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Omake 2: A Mishap with Buttons

Skywalker, the Villain, was relaxed. The chair he was sitting on was nice and comfy. Skywalker, the Villain, was calm. And collected. The room he was seated in had lavish, yet tasteful decorations. Today was definitely his day. Nothing was going to bring him down! Not even that disastrous start with Astro Blast that occurred this morning. Skywalker, the villain, is going to nab that interview and get the job!

The stable income that the job provided was a huge plus. What could he say? The economy was tough on Villains, and that stable income would be nice... With that money, living on two minute noodles will no longer be necessary for Skywalker, the Villain! Here comes the benefits of dirt-cheap, cafeteria food. Another fun thing to look forward to when he aces the interview.

The future for Skywalker the Villain was looking bright. Looking bright indeed.

That is, until she stepped into the room.

Skywalker first noticed the dress. It was cream coloured with various flowers plastered on it surface, but it wasn't that, that caused him to notice the dress in the first place. It was how tight it was in certain places. He gulped. Immediately averting his eyes away from the dress, and ignoring the papers in her hand that she was looking through, something else caught his eyes. But this time, he felt his blood chill in his veins.

It was her hair. Long, walnut-coloured hair that was neatly combed and free from any accessories. It was well taken care of. Yet it unsettled Skywalker. Something was scratching at his brain, a sort of painful familiarity.

'It couldn't be...No way... Please no...'

More warning bells were going off when he noticed her stance. It was a confident one. But Skywalker quickly tried to squash down the irrational feeling that was threatening to take over. After all, no one really knew what her face looked liked and plus, what are the chances of it being 'her'? In fact, the only way for Skywalker's suspicions to be verified would be if she -

"I, the Great and Wonderful Raganhildis Falkenrath, shall commence with this interview!"

-did something dramatic. 'Ah, shit.'

Skywalker inhaled air through his teeth as he watched her spin-step to - oh, so that's the underwear she's wearing today - to face him. There was little doubt now, for there was only one Villainess that was so dramatic in the Brazilian underworld and Villain World. Actually, Skywalker wouldn't be surprised if whispers of her existence has reached all the corners of the world to haunt the dreams of Villains, Heroes and civilians alike. There even was a title that encompassed the description of what she was like...

"You, lowly minion have the chance to- Wait a second..."The Villainesses' haughty face stilled, before a dark expression started to grow in its place. Forget his blood being chilled, and ignoring the shivers that broke out, Skywalker's peace of mind decided to pack its bags and exit through the door.

"You... I know you... I know you!" In the few seconds that the brief outburst occurred, outrage could be clearly seen on her face. But it disappeared as soon as it came, leaving behind a terrifying glint in her green gaze of Doom with the blankest face Skywalker has ever seen. Maybe Skywalker could rob a bank instead?

"You. Are. That. Incompetent. Scum..." Raggy gritted out through tightly clenched teeth. "You... You. Are. The. One... You. Are. The. One. Who. Dared. To. Step. Into. My. City... And ruin the reputable name of all the villains I've trained..." Skywalker's idly wondered if Raggy even realized that Villains don't have a reputable name, before he quickly threw that thought away.

"You little fucker! How dare you!" Raggy inhaled a few, deep breaths as she lowered her clenched fist.


What was that? Skywalker, the Villain, does not 'eep' or 'meep' in the face of any adversary! He spits in their face with the smug scowl of a victor. He was not a fucking sheep! He was a gentleman!

...Ok, after taking another glance at the Villainess Skywalker revised his opinion. An exception will be made with this woman... In fact, it was nothing to be ashamed of! This was the Villainess that could make any grown man cry! And she stole candy from babies! This was one of the baddest Villains out there!...

'Oh, shit...She's still talking...Fuck.'

"-you even have the audacity to show your ugly mug to me! As if I wouldn't recognize it!" That was a bit unfair, Skywalker was pretty sure he had a handsome visage that any woman would love to kiss - not that there were many takers- and make men envy - many had tried to put him out of the picture.

"Are you even listening to me?" Raggy's calm countenance finally shattered as she activated her quirk and pulled Skywalker off the floor by the lapels of his replaced suit jacket.

'Ok Skywalker. You can do this. A suitable, tough response that in no way will make you sound like a wimp. Also, do not mention her underwear. Here. How about 'Why would I listen to someone like you?' or why not try 'I don't listen to crazy bitches like you!' Yes, that will work!'

"Yes, Oh Great Overlord Fracture! Might I also state that you made a wise choice to wear those pair of panties! Such a lovely, flattering design!" Skywalker stammered out in a high-pitch tone, only to turn red as he realized what he said. 'Double shit.'

Afraid she was going to throw him, Skywalker quickly gripped tightly onto the nearest thing his hands could find- why does he feel so suddenly small and oh wrong place to grab - which was her left boob. '...Well, I'm going to die now. Officially, dead. D.E.A.D. Dead. ... Might as well have one last squeeze before I go...'

Expecting a through pummeling of Death, Skywalker started to slowly close his right hand around her left breast. Only to be surprised as Raggy's response to his outburst was completely different as she paused, tilted her head and quickly pulled Skywalker closer until they were almost nose to nose. While this happened, Skywalker's grip tightened at the same moment his arm slackened, pulling on the fabric of the dress, as it fell down. The result was a few buttons popping off the dress in a spectacular fashion, reminiscent of watching popcorn fly.

"Oh?" Her voice was eerily calm again, and it seemed like she didn't notice what Skywalker did. "You recognize me? Interesting... Maybe you aren't as incompetent as I thought..."

"Maybe just uneducated..." An ominous feeling took ahold of. Skywalker. This did not sound good. "... I guess, I'll just have to Re-educate you..." She purred at the end, a sadistic smile growing on her face.

Not good at all.

Skywalker gulped again.

A brief few seconds pass before Skywalker suddenly found himself standing on his own two feet, disorientated from the sudden movement. His daze-like gaze following Raggy as she made her way towards the door.

Skywalker, the Villain, could feel his future slipping away with every step she took. Skywalker, the villain, was not calm. He was stupefied. Horrified. Crushed. But mostly horrified. He'll have to check under his bed tonight. And in the closet. In fact, maybe he needs to move? Which begs the question, how far does one move to get away from the Fracture's Revenge?

"Are you coming or what? We have a meeting to attend to!"

Wait. What?

"Also, I only have the best taste in underwear, so of course I wear flattering panties!"

Wait. Wait. Wait... WHAT!?