After S.H.I.E.L.D had taken away Graviton and was trying to fish out the Helicarrier, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and the newly formed Avengers had gone to Stark Tower. They were all gathered together in Iron Man's office, with either masks or helmets off, and with all eyes on Naruto and Sasuke, eager to hear their story. Before that though, Naruto had insisted on getting some proper introductions to everyone. Sure he knew everyone's names and had a basic idea of what they could do, but he wanted something closer to a full story than just what he had gleamed from the chaos of the fight against Graviton, and from the time both shinobi had been on this world before that. Aside from Nick Fury, Ant-Man and Wasp did not really have much else to tell Naruto and Sasuke, aside from learning that Wasp's real name was Janet Van Dyne. Hulk did not really share all that much either, aside from the fact that he was also a scientist by the name of Bruce Banner who specialized in anything relating to gamma rays, but he insisted that he and Banner were not the same person, so Naruto was left thinking that the two had a kind of split personality or something along those lines. Thor on the other hand was very happy to share a great deal of his own story. It turned out that the blonde was from a world known as Asgard and was in fact the same Thor from the mythological legends that this world had. Not only that, but he also had a magic hammer that only he could use while others would not even be able to lift it. The most amazing fact that both shinobi learned about Thor was that he was actually his world's prince, but that was sullied a little by the fact that Thor was not on speaking terms with his father at the moment because he believed that he was needed here on Midgard, as Thor called it, more. Finally, there was Iron Man, also known to the world at large as Tony Stark, billionaire playboy inventor. In addition to building not only the armor the two ninja saw him using in the fight, he had also built a number of other suits, the first of which using only whatever was available to him after he was captured by terrorists a few years ago. That, coupled with the fact that Tony had his own company, was pretty exciting for Naruto, but he did feel bad for Tony when he found out that the ARC reactor in his chest was not just something for show. In fact, it was the only thing keeping a cluster of shrapnel from clawing its way into his heart and killing him. Still, it did not diminish how cool it was that he had made the thing in a cave with what one could classify as a box of scraps. When Tony had finally finished telling Naruto and Sasuke of his origins as Iron Man, all that was left at this point was for both to enlighten everyone on who they were and why they were now here on this world. They both weren't sure if they should be doing this, they were all complete strangers to them as keeping secrets was Genin level stuff, but they had all risked theirs lives for him during the fight with Graviton and also were willing to fight the military to stop them from being taken away, they deserved at least that much from them.

So, with nothing left to stop him from sharing, Naruto began their tale. "Sooo…my name's Naruto Uzumaki and this is Sasuke Uchiha, and we're pretty much what you call ninjas. Nice to meet you all," the blonde started.

"Yeah, we got that part. How about you tell us something we don't know already," Fury deadpanned.

"Like what?" Sasuke asked.

"How about where you're from, how you got here, what can you do…you know, important stuff that we can't figure out without some additional details from you," Tony offered up with a hint of sarcasm and a smile of good humor to show he was only half-joking.

If Naruto had been offended or upset by Tony's comment, he did not show it, but instead just smiled and gave them the bare bones of their story without revealing too much. Naruto explained everything about what had happened to him and Sasuke, from the Elemental Nations and the very basics of chakra and how it was used, Momoshiki Otsutsuki's devastating attack on their village and his desire to gather enough scattered chakra into a new Chakra fruit which he said will grant him eternal youth and supernatural powers which included that of Naruto's, to their final battle against him and his father Kinshiki Otsutsuki, and finally finishing up at the point when Momoshiki revealed himself to have survived and their eventual arrival in this dimension with no way to get back to their own universe at the moment.

When Naruto finally finished his story, everyone had a different reaction to it. Tony had been fascinated at the kind of power that the people of their world had wielded along with the fact that these two had experienced so much since they were children, and now found an even greater respect for them given their efforts. The fact that they were also living proof of the multiverse theory was of mild interest to Tony, but after hearing their story, he was more sympathetic to their situation than he was intrigued by the scientific effects this would have.

Thor was truly astounded by their tale, and now considered the two to be truly mighty warriors who were worthy of songs in Valhalla. He was also sympathetic to the two's situation as being separated from your loved ones is a great burden for one to carry, but he knew for a fact that these two were brave souls indeed if they were still willing to carry on their fight, even if only for a moment.

Fury and Coulson were also sympathetic to the situation the two were in, having lost some good friends and comrades in their line of work since they started working at S.H.I.E.L.D., but at the same time they knew what this new information would mean for the two's situation now. As much as neither one of them wanted to do it, they knew that their positions would force Naruto and Sasuke to make a decision that they were probably still not ready to make yet, but something told them that the two shinobi would not have a hard time making their decision.

Hulk, though he would not admit it, was both impressed with the two and sympathetic with their situation, but especially in the case of Naruto. After he heard his story, Hulk considered Naruto to be like him in several ways. They had both been hunted by a powerful enemy who wanted to use their power for their own personal gain, lost people they cared about because of that enemy in one way or another, and yet they were still willing to go out of their way to help somehow if they could. Given what was just said, Hulk knew what Fury would have to say in a minute, and that meant that both shinobi would end up as targets of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that in effect gave him reason to be sympathetic to both ninjas.

Hank really was amazed at the fact he had been spending so much time in the company of people who were living proof of alternate realities, but that was nothing compared to the surprise he felt at learning what he had learned about them, and he was not about to let his scientific curiosity get in the way of helping Naruto and Sasuke however he could.

Janet just stood there for another minute before she finally walked up to Naruto and broke the silence by asking, "So you guys really are from another dimension, and that all actually happened to you?"

Naruto could only nod in reply, which led Janet to finally say, "That is…so…amazing! I mean not the whole thing at the end there before you came to our world or the other bad parts, but everything else is amazing! You guys are actual ninjas with superpowers! I mean that has to be the coolest thing I've ever heard in my life!"

Naruto and Sasuke both stared at Janet in surprise for a minute, truly not expecting that reaction, and their surprise was then amplified when they received similar exclamations from Thor, Hank, and Tony. All this was in addition to an approving smirk from the Hulk and in the end, Naruto couldn't help but smile a little at how easily they had been accepted by the Avengers. The moment was soon interrupted though when Fury coughed to get everyone's attention and said, "I'd hate to ruin the moment and add to your baggage here you two, but now that I know the full story on you two," Though he suspected those two were hiding something else, "I'm afraid that I'm only left with two options. In all honesty, I'd much rather leave you both to your own devices, but unfortunately, my job requires me to say that I have to either bring you both in to S.H.I.E.L.D. or leave you with the Avengers. It's just the hand we've been dealt."

Hulk was instantly standing in front of the two and glaring at Fury as if daring the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. to give him a reason to smash him, and he was soon joined by the other Avengers a minute later. Coulson threw an apologetic glance at the two, showing that Fury really did not want to do this, but Naruto merely smiled at him while Sasuke gave Fury a small glare before sharing a look and looking at Tony as Naruto stated, "If that is the case, I've got a question. Is that team membership offer still on the table for both of us?"

The minute the Avengers heard that they all turned to smile at the two as Hank asked, "Are you two sure you want to do this?"

Naruto nodded and simply said, "We're sure. I guess we both figured this might happen after we told you guys our story, and if other people need me to help, then I'll do what I can to help out. And besides, We're already going to be helping you guys catch all the supervillains that escaped during the Breakout, and I'm someone who never goes back on his word."

"With a threat of this magnitude, you will need all the help you can get," Sasuke stated, "At least until we find a way to get back to our own dimension."

That earned them a round of smiles from the other Avengers and Fury, all of them glad to see that the two shinobi were so eager to help out like this, despite what had happened to them recently. All the same, that did not mean that they were going to let their kindness go unrewarded, even if it was already an unspoken agreement that they would help them out with one of the matters the two were dealing with, and Janet took it upon herself to make that clear to them on everyone's behalf. "Well, you won't have to do any of it alone, you guys. After all, you're Avengers, just like the rest of us now, so we'll help you both in any way that we can, both in saving the world and in finding a way to get you both back to your home."

When he saw the others all nod in agreement of this, Naruto beamed while Sasuke gave the tiniest hint of a smile in thanks to them all. After that had been settled, Fury saw himself out, he then looked back before walking out the door and said, "I really hope you Avengers can assemble something great from all of this."

The minute Fury was out the door, Naruto crossed his arms as he commented aloud, "Avengers Assemble, huh? Has a nice ring to it."

A week after the Breakout and the meeting where Naruto and Sasuke had revealed their story, the Avengers had only run into and captured one of the escaped supervillains, which meant that there were now only seventy three of them to go. That little moment was actually just yesterday and now Pepper Potts was standing outside of a large building with Hulk, Naruto, and Sasuke. As Pepper glanced at her watch once again, she looked to the other three heroes and said, "Well thank you three for actually being on time, unlike the others."

"It's no problem Pepper," Naruto reassured the red haired woman. "Sasuke and I are used to meeting up on time for team meetings back when we were Genin, but I just want to know two things. One, how the hell is Stark late for this when he was the one who arranged this little get-together, and two, how did you manage to be on time Hulk? I mean, you don't seem like the kind of guy to have a watch on you."

"This is New York. There's always some kind of clock somewhere," Hulk grunted in reply. "Besides, had nothing better to do."

"Sounds like all the bad guys are too scared of their well deserved smashing," Naruto told the Hulk. Hulk only grunted in reply with a smile.

"Ho Miss Potts, Friend Naruto, Friend Sasuke, and Hulk," Thor's voice called out, and the four were instantly greeted with the sight of the Asgardian landing before them. "Tis good to see you again. Are you ready for the upcoming battles?"

"You ready to get a watch," Hulk retorted in reply.

"Oh, burn," Naruto exclaimed with a chuckle. Sasuke only shook his head in exasperation. Hulk and Thor had been butting heads ever since they met now, and somehow he or Naruto had ended up being the one to always play peacemaker. It was almost like those times whenever he and Naruto started competing to see who the best shinobi was all over again.

"We're here," Janet then called out as she flew up to the group. "Sorry we're late. I had to tear Hank away from his lab."

"Why am I not surprised," Naruto muttered sarcastically, and Sasuke had to nod in agreement and Hulk just rolled his eyes.

"It was an important experiment," Hank corrected Janet as he grew up to his full size after dismounting the fly he was riding on.

"Then maybe next time you shouldn't start on it when you know that you have a meeting to be at Hank," Sasuke told the size changer.

"Friend Pym! I did not see you there. I expected you to be…giant," Thor greeted.

"Really? Why," Hank asked as he deactivated his Ant Man helmet, revealing that he had his mask up when he did.

"Thy giant self seems more useful," Thor explained.

"Come on Thor, size doesn't always…" Naruto began to say.

"Where's Stark?!" Hulk shouted, interrupting the Hokage as he did.

"Sorry. Sorry everyone, I got caught up in a meeting," Iron Man said as he landed before the now fully gathered group. Pepper shot Tony a look as he took off his helmet, which led him to cave in and admit, "Actually I missed that meeting too."

"You need to get yourself a new daily planner then Stark," Naruto commented, getting laughs from both Janet and Hank.

"Anyway," Tony said as he shot Naruto and the two size changers a pointed look, and then gestured to the house they were all standing in front of. "Thanks for coming, and welcome to…Avengers Mansion. This was my…"

Before Tony could get any further, Hulk had knocked the gates off their hinges and just walked in. "You know that was really rude," Tony said.

"Yeah and so is being late for a meeting that you scheduled, but you don't hear us complaining," Sasuke told Tony as they followed Hulk inside.

The minute everyone was inside, Thor had gone over to the wall to inspect a strange device that was built into it when a voice suddenly seemed to call out from thin air, "Greetings Thor Odinson. May I offer you a drink?"

"What manner of palace is this," Thor asked in amazement.

"This was a museum for the Maria Stark Foundation, my mother's home," Tony explained to everyone. "I've had it upgraded since the Breakout, and I thought this could be our headquarters."

"Swanky," Wasp commented as she flew around the foyer.

"The mansion is run by J.A.R.V.I.S., my personal artificial intelligence. Anything you need, J.A.R.V.I.S. will provide. Say hi J.A.R.V.I.S.," Tony continued.

"Indeed," the computer replied through the wall panel.

"Hello J.A.R.V.I.S. Nice to meet you," Naruto then greeted.

"Likewise Naruto Uzumaki."

The team then moved to the kitchen as Tony continued the tour. "We've got a full kitchen and chef on call."

Hulk had immediately started to dig into the food in the fridge and let out a large belch which made Janet make a disgusted face at both the belch and Hulk's eating habits while Naruto simply said, "I never thought I'd meet someone who could actually eat more than Choji."

"There are twelve bedrooms, maid service, laundry, room service," Tony then continued as they continued to move throughout the house until they finally ended up in a well furnished room with a fireplace. "A theater/lounge, satellite TV and movies, and every form of video entertainment on the planet."

"Are you serious Stark," Hank asked as Wasp sat down and instantly turned on said TV, which turned out to be built into a picture that was hung over the fireplace. "This is what you spent a week preparing?"

"Uh no. I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet. You're gonna need these," Tony corrected as Pepper started handing out small white cards with a red bar at the top, a black screen on the upper right corner which displayed an image of each Avenger and a fancy letter A with an arrow in the center of it on the left side that changed from red to blue when the cards activated. "These ID cards are linked to the Stark Industries satellite network, and they will keep us in audio and visual communication anywhere in the world. They also give you full access and control of the mansion."

"So do they also give us a discount anywhere?" Naruto then joked. Janet laughed at that while Tony just rolled his eyes in response.

"I can show you how it…" Pepper started to offer the Hulk until he just simply snatched his card.

"You think I can't figure it out," Hulk demanded.

"I'm sure you can," Pepper replied.

Naruto and Sasuke both could tell that Hulk was still having some trouble trusting other people so easily after being hunted for so long. They were just going to try and calm the green giant down, but Thor did not give them the chance as he marched up to the Hulk and stated threateningly, "T'would be wise to treat the lady with respect."

"Which lady do you mean Blondie," Hulk retorted getting right in Thor's face with a glare in return to Thor's.

"Oh, burn again. That's Hulk two, Thor zero," Naruto commented. Sasuke actually did shove an elbow into Naruto's side that time as he shot a disapproving look at him while Tony got everyone's attention with a short cough. The minute they all looked to where Tony was standing they saw the fireplace lifting up to reveal a secret elevator inside of it.

"Nifty," Wasp commented as she flew over to get inside with everyone else.

One elevator ride later, Tony simply smiled as he said, "And voila, the sublevels."

"It's official. This place is way better than anything our world could come up with," Naruto commented.

"The mansion's got a beyond state-of-the-art science lab with space for Hank's modular labs and my armory," Tony explained as he led everyone through one such lab. As he passed through, Hank looked around and smiled as thoughts of what he could do in these labs began coming to him. Everyone then continued on until they found themselves in a large room.

"Wow. Big pool," Wasp commented when she saw they were standing over just that.

"Actually the pool's on the roof," Tony corrected. A minute later, the water parted and a large white and red jet with the same decorative letter "A" as the one on the ID cards on the sides was raised up to their level. "This is a fully functional hangar with two prototype, high-speed, aerial shuttles. The Quinjets. Weapons, shields, and an air speed of Mac Eight for those of us who can't fly." Hulk, Hank, and Sasuke all threw Tony a look as the billionaire genius quickly added, "They can go into space too."

"And for me, that makes it a bit better," Naruto stated with a smile. "Any chance I can get a chance to fly it?"

Tony did not answer as he elected to continue with the tour as he said, "Then there's the training room."

"What, like a gym," Wasp asked.

"Well kind of," Tony replied with a knowing look.

It turned out that the "gym" was actually a fully equipped simulator room that was filled with weapons and death traps all designed to cause a great deal of harm if one was not careful enough. If one were to be honest, the only ones who were not struggling were Thor, Iron Man, Naruto, Sasuke, and Hulk. The last of those five had beaten the simulation easily and asked, "That the best you got Tin Man?"

"It's self repairing, thanks for asking," Iron Man replied. "By the way, that was level one of ten."

Naruto was quick to throw Tony a look of disbelief as Wasp landed on Sasuke's shoulder to try and catch her breath. "Okay, I'd just like to amend my previous statement and say that, aside from the death chamber, this place is still better than any of our own bases."

"Tell me about it. It felt like we were back training under Kakashi Sensei, only worse," Sasuke agreed.

After everyone had taken a moment to catch their breath, or at least those of them who needed to, Tony led the group to one final room, which turned out to be a very large room with a big, round table in the center. The table itself was decorated with a red border around the blue center which had what was clearly going to be the Avengers logo on the center in black. "And this is the Assembly Hall," Tony declared, finally finishing the tour.

"All the money you've thrown into this is very impressive Tony. Were you bored? Are we your new pet project? Why are we here," Hank asked snidely.

"Hank," Sasuke reprimanded.

"No, that's actually a good question. Kind of angry, but that's okay," Tony admitted as he and the others all walked up to the table in the Assembly Hall, except for Hulk who just stood off to the side with his arms crossed. When Tony was standing at the table with the others, he called out, "J.A.R.V.I.S., bring up the most wanted list."

A second later, a large hologram that displayed images of all the supervillians appeared from the center of the table. "Seventy four supervillains escaped the day of the Breakout. Graviton is being held by S.H.I.E.L.D. and we caught Mandrill, but we've got more work to do," Tony began explaining.

"I know many of these villains," Thor told everyone. "The Wrecker and his crew are formidable. His weapon is of un-Earthly might."

"If we do recapture them all, where do we put them? The Big House is destroyed, the Vault is destroyed, and we haven't heard anything about the Cube," Hank pointed out.

"Don't look at us. Most of our enemies end up killing themselves before we even bother trying to capture them," Naruto told the others.

"I'm working with a colleague on something now," Tony then revealed. "Reed Richards has proposed a prison that's actually outside this dimension; in a place he calls the Negative Zone."

"Too much talking. We should just go get these guys," Hulk growled as he punched a fist into his hand.

"We don't even know what caused the Breakout in the first place. What's to stop it from happening there," Hank then argued.

Sasuke noticed Naruto and Wasp seemed to be starting to nod off and quickly said, "Maybe we should call it a day and then worry about catching these criminals tomorrow. It's not like we've really had much of a chance to rest all that much."

"Sasuke's right. We can't do anything if we're constantly working without any rest," Naruto quickly agreed.

"At least two of you know what they're doing," Hulk grumbled as he started to storm off, never noticing that he had seemed to push Thor over the edge with that comment.

"I have had enough of you, creature," Thor exclaimed angrily as he then stormed up to Hulk once again. "Your insults end here!"

"You want to go Goldilocks? Let's go," Hulk then challenged.

"Whoa, whoa! Okay, how about instead of 'going' we find a way to actually get along," Tony interjected as he tried to separate the two. "Since you two are the only ones staying at the mansion full time, I'd appreciate it if you didn't level the place on day one."

"Actually Tony, Naruto and I were wondering if it would be okay for us to move into the mansion permanently as well," Sasuke then asked..

"Well I don't see why not. I was actually going to offer you guys a room here since you don't have a place to stay, but if you really want to, all the better. Especially since I can likely count on you two to keep Hulk and Thor from leveling the place," Tony agreed. the other Avengers just smiled at the two as they nodded in understanding at why they wanted to do this, and a minute later everyone's attention was drawn to the Hulk as he stormed out of the room.

"Wow. He's gonna be fun," Janet commented.

"Yeah well, just be glad you won't be one of the ones living with him," Naruto joked in reply. With that said, everyone began to disperse to go and do their own things for a while, and so that Naruto and Sasuke could start settling in.

That night the Avengers were all on break, Ant Man and Wasp went back to Hanks lab at Grayburn College, Hulk and Thor remained at the mansion, hopefully they wouldn't get into another argument and trash the place. Which left Iron Man, Naruto, and Sasuke. The three of whom were back at Stark Tower, but for different reasons. Tony Stark was doing some paperwork, one of the many downsides in running a multi-billion dollar company, and the two shinobi were both doing some packing.

The Seventh Hokage, had selected a room in Avengers Mansion for him to move into. A nice comfortable room with a king-size bed, spacious wardrobe, built in bathroom and plenty of space for his belongings, not that Naruto had much to begin with, but it was a better place to store his tools, weapons, and scrolls that he brought along with him.

Naruto was currently emptying out all the clothes that Janet had bought for him; she found it odd that all he wanted was orange shirts or jackets, and black pants.

"The color's always been my favorite," he had told her. However she did convince him to get some stylish out fits and even some formal wear, just in case.

He packed all the clothes in a bag, then sat on the bed, and looked around. In retrospect, this was Naruto's first home in this Universe, while not the best place in the world, it was still the first step Naruto took into being accepted into this world having now been separated from his wife and children, by people who cared about him, that were there for him. He would have to make it up to them, first thing he would have to do is find a job, he couldn't be sponging off of Tony or Janet during his time here, he needed to find a way to make some money for his own expenses.

Naruto walked out of the room, in order to get some routine training and meditation done.

But when he passed Tony's office, he heard a familiar and less-than-pleasant voice.

"Not this time. This time, I came to help you." Came the calm monotone of Nick Fury. "You see, believe it or not, I want your little Avengers project to succeed."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the sound of the SHIELD Directors voice, even though he new that Fury was a good guy and with the government, it seems that they had don't some questionable things in the past, even more resent, trying to take him and Sasuke away to make them either into one of his loyal agents or lab experiments to obtain the knowledge of their abilities. Naruto knew the type, Danzo was a prime example of that. Saying they're doing what's best for the world, but do it in the wrong ways and take down anyone they see as a threat.

Little did Naruto know, one threat was about to raise its ugly head.

In the halls of Avengers Mansion, J.A.R.V.I.S's terminals were keeping a constant monitor of the mansions inner activities. However for some reason some of the terminals were starting to become filled with static before shutting down completely, the only thing the sensors picked up was the shimmering outline of a female before shutting down.

The A.I's systems couldn't comprehend what was happening, so it followed its programing and proceeded to alert someone.

Thor was sitting in the lounge room, staring contently at the fire. Since he grew up in a magical land, the Asgardian had no interest in watching television, not that he new how to operate the device, and so allowed his mind to become lost in the dancing flames as he reflected on battles past.

His thoughts were interrupted by a polite voice.

"Pardon me, sir." Came the voice of JARVIS "There would appear to be something wrong."

"What be thy concern, ethereal voice?" Thor asked, curious to what could make a machine worried.

"I have no physical evidence of this, but I believe the mansion's systems are being tampered with. I believe there's an intruder."

His natural lust for battle kicked in as Thor rose from the couch and summoned his hammer to him. He then notice movement in the corner of his eye and turned to see the Hulk walking passed the doorway.

"Come, Hulk." Thor announced joyfully. "Let us patrol the grounds. The house believes we have been infiltrated. Perhaps if we are lucky, we will find battle this night." He held up Mjolnir for emphasis.

In his joyful mood, the Asgardian failed to notice a faint green glow that came from the Hulks eyes. The green giant then grunted and stomped up to Thor.

"I don't battle. I smash." Hulk growled at the Thor. "And if you talk to me again, hammer face, I'll smash you."

Thor's smile faded, he should have known better than to make merry with an ill-tempered beast such as the Hulk. He scowled at the Hulk and took a fighting stance.

"If you wish to test your metal against an Asgardian, I am happy to oblige."

The two brutes stood their ground, nether backing down from each other. The tension rose as if the house was waiting to see who would make the first move. The Hulk let out a growl, before taking on step back.

"I don't need this. I don't need anyone. Tell the others I quit." He yelled before turning around and stomped out of the mansion.

"Good riddance." Thor coldly replied.

Not a moment after he said that, the television monitor came to life, showing the image of a very concerned Pepper Potts

"JARVIS just told me the Hulk left." She said. "Thor, you have to bring him back."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because he's our responsibility. And with the mood he's in, he's liable to tear down this entire city. Please, go get him." Pepper begged.

Thor grumbled as he grudgingly complied, the woman made it hard for anyone to say no to, and left in search for his monstrous comrade.

A few minutes later

Wasp and Sasuke were the first to arrive on the scene after Tony had alerted the rest of the team of the Hulk apparently having gone rogue, which was actually in central park, and they were both shocked to see that the problem they were alerted to the fact that Thor was fighting the Hulk, or rather the Hulk was attacking Thor. Neither one of them could figure out how this had happened, but they could not worry about that now and they both swooped over to Hulk as Sasuke called out, "Hulk stop! Why are you doing this? Just calm down, none of us are attacking you."

Sasuke's attempts to calm the Hulk were quickly thwarted when Thor slammed a hard right hook across the green giant's jaw, sending the Hulk flying across the field. "Well I guess Thor is," Wasp corrected while Sasuke simply threw Thor an irritated look for his actions.

Hulk was then stomping towards the three when Iron Man flew in front of him in an attempt to stop him, shouting, "Hulk, stop this! You have to listen!"

"Alert. Unknown energy detected," J.A.R.V.I.S. then reported to Tony.

"Hulk, wait! There's something…" Iron Man never got the chance to finish his sentence as the Hulk grabbed his head and slammed him into the ground. Wasp was quick to react at that point, and immediately started firing her stingers to get the Hulk to back away from Iron Man, and allow the armored hero to stand up as Sasuke and Thor came up to him. "There's some kind of weird energy around the Hulk," Tony explained as he glanced over at the thunder god's primary weapon. "Thor, it's similar to what your hammer gives off."

"Tis dark magic. The Hulk has been enchanted," Thor exclaimed the minute he heard what Iron Man said.

"You mean something's controlling the Hulk," Naruto asked as he skidded to a stop next to the three.

"Aye indeed Friend Naruto," Thor confirmed. "And I fear I know who is responsible."

"We'll worry about that later. Right now, we need to get the Hulk to snap out of it, and I think I have an idea on how to do that," Sasuke declared as he activated his Rinne-Sharingan.

"If your plan is to try and put Hulk of all people under hypnosis then I'm not exactly all that confident," Iron Man told the Uchiha.

"Something like that, but far more powerful," Naruto clarified. "Sasuke's planning to use his eyes' abilities to free the Hulk's mind."

"He can do that?"

"Yeah, and more," Naruto admitted referring to when Sasuke used his Doujutsu to trap the nine Bijuu in a Chibaku Tensei.

"I'm more than capable of handling it. I just need you all to keep the Hulk busy while I concentrate," Sasuke explained.

"That we can do," Iron Man stated as he readied a repulsor to fire. Just before he had the chance though, a large hand slammed down on the Hulk, and everyone looked up to see that Giant-Man had arrived on the scene now.

"I'm guessing this isn't a team trust building exercise," Hank joked. Before anyone could reply, Hank was suddenly flipped over onto his back as the Hulk broke free of his grip.

Naruto then called out to Hank, "We need to keep the Hulk busy long enough for Sasuke to free his mind!"

Hank nodded in understanding, but was soon having a hard time doing that when the Hulk had jumped on top of his head. Thor quickly moved in to try and knock the rage beast off of Giant-Man, but the Hulk was quick to counter by grabbing the thunder god by his cape and then spin him around before throwing him to the side. Hank was about to reach up and grab the Hulk, when Iron Man flew in and was suddenly clothes lined by the Hulk, sending Iron Man tumbling down into the trees. Hulk then jumped down onto Giant-Man's shoulder and punched Hank right in the face, sending the towering giant crashing to the ground, and onto his back. As Hulk was about to continue his attack on Giant-Man, he was suddenly hit by a barrage of energy blasts, forcing him to back up.

"Get away from him," Wasp called out as she flew in, continuing her barrage as she did. Hulk was about to try and squash Wasp between his hands, when he felt a sharp pain in his back. When Hulk turned to the source, he saw the last traces of Naruto's Rasengan vanish before he took out a kunai which he covered it with chakra, and then watched as the Hokage started running around the Hulk at a speed that the gamma ray powered hero could not keep up with. At one point, Naruto had pulled out a second kunai, and started to slash away with both weapons while the Hulk tried to hit him, but the combined efforts of Naruto's speed and Wasp's stinger barrage was making that considerably difficult.

Hulk then roared in anger as he leapt up and slammed both of his fists into the ground. The shockwave quickly threw both Wasp and Naruto off balance as the former struggled to regain her control in the air while the latter tumbled across the ground. Once Naruto had successfully landed on his feet though, he assumed a fighting stance, and then did a few hand signs. A second later, two clones of Naruto appeared in a puff of smoke and his barrage on the Hulk increased to three times what it was before.

Wasp was not sure if Naruto was just moving faster than before or not until the shinobi paused for a minute to reveal that he actually created two exact duplicates of himself. "Whoa! You can multiply yourself too," Wasp exclaimed in surprise.

"Yeah. It's a little technique I call my Shadow Clone Jutsu, but it's not going to do us much good unless Sasuke hurries up with what he's doing," one of the Narutos stated as he glanced over to Sasuke who was looking directly at Hulk who now seemed to have gone into a trance with the Uchiha's Rinnegan design reflecting in Hulk's eyes to represent its influence, "Or we don't have to wait long at all," Naruto said as the Hulk had now successfully fallen under Sasuke's Genjutsu.

From Sasuke's perspective, the moment he had activated the Rinne-Sharingan, there was a bright flash of light before the entire battle had disappeared before his eyes, leaving nothing but darkness in its place. Though it was not total darkness, as Sasuke could see traces of green flashes all around him mixed in with an eerie yellowish-green glow. Seeing all this gave Sasuke reason to believe that so far his plan seemed to be working, and that he was now in the Hulk's mind.

"Hulk! Can you hear me," Sasuke called out. "It's Sasuke. There's something controlling your mind, and I'm here to help you!"

For a moment, there was nothing but silence until a voice Sasuke did not recognize called out, "Hello? Is someone there? I need help! Please, I have to get the Hulk to stop before the Avengers are hurt!"

Thinking that this was as good a place to start as any, Sasuke began moving towards the source, barely noticing that he was actually floating through the empty space, and he eventually came upon a skinny man with shaggy, brown hair, a messy stubble, and wearing dark pants and a blue hoodie. He was actually very pale and seemed like he had not eaten all that much recently, but what really got Sasuke's attention was the fact that his arms and legs were tied down by long chains that extended off into the darkness surrounding them. the Uchiha then realized that this could only be one person. "Doctor Bruce Banner?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes, that's me. You're…Sasuke right? I saw and heard everything about you and your friend Naruto through the Hulk," Banner replied.

"What happened?" Sasuke asked as he floated up to the chains.

"A woman with blonde hair in a green outfit found a way into the Hulk's mind and then imprisoned me here so that I couldn't stop her," Banner explained.

"Then let's get you out of here quickly, before the Hulk destroys the other Avengers," Sasuke stated as he prepared to break the chains holding Bruce as he channel the Susanoo through his sword.

"Wait," Bruce then called out. "You do know what you're doing right?"

"Yes. I've preformed this Genjutsu on several occasions against several of my enemies before, so it shouldn't be too difficult," Sasuke admitted. A minute later, he slashed his sword into one of the chains, and Banner's arm was instantly freed. Then moved on to slice apart the chains holding Banner's legs, and after a few strikes, those were freed too.

"Hurry! That woman is probably heading for you all right now," Banner suddenly called out as Sasuke started to cut the last chain holding his other arm. Surprisingly, Sasuke found himself struggling a bit more, until he concentrated a bit more and then put more of his power into his next strike, freeing Banner completely. The minute he did, a massive glow erupted and Sasuke felt himself getting thrown out of Hulk's mind and back into his body.

When Sasuke's eyes returned to normal having released the Genjutsu, he relaxed and looked up to see the Hulk looking down at him in horror at what he was about to do. He then looked around at the others and saw that they were all pretty badly hurt with the exception of Naruto who had a kunai trained to Hulk's neck. Hulk did not need to guess to know that it was his fault. His friends, his teammates, he was trying to take them all down, and while some of them did try to help, the rest all just attacked him like he was some kind of mindless monster, but Hulk really could not blame them after what he had just done.

"Hulk," Naruto called out softly. Hulk then turned to see Naruto looking at him with a concerned look, but he then immediately turned away, feeling he could not face him, and started to jump away from him and the rest of the Avengers. Naruto watched him go for a moment until he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he looked up to see Sasuke smiling down at him while the others approached Naruto a minute later.

"That went well," Iron Man stated. "Nice work Sasuke. Everyone o…ARGH!"

Everyone spun when they heard Iron Man's cry of pain and saw that a large axe had suddenly wedged itself into his chest as he fell onto his back, right at the feet of a large, bald man with a goatee in strange armor. "The Avengers. How unimpressive," a female voice then stated mockingly.

The Avengers looked to see a woman with long blonde hair that went down to her mid back in a green outfit that left her shoulders bare walk up to stand next to the large man that was now standing over Iron Man, and Sasuke could tell almost instantly that this had to be the woman that Banner told him about. "You had better hope someone more capable chooses to avenge you."

The woman then raised a hand blasted a yellowish-green energy that had an appearance similar to smoke at Thor, causing him to drop his hammer long enough for her to wrap some of the same energy around his hammer to prevent him from retrieving it. "J.A.R.V.I.S., raise the shields. Now," Tony told the AI from inside his damaged armor.

"Not possible sir. Armor systems are in critical condition and are losing power," the AI replied.

"How dare you attack us Enchantress," Thor accused the blonde woman as he stood up.

"Wait, wait, wait, hold on a minute, you know these people Thor?" Naruto asked.

"Aye. The Enchantress and her Executioner. They are Asgardians," Thor told his fellow Avengers.

"So what the hell's her problem? Is she your ex-girlfriend or something," Naruto then joked.

Thor just grunted in reply before he returned his attention to Enchantress and asked, "Why have you come here Amora?"

"Oh you love Midgard so much Thunderer. We thought we'd come and see what all the fuss is about," Enchantress replied casually as she blasted Thor once again. This time though, her blast was deflected with a swing from Sasuke's sword as he glared at the Enchantress with a cold stare.

"Well I'd hate to break it to you, but I'm afraid that we have zero tolerance for criminal actions here," Sasuke said darkly as he and the rest of the Avengers charged into action.

Somewhere far away from the battlefield, Hulk had finally stopped his jumping to sit down in an alleyway as he hung his head in shame for what had happened. He had let everyone down, Banner, Naruto, Sasuke, the Avengers, even himself with his actions just now. As Hulk continued to wallow in his sadness, Banner's voice spoke up telling him, "You have to go back. Someone was manipulating you. They wanted you to fight the Avengers! You have to go back and make sure they're okay!"

Hulk only growled in response as he finally admitted, "Everything you said was true. I am a monster."

"It's only true if you let it be. Walk away now, and it will be," Banner told him. Seeing the Hulk was not budging, Banner decided to try a different tactic. "Walk away now, and you'll also be letting both Naruto and Sasuke down. They risked their lives to free you from the person who was controlling you, and from what I saw of them, I could tell that they never once thought of you as a monster. Are you really willing to let those two down after they've been nothing but kind to you?"

Hulk looked up to where Banner was standing, at least in his mind, and let out a low growl in response for a moment, before he finally stood up and asked, "What do you think?"

Banner smirked from inside the Hulk's mind as he watched the Hulk start leaping back to where the Avengers were fighting Enchantress and Executioner.

"Oh this is gonna hurt," Iron Man moaned as he watched the Executioner raise his axe over his head to strike at the immobile hero. Before Executioner could though, he was forced back a barrage from Wasp. Once he was far enough away from both Iron Man and Thor, who Enchantress had easily managed to trap with one of her spells a moment earlier, Wasp quickly flew aside as Giant-Man threw a large fist down at the Executioner.

The problem was, each massive blow that Hank threw at the bald, axe wielding Asgardian was dodged almost effortlessly by the Executioner until finally said Asgardian launched a fireball from his axe right into Hank's face. The blow caught Hank by surprise so much that he instantly shrank back down to his normal size and fell unconscious a moment later. The Executioner was about to move in and finish the job, when he was suddenly knocked back by a powerful shockwave.

"Shinra Tensei!" Sasuke shouted as he used the Rinnegan's Deva Path's ability to manipulate repulsive force. Sasuke was about to fire another Shinra Tensei when he was suddenly blasted and then trapped by Enchantress as well.

The minute the blonde woman had Sasuke in her grasp, she lifted the raven haired Uchiha over to her and said, "So you are the one who broke my hold over the monster, hm? I do not know how you were able to accomplish such a task, but it hardly matters now since you are about to meet your end boy."

"First off, my name is Sasuke Uchiha, and second, don't ever call him a monster! He's my comrade," Sasuke spat at Enchantress.

"How cute, and you believe that you can actually do something if I do decide to call it as such," Enchantress laughed.

Wasp had then flown over to Iron Man and quickly said, "Iron Man, now might be a good time for some kind of…something?"

"Armor's leaking energy faster than I can recharge," Tony groaned in response. "Unless you've got some spare batteries lying around or an electrical socket…"

Iron Man was not able to finish as Wasp was suddenly wrapped up in Enchantress's energy bindings as well. The blonde Asgardian then looked over the fallen Avengers as Executioner stepped up to where Hank was lying on the ground when she suddenly paused seeing that something was wrong. "Where's the orange clad one?" Amora asked.

The minute she asked that, a flash of gold sped past Executioner and Enchantress, just as both felt like they were just punched in the stomach by two massive fist. They then heard someone shout out, "Hey you little witch and overgrown bastard! Nobody messes with my friends!" They then looked to see Naruto racing towards them, now in his Sage of Six Paths Mode activated, with over nine Bijuu Chakra arms sprouting from his cloak.

"Naruto...are we gonna let loose for once?" Kurama questioned.

"Just a little," Naruto smirked, "So go easy, okay?"

"Hmph, what a real pain."

His barrage against the two seemed to hold for a moment until Enchantress was able to use her magic to direct the Executioner towards him. One blast of fire from the Executioner later, and Naruto was knocked back as well, however it only caused some momentary discomfort.

Executioner then pinned Hank beneath his foot as Enchantress told him, "The Giant-Man first. His head will make a good trophy on my wall."

"Hank," Wasp gasped, already feeling a tear begin to fall from her eyes, as she was forced to watch as Executioner raised his axe up to chop off Hank's head. Before he could bring his weapon down though, a kunai sailed past Executioner which forced him off of Hank and then the sound of birds chirping could be heard as the energy around Thor, Wasp, and Thor's hammer began to disperse a little. Enchantress looked to where Sasuke was laying, only to gasp in shock as the Uchiha vanished from sight and was now behind her. Suddenly, much to the shock of everyone present, Enchantress coughed up a large amount of blood, she then looked down to see a large gash on the left side of her torso as a result of Sasuke's Chidori. Before Executioner could react a Chakra Arm holding a Bijuudama courtesy of Naruto slammed into his chest causing it to detonate. The force of the explosion sending Executioner flying into a few trees.

"H-how?" Enchantress gasped.

"Sorry to disappoint you Enchantress, but I'm not so easy to take down," Sasuke's voice announced as he then smirked and stated, "By the way, I would not look behind you if I were you."

"D-do you honestly believe I would fall for such a childish trick," Enchantress asked. Her answer came in the form of a loud roar followed by the sound of something big landing behind her and knocking her off her feet, freeing the other Avengers. A now recovered Executioner and Enchantress both looked to see that the Hulk had just returned to the battle, and he was pissed.

Amora then had to duck down as Thor's hammer came flying over her head and into Thor's waiting hand. The minute he held the mighty Mjolnir in his grasp once again, Thor called down a massive burst of lightning as Enchantress stood up clutching her wounded torso and proclaimed, "I do not fear your lightning Odinson. Your magic is nothing against mine."

"You are not my target witch," Thor retorted with a small hint of a smirk. A minute after he said that, Iron Man stood up, his armor now more than fully recharged thanks to Thor, and he immediately blasted out of the way of Executioner's attack while Naruto effortlessly evaded the follow-up attack that was directed at him.

Iron Man quickly threw a repulsor blast at Executioner before he landed before the Avengers who were still standing and shouted, "Take them down!"

The minute Iron Man had said that, the Avengers had charged in with Wasp, Hulk, and Sasuke fighting against Executioner and Thor, Iron Man, and Naruto taking on the Enchantress. Thor and Naruto were both launching their respective attacks at Enchantress as hard and as fast as they could, but somehow, Amora always managed to either leap or teleport away until finally she threw a blast of magic at Thor that sent him and Hank crashing into the nearby pond. Naruto then sped around as Iron Man launched numerous repulsor blasts at the blonde woman, which she teleported away from every time, until finally, just as she was about to hit Iron Man with a spell as well, Naruto was able to hit her with a powerful haymaker.

Hulk was having a difficult time getting to Executioner, as every time he got close, the axe wielder would use his weapon to freeze him in ice before slamming the weapon itself in Hulk. Sasuke then joined Wasp in firing a barrage of blasts and flames at Executioner. The combined attacks of the two Avengers were just the distraction that Hulk needed to slam a hard fist into the bald Asgardian and send Executioner flying across the sky and out of sight.

Hulk was about to make a move to go after him when suddenly a strange glow surrounded him and he turned to where Enchantress was shielding herself from Iron Man and Naruto's attacks while Thor was carrying Hank out of the pond as the blonde woman commanded in an eerie voice, "Destroy them all my creature."

Hulk gripped the sides of his head for a minute, trying to fight off Enchantress's magic, when Sasuke shouted out activating his Rinnegan, "Oh no you don't!"

Thanks to Sasuke's Doujutsu, the glow of Enchantress's spell on Hulk seemed to weaken just enough for Hulk to break free of it completely. The minute he was freed from Enchantress's spell, Hulk slammed his fists into the ground as he shouted, "NO ONE CONTROLS THE HULK!"

The small earthquake that Hulk had created threw Enchantress off her feet and disoriented her just enough for Thor, Iron Man, Naruto, and Sasuke the latter having activated his Susanoo to all fly up and blast her with everything they had. The minute the dust from the four powerful attacks cleared, Enchantress was revealed to have been knocked out cold with numerous cuts and bruises covering her body. Before anyone could have a moment to celebrate their victory, Wasp had shouted out from where she was carrying Hank, "Watch out!"

Her cry of warning was too late, as Thor, Iron Man, and Naruto were knocked aside by Executioner whose armor now sported a large hole in the chest area where Naruto struck him just before the large Asgardian scooped up the blonde woman and escaped through a portal he formed with a swing of his axe. "Does somebody want to explain what that was all about," Hank asked as Janet helped him to limp over to where the others were standing.

"Old enemies from Asgard. The Enchantress has ever found joy in causing me pain," Thor replied solemnly.

Naruto's eyes then widened a bit as he asked, "Uh Thor. How much of that quip I made about her being your ex-girlfriend was actually true?"

Thor simply ignored Naruto once again as he approached Hulk with a smile saying, "You have won the day, Friend Hulk. Truly, thou art a warrior to be reckoned with, for few can resist the Enchantress's charms."

"You ask me, she seemed like nothing more than a more dangerous and super powered version of Tsunade," Naruto muttered, and Sasuke had to chuckle when he heard that.

"Nothing's changed," Hulk suddenly growled, getting everyone's attention. "You all thought I was a savage monster. You were gonna take me down. You're no different than Ross and S.H.I.E.L.D., except they're honest about it."

"Hulk, come on. It's not like that," Janet tried to say as Hulk started to stomp off.

Hulk then paused only for a moment as he said, "I'm done." He then gave a mighty leap and took off into the night once more.

Naruto and Wasp both sadly watched Hulk leave along with the others as Iron Man commented, "Okay so, not the most promising day two."

"You think?" Sasuke asked rhetorically. "Let's just go home and get some sleep."

Everyone instantly agreed with the Uchiha and they all began to head back to Avengers Mansion, except for Naruto. He remained where he was for only another second before jumping off in the opposite direction of the others.

Hulk was nearly out of the city, still really mad about what had happened and mentally ranting about how he thought that things would be different now if he stuck with the Avengers, when he heard a sudden noise from behind him. Hulk then quickly landed on a nearby roof and turned around to see Naruto land just a short ways in front of him a minute later. "If you think that I'm gonna come back just cause you're asking, then you're wasting your breath Whiskers," Hulk growled.

Naruto stared at Hulk for a minute before he started chuckling a little, and when Hulk raised an eyebrow at him, he quickly explained, "I'm sorry, but I think it's the first time that someone's called me Whiskers. Usually it's either Dobe or brat."

"Humph. I'm flattered," Hulk told the amused Uzumaki dryly.

Naruto finally regained control of herself and told Hulk, "I'm not here to talk you into coming back with me Hulk, but I won't deny that it would be good if you did. I'm just here to say that I'm sorry we couldn't help you sooner before the other Avengers had to start fighting you."

Hulk looked down at the blonde shinobi in surprise for a moment before he said, "It's not your fault. You're not the one everyone thinks is a monster."

"Not everyone thinks that Hulk," Naruto quickly argued, getting a shocked look from the green giant at his outburst. "Ever since I first met you, you've never done anything that would make me think you're a monster. I know what a monster is, and I can say with absolute certainty that you are definitely not a monster. You're a hero same as the rest of us, and more importantly, you're my friend, and I guarantee you that Sasuke feels the same way."

Hulk stared at Naruto in surprise, as this was the first time that anyone had called him a hero and their friend. This man, who had only known him for about a week, truly seemed to believe that he was a hero, and even considered him to be a friend. As Hulk continued to look at Naruto in shock, the Seventh Hokage walked up to him and held out a small device that looked like a touch screen phone to him as he stated, "If you still want to leave though, then that's your choice. I don't want to force you to do something you don't want to do, but if you are going to go, then I want you to have this. It's a prototype communicator that I was working on for me and Sasuke to use when we needed them. If you ever get into trouble or you just want to talk, just tap the center and call out one of our names."

Hulk took the device in his hand, and for a moment Naruto was worried he might be considering either throwing it away or just crushing it, until finally, he pocketed the device and turned around to leave again. Just before he did though he softly grumbled, "Thanks Whiskers. You're…a good friend."

Naruto's eyes widened for a second as he saw Hulk look back and give him a genuine smile before he leaped off the building and continued on his way. After watching the Hulk disappear into the night for another minute, Naruto allowed himself a small smile at the knowledge that Hulk would be okay and that he would call him or Sasuke if he ever needed anything. Most importantly, he was actually proud at the fact that he had actually gotten the Hulk to consider him a friend and made him smile, and that was something Naruto was sure that not many people were able to do. Feeling completely exhausted now, Naruto used the Hiraishin to teleport back to Avengers Mansion, more than ready to just collapse on the bed that was waiting for him in his new room at the team's headquarters.

AN: Alright that's all for this chapter. So I didn't have Naruto and Sasuke reveal their full backstories, only the basics of chakra and how they got to the Marvel Universe. Mainly because I don't believe that their life stories need to be revealed to keep a story going. It will be revealed eventually, but that's a long ways off. Also, modern technology does exist in the Narutoverse believe it or not. Look it up if you don't believe me, so Naruto and Sasuke developing their own communication device is not that far off. Okay then, that's all I have to say for now, so I'll see you guys next time.