6th of July, 2010 (Z-Day+1)

"Pierdolić!" Sławiński yelled gaining the attention of everyone in the van while he pulled his currently bare right hand from a set of exposed wires where the radio of the Fujimi Academy's transportation van. "Oh, my are you alright?" The school's nurse, Shizuka Marikawa asked Sławiński of whom got up and put his black tactical glove back on his right hand. "Yeah, I'm fine. If I'd die to a slight bit of electrocuting, I'd not make it to special forces." Sławiński sighed, while he removed his helmet and set it off to the side. "What are you doing anyway?" Kohta Hirano asked as he got up from his seat near the middle of the van, looking over Sławiński's shoulder while Saeko joined him looking over Sławiński's other shoulder. "Trying to repurpose the van's radio to not just receive but also transmit. There were 15 other men with me who jumped feet first into this hell, and I need to see if any of them are mobile." Sławiński said as the police outside fired four shots, obviously at some of the encroaching undead outside, this caused two girls to shriek in fear.

Only to be calmed down by Koichi Shido, Sławiński himself found the way Shido spoke to be somewhat, slightly unnerving. "Lying to them isn't going to make the situation any better." Sławiński said, as he turned. Looking to Shido of whom turned his attention to Sławiński. "I don't remember asking you." Shido said as Sławiński rolled his eyes. "Whatever, you Charles Manson wannabe." Sławiński said as he got back to work on the radio. "Rather be among the dead than stuck here. Especially with him." Sławiński muttered while he grabbed his radio and pulled it from the pouch on the top right of his vest along with a small screwdriver and his knife, unscrewing the back he'd separate the wires necessary and connect them with the exposed wires of the van.

"To jest Eagle 1-1, Rzeczpospolita Polska, siły specjalne. Jakieś inne orły na stacji? Koniec?" (Translation: This is Eagle 1-1, of the Republic of Poland, Special Forces. Any other eagles on station? Over?") Sławiński said through the radio as he waited and switched channels, asking the same question ten times while switching stations on the radio before he would finally give it up and set the radio down, while he thought. "Alright... Alright.. No one's answered. Just mixed chatter from the JSDF, and Police." Sławiński sighed and sat down on the floor. "Alright, looks like for now I'm the only one in charge." Sławiński said and it didn't take long for Shido to attempt to "correct" Sławiński. "If I recall, we voted before you arrived that I would be in charge." Shido said and Sławiński got up, picking up his H&K-416. "Oh really? I do not remember voting being apart of military operations." Sławiński as he stood over Shido, looking down on him. "Nor do I remember us allowing you onto this van." Shido said which earned him a quick punch to the mouth from Sławiński.

"Know this. You are a civilian. My mission is search, rescue, and extermination. Any hindrances to this will be met in the future by something worse than a simple punch to the face. And in your case. Shido. I would be more than happy to oblige. And do not forget it." Sławiński said as he flicked the safety off on his rifle in plain view of Shido before going back to the front of the van while Shido's group helped him back up. "Fucking opportunistic manipulator.." Sławiński said under his breath while he lifted his Balaclava and pulled his canteen from the pouch on the back of his belt and unscrewed the top taking a sip. "Might I have a bit of that?" Sławiński looked to his left to see Saeko, and behind her Shido was still recovering from the well deserved punch. "Sure." Sławiński handed Saeko the canteen and she took a sip before handing the canteen back to Sławiński. "Thank you." Saeko said while Sławiński screwed the cap back on the canteen. "No problem. So what's been going on with you? And your group. I've only just dropped it but from what I can guess you're all from that school up outside of town." Sławiński said to which Saeko nodded.

"Yes, we're all from Fujimi Academy, Shido's a teacher from there, Ms Shizuka is the school's nurse." Saeko said, Sławiński noted that when Saeko spoke Shido's name she looked as if a sour taste entered her mouth. Sławiński scooted over in the seat to allow Saeko to sit down. "Here, sit down. I don't think we'll get anymore out of that prick." Sławiński said, obviously referring to Shido. "Thank you, for the seat and for knocking him down a bit." Saeko said only to be interrupted by Kohta. "Yeah, that guy's the worst. He's actually gotten kids to beat up on me, and he'd just stand there and watch." Kohta said, Sławiński looked back to Kohta. "Really? ...Should we just..." Sławiński said as he lifted up his rifle, resting the butt of it on his knee. "...Actually now that I think about it, he's not even worth a bullet." Sławiński said looking back to Shido, past Kohta of whom gave Sławiński the stink eye. "Well he's not going to forget that punch. ...If he does I'll give him another one, harder." Sławiński said before turning back, looking to Saeko.

"So how did you all get out anyway? ...I mean I understand the van, but how did you all manage to get out alive. It being a school, I'd assume the infection was quick to spread given it's pretty obvious there's not more of you, and kids are more likely to panic in such situations of actual emergency." Sławiński said as he sat back in his seat. "It was at first. ...Then after a few hours, when most everyone was infected, I, and Ms Shizuka found out way to the faculty room. Though as we found, the others in our group had the same idea... Well Kohta, Saya, Rei, and Takashi all seemed to have the same idea. I have no idea where Shido and those students with him came from. They came out just as we were about to leave, ourselves." Saeko explained while Sławiński listened. "Hmm. Well to fight through what must have been insurmountable odds in the face of hellspawn. You have my admiration. Barely made it through an apartment building myself when I dropped in on a roof." Sławiński chuckled and Saeko smiled. "So you're really special forces? From Poland? What are you doing here then?" Saeko asked.

"Well, as I said. Search, rescue, and extermination. I did atleast two of these, and now have to do the last... Possibly have to do the first and third again in the case of the men I jumped in with." Sławiński said regretfully, as he looked out the window. "Good men too. ...It is a shame they might have ended up some flesh-eater's meal... Or worse. However if they did die, then I hope it was either by some means such as falling off a roof, or being impaled on a pole or something... Not to get bitten and become one of these things. No one deserves that fate." Sławiński said as the van finally started to move through the tunnel they were just held up at for, who know's how long.. "My brothers... I pray you died quickly... Or are still alive and fighting..." Sławiński said under his breath though Saeko heard him. "I'm sure they're still alive, somewhere." Saeko said, giving Sławiński a reassuring smile, Sławiński smiled under his Balaclava. "Hopefully you are right... Miss?" Sławiński said turning back to Saeko while waiting for a response. "Saeko. Saeko Busujima." Saeko replied.

Sławiński only felt it right to give Saeko atleast a bit about him. "Then it is nice to meet you... Sergeant Sławiński, Special Forces of the Republic of Poland... Or whatever might be left of it." Sławiński said, taking off his right combat glove, holding his hand out to Saeko of whom took it and shook it. "Nice to meet you." Saeko replied as she smiled, while Sławiński pulled back and put his glove back on. "We should stay on the alert... Also, here. Just encase." Sławiński pulled the second of his wz. 98Z knives from the sheathe on his knee, handing it to Saeko. "I have another. It would serve you better than that wooden sword I'd think. I'd hope." Sławiński said and Saeko took the knife, examining it while Sławiński removed the sheathe from his leg. "Here's the sheathe. It's best if all of us have weapons... Speaking of which.. Excuse me." Sławiński got up and made his way past Saeko, going back up to the very front of the van to Shizuka, tapping her shoulder.

Shizuka turned her head to see Sławiński standing beside her. "Ms Shizuka. Do you have a weapon yourself?" Sławiński asked to which Shizuka thought for a moment and nodded her head. "No, no I don't..." Shizuka replied to which Sławiński, reached into his BDU under his vest and pulled a FB P-83 Wanad from a hidden pocket inside of the BDU. "You may find this useful. It's old but it gets the job done. A P-83." Sławiński said as he held the pistol out for Shizuka of whom took it and looked it over. "I've never used one before... Is it alright for me to have it?" Sławiński chuckled and held his hands to his hips. "Well if we get a moment I shall teach you. Until then, like most other pistols it's a universal thing. Though in this case, you're not shooting people. You're shooting the undead. So try not to miss their foreheads. It has a inlaid green glow there in the front blade of the iron sights. As long as your target is right there, covered by it. You should have no problem." Sławiński said as he turned and walked, returning to his seat next to Saeko.

"...Besides if worse come to worse, I'd rather have us more heavily armed than that manipulator, Shido." Sławiński said as he gritted his teeth under his balaclava. "I have a feeling we won't have to put up with him for too much longer." Saeko said as she looked to Shido, behind the group then to Sławiński. "Zobaczymy..."(Translation: We'll see...) Sławiński said in Polish as he sat back in his seat, the ride was likely to take quite a while given the traffic was at an almost virtual standstill.