Hey guys! Heres my re-do of The Great Fame Of Lincoln Loud! I decided to go with a musical approach in this one, also, itll make it a little more intese keeping such a great talent hidden. But anyways, hope you enjoy!

Secrets, secrets, secrets. There are way to many in The Loud House, but most of them are shared, except for one of them, Lincolns hidden talent. It wasnt cooking, or photography, or anything like that, it was something him and a certain sister had in common, Music. Lincoln knew how to play many different instruments, write songs, sing, and even act WHILE singing and playing.

But there was one thing that made it a secret secret, he didnt want Luna to find out. Not only did he really like being a lone musician, she would probably go mad knowing here younger brother was better at music then her. But he still felt like most of them deserved to know, so he called a secret meeting. "Alright guys, I call a sibling meeting at 2:30, after Luna leaves.", Lincon said. "Why?", Lola asked. "I have something important to tell you and she cant know!", Lincoln said, they nodded there heads and went back to what they were doing.

Luna just walked out the door and into Chunks truck, her, Chunk, and Sam were going to the Mick Swagber event in Ohio. After the truck drove off, all the siblings fan up into Lori and Lenis room. "Alright guys, the sibling meeting is now in session. Lincoln, you have the floor.", Lori said. "Ok, this is gonna be kinda hard cause im gonna have to give you proof why, but, I think ik just about better than Luna at music.", Lincoln said as everyone gasped.

"Oh your darn right your gonna have to prove it.", Lynn said. "Ok!", Lincoln said as he ran to his room. He came back with a full 3 notebooks of music, notes, lyrics. He also brought out an Acoustic guitar, a electric guitar, drums, a keyboard, violin, viola, saxaphone, trumpet, and a trombone. "Where did you get all that?", Lana asked. "Clydes dads used to be in a band, so when they found all their old instruments, they cleaned them up, taught me how to play, and gave them to me, but the notebooks are all my material.", Lincoln said.

"Well go on, play a song!", the sisters said excitedly. "Ok, violin first, and I think Lori will like this one.", Lincoln said as he got out his violin. He started playing, "Nearer My God To Thee", and yes, Lori loved it because it was from her favorite movie, Titanic. After Lincoln finished up, the sisters sat in awe, "That was 10 better than Luna! I heard her attempting to play that the other day, she couldnt even get past the first verse! I think she broke the "bow" in half! HAHAHAHAHA! Get it?"

Everyone groaned except for Lincoln, who was litteraly dying on the floor. "Ok, ok. Next", Lola said. After Lincoln got done playing the best music the girls ever heard in their lives, they staryed to get confused. "This is great, but why would you want to hide it from Luna?", Lucy asked. "Because you know Luna, if she found out her little brother was better at music than her, sheed be broken!", Lincoln said as the sisters nodded.

"Ok, well you better hurry up and go hode the stuff, Luna just got home!", Lana said. "We were here for 12 hours?", Lola said, and she was right, it was 2:30 am! Lincoln screamed as the sisters helped him get all of his music stuff hidden. They got everything hidden just as she walked in.

"Hey!", Lynn said. "You guys are still up? Also, why did I hear a saxaphone when we were pulling in?", Luna said. "We were listening to some smooth jazz!", Lincoln said with a nervous tone in his voice. "Okayyyyy?", Luna said as she walked in her room. Everyone sighed with relief.