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"Normal Speech"

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Spell,Rune,Jutsu,Enchantment, and Weapon Names

The Grand Order

Chapter 1

Bleary red eyes slowly opened as they took in their surroundings.

'Where am I? Naruto and I were just getting ready to step through the main gate. Did we black out?' the person thought.

Shaking his head before focusing on his surroundings. Standing up he idly noted that he was in a hallway painted white. There were windows that showed the outside and it was snowing.

Continuing his observation he came across Naruto laying on the floor naught a meter away from him.

'Is he sleeping? No, Naruto wasn't tired as was I. Something brought our conscious somewhere? Hmm, strange.' he thought his mind already at work trying to figure out what happened.

The faint sounds of footsteps could be heard getting closer. After a short while a female rounded the corner. She had chin length pink hair that covered over her right eye, but her eye color was unusual: Purple. Something he thought was very unnatural. Her outfit consisted of a short black dress going not much farther below the waist with a white formal undershirt, a gray sweater, and a red tie that had an unusual symbol he hasn't seen before. She also wore a pair of black glasses as well. All in all she could pass as a high school student back in Köln, Germany.

The female first noticed Naruto, who was still out of it, before noticing the other male, who was looking at her.

"U-um, could you please not stare," the girl meekly asked of the male.

"Oh, I didn't realize I was staring. My apologies, miss," he replied to her.

She nodded in thanks before asking, "Will he be alright?"

Eugen took on an uncertain expression before replying, "I... think so? Well what ever it is that had happened to us and still is happening to him put us in a state of unconsciousness? I'm not entirely sure."

As the two of them conversed a strange creature had shown up in the area and started to lick at Naruto's face.

Eugen noticed it and asked, "Uh, what exactly is that? A beast-type spirit?"

"That's Fou, a spirit creature that has free reign around Chaldea. It doesn't normally take to anyone so this is a surprise," the girl explained.

"I see," was all that Eugen said.

As Fou was licking at Naruto's face, he began to stir.

His blue eyes slowly opened to reveal Fou in front of him. Recoiling slightly at the close proximity he took in the area.

Noticing Eugen and the girl, he quickly stood up but wound up having to put a hand on the wall to support himself.

"Nii-san! You're alright!" he proclaimed happily.

"Of course, I am. My guess is our consciousness were sent elsewhere courtesy of some form of Magecraft, but it seems like no lasting damage or anything of the sort was the end result. Still, glad to see you full of energy especially after that," Eugen replied.

"U-um, Are you brothers?" the girl replied.

"Yes, but not by blood," was Eugen's reply before he asked the girl, "Might I get your name? Mine is Eugen Grulan."

"Mine is Mashu," was the now named Mashu's meek reply.

"Mine's Naruto Uzumaki!" the other male excitedly told her, "Nice to meet you, Mashu-chan!"

"O-oh, it's nice to meet you too, Uzumaki-san," Mashu replied with her cheeks coloring in embarrassment at the over familiar honorific.

Eugen couldn't help but take notice before teasing the two, "My, my Naruto. You've only known her for not even 5 minutes yet your using such an honorific. Is there something you want to confess?"

Naruto looked confused at what Eugen said, but Mashu seemed to understand what he said and colored even more.

Eugen shook his head in amusement. Naruto wasn't really the brightest light amongst the bunch especially when girls were involved.

"There you are Mashu," an unknown voice called out.

"Professor Lev!" the girl called out pulling the to young men's attention to the new addition to the area.

He had long frizzy burgundy hair that went down halfway his back and a little below the collar bone's in the front. His eyes were closed for whatever reason Eugen could guess. Wearing a green button up formal coat that had fur on the wrists and lining the open area for the neck along with a top hat that was pointed in the front of the same color. The man had black boots that went up to just below the knee with it having a dip in the front giving some more degree of mobility for the knee. Underneath that coat he had a black vest, a white formal dress undershirt and a purple tie that had a few small metal buttons on it.

He had that air of friendliness that made you feel comfortable and want to strike up a conversation with.

"Oh? Are these the two final master candidates? Well any who, we should get going as the director will get angry if anyone is late to the orientation briefing," Lev told the three.

"Oh! Sorry, I got caught up with these two as I found them on my way to the orientation meeting. One of them was still unconscious," Mashu replied to the man.

"I see, and is he the one who is supporting himself on the wall? Well let's get to the orientation briefing and then we can get him to the infirmary to get looked at," Lev told them before turning around and walking to the Control Room.

Eugen glanced at Mashu who began to support Naruto as the two of them began to make there way to their destination.

He smiled at this, but restrained himself from teasing the two even more and confusing Naruto again before walking after them.

Chaldea Central Control Room

"Welcome to the Chaldea Security Organization. I am Olga Marie Animusphere, the current director of Chaldea," Olga told the group of people in the seats in the room in front of her, "All of you have been summoned from all over the world for the rare talent that you possess. More over it's the talent required to do the Spiritron Dive along with possessing the Magic Circuits and right qualifications of being able to become a Master. With that being said it's just a special talent although you yourselves are not special. Make yourselves aware that during your time here you are no more than mere tools whose sole purpose is to protect humanity."

Almost immediately after that last part people began voicing their discontent with that statement.

"Tools?" one of them said confusion evident.

"Silence!" Olga commanded, bringing the rowdy group to a relative silence before resuming, "If any one of you have any sort of issue with this, then you can leave Chaldea right now!"

Seeing as no one got up she began once more, "Fine then, now Chaldea has not seen this man-"

She was cut off by the sound of someone snoring.

Looking over to the group, and in the very back you could see Naruto slumped over asleep in his seat.

Everyone in the room turned and looked at Naruto. Most of them were a little surprised that someone fell asleep in the middle of the briefing, that is until you saw Olga's facial expression as she stomped her way over to him.

Standing right beside him, she brought up a hologram via the wrist communication magecraft bracer (A/N: I don't know what it's actually called and there was no mention of what it is either in the movie) about Naruto.

'Rank #48 Naruto Uzumaki,' was what she picked out from the hologram although she added on as an afterthought, 'Commoner.'

Olga promptly threw him out into the hallway essentially baring him from the first mission. Though had anyone else looked to the other side they would have seen Eugen disappear from his seat at that moment.

Right after pretty much shoving Naruto into the hallway he woke up to see Mashu, the director, and the rest all looking at him. Although the director was glaring unlike the others.

The door to the meeting room promptly shut leaving Naruto, Eugen, and Mashu in the hallway.

Eugen shook his head before saying something, "Nice Naruto."

Naruto looked sheepish before replying, "C'mon it was boring alright! Don't blame me for falling a sleep on her."

"I won't as I know how you are with lectures and meetings," Eugen replied mirth evident in his voice.

Naruto took noticed of Mashu, who was standing right by the door.

"Hey Mashu-chan!" he excitedly called out.

"S-senpai," she called out in response before continuing, "You've been excluded from the first mission. So I've been tasked with showing you to your room. Eugen-senpai, I'd thought you would have stayed with the others."

Eugen waved his hand before replying, "Nah, someone has to keep this fool in check because if we let him get bored. Well safe to say a bored Naruto is a dangerous one."

Naruto pouted at this remark while Mashu couldn't help but think 'Cute.'

She promptly turned red with embarrassment for such a thought.

Eugen smiled knowing the effect Naruto had on others before speaking up, "You said you were going to show us to our rooms?"

"A-ah, yes! I was, please follow me," she replied before walking away.

Both young men followed after her.

The Master's Quarters

The trio made it to the area of Chaldea where the Master's will be living in.

"Here we are. This is the Masters' Quarters, Eugen-senpai your room is 047 while Senpai's is 048," Mashu told them.

Eugen nodded in thanks, though Naruto told her, "Thanks Mashu-chan!"

"Yes, you're welcome senpai," she responded in kind her cheeks still turning slightly pink at the honorific Naruto used.

Eugen had entered his assigned room at that point leaving the other two in the hallway.

Naruto smiled brightly before turning around and entering his room. Though when he did he came across a young man, who appeared slightly older than him, with somewhat long hair that was bound in a pony tail in the back. He was wearing a white lab coat that had teal running down the middle as well as white dress gloves. The man turned to look at the new arrival in the room and Naruto noted he had green eyes before greeting the other occupant, "Hello!"

"Hello to you too! May I ask what you are doing here?" the man greeted and inquired.

"Ah, well you see I was assigned to this room," Naruto told him while scratching the back of his head.

"Oh! I see, well then. I guess I should introduce myself. I am Romani Archaman, but people simply call me Roman. I'm the head of the medical division here. You are?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, dattebayo!" Naruto responded in kind.

"Dattebayo?" Roman asked puzzled at the word.

"Ah, hehe when ever I get excited I say that," Naruto sheepishly told Roman all the while scratching the back of his head, a habit that he's had for several years that doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

"Ah, I see. So it's like a verbal tick?" Roman inquired.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Naruto agreed.

"Well, in that case let me welcome you to Chaldea! Are you one of the ones going on the mission?" Romani welcomed the blonde before asking.

"Ah hahaha, no I'm not. You see I kind of just maybe fell asleep during the orientation briefing," Naruto told the man.

"I see, and knowing the director she threw you out of the briefing and barred you from the first mission as a result. We're very similar in that regard then as she chased me out of the Central Control Room so I came here to sulk," Roman theorized to which Naruto gained a surprised look.

"Yeah, that's pretty much what happened," Naruto told the man.

Roman was going to say more but was cut off by the communications bracer.

"Roman, Team A is ready to Rayshift, but Teams B and below are showing small abnormalities with those who aren't used to this. It shouldn't take anymore than 2 minutes to get here since you're in the Medical Office, right?," a voice rung through belonging to Professor Lev before the communication was ended.

"Ah right away. I'll anesthetize those displaying the small abnormalities," Roman replied before getting up.

Naruto smiled and responded cheekily, "This isn't the Medical Office isn't it."

Roman responded with an awkward shrug, "Nope, beside I'm not going to get in to trouble for being a little late."

Just as Roman had began to make his way to the door of the room, you could hear the sound of an explosion followed by an alarm.

"What's this?" Roman wondered as the lights in the room shut off.

"There's power outage going on now?" Naruto questioned.

"There shouldn't be a power outage as it shouldn't really be possible," Roman told Naruto.

"Attention. Fires have broken out in the central power plant and the central control room. The central division bulk head will close down in 240 seconds. All personal, evacuate from gate two immediately," The alarm sounded and repeated.

'Wasn't Mashu one of those who were on Team A and weren't they being sent out on a mission?' Naruto thought in alarm before dropping the tea he had onto the floor and bursting out the door.

"O-oi! Wait" Roman called out before running after Naruto.

As the two were running by the door to Eugen's room opened up and Eugen ran out following the two.

"Oi! What's going on?" Eugen asked

"I don't know, but whatever it is. It's not good at all," Roman replied as the trio made their way to the central control room.

Eugen was curious about what was going on along with a hint of concern.

'From what I've understood so far of this facility there should be something as a counter for a situation like this. It makes no sense to me as why there isn't unless it's a direct act of sabotage,' Eugen thought to himself. He decided to keep this train of thought to himself as there was no need to cause suspicion among any of the staff with out any reliable evidence that he could use.

When the three of them reached the central control room and the door opened to reveal what was happening inside. There was fire littering the room and debris was falling from the ceiling.

Naruto and Roman were in slight shock, while Eugen noted the extend of the damage.

"It seems that structure in the middle was the only one that escaped from any form of damage in the room," Eugen noted.

"Yeah, Chaldeas remained unharmed," Roman told the two.

"Chaldeas?" Eugen inquired.

"I'll tell you about it later as that's not what's important right now," Roman responded.

"Right," Eugen said.

"From the way things look here. It's very possible that this was an act of sabotage," Roman said.

'Yeah, it's almost guaranteed now that it was an act of sabotage. Though the questions remain: Who did this? For what reason could they have for doing this?' Eugen noted mentally.

The alarm came on again with a different message this time, "Suspension of power output unit confirmed. Insufficient power generation."

This caused an alarmed reaction from Roman, "Oh man, this is bad!"

"Unable to switch to auxiliary power. Personal, please manually change to auxiliary,"the alarm blared repeating the message a few times.

"I'm going to head down to the basement power plant," Roman proclaimed before turning around and heading back through the door.

"Oi! Isn't it dangerous?!" Naruto exclaimed in a panic.

"I can not let the light of Chaldeas go out at all costs. You two need to head back the way you came now!" Roman responded before the door closed.

"Dr. Roman!" Naruto tried to call out to the man as the door closed.

"The Bulkhead shall be closing in 180 seconds. All remaining personnel in the central division, please evacuate from gate two immediately," the alarm rung out.

"Well Naruto, what are you going to do now?" Eugen asked of his little brother.

"I'm going to find Mashu-chan!" Naruto responded before running further into the room.

"Sheeze, you could at least think a bit before you act, Naruto," Eugen shook his head while muttering to himself with a small smile before setting out to search for the same person.

If there was one thing he hoped that would never change about Naruto was his willingness to help his friends.

This was something he found out during their time at the orphanage back in Köln.

You could hear Naruto call out "Mashu!" as he moved through the debris area.

Many of the "coffins" appeared to have sustained damage. Making Naruto all the more worried for his new friend.

'The coffins are damaged but none of them so far have been destroyed,' Eugen thought while right behind Naruto in their search.

"Mashu where are ya?!" Naruto loudly called out while Eugen was looking into one of the "coffins".

'Are they dead or are they unconscious? Can't really tell because of the glass being tinted. I hope Mashu is alright,' Eugen thought.

"Rayshift system transferring into final stage. Coordinates: January the 30th, 2004 CE. Fuyuki, Japan," a new voice rung out instead of the alarm.

Naruto stopped for a second before calling out, "Mashu!"

At this point he was starting to feel a little winded. Then there was sound coming from his left. It was coming from that strange creature that was licking his face earlier.

He took off running in the direction of the sound.

"Laplace conversion protection in place. Additional factor frame towards the Singularity secured. Unsummon Program set. Masters, please enter the final adjustments," the same voice rung out.

When Naruto came to a stop he was at the top of a pile of debris and he was panting slightly in exhaustion.

Looking down from the debris pile he found the strange creature looking up at him and Mashu, although the latter was pinned down from the stomach and below courtesy of a large piece of the roof.

"Mashu!" Naruto called out in worry as he saw the state Mashu was in.

Eugen was a little farther behind slowly making his way up the pile of debris.

Sweat had gathered on his forehead both from the heat and from running.

'Remind me when I get back that I should take to doing cardio workouts. I always forget Naruto can run for longer periods of time than I can,' Eugen noted for later.

As he came to the same point that Naruto was just at naught 15 seconds before. He, too, saw the situation Mashu was in and he was worried for the girl.

'I highly doubt she'll survive unless something miraculous happens to her,' Eugen thought with a slightly somber look.

Mashu manage to get out a weak, "S-senpai."

"Oi! Mashu hold on nii-san and I are here to help you!" Naruto proclaimed to the girl.

"No, that's.." she managed to get out before Naruto noticed the blood beginning to pool around her.

Naruto looked on in shock and worry for Mashu, but even then it didn't deter him for trying to help her.

When Naruto attempted to grab a hold of the debris he recoiled in pain as his hands were letting off steam from the incredibly short time of contact.

"Ow," Naruto let out while shaking his hands, which had turned red thanks to the debris.

"Please... don't mind... me. You... need to... run," She weakly got out while Naruto was attempting to move the debris with his sleeves covering his hands this time.

"No! We aren't going to leave you behind, Mashu-chan!" Naruto pretty much yelled out much to the girls surprise.

"Nii-san! Don't you know any Magecraft that can help me get this off of her?" Naruto called out to Eugen.

"I do, but it won't be enough for us to get this debris off of her," Eugen responded.

"Well let's at least try!" Naruto angrily got out.

Eugen sighed.

'It's a lost cause. The rune I have in mind, although it enhances our physical strength I haven't mastered it, is worth a try,' Eugen thought.

Activating his magic circuits Eugen casted out: "Titan's Strength"

A rather basic rune that enhances the strength of an individual for a certain period of time which in this case it's for 180 seconds. Eugen casted it to both himself and Naruto before moving in to help. The effect of the rune is dependent on the degree of mastery of the rune.

Naruto grabbed a hold of the debris again this time calling upon that strange energy he felt at his navel.

After a short time of trying Eugen noticed that they weren't making any progress.

"Naruto, it isn't working. That debris is far to heavy for us to move by ourselves," Eugen told him.

"I know that! Just... got... to... keep... trying!" Naruto ground out, "Can't you stack the Strength Runes?!"

"No, Runes don't work in that manner. If I were to cast it again, it would reset the time you will have it for, which is 3 minutes," Eugen explained.

"Argh!" Naruto grunted out angrily, his eyes momentarily flashing red.

"Calm Naruto, getting angry won't help this situation. It will only serve to make more problems than solutions," Eugen told him sating his anger only slightly all the while wondering why Naruto's eyes suddenly changed color.

"What are we going to do about Mashu then?" Naruto asked tears already forming at the corners of his eyes.

"We'll continue trying to free her until the end. How's that sound?" Eugen replied.

"Okay," Naruto replied before getting back to attempting to remove the debris.

"Please, run. There's no nee-" Mashu started to say before she was interrupted.

"Forget it!" Naruto responded.

Eugen looked up as he had a slight premonition something was about to happen.

Just as he did the same automated voice came on, "Chaldeas' condition has changed. Shiva's near-future observational data shall be overwritten. The survival of the human race on Earth for the next 100 years cannot be confirmed. The future of humanity cannot be guaranteed."

"Chaldeas is..." Mashu started on saying.

Another automated voice came on soon after: "Central bulkhead will now be sealed."

The two layers of bulkhead doors came down locking the three plus Fou in the room.

Once again the second automated voice came on: "Commencing interior cleansing in 90 seconds."

Mashu turned to look at Naruto before saying, "Senpai, I'm sorry, because of me..."

"No, don't worry about us. I'm certain well find a way out of this mess," Naruto responded smiling before sitting down to Mashu's left with his back against the debris.

Eugen took a seat on the floor in front of the two as Mashu managed to get out a Thank You before collapsing.

The first automated voice which sounded like a male announced: "Seeking qualified Masters... Seeking"

"Senpai," Mashu called out weakly, "You can't see the sky at all from here."

"Your right! Because there's always a blizzard here. Someday, I want to show you what the sky looks like, Mashu-chan." Naruto responded in his attempt to stay positive through the situation.

"Senpai, your hand," Mashu got out while struggling to turn the free half of her body to Naruto and stretching out her hand for him to grab.

"Here," Naruto softly told her while taking her hand in between both of his own.

Eugen sat there silent watching the whole thing before smiling.

'You've certainly bonded quickly with her... huh, Naruto?' Eugen thought to himself seeing the touching moment.

The same voice came back on: "Resetting contact with suitable designee's number 47 and 48."

"Starting Unsummon Program."

And then everything went dark...

"Beginning Spiritron conversion."

"Rayshift beginning in"




Something happened to the trio.

"All operations cleared. Beginning First Order verification."

You could hear Fou's cries as Naruto and Eugen began to rouse from their state of unconsciousness.

Though it was Naruto who Fou was licking again.

As the two came to and stood up. They noticed their new surroundings.

"Where is this?" Eugen mumbled.

"I don't know. This certainly isn't Chaldeas anymore," Naruto added in.

As far as both could see in any direction was the ruins of a city, though in the far off distance they were able to see the glow of light from raging fires.

Just where have they ended up?

And more importantly, where has Mashu gone?

And that is a wrap for this chapter! It is moreover another experiment for me this time into the Fate franchise so things will be edited as I write this fic. If you guys liked it go ahead and show your support by dropping a review, follow, and a favorite. Until next time. Later!

Basic Character Information:

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 16

Date of Birth: October 10th, 2000

Height: 171cm

Weight: 65kg

Place of Birth: Konohagakure-no-Sato

Name: Eugan Grulan

Age: 19

Date of Birth: January 1st, 1997

Height: 193cm

Weight: 85kg

Place of Birth: Köln, Germany


Type: Rune

Name: Titan's Strength

Length of Effect: 180 seconds

Strength of Effect: Up to 5x physical capability at Rune Mastery.

Caste Time: 3 seconds.

Rank: D