Glee a New York Christmas chapter 4

Authors note: Artie and Blaine became fast friends in season 3 Artie was most respectful male new directions outside of Kurt to Blaine and this is my logic behind it. Remember you are in my gled universe a lot falls in line with cannon but some stuff doesn't.

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Artie was the first to wake up on Christmas morning him sliding into his chair from the bed woke Blaine up. It was a good coindence because Artie need bathroom so Blaine was able to push Artie into bathroom. The others where still asleep. When Artie was done. Artie asked,"Blaine how come you never said anything about me taking dance before accident?"

Blaine said,"I don't know yeah we talked while you waited for my class and I waited to be picked up. It just never dawned on me to say anything when we remet."

Artie asled,"it was weird seeing the chair wasn't it?"

Blaine nodded.

Artie said,"I get it."

This woke up Sam who groggily asked,"Get what?"

Artie said," It's a long story dude. Go with Blaine to get all gifts I got you from my place keys are in back pocket. We will try to explain later."

The word presents woke up Kurt and Rachel. Rachel said,"You didn't have to."

Kurt said,"She's right you know."

Artie joked,"Consider me Artie Claus. I won some money for second prize at the film festival and wanted to."

Rachel said,"Now that is Artie I'm use to one who can be such lovable goof. You must be in less pain now."

Artie said,"Yes it doesn't hurt much at all today."

Mercedes woke up and said,"That's good to hear."

Kurt asked,"Who's doing breakfast run? I'm not cooking."

Mercedes said,"I will go.I know everyone down pat but I don't understand Artie's drink chose."

Artie said,"Blame Tina and Rachel. They demanded I don't do coffee my freshman year of high school and I don't care for tea."

Rachel ruffled Artie's hair for squealing.

Kurt said,"He wasn't only one ever told that though some of us chose not to listen."

As Mercedes left somewhat confused Blaine and Sam returned with load of stuff Artie had bought them.

Kurt saw the load and said,"Woah you went nuts Artie."

Artie replied,"Nah just some stuff for my closet friends and yes I sent Mike something. It's not weird we are friends it's weird when dad buys your friends stuff."

Everyone laughed it wasn't long before Mercedes arrived with breakfast.

Artie said while everyone ate,"Sam asked get what earlier. You see one of people in this room met me before this device. I want everyone to close there eyes and count to 10 he will stand up and you will see who it is when open eyes."

Everyone closed eyes and counted at 4 Blaine opened his eyes and stood up. Everyone finished counting they opened there eyes.

Blaine said," See we both took dance class starts same studio till Artie's accident. We'd talk till my mom got me and time his parents dropped him off about 15 mintues early."

Rachel said,"Clearly not at same studio I and Kurt took Ballet at."

Artie said,"It had been long time since we had seen each other till you became his friend Kurt then later more. I guess it didn't dawn in either of us to say something."

Blaine said," The studio we went to had more then just ballet."

Sam said,"While that explains how often in Glee club stuff you two where perfectly in sync."

Rachel said,"No Sam it doesn't. They praticed is why I want to have private talk with you later Artie. It had been to long for that to happen some people can feel the music and some can't. They could which is why Artie's parents put him in dance and Blaine's mother did."

Kurt said,"I think I understand things had changed and we are all friends. But I think the subconscious memory of what happened made you two not want to talk about it. It's not like you tried to hide it but neither of you wanted to remember the accident and I know exactly what you did Blaine when you got the news I know you. It's painful memory. And for you Artie you had to adjust to being in chair and give up dream of dancing but maybe consider fact you have talent for music even if you can't dance anymore. And I know you hate negative feelings. Also it explains why you Artie where friendly with Blaine from start even though some where not."

Mercedes asked,"Why a director Artie?"

Artie said," inspite of lies I told Tina. It's something I could control and her confidence in me and 's smile made me agree to first directing opertunity. I do really enjoy bossing people around. And I would kind of like to be singer but at same time I'm not sure the world is ready for disabled singer."

Blaine covered his eyes trying not to show tears welling up it was hard memory to think about. Rachel got up and hugged Artie. Artie really knew Kurt was right and he was holding in tears you could always see when Artie wanted to cry but rarely actually let himself actually cry. However he didn't bother covering his walked over and squeezed Blaine's shoulder. They sat in silence with Rachel's arm around Artie in careful hug and Kurt squeezing Blaine's shoulder. Sometimes even on Christmas the sadness needs to be let out even if what has happened was . They where just kind of out of loop for this one. They where not in on the memory and only loved them in friendship sense. After about five minutes Artie and Blaine both burst into tears. Artie hated feeling vunerable but he felt safe in this moment and frankly it had been long time since he really cried. Of course his eyes ocasionnally watered but wasn't was very much a crier and was ok with it.

Mercedes said,"How about you two go take some quiet time then we can all enjoy Christmas together."

Rachel said,"Right now I'm not leaving Artie's side but if he'd like to cry more privately I can help with that."

Kurt said,"Ditto except with Blaine."

Sam pulled Mercedes out into hall of appartment and said to Mercedes,"That was rude. I know you are looking forward to partying with our friends but can't you see that it really hurt Artie and Blaine. It's something they never properly delt with and for whatever reason it decided today was day to deal with it. Honestly this is first time ever I've seen Artie actually fully cry he wanted to with Finn's death but didn't. He did that weird little sniffle cry like he did when he told us he was raped he cried tiny bit but not is first time Artie is crying full on crying. I think it's good for him."

Mercedes said," Sam I like you a lot and I get it but you behave so weirdly when it comes to Artie it makes me wonder about you."

Sam said,"I actually think great to see Artie actually cry in front of others. I am trying to be a good friend. You should try to."

Mercedes said,"ok I will say sorry."

Sam said,"Thank you."

They went inside and had found four sitting on couch though there where still some tears flowing. They sat Kurt, Blaine,Artie with his right arm in cast on pillow and last Rachel.

Mercedes said,"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make anything worse."

The truth is Artie and Blaine where in there own heads so they really didn't register exactly what she said orginally. Artie gave the it's no big deal wave with his left arm. Blaine said,"It's fine don't worry about it."

Kurt whispered to Sam,"They really didn't hear her orginally."

Sam shrugged. He went and respectfully sat on back of couch as he felt in this situation be rude to sit directly between the 2 but he felt like he should be near them. After about five more minutes Artie and Blaine wiped there eyes. Artie said," I really don't think I ever truly acknowledged the accident I know I acknowledged the chair but not fully acknowledged accident yeah I told people I was but I don't think I ever told myself reason I'm in this chair was because of the car accident."

Blaine said softly,"I'm sorry Artie."

Artie asked,"For what?"

Blaine said,"For not coming to see you after your accident. For not trying to remain your friend even though things had changed. Yes we became friends again later but I could've gone and seen you in hospital. I could've had tried to have my mom call your house so I could talk to you."

Artie said,"We where 8 when I was hurt don't beat yourself up about not making an effort. Even though I could no longer dance I could've made effort to go watch you. We where young. It's our parents fault for not suggesting we have play date. Look we are friends now. Look at you fiancé. Look at my girlfriend,Look at Sam and look at Mercedes. Look at amazing friendships we have plus some others we see less often. It's amazing to have such great friendships so many people to care about and who care about you."

Blaine said,"Very true Artie we all in this room are pratically family."

This caused Rachel to kiss Artie and Kurt to kiss Blaine. After 4 mintues of make out session pressents where handed out. Rachel got a necklace with her favorite princess Belle from animated Beauty and the Beast on it. Sam got a football with his name on it. Kurt got a scarf that was so his style. Mercedes got $50 Visa gift card. Blaine got three action movies and three musical movies. Lesser known movies. Everyone got bag of m&m's with there gifts from Artie with there names on m&m's. Rachel's m&m's where gold and red. Kurt's where blue and black. Blaine's where red,white and blue. Sam's where purple and green. Merecedes where pink and black.

Everyone said,"Thank you Artie."

Artie said,"You're all welcome."

Sam had moved over by Mercedes after passing out gifts for Artie. Rachel leaned over and kissed Artie who returned it. This caused Blaine to kiss Kurt who returned it. Then Sam kissed had make out session that lasted about twenty minutes till Artie's stomach growled.

Everyone groaned as fun was inturpted. Artie said,"Sorry."

Rachel said,"Guess we better go get something to eat."

It had gotten to almost 5pm thru everything that day not to mention everyone waking up a little bit later then normal. So they went out for dinner and definitely order appetizers. Rachel decided to go to Artie's place with him. Artie really wanted to sleep in his own bed but still needed some help to do somethings with the cast on his arm. The 6 weeks couldn't to by quick enough for him.

Artie and Rachel got settled on couch and where going to snuggle together and watch a movie. Rachel said,"Before we watch the movie Artie I really want to talk to you."

Artie asked,"About what Rachel?"

Rachel said,"I know you thought about auditioning for nayada but campus is not disability friendly. You have multiple interest and that's normal. See I hear you randomly singing all the time. I know you don't think world is ready for disabled singer but who says they have to know you are disabled if you just sing. See you could do songs on iTunes. I would hate for your singing talent to go to waste."

Artie said,"Thank you I will think about it. I'm glad to know you think I'm talented. You are very talented yourself."

Rachel said,"You're welcome and if you decide to I know place to record."

Artie smiled and pressed play on the movie. They cuddled together watching Christmas movies till they fell asleep on the couch.

The end