5th of July, 2010...

Sergeant Sławiński stood in the mess hall along with a number of other troops watching the television of which was placed there, however what they were watching left most of everyone watching with disbelief. It seemed a strange virus was spreading through a city in Japan apparently called Tokonosu.

Sławiński himself didn't seem phased by what was being shown on the TV, but like most other Poles he was a catholic, and one sentence ran through his mind while he watched the scenes of people being eaten alive by the undead.. 'A day will come in which there will be no more room in hell for the damned and they shall walk the earth.'.

It was a statement he heard from his father when he was younger though he didn't pay much attention to it at first, now he had no choice but to pay attention to the words of his father. It would be up to him, should the undead reach the borders of Poland to fight them to his very last breath.

Though he did have to admit... Even though he was a member of the GROM.. As was most everyone else in the room, this whole possible Zombie apocalypse situation seemed almost like a nightmare.

The television suddenly turned off and Sławiński heard a voice call out from the entrance of the mess hall, it was Colonel Jóźwiak Kryska the commander of the unit. "All of you stop your gawking, we have to move quickly! The Japanese have asked the government as well as the governments of multiple other nations to help deal with the whole... Well it's pretty obvious what it is and our asses are getting sent in. We'll be wheels up in an hour so grab your kits and load in!"

The Colonel's voice echoed throughout the hall, Sergeant Sławiński quickly saluted the Colonel, as did the others present, afterwards the Colonel left to which Sławiński couldn't help but let out a sigh, holding his forehead. "Christ... We're certainly going to end up as devil food.."

Sławiński said under his breath before he started on his way to the barracks and then the armoury, receiving his issued equipment and weapon. He certainly didn't like the idea of going to Japan just to possibly end up becoming food for the undead but orders were orders. The Quartermaster handed Sławiński his kit and spoke up. "So I hear you're going to end up as a fast food kids meal for those devils in Japan huh?"

Sławiński rolled his eyes and took his kit putting on his vest, leg holster and his knives. "Not if I have anything to say about it, I'll hold onto life with teeth and claws, if those undead bastards get the best of me then I'll take as many of them to hell with me as I can." The Quartermaster smiled and handed Sławiński a Gas mask bag containing one German made M65 gas mask and a few filters, along with that the Quartermaster handed a couple thermite grenades and a small old token to Sławiński, picking the token up Sławiński noted it said in Polish, "I will fear no evil for thou art with me."

"Hey what's this?" Sławiński asked holding the token up while reading it. "It's an old token my great grandfather received before going off to fight the soviets in the 1920 war, it kept him alive and out of the clutches of the reds so I figure it'll keep you alive and out of the clutches of the dead, besides you'll need it more than I will given your ass is going to be amongst them. ..Think of it as a sort of good luck charm, except it'll actually work." Sławiński smiled and put the token in his upper right chest pocket of his BDU and patted it.

"Thanks man, if I get back I'll give it back to you." The Quartermaster shook his head and smiled leaning on the counter. "Don't worry about it. You'll have far better use for it than I will. Keep safe man." Sławiński with a quick nod left the armoury with his HK416 in hand putting a suppressor on it as per standard operating protocols, going to the tarmac he stood there with a couple others in his squad of whom got there quicker than he did, kitted out and ready to go, they would wait 30 minutes before being joined by the rest of the platoon and Colonel Kryska.

"Men, we're going over to Japan for two purposes, search and rescue, and what we're calling now extermination. The Japanese don't want to risk losing troops to the undead so they've called us because we won't lose anyone. We'll be joined in the area of operations from what I understand by SAS, KSK, Delta, and some fucking spooks in the American's CIA. It's up to us to put the dead down and get whomever we can, out. When we get boots on the ground our objective is to go to schools and see if there's any survivors, then we'll do a sweep and clear of the area and use it as a CP while we clear the fuckers out. Sergeant Sławiński will be Eagle 1-1, I will be Eagle Actual, our command is the Castle. If we lose contact with the Castle then we are on our own. Now I don't think I need to remind you of my rules but eitherway I'm going to remind you. Rule one, you're no good to me dead. And rule two? In this case don't get bitten, scratched or whatever. Keep your hostiles out of arms length or you'll be joining them. Now uh... Sławiński you know Japanese right?" Colonel Kryska asked raising an eyebrow to Sławiński of whom shrugged.

"Yes Colonel." Sławiński replied in Japanese with a heavy Polish accent. "What?" Colonel Kryska asked to which Sławiński replied once again. "I said, yes colonel. I have some experience with Japanese, did that whole pen pal thing in school when I was in high school and I learned some to write and speak a little." Colonel Kryska nodded his head. "Think you can teach a little to the rest of the platoon? At the very least, your squad?" Sławiński smiled nodded his head for yes. "I can give it my damn best Colonel, if need be I'll give a lesson while on the plane."

"Good because you're going to have to, we've also been provided with some Polish to Japanese language books, they're small with some phrases already in them but you know, you get the point. Everyone of whom isn't in Sergeant Sławiński's squad should read up on the phrases, now everyone get your asses on the plane!"

It didn't take long for the platoon to board the plane, Sławiński's squad sat at the very back of the plane while it rose up into the air, Sławiński started on his Japanese lesson to his men, hoping it would be enough though he himself was nervous about the whole thing, nervous enough for thoughts of his possible death to be all he could think of... He didn't enjoy the thought of it though in the end he found himself reciting passages in his head from the bible, something he found himself doing often before possible operations. After he did all he could he directed everyone in the squad to read from the booklets given out by the colonel in order to get some sleep before deploying.

Sławiński woke up hours later with a hand on his shoulder shaking him awake. "Hey, Sławiński wake up, the airport was overrun so we're jumping in." The Colonel said while he motioned to a parachute on the seat directly opposite of Sławiński. "How'd the Airport get overrun?" Sławiński stood up quickly getting the parachute on, everyone else had also gotten their parachutes on as well already. "Last transmission from the tower, all anyone hears now from there is moaning and groaning... as well as some other unpleasant sounds."

Sławiński shook his head, the poor bastards, he knew though something had to go wrong so he felt it was best to get it out of the way, finishing getting his parachute on Sławiński joined the Colonel at the head of the group while the ramp at the back of the plane started to lower. "Damn, I didn't expect us ending up jumping feet first into hell..." Sławiński muttered to himself while the Colonel smiled and put on his mask before turning around. "Our rallying point will be Fujimi Academy! Get your asses in gear and watch your sectors!"

Right after he finished speaking, Colonel Kryska immediately turned and ran to the ramp jumping out, Sławiński followed suit as did the rest of the unit, Sławiński looked down to the city that he was falling towards and immediately in his mind kept reciting a prayer. "Holy Mary, Mother of god. Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death..." Immediately at 25,000 feet, Sławiński pulled the cord on his parachute and it opened, slowing his descent towards what appeared to be the roof of an apartment building. Landing on his feet he ran forward taking his parachute off he brought his rifle up and turned the flight light of which mounted from the right side of his rifle.

Sławiński began walking towards a staircase of which lead down inside of the building. "Shit... Close Quarters... Not going to be fun." Sławiński took a deep breath and opened the door, immediately a zombie came out and was shot in the head as well as the chest by Sławiński, thankfully the shot was relatively quiet thanks to his suppressor. "Damn... Poor bastard..." Looking on the corpse before him Sławiński saw the zombie was but an old man, bitten with his rib cage exposed. "Didn't even have a chance... Hope you rest peacefully."

Sławiński then entered the stairwell with his rifle at the ready clearing it and checking his corners. Getting down to the ground floor and out of the building he walked out to the street with his rifle up walking down the street with his back to the wall. Following the street for a while he was about to turn the corner when he saw a bus parked with what appeared to be a group of people in it, one girl, high school age from his best guess was arguing with a boy of whom was from what he could tell was also high school age, they appeared to be armed with nothing but close range weapons.

"Best see if these people need any help..." Sławiński took a deep breath and walked down the road following the sidewalk with his gun down but his hand on the foregrip and finger on the trigger walking to the group he seemed to gain the attention of the boy. "H-hey! Stop there! Who are you!?" Sławiński stopped in his tracks and put his left hand up taking it off the foregrip. "Sergeant Sławiński, Special Forces of the Republic of Poland! What is going on here?! Who are you?!"

"Special Forces? Poland? ...What's this guy doing here..." Takashi muttered to himself while he looked at the man dressed all in black with tactical gear and a rifle, he certainly sounded foreign, he was possibly likely military with the gear he had... "Seems like you all might need a addition to your group, I lost contact with my unit, we paradropped in but I don't know where everyone is."

Sławiński said while he walked forward with his hand up. "How about we all stick together yes? It would be the best thing to do right now." Sławiński suggested to which Rei couldn't help but disagree with. "I'm not sticking with this group. Especially with him!" Rei pointed to Koichi Shido of whom was in the bus. Sławiński looked over to the bus and took his hand off the pistol grip of his rifle. "Might I ask why?" Sławiński asked looking to Rei. "He know's what he did.." Rei said lowly to which Sławiński simply sighed.

"Well you kids seem to be able to handle yourselves but as I said, I'd suggest us all stick together. ...Besides my mission is search and rescue, and you all are the first not dead people I've seen since I dropped feet first into this hell." Sławiński said while he started to look around seeing a small number of undead around before he heard a loud noise... Sławiński turned around quickly to see another bus barrelling down the road. "Run!" Sławiński jumped out of the way and Takashi grabbed Rei's hand and began running into the tunnel while the bus flipped on it's side blocking the way to the tunnel.

Saeko came running out and checked on Sławiński of whom laid up against the nearby wall. "Sir, sir?! Are you alright!?" Sławiński sat up quickly and waved her off. "I will live! Check and see if you can get to the other two!" Saeko nodded her head and saw Takashi through a small opening the bus left to the tunnel. "Meet us at the East Police Station at 7 tomorrow! If we're not there then check again the day after that at the same time!" Takashi yelled to which Saeko nodded her head and returned to Sławiński helping him up and onto the bus. And quickly the bus sped off while Takashi and Rei temporarily separated from the group ran out of the tunnel through the other side before the crashed bus exploded.