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Noctis had heard Prompto fall over, though at the time he hadn't known what was happening to the blond. He let Gladio take over the inspection of the Regalia and looked in Prompto's direction to see the blond on the ground and somewhat hunched over as though in pain. He was about to call attention to it, but then Prompto got up and pasted on a smile that he could tell was fake.

There was a noticeable flush to Prompto's face and he looked to be a mix of in pain and something else Noct couldn't quite place. Gladio had finished up and was now addressing them to help get the Regalia outside of the Garrison. Prompto walked up a little closer then stumbled out an apology and transformed into the giant winged snake he called a Quetzlcoatl but which was entirely different from the Quetzlcoatl they had here.

The three of them watched Prompto fly away with different levels of confusion, worry, and annoyance on their faces. Ignis shifted his glasses up his nose slightly.

"He's headed towards Leide... Hammerhead if I'm not mistaken." Noct had just been about to ask Specs where he thought Prompto was headed. Gladio snorted, drawing Noct's attention.

"Think the kids' gone to confess his undying love for Cindy?" The thought had his gut twisting with something he couldn't quite identify. It wasn't exactly jealousy, but it was certainly close to it.

"Not likely. I think this is another of his semi-frequent bouts of 'illness' that had him missing out on school..." Ignis refuted.

"We're going to Hammerhead." The words were out of his mouth before he'd even thought about it. Noctis got behind the wheel and gave the other two a Look. It stated, 'Well? coming or what?'. The two kept their thoughts to themselves, though Gladio looked like he was rather done with the two younger members of the group.

'About damn time these two stopped pussy-footing around their mutual attraction.' Gladio shook his head at the thought and was silent through the trip to the Garage. Ignis had a small frown on his face, though he had nothing against the idea of two guys (or two girls), Noct was a Prince, and was expected to father an heir one day. With a male lover, that would not be possible. He wanted Noct and Prompto happy, yes, but Noct also had a Royal Duty to ensure his line would continue.

Noctis spent the drive on autopilot mostly, his thoughts turned inwards to try and sort out his own feelings. He'd felt flashes of irritation every time Cindy was mentioned in teasing of Prompto's crush on her, the thought of Prompto being with Cindy had Noct's guts twisting in jealousy and something possessive welled up within him.

Thus he was looking into his own feelings. Both for Prompto and for Luna. He'd thought that he loved Luna, was in love with her. They had only known each other for a short time and corresponded over letters for longer, but was that enough for love to grow between two people? He'd told Luna all about Prompto and their friendship with eachother, he had admittedly gone on about Prompto a lot. The thought of how much he had probably been gushing over Prompto to Luna had him blushing.

Then there was Prompto himself. The guy was a ball of sunshine despite all the crap he'd gone through both as Harry Potter and as Prompto Argentum. He'd been a shining star, a ray of sunshine that Noct had needed in his life. He enjoyed spending time with Prompto, could honestly spend the whole of school breaks playing games with Prompto or doing anything else and never growing sick of it.

He honestly didn't know though if what he felt for Prompto was 'love' or if it was just 'best friends'. Looking back, he could see that he did love Luna, he just wasn't in love with her. With the idea of her, maybe. Of a love like his mom and dad's had been. He knew his dad missed his mom all the time and he wanted a love like that. But he didn't know if that was the kind of love he felt for Prompto either.

He knew Prompto was good looking, what with how much the guy trained to keep in shape and the blond had a cute puppyish-ness to him. There was something about Prompto that made Noct feel all kinds of protective over. Some raw instinct wanted to take care of the blond. Was that love? He just didn't know and that was frustrating.

Luckily, despite Noctis not really focusing on the road, they arrived in Hammerhead just after sundown. Noct got out of the Regalia and began looking around for Prompto. Cindy came up to them first.

"Thought I heard you boys comin'. Where's your friend Prompto?" That she didn't know meant he hadn't gone to see her. Noct spun around towards the diner, ignoring the others as Ignis and Gladio updated Cindy on what had happened while retrieving the Regalia and apologizing for him (on Ignis' part).

He ignored them infavor of following the faintest trace of what he recognized as Prompto's magic. It led him to a trailer that people were avoiding even glancing at. Noct felt the magic brush over him and seemingly accept him as he put a hand on the door handle.

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