Graviton only laughed as he rose up into the sky once more and declared, "You think you can stop me? I've beaten you before, and I can do it again!"

Before he could attempt to focus his field, Sasuke covered in a purple aura, the Susanoo ribcage forming kicked Graviton away.

Graviton's eyes widened in shock at the sudden attack, Sasuke taking advantage of his surprise to manifest the Susanoo's right arm as well. The purple hand grabbed Graviton before he could react, slamming the gravity villain into the concrete before throwing him towards a building. Graviton grunted in pain but righted himself in mid-air, his feet touching the ground and stopping his momentum before he could slam into the wall.

Sasuke exhaled as his skeletal susano'o fully manifested, the yellow eyes glaring at Graviton. The Lord of Gravity glared hatefully and brushed some dirt from his shoulders, "What is this?!"

"This is my Susanoo." Sasuke told him, his red eyes glowing from within the purple aura, "It's the pinnacle of an Uchiha's power."

The Susanoo then raised up its right hand, forming three purple tomoe, "Yasaka Magatama." Sasuke whispered, the beast throwing the attack at Graviton. The tomoe beads spun around as they neared their target, the magatama then exploded and enveloped Graviton, though Sasuke's sharingan was able to see exactly what happened. Graviton still stood once the smoke cleared, sporting a few burn marks from where the explosion had effected him. Graviton brushed a little bit of blood away from the corner of his mouth. "In response to your previous statement, that might have been true if he was still on his own, but he's got backup this time, so I would really take that recommendation to stay down if I were you," Sasuke told Graviton.

A massive blue beam then shot out of the sky and blasted Graviton down to the ground again. The three heroes turned to the source just in time to see Iron Man flying back down from his unintended space trip calling out as he and Thor landed, "You really should listen to the man."

Graviton rose to his feet, only to have his attention drawn to what was behind him as large boot stomped down on the ground in that direction. "You're sick Franklin. You need help," Giant-Man told the gravity controlling psycho.

"Or possibly more zapping," Wasp added as she flew in, stingers charged.

"Please go with the zapping option. I can just tell that you want to get another dose of my Rasenshuriken," Naruto added in.

There was a tense moment of silence before Graviton finally cried out, "No. No. The power I wield I…you are NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!" As he said this, he spread his arms wide which cause all six of the heroes to be blasted back into nearby buildings by the resulting gravity wave. "I'm stronger than all of you," Graviton continued to rant. "I'M THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!"

The minute he said that last thing, something big landed on the building behind him, and when Graviton turned to see what it was, he was greeted by the sight of the large green giant in purple pants that was the Hulk, who simply smirked as he asked, "You sure about that?"

Hulk did not give Graviton a chance to answer, as the green giant tackled Graviton with a massive leap and then slammed a hard fist into Graviton's face to send him flying even further. Graviton struggled a bit before he was able to stand up once more, and then found himself doing his best to stay clear of the Hulk as he tried to smash the insane physicist with all he had. As this continued across the empty docks, Iron Man, Thor, and Naruto were all now flying onto the scene, and as he looked on at the destruction that the mighty giant was causing, Thor found he could only say, "I did not realize there were ogres on Midgard."

The two powerhouses were locked in combat. Hulk was using his vast strength in an attempt to crush Graviton under his fists, but the Lord of Gravity was barely able to hold back his onslaught, the strength this creature possessed was incredible. The Hulk punched the force field again, causing Graviton to slid back a couple of meters, the gravity villain gritted his teeth as he put all of his strength into holding the green monster back.

However he was so focused on the creature above the ground, he never considered there would be one below it. That kind of thought was all Naruto needed as he used Hiraishin to immediately appear in front of Graviton, upercutting him into the sky.

This left him wide open for Hulk to smash him into a crane. Graviton tried to use his powers to protect him self, but the jade giant broke through his force field like it wasn't even there. Hulk knocked the gravity villain away once again, leaping after him while roaring at the top of his lungs.

Naruto looked on in awe at the creature that had saved him and the others, the power it held seemed to be significantly powerful. He watched on as Sasuke, Giant Man, Wasp, Iron Man and Thor arrived, also watching the Hulk pummel Graviton into the ground.

Eventually Graviton had enough of being a monsters punching bag, and increased the gravity on the jade giant, causing him and the ground around him sink into the ground.

Seeing this, the other heroes moved in. "Take him down." Iron Man yelled to the others, as they charged towards the villain.

However that proved to be the wrong move, as with a wave of his hand, the gravity increased causing the other heroes to collapse on the ground, pinned down by unimaginable amounts of pressure, only Naruto and Sasuke were able to resist thanks to their respective abilities.

"Look at you fools," Graviton mocked the heroes. "I possess the power of the universe itself! I AM POWER!" The minute he had shouted that, Graviton had began using his powers to lift up every metal crate, and every large boulder in the area in a massive tornado of debris, clearly intending to crush the heroes beneath it all if his gravity field did not do the job first.

"Can't move. Can either of you?" Iron Man asked Thor and Sasuke as he struggled to rise.

"Not much. I can barely even concentrate enough to focus my chakra," Sasuke replied, though he continued to try to do so.

"Nay. The others…" Thor groaned as he asked about the remaining heroes, but he and the other two could both clearly see that Hank, Janet, and Naruto were both barely able to rise anymore than the three of them could. Suddenly, they all heard a loud growling coming from the crater that Graviton had forced the Hulk down into, and then they all saw the Hulk himself slowly making his way up to Graviton, fighting against whatever force of gravity the madman was throwing against him. The whole time though, none of them ever noticed Giant-Man vanish in a flash of light as Hank shrank down to his Ant-Man size and activated his helmet to call out for some help from some nearby insects.

If Graviton did notice what Ant-Man was doing, he paid it no mind as he was too busy trying to force the Hulk down. He added more and more power to his gravity field until finally, he was applying enough gravity to flatten a city, and yet the Hulk was still pushing against it. "Nothing is that powerful! I control gravity itself," Graviton protested, but if one were to look close enough, they could see that the gravity controller was beginning to build up some sweat at trying to force the Hulk down.

Finally, Graviton decided to change tactics and rose up into the air before throwing the cargo crates at Hulk. Hulk quickly started to bat away the large metal containers as they came flying at him, but even he would not be able to keep it up forever. Thankfully he did not have to as Graviton suddenly found himself caught off guard and his attention diverted when something suddenly bit him on his back. Graviton instantly began swatting away at the insects responsible, finding that they actually were insects attacking him, and as such he never noticed that his moment of distraction had allowed the Hulk to lunge at him once more until it was too late.

"This isn't possible," Hall protested once more as he then chose to fling Hulk into the air and then throw cargo crates up at him while the green giant simply hung there. Hall was sure he had this creature this time when he suddenly had to divert his attention once more in order to shield himself from Iron Man's repulsor barrage. This allowed the gravity field holding the Hulk in the air to vanish, and the green giant was quick to start smashing away at the crates that were still flying towards him.

"Funny. Someone before you once told me 'that nothing's impossible'." Graviton turned his head to see the orange clad shinobi standing behind him having freed himself using his Sage chakra, sweat beginning to accumulate on Graviton's brow. "So what do you call this?" Naruto said, a determined expression on his face as he lifted a Six Paths bo like staff upwards before bringing it down on Graviton's right shoulder. It was due to a mixture of Graviton's gravity field and also the chunks of debris from his powers that allowed Graviton to keep his arm mostly intact as the staff was knocked slightly off course. As it stood, chakra rod still scored a deep gash on his right arm that ripped through the blue fabric and silver armor of his costume and caused a spurt of blood to spray through the air as the rod opened the deepest wound yet, a gash spanning from his shoulder blade down to his elbow and causing Graviton to howl in pain.

"You…you're helping me," Hulk whispered in honest shock, having never once thought someone would so much as try to help him.

"Well, yeah. Now do us all a favor and smash him," Naruto told Hulk with a smirk.

Hulk stared at Naruto for another second before returning the Hokage's smirk with one of his own, and instantly began bashing aside or leaping over crates alongside Naruto until finally the two slammed into Graviton hard, Hulk with his fists, and Naruto with his foot. Graviton quickly pushed them off of him by launching them up with a large slab of Earth, but he was soon hit by another stinger barrage from Wasp. The small sized hero then ducked out of the way just in time for Iron Man to fire his unibeam at Graviton at full power, which Graviton only survived by throwing up another slab of Earth to shield him.

As he was blocking Iron Man's blast, he never once noticed Hank go big again and toss a large tanker at him until said ship had landed and then exploded right on top of him, and he never once had a chance to recover as Naruto rushed forward slamming a haymaker into Graviton's face. The force behind Naruto's attack forced Graviton back five meters but Naruto wouldn't give the man a moment. He then slammed an Odama Rasengan into Graviton which greatly expanded, completely engulfing him. Naruto wasn't going to give Graviton a second to himself. Just when Graviton thought he was finally out of the worst of it, the sounds of crashing thunder and lightning reached his ears, and he looked up to see Thor floating in the air and spinning his hammer around over his head as the weapon seemed to charge up with lightning.

"For MIDGARD!" Thor then shouted as he threw his hammer down, and with the hammer came a massive burst of lighting that struck Franklin Hall dead on.

The smoke cleared to reveal a severely beaten and exhausted Graviton, His body was heavily burned and charred in some places. If given enough extensive treatment, he may be able to use his left arm again. The entirety of his left side had been burned the worst, due to the attack burning away his clothes which then began to attack the skin. The heat of both Naruto and Thor's attacks had caused his skin to dehydrate at a rapid pace, which had lead to his skin cracking open, allowing for small rivers of blood to form at every point along his body which was forming a small pool of blood. But it wasn't life threatening in the slightest. He was down on his knees before the seven heroes who were standing over him, tall and proud in victory.

"Humph. Who's strongest now," Hulk huffed rhetorically.

"You had the power to do anything," Hank began as he shrank down to normal size.

"And yet all you used it for was to put millions of lives at risk," Naruto finished as he returned to normal.

"Pretty sad really," Sasuke commented.

"You've got that right," Wasp agreed, and then, just to add insult to injury, she fired off a single beam from her stingers and sent Graviton down to the ground in a heap. The heroes were now truly victorious.

"Come! Let us celebrate," Thor declared joyfully as he wrapped Hulk, Iron Man, Hank, Naruto, and Sasuke in a large hug. Wasp had only escaped it because she was still flying in her smaller size. The moment was quickly interrupted though when they all had their attention brought to the small military force that had assembled before them.

"Step away from the Hulk. He's a fugitive from the Cube," Agent Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D. warned the heroes.

Hulk was about to snarl at the gathered forces that were gunning for him, when suddenly both Naruto and Sasuke were standing in front of him protectively as the former began stating, "If you want the Hulk…"

"Then you'll have to go through us first," Sasuke finished.

"Fine by me. We're going to have to bring you two in any way on account of the fact that you're a pair of unknown metahumans," Quartermain responded just as quickly.

That was when Iron Man stepped in front of all three of them with his arms out protectively as he declared, "You want the Hulk or either one of these two then you go through me. These three, the Hulk included, saved us all. They're heroes as sure as any of us."

The sentiment was clearly shared by all three of the remaining heroes as Thor, Wasp, and Ant-Man all stepped forward to join Iron Man in shielding the three from the gathered forces. Before anything more could happen, Nick Fury stepped forward with Maria Hill and Agent Phil Coulson at his side as he shouted out, "Stand down! We've got bigger problems than the Hulk and a pair of unknown metahumans or possible mutants. Seventy four supervillains are now on the loose all across the country, maybe the world by now."

"How did this happen Fury," Iron Man demanded.

"I don't know, but we can find out together. Come work for me. As S.H.I.E.L.D. agents you can make a real difference," Fury offered.

"No. This is your fault isn't it," Hank then accused as he started to get right in Fury's face. "S.H.I.E.L.D. created Graviton, and whatever you had Hall doing, it changed him. You kept it under wraps, and this happened."

Neither Fury, Hill, or even Coulson tried to deny what Hank was saying, and it seemed that was all it took to convince the heroes that working for S.H.I.E.L.D. was definitely a bad idea. That is until Iron Man suddenly said, "Fury's right."

"What?! You, of all people, are going to work for S.H.I.E.L.D.," Wasp asked incredulously.

"No, he's right about us making a difference together," Stark explained. "One-on-one, or two-on-one in some cases, we can each take down a villain or two, but seventy four? None of us can do it alone. Together, we have a chance. What we did here, it can change things. The world needs us, but not as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. As a team, on our own. Together we can avenge the wrongs caused by all these villains."

"We can be Avengers," Wasp exclaimed.

"Huh. Good name," Hulk complimented.

Naruto and Sasuke then just watched the other five heroes for a minute, only making a mild note of how S.H.I.E.L.D. confirmed that Graviton was not responsible for the Breakout, before they both turned to take their leave. Before they got very far though, Wasp suddenly flew in front of them both and cut off their exit.

"Hey you guys, you're not just going to walk out on your team are you?" Wasp asked.

The two looked from Wasp to the other Avengers before the Hokage of the two said, "Sorry, but we just came because we felt that we couldn't stand by and do nothing while there was a chance we could help and this whole team thing is a bit all of a sudden considering we just got here."

All five of the Avengers raised an eyebrow in confusion at what he meant by that until Fury stepped forward and said, "If you don't go with the Avengers, then I'm going to have to insist that you both come with me. Look, in all honesty, I really don't want to have to drag you into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody if I can help it, but I will if I have to. All I want for right now, is the full story on you two, and after that, we'll see what kind of situation we'll all find ourselves in."

Both Naruto and Sasuke looked between themselves before looking between both the heroes they had just fought alongside of and Nick Fury, until they finally decided that maybe it was a good idea that they told someone their story. Upon reaching this decision and nodding to each other's unasked question in agreement, Sasuke stepped forward and said, "Fine, but we'd prefer to do this somewhere a little less public."

Fury nodded in acceptance, and Iron Man was quick to offer Stark Tower as their meeting place for hearing the story on the two newest heroes in New York. While most were excited or intrigued by what the two were about to tell.

AN: Considering how I have yet to find a proper crossover between these two, I might as well write my own then. This story is mainly inspired by the works of the Incredible Muffin, CaptainRex75, and lyokoMARVELanime who have all written stories of a similar nature. In case some of you haven't noticed, I am using Post-Epilogue Naruto and Sasuke, I'd rather have them as adults than in their late teens plus their currently at the same level of power as they are in the Boruto series. So I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll see you next time.