Twelve year old Lily and Remus were walking out to the Whomping Willow like they did on the night of every full moon. When they reached the Whomping Willow Remus bowed and tapped the knot on the root of the tree. Once the tree stopped trying to hit them
they ducked into the tunnel under the tree arm in arm.

The two didn't know that they were being watched. Sirius Black and James Potter watched the two walk under the tree. Once they were out of sight the two boys ran after Lily and Remus. Sirius was simply curious why the two would ask him and James to get
notes for them and then hang out under this tree for a night, once a month. James had a major crush on Lily, and had always wondered why she would come back from spending a night under a tree with Remus covered in cuts and bruises.

James and Sirius came into the tunnel at the same time as Remus told Lily a joke and she tossed her head back and laughed.

"What the heck are you guys doing in here?" James shouted down the tunnel.

Both Lily and Remus stopped in their tracks. What was James doing here? Slowly the two werewolves turned around. They saw their friends and suddenly Lily couldn't breath.

"What are you doing here?" Lily demanded.

"We are trying to figure out what you two sneak out to every month," Sirius said, with twice the venom and snark that Lily had used.

"You guys should really leave soon," Remus said, his voice shaking.

"Why so you guys can shag in this old building?" James asked, clearly annoyed.

"No," Lily said, "I would like to not kill you or turn you into a werewolf when I transform."

All three boys stared at Lily. She was very annoyed, and she didn't want to hurt her friends.

"You're… You're a werewolf?" Sirius said, shocked.

"We both are," LIly said bravely. "If you have a problem with that, please turn and leave now and don't try and talk to us again. If you would like to continue to be friends with us, please turn and leave. Tomorrow morning you can meet
us in the hospital wing, then we can all talk. Right now Remus and I are a time bomb and neither of us wants to hurt you two, so please leave now."

Lily pulled Remus' arm and turned them around. James and Sirius watched them walk off for a moment and then, realizing that Lily was serious, turned around and went back to their dorm.

Once Lily and Remus got to their room in the shrieking shack, Lily showed the true exhaustion that the full moon brought on her.

"Lily," Remus said when he sat Lily down on the shredded couch, "what were you thinking? You told them that we were both werewolves. If you wanted to tell them, you could have just said it was you, not the both of us."

"I'm sorry Remus," Lily said leaning her head on Remus' shoulder. "I wasn't thinking, you know how bad it is on the day of the full moon."

Remus knew she was just making a dumb excuse, but he was too exhausted to argue with her.

"You ready?" Lily asked standing up.

"Sure," Remus groaned, standing as well.

They both turned and got changed into their underwear. They had seen each other in this position so many times that it was no longer strange. They just waited for the blinding heat and pain that came with every full moon.

Suddenly both kids felt a blinding pain shooting all over their bodies. It lasted for 30 seconds and then their bodies began to change and bend, then they both blacked out.

Lily woke up the next morning and all she could see was a white light. She groaned and tried to rollover on her side, then she felt a blinding pain shooting along her side. She cried out in pain as she rolled back on her back.

James was by her side in a second. He looked down on her, his eyes full of concern. Lily was suddenly very conscious of the fact that she was wearing only a torn sports bra and a blanket.

"You ok?" He asked.

"Yeah," Lily groaned, "I'm used to it by now. What are you doing here?"

James smiled down at the young werewolf. "How can you get used to waking up with scars and bruises every month?" James asked.

Lily shrugged and tried not to wince too hard, James pretended not to notice that she was trying to hide her pain. "When you've been going through the same thing for seven year you kinda get used to it, no matter how painful."

James was shocked, how could this girl act so casual about what she had just been through? How could she try not to let people see?

"So it's true then? What you said last night, you and Remus are-"

"Werewolves, yes," Lily finished for him. Just then Sirius pulled a sheet on Lily's other side.

"Hey Evans," Sirius said with his normal cocky smile. "I see you're recovering better than Remus is."

Lily's eyes suddenly filled with fear, "is he ok?" She asked, terrified, as always, that she had hurt him.

"Calm down Miss Werewolf, he's fine, he just hasn't woken up yet," Sirius said, Lily thought she saw some fear behind the always confident eyes, but she ignored it.

Lily visibly relaxed, she knew she was always the first of them to wake up, the full moon didn't hit her as hard as it hit Remus for some reason.

"So," James began, running his fingers through his fingers through his hair. "You gonna tell us what we can do to help you guys?"

"Help?" Lily asked, clearly confused.

Sirius and James grinned at her. James loved how cute she looked when she was confused. Sirius was enjoying making the Brilliant Lily Evans confused.

"You don't think we'll make you and Remus deal with this alone do you?" Sirius asked smiling, "you two are two of our best friends, you're stuck with us until you graduate or resort."

Lily felt her eyes prick with tears. She was always so much more emotional around the full moon than any other time of month. Damn, Lily thought, these dumb boys being nice is going to make me cry.

James saw the tears in Lily's eyes and was suddenly concerned, he had never seen her cry before, and it scared him.

"Thank you," Lily choked out right before tears began streaming down her face, she rubbing angrily at her eyes, she didn't want to cry in front of these boys. James whipped the tears off her face. They smiled at each other and James tried not
to let her see the pain in his eyes. He was terrified for her and everything she had gone through in her life.

"So Lil, what can we do to help?" James asked.

"I honestly don't know, I didn't expect you to be so ok with it," Lily confessed.

Shocked that she would think that, James and Sirius looked at each other. How can she think that we wouldn't be ok? James thought to himself.

"Who the hell isn't OK with it?" Sirius asked, clearly angry.

Lily looked up into Sirius' eyes and studied them for a second.

"You like him, don't you." Lily said, matter a factly.

"Wha? Who?" Sirius stuttered.

"Remus," Lily said simply.

"What, no I don't. He's just a friend and I want to help in the same way I want to help you," Sirius said, blushing deeply.

Lily giggled, "sure, whatever you say, but I know some stuff and you caring might not be bad for you. Just saying."

"So Miss Evans," James said again, "how can we help?"