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"I'm glad we're safe," Sue muttered as they stepped off of the bus.

"Me, too," Eddie agreed.

They spoke too soon.

They hadn't taken three steps before Eddie stopped in his tracks, and Morgred and Sue glanced back at him, confused. Eddie's face was pure white, and his eyes were so wide, they almost popped out of his head. He was shaking in his boots (or his tennis shoes… you get my point).

"Eddie, what is it?" Sue demanded.

Eddie lifted a shaking finger and pointed to something over Sue's shoulder. Sue and Morgred followed his gaze, and Sue's eyes bulged upon seeing a man in dark clothing leaning against a nearby wall. He was fiddling with a small white sphere and staring directly at them with a dark smile.

It was the man that had been chasing them, the man that wanted to kill them.

"Susanna, Edward, run!" Morgred shouted, and both children sprinted in the opposite direction while Morgred began firing every spell he could think of at the approaching man.

The man smirked and raised a knife above his head, having retrieved the blade from the inside of his jacket.

Morgred glanced over his shoulder and watched the children disappear around the corner.

He sighed. He knew he was going to die. His spells had no affect on the man, and he was coming closer with his weapon in his grasp, ready to annihilate the sorcerer.

He'd promised the king that he would protect Susanna and Edward with his life, and he intended to do that. He couldn't protect them after he was killed, but at least he could buy them some time to get as far away as possible. And maybe… perhaps he could cast one more spell that would save the children, even if it was much more complex and there was only a one in a hundred chance that it might work. It was worth a shot.

Morgred shouted his last words, a chant that made the street lights flicker and the world go dark for a few moments.

The sun reappeared in the sky as Morgred ended the spell, praying that it worked, and the man raised the blade above the sorcerer's heart.

Morgred closed his eyes and waited to die…

Sue and Eddie whirled around the corner of a building and found themselves in a dead end alley way.

"Of course!" Eddie yelled, sarcastically.

Sue turned around, ready to drag Eddie back into the busy streets and continue to run until that man was left so far behind, he'd never find them.

Unfortunately, she came face to face with the very man they were running from.

"Hello, children," he smirked, turning his knife over in his hands. "Don't make this harder than it has to be."

Sue's hand grasped Eddie's, and tears streamed from their eyes. They were a prince and princess and should face execution with dignity, but while they may be royalty, they're also children. Hardly any children could face death, especially such a painful and gruesome one, without fear shining in their eyes.

At least it wasn't the axe. Beheading was sickeningly gruesome, and the siblings would take being stabbed over beheaded.

"Say your prayers, kids. They won't be answered," the man smirked.

Sue and Eddie clenched their eyes closed and prayed that when they opened them, they'd find themselves in their castle with their mother and father and Morgred alive, like this had all been a terrifying nightmare.

But they didn't wake up from this nightmares- this night terror. Instead, they felt something sharp pierce their chests (Sue felt it first, and then Eddie) and something warm oozed down their skin.

Funnily enough, it didn't hurt. The death was quick. Sue and Eddie kept their eyes closed, their hands intertwined, and dying felt like drifting off to sleep. They both wondered why; being stabbed in the heart should've hurt, but they were glad it didn't.

Susanna and Edward died on the cold ground, wanting nothing more than to wake up in their own time. Wanting nothing more than to return to their true time, their true home.

Susanna didn't expect to open her eyes again, but when she pried her eyes open, she found herself staring at the scarlet fabric of her canopy bed. She sat up and found herself lying in her own bed in the castle. She was back in the fifteen hundreds, back in her original time.

There was no stab wound in her chest, no blood. She was pretty sure this wasn't Heaven (although in that moment, it felt like it), which could only mean one thing.

She was alive.

Susanna leaped out of bed and dashed down the hall, throwing open the door to her brother's room.

"Susanna!" Edward yelled, jumping out of his own bed and embracing Susanna so tightly, she feared she might start turning blue.

"We're alive… but how?" Susanna asked.

"Morgred cast one last spell. What was it?" Edward muttered.

"Qua ratione haec sint alterna pueros mitteret tutus," Susanna recited. "But what does that mean?"

Edward dragged a book off of a desk and flipped it open.

"A Latin translator. The statement means… send these children to an alternate dimension where they will be safe from harm," Edward translated. "Morgred must have sent us to an alternate dimension where we weren't executed."

"But our uncle took over the kingdom, so if we're still in our castle, could that mean that our uncle never took over?" Susanna asked.

"And if he never took over," Edward trailed off. "That means…"

Both children leapt to their feet and bolted out the door and down the hall, nearly running over some of the help. They arrived at their parents' room and thundered inside, the door banging off the wall and jolting their parents from their sleep.

Their parents were alive!

"Mother, Father!" Susanna yelled, and both children tackled their parents in a hug.

"This is not appropriate for royalty," their father pointed out, but he couldn't help but laugh.

"Sire," a voice said from the doorway. "I have- oh, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt something?"

"Morgred!" Edward shouted, and Morgred found himself, too, being embraced by the two children.

"What is all the hugging about?" their mother chuckled.

"It's a long story…" Susanna stated.

"Well, why don't we all talk about it over breakfast?" their father suggested, standing up and putting on his slippers.

"In our pajamas?" Edward asked.

"I'll allow it," their father agreed. "Just this once, though."

The parents, the children, and even the sorcerer, who was surprised when Susanna asked him to join them for breakfast, headed downstairs to the dining room, and as they descended the stairs, the siblings shared a knowing look.

They were in their own time, in their own home, with their own family. The future- the twentieth century- was great, but they preferred their own time- the fifteenth century. While they had enjoyed the future, they were glad to be back in their own time, and they knew the truth:

This is where we belong.

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