House of El: Never alone

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Summary: Jor-el succesfully stopped Krypton's destruction and general Zod, Kal-el grew up safely with Jor-el and Lara. However 8 yeats later, the fate of the planet returned...Can the El family escape?

Characters: Kal-el/Clark Kent, Jor-el/Joe,Lara,Johnathan and Martha Kent


Kal-el thought he was the luckiest kid on Krypton, not because he was in the nobel house of El, but because his father and mother were the two most loving person on the planet, along with their compassion. His father Jor-el was a repective scientist on Krypon, while his mother Lara was a nurse before she married Jor-el and joined his science researches.

Krypton was a planet that relied heavily on science, which made them very advance in the galaxy. But the culture of Krypton was also singeness and emotionless, except the worship for their red sun, Rao.

33 years ago, in 1961, before met Lara, young Jor-el was sent by his father to a distance planet called Earth to have a walk-about experience in order for him to understand better of his destiney, which was seen as a responsebility on Krypton.

Jor-el fell in love with an earth woman named Louise residented in a town called Smallville, Kansas, America. However, a week later she was killed by a thief. He was hired by jealous police chief, who intended to kill Jor-el due to his "steal" of Louise. But due to the effect of the Earth's yellow sun all Kryptonian-born individual were able to have super abilities on this planet. The bullets bouned off from Jor-el and one of them killed Louise.

Louise's husband rushed out from the house and misunderstood Joe, the alias name of Jor-el, as the killer. He became most wanted "criminal" of the town. Depressively of lossing his love, he passed by a place called the Kent farm that night. The owners of the farm, Hirem Kent and his wife trusted his innocent and helped him escape to the Kawatche Cave, the base of the Krypton culture as a portal on Earth. So that he can get back to Krypton.

Before Hirem left, he told Joe that if there's anything Joe needed in the future, he knows where to find them. Joe was impressed by the Kents' compassion of love, despite the heartbreaking experience in here. His faith in humanity thus had not entirly lost.

He returned to Krypton, became a scientist as the tradition of the house of El. He burried himself at work trying to forget the lost of his love. As time passed, he became less rebelled and passionated as in his youth, until he met Lara 15 years later.

Jor-el refused many arranged marriages his father attempted to for him during all these years. he did not think he could ever let go of Louise, and could ever love anyone else again. But he found the long lost love and passion in Lara the second he saw her during the Kandor War.

She was so beautiful and lovely, her occuppiasion as a milltery nurse impressed him, which completely from her own compassion to people, she could've did a higher relaxing job due to her also-respective house.

Lara also thought Jor-el was the most kind-hearted scientist on Krypton. She heared of him as an olderest son of the House of El who devoted to work and gave up rebelled to his father after a mysterious trip to Earth 15 years ago, no one knows what exactly happened but it changed him. However, the moment she saw Jor-el she just knew that behind the science mask underbeneth it was his hurt but also passionate,emotional heart. She wanted to eased his whatever budern on his heart. They were soulmate.

They started dating, although later on Jor-el's brother, Zol-el, also passionated about Lara the moment Jor-el introduced her to his family. In an act of attempting kiss her, Lara made it clear that she only love and belonged to Jor-el. That was why Zol-el hated his brother besides the politican difference, he married another woman later and soon moved out of the house without any miss of the family.

Jor-el finally shared his unforgettable experience on Earth with her, feared that Lara may not accepted him had loved another woman. But Lara understood him completely. She said that everyone had a past and she treasured every moment with him. She tried to do nothing but to soften his broken heart. It made Jor-el impressed and touching once more, what did i ever do to deserve such a great angel? I am the luckiest man on Krypton! He will never let her go.

Jor-el and Lara got married four years later. However, they found that they had trouble conceiving a child naturally. On Krypton, with the advance techology people can easily gave birth a child in a birth tube. Usually these babies were created with a set occupations, like solider, science research assistant, etc. becuase they can controlled most of the genetic codes. But they were also less emotional, a more "standard" Kryptonian you may say.

Jor-el and Lara wanted a romantic natural way of having a child, and they surly did not want their child be a emotionless Kryptonian who only knows his destiny. They tried a few years and finally, one day Lara found that she was pregnant! Jor-el was so happy but also cautious to check it three times with his science equipments as if afraid that the child would go away.

"Jor-el honey stop being so nervous! Our child is real and is fine!" Lara said happily.

"I just cannot help myself Lara, we tried so many times and it finally works! I just want to make sure everything's ok." Jor-el kissed Lara in the forehead.

Lara kissed back Jor-el in the cheek, "He/she is really our miracle baby!"

Jor-el wondered if Lara wanted to know the gender of the baby, "Do you want to know if is a son or a daughter?"

Lara smiled as she knew Jor-el was always this gentle, respected her mind as his first pirority, "Yes i would like to know!"

With the technology they can detected the baby's sexuality once it was formed. After carefully ensure checks Jor-el announced that they will be having a son.

Lara cannot hold the happy tears in her eyes, "Wow we are going to have a son!" She hugged Jor-el tightly.

Jor-el fought back the happy tears and hugged tight to Lara, "Thank you so much my dear for giving us a mircle, i never thought that i could have such a great happness and be blessed by Rao with love. I would never let anything happens to you and our child. I love you two so much till the day i die." Jor-el said in such sincere tone.

Lara kissed Jor-el once more, "Thank you Jor-el, i love you too, so much. And don't ever talk about death like that! We are a family, if facing death we will face togther."

Jor-el suddenly sighed, "With the war that started by general Zod this year, we may really need to face the possibility that Krypton may not see the end of the war."

Lara frowned, "What do you mean?" She heard of the prophesy that Krypton will be destroyed itself, but she hoped that this day will never come. General Zod was once Jor-el's best friend and saved his life from the council, but he hated Jor-el after he refused to recreated his deceased son. Since then he went down to extrme dark side.

She and Jor-el tried to stop the war and prevent the death number of people. However, the bombing of the hot war recently sent the chill to her nerves, especially now she's having their child. She would do whatever it takes to keep their baby safe, the mother instinct kicked in at once.

"I recently discovered that the core of the planet became unstable since the war started, i suspected that it was due to Zod's minions trying to damage it. But it could be also due to other reasons, i will have to research it more." Jor-el said.

"My Rao! We have to warn people! Let's research ittogether before is too late, i would not let my child's life harmed by the planet's fate!"

Jor-el had always admired Lara's bravely and determination, "I will try to talk to the council, although i doubt that they will listen, they always want people to believe that Krypton is so advance that will never ended. But if..if we cannot prevent what's coming..." Jor-el paused to clam himself, unwilling to think the possible scenario, "our son will still be safe, because i have chosen a perfect family to rasie him just now, the Kents."

Lara still remember his encounter with the Kent family on Earth, she was so grateful that they helped Jor-el and their compassion of love, she hoped one day she can meet them too. "The family that had said if anything they need we could fine them? That would be great, but i really don't want that day comes." She touched her belly, she already insparable with her child, but she have to be brave for him. She won't let anything happen to him.

"I know, let's do whatever we can to stop this." Jor-el started handed to their lab.

Two days their conversation, aside from hurry research Lara could not stop thinking about their planet's fate and the safely of her unborn child, would that day really comes? Would she being forced to give up her child for him to survive? She could not bear the thought anymore. But there's another thing that was in her mind: What was the Kent family like? I know they were great people but is it safe for my son being rasied in there? What is that place look like? She finally decided to went throgh the one last remaining portal to Earth to check it out.

Unknown to her, their niece, Kara followed her. Although Zol-el was basically disconnected with her and Jor-el since the hateful emotion, but Kara was their sweet 10-year-old little girl, who often came to their house to play and chat whenever she had chance, even though her father annoyied by it. Her favor to her aunt Lara was probably stronger than to her own straight father.

The short trip to Earth and the Kent farm was an inspried experience, Lara had never thought that the Kent farm, and maybe the whole human world, was so peaceful compared to Krypton, even the barn area clamed her, like a fortress of solitude. She did not see the Kents in the living house because they all went out to the chruch, but the smell of the Sunday roast in the oven made her truly amazied. She saw the photos of a handsome kindest couple and assumed that they were the chosen one to raise their son, if..that really can't prevent from happening.

Although she felt suprised by Kara following her at first, she couldn't help but shared happily to her about she was carrying her cousin. Kara's eyes sparked and went to big cousin mode saying that she will protact him no matter where her little counsin will be. Lara's heart melted. Kara even suggested to name the baby "Kal-el", Lara thought it was a beautiful name,but at the same time she couldn't help the sadness implied in it, star child, she thought, like Kara said he will be so far away from home like if we really have no choice but to sent him here. Lara bit the tears back and forced herself to smile. At least she knew her son would be safe no matter what, and will always be loved by them and the Kents.

Kara took a picture of her and hid it in one of the back of the photos of the house, then suddenly Zod-el entered so angrily, and tried to serduced Lara again. Lara confessed clear again that Jor-el was her husband, and they were having child togther.

Although this unpleaant epsiode distrubed her trip and soon she and Kara was back to Krypton before anymore else noticed, she was so satifisy by the Kent farm.

She told Jor-el later on that she had snecked out to check the farm, Jor-el of course unpleased by her careless action, but more about concerning her and the child's health.

"Lara, you know how striaght the council were to forbid anyone escape to Earth because of the war, that's why they were destroying the portals. what if you were caught? Not to mention the risk of the health danger for you and the baby travel to Earth in such a disintegrating way, what if anything happened to you two?" Jor-el said in a slightly accused but worrying voice.

"Jor-el stop worrying, we are fine! I am sorry if i let you down. I just..wanted to check where our son might grew up in.." Lara held Jor-el tightly to ensure him,"And there's no such risk in health travling through the portal, not even to the baby, i was a nurse remember? And you knew that too. We were okay honey."

"I know, i just..i wanted to protect you two so much, when i heared you said about you had to face my brother alone..i couldn't help but hating me for not being there to protect you." Jor-el while tightly his jaw.

Lara signed but kissed him on the cheek, "I know you want to protect us honey, but sometimes maybe you can't be everywhere, and don't worry, you know i am can protect myself and our son, no one can mess around with us!" Lara said bravely and confidently.

Jor-el could't help but smiled, "I know you always are, dear. I am so proud of you, and this little guy here," he touched her belly. The child will be coming in 5 months due to the rather short pregnancy on Krypton. He touching it while smilmed as a loving father. "I will do a regular test to check yours and his conditions though just to make sure both of you are alright. So, tell me about what you saw in the Kent farm, do you like it? Has it changed much?" Couldn't help the curious and the memory of the Kents.

Lara thought back to the memory that Jor-el told her about the Kent farm, "no it hasn't changed much, still a peacful lovely place. They were out for a place called church, so i didn't see anyone. They were baking roasten meat in their cooking tool called oven, it smelled so good." Lara took a deep breath, as if the pleasent smell was right here. "Oh and i saw their photos all over the living room."

Jor-el held her tight, "did you see the kind man and his wife in the photos that helped me?"

Lara frowned, she had yet think about the implication, "no, i only saw a young handsome couple, the man looks like a humble famer and the red-hair kind woman, i think she's his wife. But maybe i haven't seen all the photos.."

Jor-el, however, realized the implication, he sighed slightly, "it was quite a chance that Hirem Kent and his wife were deceased, because the Earth people were usually hang the photos of the people who still alive.." Lara hugged him tight, he tried bit back the sad feeling, "but from what i heard from you, that handsome young man should be Hirem's son, i remember he was trying to deicde his name with his wife, either Jin or Johnathan." Jor-el smiled sightly at the memory. "And he and his wife must also be the kindest person on Earth just like his parents."

"I am sure they are. I already felt such a clamness from just seeing their pictures and walking in their house. Our son would be so safed and loved in there.." Lara stopped talking, tried hard to fought back the sadness.

Jor-el touched her face gentally, "Hey we haven't give up the hope yet, and i believed i was closed to finding the solution."

Lara's face lighted up at once, "Really? That would be great! We have to get back to work then.. Oh! Did i tell you that Kara suggested a name for her little cousin?" She touched her belly again smailing.

"Really? And what name would that be?" Jor-el touching her belly as well.

"Kal-el." Lara almost cried in happy tears.

"Star child..I like it!" Jor-el said proudly. Kissed Lara and touched her belly, "Our little Kal, may Rao blessed you."

They worked togther and convinced the council to pay attention to the planet's crisis, and more scientists joined them. Meanwhile, general Zod and his minions were captured one by one and been sent to the Phantom Zone. The war was ended.

Five months later Kal-el was born, Jor-el and Lara were so happy and burst into tears that their son finally arrived to their lives, he was so cute and Lara thought he would even more handsome than Jor-el. They held him tight and sweared in heart that they will be with him for all the days of his life. They will never let anything happned to him.

With the portals been all destroyed, Jor-el secrectly been builting a small space pod for Kal and set its coordiate to the Kent farm, just in case they cannot stop the planet's destruction. He hoped that he would never have to use that..Luckily, in the end they mangaged to stop it from happening, Krypton's core was stablized, people were safe.