I've looked through the stories on this site and I haven't found one quite like this one yet. Somehow, either through magic, or through technology, or even a freak accident, our two favorite teams find themselves in Ferelden during the time of the blight. Mistaking these darkspawn for a new type of grim, they fight on, eventually ending up as the grey warden's allies in the process.

This is my first time throwing out a challenge of any kind, so I'll try to keep it simple.

the use of aura comes across as magic to the chantry.

bashing is OK so long as it is tasteful.

shipping is ok, but NO SLASH!

I don't see the huntsmen/huntresses learning the magic of Thedas, though if you could figure out how an extra planar being managed to have a connection to The Fade, then I'd love to read it.

Semblances, and Aura-I could see anyone learning to use semblance and aura as the idea is that you are fighting with your very soul. Even if you made a deal with a demon for the use of blood magic, you still have a soul to bear.


No Slash(this includes Fem!slash)-I don't really like these kinds of stories, so I don't read them.

No Smut-I'm not saying that there can't be some steamy romance, or even a good love scene, but smut takes away from the story most of the time.

No God! or Godlike! characters without God! or Godlike! enemies. it's no fun when the characters are basically gods that steamroll over everything and have no worthy opponents to challenge them.

I may add to or subtract from this challenge as I get feedback from people who take it up. PM me if you are interested.