Percy Jackson meets Naruto Uzumaki I don't own Percy Jackson & The Olympians Rick Riordan does and I do not own Naruto Masashi Kishimoto does. But I do own my own Characters.

This Stoy is about Percy Jackson and Naruto Uzumai. Percy and annabeth are not togher. Naruto Uzumai is being treating bad so the gods sent Percy Jacson to help and he get back he will be turned into a god him slef if Naruto come the him will he be turned into a god too? Whats with Sally and Poseidon/Neptune god of the sea and what the big Secret? Where Paul Blofis? will Naruto sill get with Hinata Hyuga will thay sill have 2 kids or more. percy jackson get with Anko Mitarashi or someone else if sone someone in mind please tell me. it set after Gaia But afer the death 3rd Hokage but before the 4th Great Ninja War. I hope you enjoy it!