Things seemed to quiet down after the mess on Ellis Island, aside from when the team was told that Fury was now forced to put Ross and the Hulk Busters on the wayward Hulk's tail now since they were unable to find said Gamma Giant, and every one of the Avengers were taking advantage of this small amount of downtime that they had been granted. Hank was able to do some more work with his experiments and with Ultron's AI, Janet had taken the opportunity to perfect some new clothes lines she had been working on, and Tony was able to get some actual work done for his company, including some work on buying up shares of a struggling company. When Naruto had asked Tony if he was sure that taking over that company was a good idea, Tony had explained that he was doing so in order to help save it, and that he was hoping to work together with the owner of that company since the work they were doing was so amazing. Naruto had to admit, that was really admirable of Tony, and he hoped that the owner of this company would understand that as well.

Unfortunately, that was not the case today as said owner who was named Simon Williams was rather less than understanding. "I don't need to tell you that Stark Industries is crushing us. Energy was our major initiative at Williams Innovations, but ever since you came out with Arc Reactor technology, we've got nothing that can compete," Simon told Tony as he sat across from the owner of Stark Industries in said owner's office, but from a passing glance, it seemed like Tony was not really caring all that much. "We're going under Tony, but you know that. After all, you've been buying up shares of my company. We don't know each other, but I came to ask you personally, don't do this! I built Williams Innovations from nothing. It's all I have."

"Was actually," Tony then suddenly corrected.

"What?" Simon asked in quiet shock.

"I'm the majority shareholder as of about fifteen minutes ago," Tony explained as he looked at a read out on one of the holographic displays around him.

"No. I'm not gonna let you do this. Do you hear me, Stark? I'm not gonna let you destroy my entire life!" Simon then shouted as he stood up and stormed out of the office.

"Destroy? What?" Tony then asked, finally looking up from his work. He then stood up and called out, "Wait, Simon! Let me…"

It was too late though, because Simon had slammed the door just as Tony was about to finish. "You're a real piece of work Tony," a voice called out from Tony's desk.

"Don't start Hank," Tony warned the Ant-Man as the miniature scientist climbed out of the machinery he was in at the moment.

"Do the words business ethics mean anything to you?" Hank then demanded, clearly ignoring Tony's warning.

"Did you find anything in the hard drive," Tony then asked pointedly, trying to divert the conversation and indicate that he did not want to talk about it right now.

"You just crushed that man Tony. What kind of person so callously disregards another human being like that?" Hank then asked, clearly persistent on pursuing this topic.

"I've got a plan you wouldn't understand Hank," Tony then told the size changer with a slight edge in his voice. He then smirked at a thought on how to change tactics and said, "Wasp would understand. Maybe I can explain it to Jan over dinner, and then she can explain it to you. Then again, I could always ask Naruto to explain it to you since I already explained it to him."

Hank just narrowed his eyes at Tony, seeing what he was doing instantly, and then just huffed as he set back to what he was previously working on. Tony gave himself a mental smirk in triumph for getting Hank to back off of this topic for the moment, but his face instantly had become sour at the memory of Simon's misinterpretation of his intentions. He could only hope that he would figure out a way to get Simon to understand soon, and at the same time that the other Avengers were having a better day than he was right now.

"Come on, they're getting away," Wasp shouted over the air currents blowing around her, Thor, and Naruto as they chased after a small, sphere shaped A.I.M. probe. The three were out patrolling the city that day when they came across a business deal taking place between the supervillain science organization and an unknown buyer, and they immediately intervened since they knew that if A.I.M. was involved it meant something in the area of weapons, and that led them to where they were now.

"They seem to be of little threat," Thor scoffed as he flew alongside Janet on her left. "What was this deal we interrupted? Something about weapons?"

"Yeah, big ones, and if what I've heard about A.I.M. is any indication, these particular science geeks make some insane stuff that would make even Orochimaru as giddy as a school girl," Naruto replied as he ran on Wasp's other side. At that point, A.I.M. fired a strange black orb at the three that seemed to be like a miniature black hole as it sucked them in. Thinking as quickly as he could, Thor immediately called down a lighting burst to his hammer, and then disrupted the energy from around them with a powerful burst, freeing them from its hold.

"That's crazier than I was thinking," Wasp commented as she rested her hands on her knees for minute as she caught her breath.

"Pretty close to what I was thinking actually," Naruto stated nonchalantly.

"I tire of these 'geeks'," Thor then scowled. "Should we not call the other Avengers?"

"Pfft, they'll only slow us down big guy. Well…maybe not Sasuke, but then again he can't fly so…" Wasp replied confidently.

"So then, think you can help me clip their wings," Naruto asked as he charged red bubbling chakra in one hand.

"Aye," Thor smirked in excited reply. He then brought his hammer back and gave it a hard throw at the A.I.M. ship just as Naruto threw a volley of shuriken at another one of the wings. Both attacks hit dead on, and damaged the ship just enough to leave a part of it billowing smoke but still keep on flying.

Thor grabbed his hammer as it returned back to his hand, and was about to pursue when Wasp cut him off shouting, "Hold up!"

"But they will escape," Thor argued.

"They'll think they're escaping, but they're actually gonna lead us right to their secret base where we'll beat them all up," Wasp explained as she indicated the smoke trail the ship was now leaving. Thor stared for a moment before his smirk of excitement returned at the prospect of a greater challenge.

"Well then," Naruto grinned as he cracked his knuckles, "Let's kick some ass."

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Captain America without his cowl looked at himself in the mirror to check his new costume out.

"What are you doing here, soldier?" he sighed.

"You have a visitor in the foyer, sir." J.A.R.V.I.S. said over the radio.

"And they asked for me?"

"Indeed sir." J.A.R.V.I.S. replied having Captain America walk downstairs to the foyer, putting his cowl up. When he got downstairs, he saw Fury looking at the fire, his back to him.

"Captain America." Fury said turning to walk to the war hero and held out his hand for a shake. "So it's true." Captain America shook Fury's hand before speaking.

"Uh, I'm sorry, do I know you?"

"No. My name's Nick. I'm the Director of a peace keeping organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. I'd like you to come with me. I've been saving something for you."

As that was going on, Tony and Hank had moved into the Iron Man armory so that the former could do some work on his armor, and Hank had taken that moment to broach the topic he was talking about earlier. "I'm not judging you, I'm just saying that you value money and business over people," Hank tried to insist.

"How is that not judging," Tony asked skeptically, knowing that Hank knew he had a point.

"I've seen it before, that's all," Hank retorted solemnly.

"Alright, enough! You've been glaring at me for weeks ever since the Breakout. This isn't about Simon, this is about Ultron," Tony finally snapped as he stood up to throw his own glare at Hank.

"No, it's about you valuing money and business over people. Ultron was just the first time I realized who you really are," Hank argued.

"Who I was," Tony corrected, but Hank clearly was not listening.

"Five years ago you asked me to help you change the world. You're tech with my ideas for mapping a human mind onto a machine," Hank reminded, and ultimately, Tony had to turn away in shame at that memory.

"I get it Hank," Tony retorted, now getting close to shouting at the size changer.

"But it was all to make weapons," Hank continued. "Were you even going to tell me that you were shopping Ultron around to the military?"

"I'm a different person now!"

"Right. You say you've changed, and maybe you're not making weapons anymore, but you're still hurting people. Just ask Simon Williams," Hank then pointed out.

"Hank, if you know what's good for you, you'll shut up right now," Tony growled, and Hank was smart enough to see that he had just hit on a very sensitive topic to Tony right then and dropped the matter, for the moment.

Nick Fury and Captain America without his cowl and wearing a brown jacket over his costume looked at the barber shop.

"I'm starting to see why Iron Man told me not to trust S.H.I.E.L.D. You guys aren't very forthcoming."

"Neither is Iron Man. Hokage and Shinobi to a point, but those two don't trust anyone so easily."

They walked in where a bald African-American barber was cutting a Caucasian's man hair before stopping. The barber put his tools away as the man stood up and took off the apron and revealed he's wearing a suit.

The man put on sunglasses before walking to the door, and locked it before turning the sign on the door to closed.

"Grab a seat, Captain." Fury said sitting on one seat as Captain America begrudgingly sat down.

The barber pressed a button under the counter and the two went down through a tunnel to a dark room.

Captain America followed Fury who explained to him that his father, SGT. Jack Fury fought in World War II with him and he held onto something that belonged to him after Captain America saved his life.

Fury stopped at a door and opened it showing a '40's military Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

"Anything Captain America needs, ever. S.H.I.E.L.D. will provide for you. It's an honor to meet you Captain America."

While the heroes of the Avengers were all dealing with their own business, Simon was dealing with some business of his own, and if it went the way he was hoping it would, then he would be able to get his revenge on Tony Stark. The only downside, was that in order to get this power, he had to go through his brother, Eric, better known to the world as the HYDRA agent Grim Reaper. The minute he had contacted Reaper, Simon was brought to the current location of A.I.M.'s headquarters where M.O.D.O.C. promised to transform him into a being that could easily destroy Iron Man, a being made of pure ionic energy.

Simon readily accepted as soon as he was assured that he would not lose his humanity, and a few minutes later, Simon was completely prepped for the experiment, which M.O.D.O.C. reminded Reaper that none had survived. Reaper did not seem to care, as his main set of business with A.I.M. involved their work on a special project for HYDRA. In response to what he considered an insult to his genius, M.O.D.O.C. had simply told Reaper that he would personally report to Baron Strucker on their work should they make any significant progress, and with that Reaper simply left, telling the head of A.I.M. to let him know if Simon survived. A few minutes after Reaper had left, a damaged A.I.M. ship came in for a landing.

"What happened," an A.I.M. soldier asked the crew members as they came out.

"We were in the middle of the Maggia sale when three Avengers burst in. Thor, Wasp, and Hokage chased us, but we managed to shake them," the pilot reported.

"The Avengers were chasing you and you came here?!"

"Yeah you guys, what were you thinking," Wasp asked as she revealed herself to have been standing behind the soldier who had just asked that question, and she then blasted a stinger right into his face.

The two A.I.M. soldiers that just came from the ship were about to head back in when Naruto landed behind them and said, "Hi there."

Naruto then punched one in the face knocking him out and simply let the other one run straight into Thor. The three then raced for the next room and blasted the door open, where they saw M.O.D.O.C. and his scientists working on the experiment that Simon was the guinea pig for. The minute she saw the leader of A.I.M., Wasp had to say, "Okay, stop. What is that?"

"Tis some kind of…of…that is a very big head," Thor simply replied, not sure how else to describe the sight before him.

"I've seen a lot of weird stuff in my life, but I think this takes the cake," Naruto said, still trying to process this.

"I am M.O.D.O.C.," M.O.D.O.C. began ranting. "I am the ultimate in human/machine interface! I am designed only for conquest!"

"And also the major freak show that runs all of A.I.M., and who apparently can't shut the hell up when talking about himself," Naruto cut in. He had read the file on M.O.D.O.C. after the Breakout, and he had to say that the guy really gave scientists a bad name.

"BE SILENT!" M.O.D.O.C. roared with indignity.

"Like a frost giant's head on an infant's body," Thor commented. M.O.D.O.C. snarled at the Asgardian's comment and immediately fired a Psionic Beam at him. Thor's response after being hit was to unleash a powerful wave of lightning that sent the charging A.I.M. soldiers flying. Wasp and Naruto then flew in to fire stingers and shuriken laced with chakra at M.O.D.O.C. while the large flying head with stubby arms and legs just fired his mental beam all over the place in confusion. Eventually, one stray blast from M.O.D.O.C. was fired into the beam of ionic energy that was firing into Simon's body, and the beam suddenly expanded as it poured a great deal more of ionic energy into the man lying beneath it, causing the machine to quickly short out afterwards.

"I think you broke it," Wasp commented to M.O.D.O.C., which got her a mild glare in response.

Naruto then stared down into the chamber as the smoke cleared until he saw something that looked like a purple man. "Who…what in the hell is that?" Naruto asked, completely thrown for a loop as to what he was looking at.

"He survived! The mental bolt must have changed the algorithm," M.O.D.O.C. observed aloud.

"Another villain," Thor asked. Before anyone could answer, the being that was once Simon Williams blasted out of the room and through the wall, out into the sky to parts unknown.

"Incredible! I have created a being of ionic energy. I am science! I am genius," M.O.D.O.C. began boasting.

"You're a disgrace to the real scientists!" Naruto shouted as he kicked in M.O.D.O.C.'s face knocking him into a nearby wall, and not just because that was really the easiest thing to throw one into. The minute he did, the battle was back on, and this time, A.I.M. soldiers were actually using weapons against the three Avengers, not that they could really hit or harm any of them with said weapons.

"So tell me the truth. You're boss: he freaks you out right," Wasp asked as she weaved between laser fire and fired off her stingers at everyone attacking her. "I mean, look at him! Why would somebody do that?"

"Never in all of the nine realms have I seen a creature as foul as you," Thor added as he grabbed a hold of M.O.D.O.C. "Truly, mortal technology is worse than the darkest of black magic."

"I wouldn't go that far, Thor. But still, what kind of psycho would do that to himself?" Naruto said as he kicked away an A.I.M. soldier that was charging at him.

"You insult me?" M.O.D.O.C. demanded. The oversized head then fired the thrusters on his chair to their maximum until he had slammed Thor through the wall of the A.I.M. headquarters into the side of the wall of the building that it was hidden inside of, shaking the Thunderer off of him when he did. "My mental bolts will tear your mind apart!"

Thor could tell that this monstrosity of science was not kidding, as he could feel those very mental bolts doing exactly as M.O.D.O.C. said they would, making it difficult for him to focus. "Even the mind of a so-called immortal is no match for M.O.D.O.C.," the A.I.M. leader smirked.

"Yeah, well the moon is no match for your head," Wasp retorted as she both her stingers into the gem on M.O.D.O.C.'s forehead, while Naruto threw a few shuriken into his back, causing him to cease his attack on Thor long enough for the Asgardian to throw his hammer right into the middle of M.O.D.O.C.'s face.

"No more games villain," Thor then threatened as he called his hammer back to him and prepared to charge. "Prepare your monstrous head for my wrath!"

"Defeat is unacceptable! Begin self-preservation subroutine," M.O.D.O.C. commanded as he typed in some commands on his chair. A second later, the walls that Thor and the two women had just flown out of sealed themselves, and the whole building began to shake.

"What manner of trickery is this?" Thor demanded.

"The entire base..." Wasp began.

"Is a ship," Naruto finished in surprise as he saw the engines move into a position that was directly over them. Seeing this, Naruto activated his chakra mode.

"Man, would Hank love that," Wasp commented with glee, apparently not noticing what Naruto had until the thrusters began to start up. "Uh…this seems bad!"

Thor quickly leaped over to Wasp in order to shield her, not noticing what Naruto had planned, and a minute later, golden chakra suddenly enwrapped all three of them, just as the A.I.M. base blasted off, destroying the building as it did. A minute after A.I.M.'s base had rocketed away, a large, golden fox head construct covered in black markings suddenly opened its mouth to reveal Thor, Wasp, and Naruto having returned to normal.

"Okay, what is this thing?" Wasp groaned as she glanced at the golden fox, which began to disappear shortly after they were all out.

"Just an old friend that's always been there for me for as long as I can remember," Naruto explained.

Thor smiled in admiration of Naruto's quick thinking and then, after remembering what had just happened to them, simply had to say, "Scientists are not to be trusted."

"You've got that right," Janet agreed.

"Guys, I'm going to tell Hank and Tony you said that," Naruto joked with a teasing grin on his face.

"Uh…I meant villainous scientists…especially the ones who appear to be large heads on disproportionate bodies," Thor quickly amended.

"Yeah, what he said," Wasp quickly agreed. She then tried to change the subject as she asked, "So what do you guys think happened to that weird purple guy?"

Barely a second after she asked that question, their Avengers ID cards began beeping, indicating that someone was calling the team into action. The minute she pulled hers out and saw it's alarm flashing, Naruto said, "I've got a few guesses."

While the three Avengers who had infiltrated A.I.M. were finishing up their work against M.O.D.O.C., Tony and Hank had resumed their argument from earlier, and apparently, Hank had pushed the topic much sooner than he should have. "What else am I supposed to do Hank? Tell me," Tony demanded as he suited up into his armor, clearly indicating that he was likely going to start brawling with the size changer the minute Hank said the wrong thing.

"Try not being a self-involved, ego-centric, money-hungry…" Hank began saying.

"Everything I do is to help people," Tony shouted, now fully suited up.

"Everything you do is to clean up a mess you made!" A minute after Hank shouted that, the whole building shook under the force of an explosion.

"Well, I didn't do that," Tony retorted as he threw a glare at Hank through his helmet. He then blasted up to his office to see what had happened, only to find the room thoroughly trashed. "Okay, I didn't really need an office anyway."

"Stark," a familiar voice then shouted out. Iron Man then looked to see the same purple man that had just left A.I.M. a short while ago standing across the room, looking out the window as what appeared to be purple smoke came out of his body.

"Have we met?" Tony asked as he landed a few feet away from the man.

"I told you I wouldn't let you take my company," the purple man then said as he marched towards the armored hero, getting said hero to back up in shock as he immediately realized who this was.

"Simon? Simon, what happened to you," Tony asked. The only answer he received though, was Simon grabbing his armor's chest plate and tearing it off like it was paper as he lifted Tony up off the ground. Simon then began to tear more of Tony's armor off until the suit was so damaged that it looked like it had been through a scrap yard, and Tony had been thrown across the room. "That's…that's not possible," Tony gasped as he tried to rise. "Simon, what have you done?"

"You should be more worried about what I'm going to do," Simon growled in reply as he slammed Tony's head through the wall.

While he was stuck like that, Tony caught a glimpse of Pepper entering the room and he immediately shouted, "Pepper, go! Get out of here!"

The red haired woman was instantly out of there as Simon pulled Tony back to slam him against another wall as he mocked, "Pretending to care about people like that? I built my company from nothing, it was all I had, and you took it from me!"

Tony grunted in pain as he was thrown across the room and into the window by Simon once again. "You didn't…let me finish," Tony started to say.

"Believe me, you're finished," Simon interrupted as he blasted apart Tony's desk. "You're going to feel helpless! You're going to know what it's like when someone powerful crushes you!"

"Not that he doesn't have it coming, but I can't let you hurt Tony," Ant-Man shouted as he flew in between the two on a fly.

"You! You're one of the Avengers," Simon exclaimed.

"I am, and I'm hoping we can sit down and talk this out scientist to scientist," Hank told Simon calmly. He then added, "And I wouldn't mind taking a look at you. Is that ionic energy you're made of?"

Tony shot Hank a look that asked if he was really doing that right now, when Simon suddenly slammed a fist into Ant-Man, sending him flying across the room. Tony then hit a control that raised a computer up in the wall behind Simon, distracting the ionic energy made man just long enough to fire off his remaining repulsor at Simon, and send him crashing into the screen. Tony then began to charge in when Ant-Man called out, "I'll deal with Simon! You get to safety!"

"I'm not going to just leave you!" Tony argued.

"I didn't say don't come back, now go!" Hank shouted, and Tony did as Hank asked him to, making a beeline for his armory so he could get a fresh suit. Once Tony was clear of the room, Ant-Man tapped the comm. device in his helmet and called out, "Avengers assemble!"

Ant-Man then returned to normal size, just as Simon charged in and tackled him, sending them both flying out of the building. Simon crashed to the ground hard and was just climbing out of the small crater he had made, when a large boot slammed down in front of him, and he looked up to see Giant-Man standing over him. Simon only narrowed his eyes as he began to charge at Giant-Man, when he was suddenly smashed underneath Hank's hand. "Please, stay down Simon. You need to listen to me," Hank pleaded.

Simon was not going to listen though, and he simply lifted Hank's off of him almost effortlessly, and then, much to Hank's shock, he grew to be the same size as Giant-Man currently was. "You're able to expand the ionic energy! That's amazing," Hank shouted out with the excitement of a scientist and a wide smile, only to be brought back to the situation at hand when Simon threw a hard fist across his jaw that sent him flying into a building.

Simon then moved over to throw another punch at Hank, when a kunai that had a paper bomb attached to it suddenly flew at him, seemingly from out of nowhere, and stabbed him in the shoulder, the paper bomb then exploded sending Simon back a few feet. Simon hollered in mild pain for a moment and then turned to see Sasuke flying in on Garuda as he unsheathed his sword. "Sorry, but I'm afraid that the position of a Giant-Man is already taken, and if you're going to try and hurt any of my comrades, I can't let you off easy," Sasuke called out.

"Sasuke, wait! Let me handle this," Hank pleaded with the Uchiha as he intercepted a punch Simon was about to throw at Sasuke. Hank then turned to Simon and grabbed him in a hold as he said, "Simon, you're a creator, an inventor, not a destroyer!"

Simon just expanded his size even more until he was even bigger than Hank and then he threw Giant-Man off him and onto the roof of a building. Hank quickly shrank down to his Ant-Man size and flew away on a fly as Sasuke shouted out, "Are you serious Hank? You're doing this right now, in the middle of the city where innocent people might get hurt or killed?!"

"I am what Stark forced me to become," Simon retorted in response to Hank's claims.

"What Tony did to you was wrong," Hank admitted as he landed on the street and returned to his normal size. "But violence won't solve anything! Is this who you want to be? A villain? A criminal? I don't think so. You're a good person Simon, and I'll help you if you let me."

Sasuke's eyes immediately widened when he heard what Hank had said about Tony, and that was when he remembered why he recognized the name that Hank had addressed the giant purple man by. It was the same name that Naruto had told him about when he mentioned the company that Tony was buying up shares of. Sasuke quickly swooped down as Garuda disappeared in a puff of smoke and shouted, "Hank, you're both wrong in what you think Tony's doing! Naruto told me all about the deal involving Williams Innovations; he said that Tony was buying up shares of the company to save it Simon. It wasn't going to survive for much longer, and Tony knew you had brilliant tech in development, so he started to buy shares of your company so that he could work with you to save what you built!"

Simon and Hank both stared at Sasuke in shock at this. "Stark was…he actually wanted to…no I…it can't be," Simon stuttered as he shrunk down to the size of a normal human being.

Sasuke then looked to see Iron Man flying in with a fresh suit of armor along with a massive addition to it that Sasuke recognized as what Tony called the Hulk Buster armor. Sasuke scowled for a minute at the fact that Tony had an armor that acted as a countermeasure against the Hulk, but he quickly shook himself out of it and said, "Why don't you ask Tony yourself, preferably without trying to kill him this time."

Tony had heard everything that Sasuke had said over the comm. channel that the Avengers used, so when he landed next to Hank, he did not attack Simon. He just stood there and waited for Simon to speak first. "Stark, is…what Shinobi says…really true," Simon asked.

"Yes Simon it is. That's what I was trying to explain to you earlier, I never wanted to destroy what you had built, I wanted to help save it, and I still want to save it just as I want to help you, if you'll let us."

Tony then extended his hand to Simon, and the ionic energy man just stared at the hand for a moment, before he started to reach for it. Just as his fingers were brushing Tony's though, something inside of him suddenly surged and made him cry out in pain as the ionic energy he was made of suddenly began to erupt around him, and then cause him to accidentally fire a pair of red energy beams from his eyes directly at Hank. Thankfully, Captain America rode in on his motorcycle just in time to pull Hank to safety before he was hit, but Iron Man's armor was once again seriously damaged as it lost it's right arm because of the blast that Simon was putting out, and Sasuke had to suddenly shield himself by using Susanoo's rib-cage.

Tony looked at Simon as the man continued to cry out in pain, and immediately shouted, "Simon, what's wrong?!"

"I…I don't know! I feel like…I'm being torn apart…from the inside!" Simon shouted.

"Warning! Energy flux detected," J.A.R.V.I.S. then reported.

"Oh no," Tony gasped. "Simon your energy is destabilizing! Whatever you did to become this, it's tearing you apart!"

"AAAAAAAH! GET AWAY! I CAN'T...!" Simon tried to shout, but he could not stop the energy burst he released that sent Iron Man flying away. Thankfully Hank increased his size to that of Giant-Man to catch him just in time.

"Simon's ionic field is unstable. I think he's going into critical," Tony quickly explained to the other four Avengers. "Hank, we've got to save him," Iron Man then added as he turned to his fellow scientist.

Hank was still in a bit of shock over what Sasuke had said earlier, so when Tony said that he could only stutter, "I…I don't know if we can. Look at the ions, he's too far…"

"Hank, please," Tony pleaded.

Hank's eyes immediately widened in shock behind his mask, and that was when he realized that if Tony Stark was actually begging for his help that meant he was serious about this and his intentions to save Simon's company. Getting a determined look, Hank quickly began to formulate a possible plan as he said, "Okay, we need something to contain the energy, to stabilize it."

"You mean like the Arc Reactor at Stark Tower," Sasuke asked as he ran up to them.

Iron Man and Giant-Man both smiled at the shinobi as they both shouted, "Sasuke, you're a genius!"

Iron Man quickly flew over to Simon and grabbed him in the Hulk Buster's only remaining hand just before he flew him back to Stark Tower and right into the Arc Reactor room. As he got closer to the Arc Reactor though, he could feel Simon's ionic energy beginning to fluctuate once again, and it started to slow his movements a bit. "Tony, get away! I'm about to..." Simon tried to warn, but it was too late, and his energy immediately erupted, blasting apart the Hulk Buster armor and throwing Tony out of it.

Tony looked to where Simon was now lying on the floor as he began to come apart, and he immediately started to trudge towards him. When Simon saw him coming he tried to back away as he shouted, "No Tony, don't! I can't hold it back! Without your armor I might kill you if the energy erupts again! Just save your…"

"Not a chance in hell Simon," Tony interrupted as he threw Simon over his shoulders. "I'm not going to let you die like this! The Arc Reactor can still absorb your energy and keep you alive!"

The other Avengers then rushed in a moment later, and Tony shouted out to them, "Quick, help me get him into the reactor!" Tony then looked back to Simon as Naruto and Sasuke ran over to help, and tried to encourage him by saying, "Come on Simon hold it together a little longer. We'll figure out a way to save you."

Simon smiled at Tony for a moment when he suddenly felt himself coming apart once again and he quickly adopted a look of horror. Thinking he was going to explode again, he quickly shoved Tony away and into Naruto and Sasuke's arms, and then he simply smiled and said, "Thank you Tony. Thanks for…trying, and…please take care of…my company…for me."

"SIMON!" Tony shouted as the man completely dispersed into ionic energy and then vanished like smoke. All of the Avengers could do nothing more than stare in shock at what had just happened to such a good man, as Janet buried her face into Hank's shoulder respectively, while Captain America and Thor just hung their heads in sadness. Naruto just clenched his fists in sheer anger and rage while Sasuke merely closed his eyes in slight sorrow. Tony just looked away in shame at having failed to save Simon, and Hank found that he could not look at Tony either for having misjudged Tony's intentions towards Simon and his company, and for feeling the same sense of failure that Tony was now feeling as well.

That night after everyone had left, the Arc Reactor room was now completely deserted and dark, save for the light of the device itself as it powered the building, when suddenly something that appeared to be purple smoke rose up from the ground and reformed into Simon Williams just as he was before he had died. Simon looked at himself for a moment, barely able to comprehend what had just happened. He was certain that he had just died right when Tony was about to save him, and yet it seemed like somehow he had survived. "What…What's happening to me? Am I…alive?" Simon asked aloud.

"Indeed you are, as long as my magic allows it," a voice replied from behind him. Simon then turned to see Enchantress, Executioner, Baron Zemo, and Whiplash walking up to him as the blonde woman continued what she was earlier saying and explained, "I've brought you back. I've given you life in exchange for one simple task." Enchantress's smile began one of devious cruelty as she then said, "Destroy the Avengers."

Simon's eyes widened for a moment when the stunning woman told him what she wanted him to do, and he was about to refuse when he realized that if this woman could bring him back to life, then she could just as easily take that life away from him again. Upon realizing this, Simon closed his eyes and lowered his head sadly as he to admit that if he wanted to stay alive now, he had no other choice than to do what Enchantress was asking of him.

AN: This chapter is shorter than the others. But at least Simon now knows the truth and no longer carries a grudge against Tony unlike in the actual episode. Weird, that never got addressed again. Yeah, it's cruel, making it so that Simon is still forced to join the Masters of Evil, yes, but I think the story would become much more harder to write if that did not still happen the way it did. But Simon will get a happier ending than what the show gave him. I can promise that. I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you guys next time.