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Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Villainy

A peaceful day in the City of Valparaiso de Goias was ruined as the previously calm streets burst into frenzied activity. The cause was attributed to a nearby building that had exploded into a cloud of debris and smoke, creating a veritable smokescreen. The crowds who were within the vicinity of the decimated building was a mix between spectators, who were watching the scene with wide, fascinated eyes, and those that were fleeing for their lives. Arguably, those who fell into the latter group were considered the more sensible lot. Those in the spectators couldn't find it in themselves to leave a potential juicy piece of gossip.

A figure was flung out of the debris of the first building and into the next, most likely taking the brunt of the force. Luckily, he managed to leverage himself into a position that allowed him to land on a nearby ledge and immediately upon touchdown, launched himself back into the air while activating his quirk. Thus, saving the building. "And I had to run into a Hero when it is the first day on the job too..."

The formerly immaculate man glanced down at his own appearance and clicked his tongue in distaste. "Looks like my first impressions can end up in the drain now... " A shout rang out, which quickly diverted his attention to the rapidly emerging figure in the debris cloud. "You don't have the time to look down on your clothing, Skywalker!"

Said man, Skywalker, gazed at the very person that he had the unfortunate luck to encounter on such an auspicious day of all days. It was the Brazilian Hero Astro Blast, number one menace to all Villains in the Goias municipality. Or so, according to popular civilian opinion.

Skywalker grinned a ferocious grin, the fierce expression making his brown eyes twinkle madly with amusement. He gave a nonchalant shrug as he took off his decimated suit jacket then raked his hands through his currently messy, black hair in order to fix it into something resembling tamed. "It is truly a shame then, seeing as I spent quite a bit for this one outfit!"

"Nobody cares, Skywalker!" Astro Blast retorted angrily as his face started to redden from the aforementioned Villains casual remarks, angry at the perceived lack of seriousness. He begun charging up his armaments, aiming them towards Skywalker and announced his key signature move. "Astro Gunner!"

Skywalker's response was to smirk cockily and loosen his gray tie just as two beams of energy erupted from Astro Blast's gloved hands. "Love to stay and chat with you-"

The beams, which had almost reached Skywalker, began to deflect as it seemingly hit some sort of invisible barrier. Or well, multiple barriers, as the beams proceeded to go all over the place before finally reaching their destination: the horrified face of Astro Blast; resulting in another devastating explosion. Skywalker took that as his cue to leave the scene before things had a chance to get even more complicated and intense. "-But l have a job to attend to."

In an undisclosed location in Valparaiso, a television was broadcasting news. Specifically, it was displaying the events from earlier that morning and was the form of discontent with one of its viewers.

"Seriously!? Seriously!?" The incensed woman gritted out from between her clenched teeth. "I already have to deal with second rates popping out from the woodworks all over the world!" She was pacing up and down the length of the room, only to briefly pause and stare at the television, which was actually showing a second rerun of the incident from this morning.

"But this! This!" The brunette woman gestured angrily at the news. "This takes the cake!" She huffed as she threw her arms in the air before she resumed pacing, her bare feet slapping harshly on the ground. Her usually long and pristine hair frazzled. "I can tolerate the fact that many villains out there break the unofficial rules of Villainy. But in my own backyard!?"

She took a deep breath. And another. Yet to no avail. It didn't alleviate her temper. She was still incensed. Especially considering that she kept on glancing back at the TV, which only reminded her about her frustrations about the situation.

"Seriously! Who is this uncultured swine who dares to run amok in my city!? Who dares to flaunt their incompetence in my face!?" The Villainess took in another deep breath. "Valparaiso is no place for trash to run around doing what they want! I mean, the Hero was the one to cause the explosion! The Hero!"

"Hunter, are you even listening to me?" The Villainess turned towards her companion, only to notice his focused expression. "Hunter! Hunter! Hunter! Yowho! Hello, are you still here with me?" The Villainess waved her hand in front of Hunter's eyes while trying to garner his attention. His reply was to mumble out a distracted "Sure, whatever you say Raggy..." as he focused on his phone.

Raggy huffed as she shook her head. "You sure know how to make a woman feel special..." She said equal parts amused and sarcastic. "You know what, don't worry about it. There's obviously only one thing l can do about this situation..."

Raggy took out her specially designed Villain phone, which was definitely superior to the average phone, and dialed a number. It rang for a few seconds before the person on the other side picked up.

"Ya-hello, it's Raggy speaking." She spoke into the phone. "Yeah yea, uh-huh. Get on with it... so?... Ok Dylan, enough about that crap.l have something for you to do- Wait, what do you mean l sound arrogant!? Fine, whatever. I need you to do something for me, you've seen the news right- What do you mean, no!?"

Raggy inhaled, then exhaled. "Well, you better get to it. I want a full report on who that guy is by the end of the week or else I'll give you the fist!" She then promptly hung up her phone, took one more distasteful glance at the news broadcast-now muted-before striding out the door, while muttering under her breath about how she wished she knew the guy's name. "Are you coming Hunter? We have a meeting to attend to!"

In a darkened room a meeting was about to occur. It was the perfect room for a Villainous Association to talk. Only a minimum amount of light was allowed to enter the room via a carefully planned curtain arrangement on the South Window. In the middle of the room stood a sixteen-seater mahogany table of which a group of eleven sat around, some eyeing the fiendishly assortment of delicious snacks just waiting to be eaten. Even the mood of the room was perfect.

At the southeast end of the table a short woman with a bob cut stood up and addressed the room. "Alright, assuming that everyone is here-" She conveniently ignored the two empty chairs across, only to be interrupted by Hunter whose gaze was focused intently on his task. "We still need to wait for-"

But it seems like the bronzed woman was expecting this as she cut him off, though the damage had been done as the others started nodding in agreement. "I said assuming! Can't you distinguish the verb?" Mesmerize scoffed, irritated as she focused on the other Villains in the room in an attempt to avoid an argument with Hunter. It was a common theme between the two of them.

Except Hunter was not done. "But it's an adjective, according to the dictionary." He retorted as he briefly gestured towards the dictionary open on his phone before he exited it and opened up another app. The rest of the room sighed in exasperation as the tip of Mesmerize's ears started to turn red.

"Why are we talking about a word's placement?" Mesmerize asked, her voice slightly high and pitched with nervousness. "This is an important meeting in order to gain new freshmen!"

Hunter dutifully answered. "We still need to wait for-" His fingers were tapping at his screen in rapid motion while the guy next to him shook his head and frowned. Another person cut Hunter off this time, clearly getting impatient with pointless essay of the argument occurring. "They can catch up later, now start the meeting already!"

Halcyon, who sat next to Mesmerize, spoke up softly with glittering eyes. "This doesn't even feel like one when we don't have the principal present!" Her contemplative, blue eyes were focused on the empty spot at the head of the table. Due to the argument, a slight chatter was starting up the room as they started making plans. This caused Mesmerize to wave her comment off as she absentmindedly replied. "He ended up dying in a corner, we don't need him."

Everything seemed to be devolving. That is, until the doors of the meeting room slammed wide open. "I'm back! So what have I missed?" Raggy stepped in, her usually orderly appearance in disarray as the top three buttons of her floral patterned dress were missing. Even worse was Skywalker's similar appearance as he doggedly followed in her footsteps through the door. It raised several eyebrows. There was even a quiet, risqué comment of "Looks like someone was having some fun..."

"Told you they'd be here." Everyone's attention flitted to the ever-tapping Hunter and wondered up his non-reaction to the strange turn of events. Raggy though, was unconcerned as she and Skywalker, who was shrinking on himself, sat down on the open chairs by Hunter.

"We've wasted exactly five minutes trying to get this meeting started!" Mesmerize started as she clutched her scalp. "The. Incompetence. Is. So. Raw. That. My. Eyes. Burn!" She then threw her hands up in the air in obvious frustration.

And Hunter...

"Chill, we'll take it from the top."

... did not make it easier.

"What are you!? A basketball player?" Mesmerize sarcastically asked, a prominent frown etched on her youthful face.

"I was, in my dreams." Hunter's nth retort gained Mesmerize's attention as she did what she's been trying to avoid. She looked at him. "That was a rhetorical question! Now get off your phone so we can start!"

There was an interruption by Halcyon as she vainly tried to speed the meeting along with the same passive and kind expression she had the whole time she was in the room. And out of it, too. "So who's going to go pick up the fresh batch this year?" Her golden-blonde curls were glistening with a light that had nothing to do with the light from between the curtains, but from an intensive hair treatment. Talk about dedication.

Mesmerize harshly corrected her. "It's freshmen! Get it right! I was going to ask that even if you hadn't brought it up!" Only to send Halcyon an apologetic look as she realized it wasn't Hunter who spoke. Everyone else released the breaths they were holding in, as an awkward silence blanketed the room briefly.

Raggy did not allow it to settle. "Can't we just nab them off the street? It'd save us a ton of hassle." She diplomatically asked, eyeing a particular creamy and savory pastry on the table. Only to shrug and break the unofficial stalemate that was occurring by eating it. There was a quick shuffle of movement as the Villains and Villainesses started grabbing pastries for themselves.

Mesmerize saw it quickly to reply. "We'd be the Heroic Hassle if we got caught in that red handed!" A quick glare was thrown towards Raggy.

"So you are saying that we go undercover?" The pink haired Hunter threw out, only to scowl in frustration as he had to restart a level in his game. This question seemed to instill relief into the bronzed Villainess as she exclaimed "Exactly!" while things would start going the way it was supposed to.

"That's lame!"

Or not.

A part of Mesmerize wondered if the world had some sort of conspiracy against her, but when she glanced at the two partners seated across from her she quickly retracted that thought. The real cause of all her problems was not life in general but the dynamic duo of Raggy and Hunter. She glanced at the newbie, Skywalker, warily as she wondered if he'll join the insane bandwagon. Quite likely, considering that Raggy had seemingly got her claws in him already.

"We're Villains! We've got to add some spunk to our characters!" Raggy pointed out vigorously, gaining favor with the majority of the room with her statement.

"I'd say that this is the perfect opportunity for my gentleman side to shine." Skywalker spoke up, wanting to be a part of the conversation while he set about smoothing the wrinkles out on his dress shirt that he gained from Raggy beforehand. Only to frown when he noticed a few soft chuckles starting up at his comment. When he followed their gazes he noticed many of them were centered on him and Raggy, although in Raggy's case it was the few missing buttons on her dress. "Right, that was very gentlemanly of you..." Someone softly echoed the thoughts going on in everyone's heads.

Mesmerize ignored Skywalker's conjecture as she pointedly glared at duo seated calmly across from her. The smirk on Raggy's face was particularly smug. "Honestly, why does everyone respond negatively to my statements!?"

"Face it, you're just you." Hunter stated dismissively. The way his eyes lit up at the moment had everyone thinking that he must've passed the level.

"I said put the phone away! We're in the middle of a meeting!"

"I can't, I'm finishing up another level of Candy Crush." Hunter huffed in reply, his fingers still tapping on his phone's screen. Raggy quickly attempted to drag the conversation back onto its track. "Let's go back to the topic of kidnapping kids-" Only to be cut off.

"It's not kidnapping!" At this point, this bronzed Villainess was ready to burn everything down with the killer headache she was now nursing. "Don't you get it!? We will all end up in the slammer if we do anything near kidnap!"

"But that's the point of Villains," Raggy started sullenly, frowning at how complicated this meeting had gotten. It was far simpler to just kidnap the kids and force them to study under the title of Villains. Or Minions. Minions sound better.

"Hand's up if you agree to that statement!" Mesmerize, in hopes of bursting their bubble, shouted the rhetorical question.

"Agreed." Hunter, ever the Villain and dedicated evil partner, didn't miss a beat in replying positively to the question. His phone off and laying innocently on the table. It also started a change reaction.

"Same." Halcyon replied with a soft smile.

"Here too," Skywalker, who didn't get as to why they were casting vote, replied as well.

"Oh, so now you get off your phone!" Mesmerize muttered crossly, half tempted to pick up the handheld device and throw it across the room in hopes of shattering it eternally.

"I just finished the level." Hunter dismissively shrugged, not at all bothered by all the stabs Mesmerize threw at him. Raggy cleared her throat, bringing attention back to her.

"Then I'll go and kidnap them!"

"NO!" A collective shout permeated through the room, slightly shaking the building with its intensity as everyone shot Raggy's generous offer down. This, in turn, made her frown at the immediate rejection. "Why are you all so against it?"

"Because..." Hunter searched for the right words, his green gazing drifting about the room's ceiling before he looked at her expectant face, completing his thought. "Because you're not... really right for the job."

"Exactly!" Mesmerize quickly agreed, something which made her spine tingle with disgust, as she avoided the possibility of Raggy turning the situation around. "This is a job for someone with 'delicacy'. And 'tact, can't forget the tact..."

"Ok, fine." Raggy spit out, upset, as she folded her arms. "If someone with 'delicacy' and 'tact' is needed, then why don't you do it, Mesmerize?" A collective nod went around the room as Mesmerize considered it. "Well, l suppose l have no choice seeing as the decision has been made for me."

"Well, there you go!" Hunter gave an encore, reaching out for his phone again. "Mesmerize will do the undercover work." The room quieted, as the others finally caught up on what had happened in the past few seconds.

"Seeing as we've all came to a decision, l hereby declare this boring ass, pointless meeting over!" Raggy slammed her fists down on the table, disrupting the silence, as she stood up and made a dramatic exit. It took a few seconds for everyone to process this "Raggy always likes the dramatic entrances and exits..." before they all promptly made their way out of the room, ignoring Mesmerize's floundering.

Eventually, as Mesmerize walked out of the meeting room and into the empty hallway, dumbfounded, she realized something. Usually it was the newbie, or a Minion, who ended up with this dreadful task. It was a hazing technique or as a punishment. It was way too convenient for Mesmerize to be the one to end up with the job and there's only two people who'd do something like this.

Omake 1: My name is...

'You know the kind of guy who does nothing but bad things and then wonders why his life sucks? Well, that isn't me. Every time something good happened to me, something bad is waiting around the corner: its name is Raggy. That's when I realized that I couldn't get away, so I made a CV listing all my skills and gave them to Raggy. Now she's my employer. I'm just trying to survive. My name is Dylan.'

"Dylan, are you monologuing again?!" A squeaky, feminine voice called out as she stepped into view.

'This is my partner, Mouse. No one really remembers her real name, thanks to Raggy. She usually helps me with all the paperwork I find my drowning in, once again thanks to Raggy.'

"OH, yeah. He is monologuing again..." Mouse muttered to herself before she flicked her fingers in front of his face. "Well, Dylan. You better get monologuing on your phone because Raggy's on the line."

'Oh shit!'

*One Phone Call Later*

'So guy on news... Guy on news? Does she mean this guy?'

The news Channel was broadcasting a new headline 'New Terrorist in Valparaiso de Goias! The Stripper makes his debut!'

"A new villain has been seen terrorizing residents. This terrible man has been sighted this morning near the lingerie store. Now be warned, the following footage is not for young viewers! ..." The reporter looked a bit flushed

The following footage displayed a man quickly stripping from his suit, leaving nothing to the imagination.


'My name is Dylan and this is my life...'

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