Chapter 4

The three returned to the house of El residence. On the way back to it Lara hugged Kal tightly sitting in the backseat of the car, she was so glad that her son was alive, though injuried a little. They didn't dare to receive any newsreport holograms about the suddenly earthquake, they were afraid or rather, to believe that it was only the beginning.

Kal felt tired of all the dramatic experiences since the start of school today, hell, it's only 11am in the morning, not even noon yet, how could many things had happened already? Raiya admitted likes him and they had just faced death literally and saved each other. Kal almost felt asleep before they arrived back home.

Jor-el parked the car and got off, then opened the back door and carried Kal from Lara.

"Let me take him honey, you must be tired too." Jor-el said while noticing the sleepness of Kal, "Hey big guy, time to wake up, we are home now." He rubbed his back softly as he carried him. Kal grinned and leaned his head in his father's shoulder.

Lara smiled as she saw her husband and son bonding, "I am not so tired dear, I think I am just overwhelmed by all the suddenly event. Let's get inside and treat our brave Kal."

Once they get into the house, they noticed that there were still few mess sites as the aftermath of the earthquake, but nothing serious. Jor-el put Kal to his bed then went to the lab to grab the healing injector, some new medical bandages and cream; while Lara was checking Kal's wound and ankle.

"Okay we are all set, it should be done in no time. How's he doing?" Jor-el came back and asked.

"The bleeding in his arm had stopped before we put bangade on it, however the gash is long. Luckily it looks have no infection yet." Lara replied before checking his ankle, "it still swollen pretty seriously, it will have to let it heal itself."

"It's okay mum it will only take a few days right?" Kal chinned in, a little more awaken.

"Yes sweetheart, but you won't be able to walk around much, we will be with you of course, you can stick in your dad's lab or just sit around watching holographic television or even do some studies if you like." Lara stroked his hair and kisses his forehead.

Both her and Jor-el knew that this would be new to Kal, since he never injured in ankle or leg to incapabed movement. He was in fine health growing up due to the nurse and the scientist sense of his parents; and thanks to Krypton's advance medication, he was never been sick for the major diseases, only a few cold during his earlier years, when his immune system was still developing.

Although the technology was advance they never can aviod the common cold virus or die from serious injureies or old age, as they were not god. But as their age were growing the Kryptonian did get less affected by the virus, though not totally immune.

"That's alright, I think the school won't open within a short time anyway. I always like to be at home and with you guys." Kal smiled.

"Okay now let's inject this healing serum into your arm, it will sting a little but it will be a quick process, how are you feeling son?" Jor-el asked as he putting the serum into the injector.

"Umm still a little tired but not much pain anymore, I kinda scare though." Kal gulped and couldn't help to fear the injection. He hasn't been injected anything except he was vaccinated since the moment he was born, so that doesn't count because he has no memory to it. Although he's not fear and was a bit familar with the basic medication knowledge or the devices because of his mother, he was just a injuried child at this moment.

"It will be done soon, don't be afraid." Jor-el touched his shoulder to assure him before he injected. Kal wined a bit while Lara held him, she noticed his forehead and face were still have a little sweat on it, probably due to the previous bleeding and pain. He looked a bit pale to, not surprisingly.

Seconds later Kal signed in relief, knowing that the injection was done. Lara then skillfully put the new medical bandage to it.

"Now your arm will healed within one night." Jor-el stated.

"Wow really? Can you tell me how does it work?" Kal cheered up. His education hadn't taught about it yet.

Jor-el smiled, "It involves too much high level science and math that I think even you won't be able to comprehend until few years later. But basically it applied a special healing factor to your tissues that would speed up the cellular repair process. But it only aimed at the applied wound." Kal nodded.

Jor-el bought out a new bandage and a sport medicine cream that dealed with the sollawen ankle, after he used a X-Ray device to make sure that there was no broken bone. He applied the cream into the bandage and Lara carefully wrapped it around Kal's ankle. Kal tried not to hissed from the pressure pain.

"Now it's done, it will take 4 or 5 days for you to heal, but everything's fine." Jor-el said to his son.

Kal was supposed to feel relief, but somehow as the mention of "everything's ok" by his father, Kal felt even more pain than before it was wrapped by the cream. It was weird, because it supposed to lessen the pain immediately. Or rather, it was his mind tricked him? He'd learned that first impact of the injury was actually not much due to the brain reaction to the situation..Suddenly he started to feel sick just by went through the memory of the earthquake, about how he got his ankle hurt.

Jor-el was finishing up the medical care when he noticed his son's face was paled and eyes were distracted.

"What's the matter Kal? Are you feeling ok?" He was concerned of whether this was the after effect of the injection or the emotional state after the horrible experience for a child. Or he just simply still feel pain of his ankle.

"I am fine dad, sort of. it's ankle started to get more hurts than at first as I started to think back the earthquake.." Kal almost tear up but he bit his lips, not sure was the pain this so intense or was the experience really caught up to him, or is there's really have a thing to cry for, but he won't going to pretend to be brave in front of his parents.

Lara immediately held his son in arm while Jor-el went to touch his hair. This might be the traumatic effect to their son and every other children after the earthquake, even though Kal himself might not know why since it happened so quick and it was actually only about 15 minutes from the beginning till they escaped. But the truma was there, somewhere back in the mind, sometimes it was hard to explain even by science. All they could do was assure him that everything was fine, that was all passed and he's with them, with the people he loved. And perhaps..that this kind of disaster won't happen again. They wanted to tell him that, but just couldn't, at least not right now. They need to be sure later.

"You are okay now Kal, no pain cannot be healed, both physically and emotionally. Although it may takes time. We are all here with you no matter what. Come on, take a deep breath, and you can cry if you want you know." Kal did the former one as Lara told him.

"There! Feeling better now?" Lara and Jor-el looked at Kal softly.

"Yeah.. I guess so." But Kal still waried from all these, "um can I have some water?"

"Oh sure of course! Forgive me that I forgot to keep you hydrated after all these, I think we all need it. Oh you probably hungry too since it's almost noon. Let's have lunch together than take a nap okay?" Lara raised and about to go to the living room.

"Actually mum I am not that hungry, I think I lost my appetite.." Kal frowned.

"Well young man you will need to intake energy especially after this, you can eat less than the usual proportion. Let's go clean up first, and remember to avoid the injured parts." Jor-el stated and smiled to his son.

Soon they started to eat lunch while watching the holographic news reporting the earthquake and the possible threats behind it. The adults in the table knew that maybe they should avoid letting Kal to see the destruction again, but also knew that Kal was old enough to understand what was going on, and whatever it would be they will face together as a family. Kal ate silently as he watched, except the gasp when he saw the first death report. For a moment he seems went into deep thought for the first time. His parents knew they should not try to disrupt him this time, he needed sometime to think and alone in his mind, to get through this. When sensening him back to the reality, Jor-el decided to broke the silence, though felt really necessary to say it.

"I wonder whether my brother and his family are all right? I knew we had difference and almost never connect all these years, but I do care about his well-being after all. Not to mention our sweetest Kara." He said to Lara.

Lara was surprised by the sudden mention of Zol-el after all their history in the past, however, during this time of disaster she understood completely of her husband's thought. She herself too was care about all the people'safety even they were not the one that treated you well, she don't want anyone get hurts or died. "Oh I am sure they are alright honey, Rao will bless them. If you are really worry, why don't you do a holographic call to them? I am sure he will understand under this circumstances despire his hatful to you. Besides you can just say that you are checking on Kara." Lara rubbed his hand.

Kal listened to his parents' conversation, he never met his uncle, and he knew that his uncle probably hates him as much as he hate his father. He heard enough from them and his cousin Kara that his uncle had difference with his parents and some unpleasant past that they didn't even want to mention. Well, no big deal, his uncle were straight and cold like most of the "standard" Kryptonians and nothing to do of his life anyway. But he loved his cousin Kara, she's the closest family he had aside from his parents. She often came over to their place to just hang around with them when he was younger. He even heard his mum said that Kara often came to watch over and played with him when he was a baby. Oh Rao, even his name Kal-el was suggested by Kara before he was born when she was only 10 years old. Kal felt so sweet by it. Though these recent two years she started went to high school level and that means she became very busy with all the increasing scientific trainings (and by her father to the so-called destiny..), she didn't come to their place as often as she used to be. They kept communicated by holographic though. Now that his parents had mentioned it, he became more aware of the situation that affected everyone and not just him, he truly hope that her cousin and her family would be okay.

Just then, a holographic communication call came in to the central crystal core, showing it was by Kara. They all accepted it excitedly.

"Hi my dear Kara! How are you? We were just about to call you to see if all of you are ok." Lara said eagerly.

Kara smiled, "Hi aunt Lara! We are all fine, the impact of the quake was not much to our house considering we are living in another side of the city; that's part of the reasons why I called you in the first place, how coincident! Father again won't be happy about that I communicate with you guys but I bet he was also wondering the well-being of all of you and also the reason behide this sudden crisis..So is Kal okay? Another reason that I called was that I saw the quake center was right in Kal's school! My Rao." The teenage girl said with concerned.

"Well luckily he escaped quick together with his classmate, in fact, he was a little hero today that saved this trapped classmate. But he hurt his right arm and ankle." Jor-el paused while hearing Kara's gasped, "He's fine now, luckily the injures were not too damaging and we took care of it in time. Do not worry." Jor-el answered to assure his niece while touching his son's shoulder.

Kal joined in the conversation to let Kara knew that he's truly ok(well at least physically), "Hi Kara! Yeah I am really okay now after mum and dad did the first aid to me. I just felt a little tired that's all. We were just having lunch, after that I think I will take a nap. But I won't be able to walk much though so only can stay in the house for the next few days."

Kara signed in relief, and couldn't help but grinned a little bit about her little cousin's heroism. Knowing him well, she knew the classmate he saved by his life was probably some girl he liked. Back to the conversation, she put out a big cousin smile, "Well no worries, I will come over to be with you once I am free, if you feel boring."

Kal's eyes brighten, "Really? That would be great! I haven't seen you come to me for a long while now." Suddenly he felt his occasionally pain in the ankle was gone, replaced by his cheered up mood.

Lara noticed that her son was happy, she felt so grateful to Kara, "That was so nice my dear Kara. You helped him a lot, you always are. Come over anytime as usual, we'd love to having you around again." She smiled warmly.

"Thank you so much Kara, We would love to see you. tell your father and mother that we sent our best regruading." Jor-el smiled too.

"Will do, uncle Jor-el. Well I better get back to the lab to work with my father, he was trying to find out the reason of this sudden earthquake, and he requested me to assist him since he thinks I am high level enough now." Kara said.

"Sure Kara. Me and Lara are also going to do some researches about it as well after lunch. After all it may connected to our planet's fate just like 8 years ago and we need to be prepare if so." Jor-el signed but remained his clam.

"Indeed. Let's hope Rao will bless us. I am offline now. Take care, Kal, aunt Lara and uncle Jor-el. And I will see you guys later." Kara said and ended the conversation hologram.

"What a sweet girl." Lara said as they all felt cheered up now.

After lunch, Jor-el carried Kal back to his bedroom, he and Lara made sure he's asleep then left the room, towards their lab.

"Hopefully he can really take a rest, he need it. After all he been through." Lara couldn't help but said.

"Yes, of all the chaos in these past few hours we haven't really thought about what this may impact to him in the long term, or rather, to all of us. Let's just take one step a day, I am sure our son will be fine eventually." Jor-el held Lara in his chest.

"He must so scare during those 15 minutes, with the pain and the destruction,without knowing whether or not they can make out alive..what if there was a aftershake while they fought for survival? I cannot imagine..I just wished we were there with him when it happened." Lara sighed.

"I understand honey, but nothing can be changed now, and our son was a hero, he was so brave that even I myself was lack with, for that I am proud of him. Rao will blessed him as I said before he was born." Jor-el said and Lara nodded.

"Whatever will happen, we will face it together remember?" He added and kissed her in the cheek. They hugged one last time before started the research.