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That night, Noct had the bed essentially to himself, as Prompto promptly shifted to a feline form and curled up on one side of the bed. Noct smiled slightly, a smile missed by all three of his friends, and got into the bed. They had been taking turns at the shower, with Prompto calling 'shotgun' and heading to the bathroom first. Noct got it second, Ignis third and Gladio was in there now.

Noctis sighed as his head hit the pillow, laying boneless and closing his eyes. It wasn't on the level of his bed back home, both in the Citadel and his apartment, but it was certainly better than camping on the ground in a tent or in a trailer/camper. It was definitely better than the motel in Longwythe that they had stayed at while taking out some monsters for Gil. Noctis was out like a light before the shower stopped running.

[dream smexy-time XP]

Noct felt someone moving above him, from where he was sprawled on his back. Now he would have been flipping out, but there was an unmistakeable smell that caused him to relax instantly. The body against him moved, and he gasped as something hard poked his stomach. Turns out he was only marginally reclined and not flat out laying down. There was an answering moan and the body moved back a bit.

He felt a pert behind rubbing against him and groaned at the feel. There was a little gasping chuckle before the persons face moved into his field of view and lips were pressed against his. He felt a swell of desire and passion as they parted lips to let their tongues tangle in a fight for dominance. His hands moved, seemingly of their own accord, and grasped the hips that were moving languidly in his lap, squeezing in what seemed to be a sensitive spot that distracted the other enough to let him gain dominance.

There was a stirring within his mind, some possessive feeling that lay claim to the enticing being on his lap. He didn't disagree, so he let his fingers tighten their hold near enough to bruise. Lips parted for air and Noct growled out a 'Mine.' which received an agreeing hum of pleasure from his partner.

Those hips began moving again, bringing their arousals together in a tantalizing way. His hips joined in as the two practically rutted against each other. Moans and gasps left both their lips and soon it wasn't enough. They were peeling clothing too fast to follow before they were both bared to each others' gaze.

"Noct..." A gasp left those bruised lips, as they'd kissed again a few times in between nibbling of the neck and teasing of the pert little nubs of the other's chest. Eyes of such a shade of blue they almost looked purple stared into deep blue-gray eyes made dark with desire. Both had pupils blown in lust and that only made him desire the other that much more.

He didn't answer verbally, instead sticking two fingers into the parted lips for the other to suck on. When he felt they were slick enough, Noct pulled the digits out and replaced them with his mouth, swallowing any noise of protest and distracting from those fingers trailing down to the other's rear.

[scene end *evil cackle* ]

Noct woke with a groan to an empty hotel room and a little 'problem'. He grimaced as he sat up, wondering why he'd had that kind of dream about his best friend of about twelve years. Thank the six none of the guys were there as he made his way to the shower to deal with the problem.

"P-Prompto..." Noct groaned out the name as he jerked off. He finished quickly (due both to the dream and his embarrassingly being a virgin still) and cleaned himself and the shower up, then got changed and fixed his hair into its usual spiky style. When he stepped out of the room, he forced any sign of his recent activities and thoughts back and assumed his usual attitude as he made his way down the stairs.

Iris and Jared were there in the lobby when he reached the bottom of the stairs. Iris greeted him with a cheerful teasing good morning.

"Morning, sleepyhead."

"Morning. Where is everyone?" Noct returned the greeting easily.

"They're out walking with Talcott, exploring what Lestallum has to offer. See the sights." She gave him a look that had him feeling slightly apprehensive. "We should go too!" He thought it over, then shrugged and replied.

"Sure. Why not." The place was big enough he might get turned around on his own, plus it had been a while since he last did anything for fun or anything with Iris. She was a friend, and Gladio's little sister, so it couldn't hurt to hang out with her for a bit right?

"Great. I'll show you around!" She sounded too happy about that, but he put it aside as her being a girl or something. Maybe she was trying to distract herself from the events of Insomnia's fall? Jared stood up then and addressed Iris.

"It seems your patience was rewarded." That was confusing, but Noctis ignored it as they headed for the exit, bidding Jared goodbye as he spoke again. "Enjoy your walk, and take care."

"First up, we'll check the marketplace. Right this way." Iris kept up a minor commentary, about how it was prettier at night and Noct made a noncommittal noise, though he filed that away for later. "This is the Partellum Market. You can get almost anything here." It was also bustling and looked to be too crowded for them to get anywhere, but that didn't deter Iris.

"Isn't it great? I'd buy out the whole place if I could." She paused and waited for his response. He blinked and wondered how to react.

"All these shops. It ah... seems right up your alley." Yes he added a pun in there. Because the market was IN an alley. Iris didn't seem to notice it though and Noct felt a slight annoyance. Prompto would have come up with a quick quip, not what Iris replied with.

"You know me so well." Eh. It was fine if she didn't see the pun. They found an opening in the crowd and made their way in, looking at various things. Iris stopped at one place and told him to wait a moment. He was looking around at another stall's wares and didn't see whatever she purchased. After that, they continued on their way, Iris showing him the way to the power plant and telling him about it.

"But get this, only women work there. In fact, women are the ones that do all the work here." Noctis was skeptical about that, having seen guys manning most if not all the stalls at the market as well as the counter at the Leville. Maybe she meant the women did the 'heavy lifting' type work. The things that traditionally were done by men in a patriarchal society. Things like construction, electrical, etc. That made more sense.

"Sounds like your kind of place. I could see you doing well here." Noctis encouraged. After all, Iris had always seemed rather strong willed and there were many strong women in his dad's Kingsglaive and the crownsguard. Iris was happy at the praise or encouragement, going on about how it was surprising at first, and so different from back home which was still rather more 'male dominant'. Even though recent years had seen many instances of equality in the work force, there were some things still expected of females, and some things thought to be men's work.

"Alright. Next we're going to the outlook!" Iris took the lead again and the two made their way down to the main thoroughfare and across the road. The outlook was so called, because it looked out over the gouge known as the Taelpar Craig, and in the distance you could see the meteor. Iris pointed it out with a 'Look, there's the Meteor.' She hopped, yes hopped, over to stand next to him.

"You know, Noct... this almost feels like a date!" and she cuddled up to his side to make a point of her statement. Noct stood back and waved that off, feeling all kinds of 'eww' and 'this isn't right..'

"What? No, not at all." He thought it would be like dating a sister or something. Thus quickly moving away to get some distance. If she thought of it as a date... He internally shuddered. Nope, not happening. There was a certain blond he'd rather go on a date with. His mind conjured an image of spiky blond hair and deep blue-purple eyes above a face he could trace blindfolded.

"Would it kill you to play along for once?!" Iris demanding irately drew him out from remembrance of his dream last night. She sighed shortly and added on, "The others are probably back at the hotel now. Lets join them.." There was a hint of disappointment there that Noct pretended not to notice as they headed back for the hotel.

Iris stopped just beside the fountain. "Heh, haven't had fun like this since we were kids. Thanks Noct" Iris smiled when he chuckled a bit.

"No sweat. I had fun too." He smirked as he added, "though it was NOT a date." She pouted, but brightened quickly. Clearly ignoring the teasing.

"Really? I'm so happy to hear that." He was ready to turn around and go to the hotel's lobby when she spoke again. "Anyway, that thing I bought today is for you. But its a surprise, so you're going to have to wait."

AN: Originally going to end after the dream, but then I thought that the 'Stroll for Two' would be better as part of this as it is from Noct's point of view and the main story would be more Prompto's pov with ocassional shifts to the others' and other people's points of view... so yeah. Longer chapter three of Stray Bullets now.

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