They go to school and tago still feels the bandages on his back and front

''ow my shoulder hurts '' tago says complaining

''well maybe if you did not go out fighting crime in your batman costume at least you made it to the party so we forgive you you were lucky it was early man'' says mason annoyed at tago

when they get off the bus tago still has his costume in his backpack just to be safe if anyone tried to cause some havoc at school

a figure follows the principle and gags him as soon he gets in the office

''sh sh sh sh sh don't want to alarm the students now would we?'' he pulls out a gun and aims it at the principle and laughs maniacally and he has white skin and grins and keeps laughing like a maniac

all the students hear the laughter and they all run in a panic but tago runs to the roof and his friends try to find him and puts the batman costume on and he goes back in the school and crashes through the window and sees the joker

''ah batman it's been far too long and hey it's the right costume this time'' says the joker still holding the principle at gun point

tago squints his eyes and is not amused with what the joker says

''oh come on bats whats the mater don't find my jokes funny anymore?'' the joker asks tago and he shoots tago

tago scowls and lunges to the joker

''HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!'' the joker laughs evilly and keeps shooting at tago

tago is having none of it and he punches joker in the face and the joker falls down

''party pooper why did we decide to invite you to the party knowing you'd crash it?''

''enough of your games joker'' says tago walking to the joker

''oooh what fun I missed you saying that hey say another line that I missed'' the joker says and laughing as well

''ok how about I'm gonna take you to jail personally?'' says tago annoyed

''eh that was not one of your best lines darling'' says the joker pulling a gun out of his pocket

tago gets ready to dodge the joker's fire but he catches tago off guard with the gun not firing but shooting a sing that says bang

''what the hell?'' says tago confused

''oh I just couldn't resist it's been so long since iv'e done that to you''

he punches tago and tackles him but tago kicks him to get the joker off of him and he throws a couple batarangs at the joker and they fight for a couple hours

''bats you have gotten tougher in four years darling''

tago doesn't smile

''oh come on bats you ever heard the phrase service with a smile?'' says joker holding a card in his hand

''yeah you ever heard crime doesn't pay?'' asks tago

''for all the times we've met you never cease to surprise me darling'' the joker says with a wild grin

the joker throws the card at tago but tago catches the card and grins

the joker runs away but the cops are in front of him and he runs the other way but tago punches the joker making him fall to the ground and the cops arrest him

''good going batman it's really great to see you again'' says the cop who tago saw yesterday

''yes sorry about yesterday'' tago says to the cop

''no problem batman i'm glad to have you back'' says the cop to tago

''yeah no problem'' says tago to the cop

tago walks away and the cops look at tago and grin with pride