AN - Granted this is short, but future chapters will be longer.

It had been months since the capture of Gellert Grindelwald.

Many a witch and wizard had every reason to celebrate. They were free of fear. No longer tormented by the thought of the Dark Wizard rising to power.

The Muggles, who had no idea of this terror, were completely oblivious. As well they should be.

Though the majority of the Wizarding world were still wary of stepping out of their front doors. For most of the paranoid population, it meant late nights at the Ministry; securing their defenses, overdue paperwork, and hiring only the most exceptional witch or wizard, fresh out of Hogwarts as Aurors.

The last piece of news the occupied man, who was rushing around his apartment, had recieved was word that MACUSA's Director Of Magical Security had been found deceased in his home by Muggle police. There was no damage inflicted on the corpse. No internal trauma either. It was baffling.

Newton Scamander knew very well what must have happened. Considering Grindelwald had taken this man's appearance to infiltrate MACUSA in hopes of a power for his own corrupt use. 'For the Greater Good'.

"Rubbish", muttered Newt as he straightened his bow tie. His mind filled with memories of the events he had taken part in on his trip to New York. Most of them he wished he could forget. The latter was good, but only just. Newt thought about the brief moments in the subway when he did his best to save someone. He was determined to save him. He had to.

A tickling sensation in his coat pocket brought him back to reality. "Alright, Pickett", said Newt, reassuring the Bowtruckle that preferred to cling to the Magizoologist rather than his fellow species. Pulling his vest on, picking his battered suitcase off the bed and placing it on the floor, he opened it and began to descend the staircase that led to his disheveled workshop. Notes, rotten food, potions he had yet to test on the Flobberworms filled every inch of the shed. It was amazing that he knew where everything was.

Taking a quick glance at the To-Do List on the cupboard, containing several cucumbers that had his and his companion's name carved into them, he took a deep breath and entered the expanded room where all his creatures were. The enclosures had been cleaned and every one of them had been fed.

Newt smirked as he watched the lanky boy attempting to distract the Niffler in order to retrieve an antique wristwatch Newt had given to him. He was impressed with just how far the boy had come since he had found him months before. Timid as he still was, he was much less so now. Much more healing, but not quite there yet.

He turned when he saw Newt coming towards him. "Stubborn one, he is."

"Come on now, you little bugger", said Newt as he used one hand to grab the agitated creature and swiftly picked the watch up with the other handing it to Credence.