"Come with me, Miss Evans and Mr. Lupin," Professor McGonagall said to a scared Lily Evans and Remus Lupin. They were on their way up to the headmaster's office. Both students were placed in Gryffindor and both were werewolves.

"Here we are," McGonagall said as they came up to the spiral staircase in front of Dumbledore's office. McGonagall said the password "Bertie Bott's," and the griffin standing in front of the stairs moved out of the way and the stairs began

Lily and Remus both looked at each other as the stairs began moving and they grabbed hands and stepped on the stairs. Both 11 year olds were afraid of what the headmaster would say to them so close to the full moon, and if their peers knew
yet. They were sure that when they did find out, they would be outcasts.

They stepped off the stairs and walked into Dumbledore's office. They had both grown up in a muggle neighborhood and knew nothing about the magical world until they had been bitten. Everything about Hogwarts was confusing, interesting, and
new for them. Dumbledore saw them walk in and indicated for them to come forward and sit down. They did, but they didn't drop hands.

Some way to start off the school year, Lily thought as she held her new friend's hand, I'm in the headmaster's office and I have to lie to any of my friends that I might make except for this boy. What was I thinking coming to Hogwarts?

So, I'm holding hands with the girl that one of my new only friends likes, sitting in the headmaster's office during the first week of school. Remus thought to himself as he waited for Dumbledore to begin talking. This is horrible.

The old man was just smiling, looking at the two kid in front of him. They were clearly terrified of what he might say to them. He couldn't help think they were like him, when he got sent to the headmaster's office as a student.

"As you two know, you two are the only werewolves in the school," Professor Dumbledore said. The two Gryffindors nodded, they were too scared of what could happen if they were to drop hands. "I have had a building set up for you to change in. I must warn
you that if you transform together you will be a part of the same pack and you will both be closer than any other relationship you will ever have."

Lily looked over at Remus and rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand. They smiled at each other, making a silent agreement that they didn't care, they could transform together.

"Well, that is all I have for you two," Dumbledore said looking at the two first years. "Do you two have any questions for me?"

"How much class are we going to be missing?" they asked at the same time, the two werewolves and Dumbledore all laughed at the student's top priority.

"You might need to get someone to get the notes from another student. I cannot say how much class you will be missing without knowing how you transform." When they had no more questions Dumbledore sent them back to their rooms.

The two students held hands until they got to the Gryffindor common room. They hugged when they got to the bottom of the stairs that split before the dormitories.

"I hope you enjoy being a part of my pack," Lily whispered in Remus' ear. She giggled when he blushed a bright red.

"I will," Remus said in a weak voice.

They broke apart and walked up to their respectable ways.

"Hey Remus," Lily said turning when she got to the top of the stairs, "I really do hope our friendship will grow and we'll be together in a pack."

"Me too," Remus said before going to bed.