Nowhere is Bizarre and growing up is Dangerous

AUTHOR NOTES: This is my first Fan Fiction ever. I'm new at this, so I should expect what a lot of new things.

Please do not Flame too much. Reviews about Errors or thoughts of improving my story are acceptable. I will try to improve myself as best as I can.

What my story about? I think it a series, but a bit a Cartoon X-Over. Still, I will focus on is "Courage the Cowardly Dog"/"Codename: Kids Next Door". They're will be some elements of a Anime/Manga series, "Jojo Bizarre Adventure", BUT they're will NOT be a Jojo as are main character. No. They're will be Elements of "Jojo Bizarre Adventure" such as the skill sets as Hamon/Ripple, Spin, Stands and whatever else comes interesting skill in "Jojo Bizarre Adventure" Anime/Manga. Wil my Original Character or OC be able to do these skills? In time. Again, I'm new at this, but I hope I build up my character skill set properly without being god-like.

Why crossover "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and "Codename: Kids Next Doo"? I love Cartoons in the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. I will continue. Still, I watch these Cartoons and notice some interesting themes and dark elements. Why not have character try to survive this world? Let see where this character goes. I hope it not Gary Stu character, but a build up of character that has skills to survive the dangers of the Cartoon Universes I add in.

Other Cartoon elements from different show that eventually I want to add as the story goes on: "Danny Phantom", "Samurai Jack" and only "Power Puff Girls" from (1999-2005, original).

I might do a series of Stories. I'm not doing this for reviews or anything. I just read a lot of Fan Fiction stories and wanted to try to see if I could do as good as writers I review to.

Thoughts- 'Hey.'

Talking- "Hello!"

Prologue: Finding Courage and a New Home.

Kansas, Nowhere.

A rural flat town in the middle of nowhere. Flat plans of dirt everywhere as far as the eye could see on the horizon. They're seem to be random rocks jutting of the ground out like towers randomly sometime were not straight, but crooked and jagged. They're seemed to be only ONE road that ran through town and that was it. Not many large buildings were around. This town was called Nowhere, had only three stories tall at the highest and seemed to be the only sign of civilization for hundreds of miles. The stores and homes were basic cross between necessary for farmers and convenience for civilians.

They're taller and bigger buildings, but they were far from the town. Usually for corporations or military base, but let get back to the town of Nowhere.

The people seem friendly and any oddities seem to be shrugged off. Everyone has place in what they do. They seem to have small and mundane tasks of their daily lives. It recently rained, so gray clouds passed by the blue sky.

From a damp alley way stuck between a Grocery store and Hardware store, they're seem to be a little boy. The boy seemed to be a size of a large kid or pre-teen, but was wearing rough looking cloths that have not been washed and had quite a bit of holes in them. The boy looked healthy and active enough. The boy was wearing old dirty white shirt with a grey zip up jacket with nothing remarkable about, brown shorts, and very worn out sneakers with a whole at the bottom of has a small hole forming and holes that showed bits/pieces of a white short socks.

The boy had pale skin and red carrot top hair that was mess and unkempt. The hair covered his eyes a bit and seem to be touching his shoulders. If you look closely at his eyes, the little boys eyes would be noticeable brown in eye color with bits of freckles sprinkled around his face that were fading. The boy strangely had a bit of muscled on him with heavy in the upper bod and strong arms, but his legs were long and strong as well. They're was surprisingly less fat on the child, because most children tend to be a bit chubby, but this might have been hard conditions the child currently lived.

The boy was sitting between the Grocery and Hardware Store seemed to be living near a cardboard box the size of a Refrigerator. They're used blanket and pillow with stains on it. Along with Box, pillow and blanket there were some food wrappers from vegetables, fruit and cold cut bags. Some looked like junk food, but very few

The boy himself was eating a apple and looking blankly at the streets of Nowhere main streets.

A little ways from the boy in the alley way, a green pick-up truck with a wooden tailgate parked near Grocery Store sidewalk. Out came a grumpy middle aged man that was very skinny and tall from the driver seat. The man was wearing black rain jacket. Under that was green overalls and white/peach colored, black dress shoes , a brown cap and thick glasses that did not show the eyes yet you could see brown eye brows that were thin and sharp.

Out on the other side of the green pick in the passenger seat came a middle age women. A pleasant faced plump middle age women with a smile on her face. She was smaller than the man, but thicker. She wearing a purple rain jacket and a sun hat on her head. She appeared to be mainly wearing a yellow apron tied around a light brown dress. In her left arm hanged a yellow pursue.

The middle age couple seem to be heading towards the Grocery and Hardware stores direction, but each going to a different man heading to the Hardware store, while the women head to the Grocery store.

From the other side of the street heading the opposite direction of the dirty boy and middle age couple was a family of dogs.

These dogs were bit strange. Pink in fur color, with dark spots on they're backs. On they're back. They seem to be family because they're were both adult dogs and one puppy

One the adult dogs had a brown mustache and eyebrows that was very bushy and brown. The other adult appeared female given her yellow hat with flower in it, pink lipstick, yellow high heel shoes, and purple purse. The youngest was a puppy in dippers holding each adult hand. They appeared to be happy family, if it was not for the puppy crying and screaming loudly.

They appeared to be heading into a direction of Veterinarian, possible for the crying and screaming puppy. The Veterinarian building was two stories and two glass doors. It seemed that the doors were open by eager elderly Veterinarian man that was balding on top and grey hair at the side of his head sticking out. Elderly Veterinarian seemed to have grey beard and wearing thick glasses that showed the his eyes, brown and yellow pupils with a crazed look in them. The elderly Veterinarian seem to be VERY eager to see the family of pink dogs heading towards them.

Lastly, they're was man dressed up in shady cloths. A man who looked like typical and cartoonish crook out in broad daylight. A black beanie, black striped and blue sweater, dark pants, black gloves , dark shoes and some weird bandana covering his eyes so most people could not se. Well-muscled and scary looking. Looked like he had five o'clock shadow form of a beard.

This criminal character was heading to the middle age couple, specifically to the women with the purse trying to go to the grocery store.

That where things started to change. An interesting and extraordinary adventure would start for this dirty boy in the alley way.

Dirty Boy POV:

I hate rain. The jacket I have not good enough for the rain, because it felt wet.

I miss the orphanage. Why did the Orphanage had to go bankrupt?!

Why? Some weird duck with French accent robbed the Orphanage of all they're money and most the kids were taken into group homes. Le Duck? Le Foul? Whatever. I don't trust ducks anymore.

What happen with the other orphans and myself was not good. What happened? We were taken into smaller groups of Group Foster Homes by independent and licensed/trusted people.

I and three unfortunate kids, end up with a Five Foot, Eight Inch talking male cat. No joke. His name? Kat. Really, bizarre and weird how every Human was okay with a LARGE talking cat, while they were Human. Sadly most the humans and adults were okay with Kat taking us in his Motel/House. I don't even know why until later why Kat owned a Hotel and wanted some orphans.

It was to feed his beauties or pets. Kat, weird and scary intelligent feline had exotic and poisonous Spiders. Kat fed them well. With what? Humans. Apparently he had some younger spider lings that need to be fed with children, which sadly was us.

I escaped, but the others were not lucky. I was glad I did not go bed right away and was scared of are new home. A Spider was waiting under my bed, ready to feed. Luckily, with my large size and intelligence, along with a bit of fear that made me paranoid I survived. I checked under my bed, found a spider. The red and black spider bit me a once, before I squished it by tackling into the wall.

I panicked when I looked for the other orphans, but it was too late. They're spiders drained them dry and were even eating they're bodies. I thought Spiders only ate liquids?! What made it worse was Kat was looking for me.

I ran for I don't know how long. It took a whole day to get back to the town of Nowhere. I hid in the alley ways, scared and bit poisoned by the spider. I was eight years old and witness kids my age or older and younger die by are suppose of caretaker that was suppose to care for are well fair.

I passed out for a day. Probably from the poison of the spider or from wasting. I was surprised I did not die, but maybe because I was large for my age.

I stole some food from the Grocery store next to the Hardware store and slept in cardboard box's. I drank water from water fountains near libraries and parks.

Ugh. It a normal day. Grey skies, rural town with brick and wooden structures. It looked nice. The people seemed nice.

Still, the whole Kat incident did not help with my trust for strangers.

I remember at the Orphanage that they're were some weird kids. They were not Orphans. They did not walk and talk like them. Too confident and happy. Being a Orphan causes children to feel a mixture of emotions. For some reason, these weird kids screamed to me that they were not Orphans.

They dressed in nice cloths, I have not seen them before, and seem to refer to as Numbers or Numbuhs. Bad grammar they're. They were eyeing up kids for some type of recruitment, but only kids that were nine years old.

Sometimes in alley ways I watched people carefully and found some odd things.

I saw some animals capable of talking. A bizarre barber who shaved someone too much and got arrested for being crazy on a shaving spree. Flying saucers passing by every now and again, but nobody except me noticed it. My mind was blown when even where a SMALL dog in some strange dressed up in fully clothed and had a job as a fortune teller. Sometimes, this dog would curse people when they 'swindled' her or just anger her!

What scared me the MOST!? When it rained one day and puddles were everywhere in the town of Nowhere. What scary about rain? The fact that a beautiful women blue women with RED eyes lured men to the puddle. How deep was the puddle and where does this women come from. Who knows, but I know that she lures men into the puddle and when the men go into the puddle, they disappear. What scared me was all the puddles were connected to each other. How did I find out? I stuck my head into the Puddle and found out it was linked to some Underwater world. What frighten me? The beautiful blue skin and red eyed women ATE THE MAN SHE BROUGHT to her underworld world or dimension! She turned into a predator and blood colored the water with bits male human floating down!

Hell! I made sure to stay away from big puddles or at least watch them careful for thee Fish Demon women. Why did Adult Men go to her anyway?

Talking animals, animals acting like humans, random crazy people, Aliens, Magic and mysterious Portals from Puddles to another Dimension.

I went to the Library to read and stay warm to look this bizarre situation up. This was my first time self-researching for myself on information. It was all connected to the Supernatural in some shape or form. If you count Aliens as Science Fiction or Whatever apart of it. I got a headache from it all.

I even tried to convincethe Nowhere town people and police about this the creepy and bizarre things that happened in town.

The adults, teens and kids laughed or said, "Quite a story boy! You can tell some Tall Tales. Where are your family members?"

After they get to the end, I just ditched them because I don't have family or I did not want them to call social services.

The adults of social services did not care at all for kids. They were mean or just look at me as work. That was cold, even from what orphans usually realize about the world.

Sometimes, I even notice some children were weird along with Adults.

Strangers or tourist that come to town on business and transporting stuff. Kids and Adults fighting each other in futuristic or scraped together weapons that I did not know existed! It always seem like it was the Kids vs the Adults. Sometimes Kids vs Teenagers or Kids vs Kids. What stood out to me were kids had this strange KND logo on them sometimes with random number on them as well written down on their Shirts or some metal plate on them. The Adults, Teens, and sometimes other Kids? They scream about bratty kids and something about revenge them!

Madness. Madness and danger. That what I thought of outsiders from the Town of Nowhere.

Nowhere was weird Town with questionable people, BUT the people who came through were very violent as people outside town.

I may have thought of leaving Nowhere and leaving Kansas. Now? I'm not so sure.

It very frightening and hard to live. Finding food is difficult and sometimes the Cops would try to arrest me for stealing food like vegetables, fruit, bread or deli meats. There was this strong looking stock man with BIG scarlet mustache and TWO even bigger men that chased me. Luckily, I was faster and smarter than most kids. I might be big, but I can run.

I was different from the other kids, sort of a outcast. Bigger, stronger, faster, and bit smarter. What really got kids not to like me was listening to the matrons of the orphanage or teachers at school. I was first with everything for attention or learning. I liked the attention, but I hated how the teachers wanted other kids to be like me. I stopped trying to get the teachers attention when they tried to put me in in uniforms: white dress shirt, blue tie, blue dress suit, blue pants, and dress shoes. I would not mind a haircut, but I did not like the options they gave me.

I did not like or trust most people. They wanted something from me or did not hold my best interest.


I'm just watching a streets of the town of Nowhere. People passing by, even some animals. I was drawn to a particular group of individuals.

I saw a family. A family of dogs. All them pink with random spots on them in various places. They're was clearly a Mama, a Papa and a brand new baby Pup. It seem liked the Puppy was crying and the parents were concerned. I too felt concerned, but I could tell that this Puppy parents cared for they're child. That this puppy was loved, but crying because the Puppy got metal fence stuck around his neck! 'How that happen', I think to myself. This gave me a strange feeling of emotions. A positive and jealous feeling that I did not want to think about

The family of dogs walked down the street into a Veterinarians office far away from me. The Veterinarian looked a bit unhinged to me, which made me concern.

Sadly, I don't have much energy or care. Most people seem to doom themselves inside the Town of Nowhere and outside Nowhere. It was bizarre and scary.


Why is this world so dangerous and scary? I read stories or comic books about heroes, but there are none I can see to help people or stop some scary and dangerous things from happening.

As I felt despair, I heard a scream, "HELP! Someone stole my purse!"

I look to my left and see a plump middle aged women with brown hair screaming and a skinny man with a brown hat shaky his fist at the robber about to give chance yelling, "Give back Muriel purse, YOU dang thief!"

A man looking sketch, like typical crook from cartoons running away from them. Well, running to me.

I did not have much on me. Tatter brown shorts, shirt, and ragged jacket. Behind me however? I had a scary Green mask with Crazed and Menacing look to it.

As the robber came closer, I acted without thinking.

I still don't know why to this day. I thought I was numb to everything at this point, but no. I acted for some reason I can't fully explain to myself. Maybe it was the sense of Injustice about everything.

As the robber got near my alley I put the mask on, jumped up at him, and yelled, "Ogga Booga Booga!"

Stupid. I think to myself. Maybe I don't care much for living anymore or too numb by daily frightening things around.

Whatever the case, the robber jumped back in fright and screamed like BLOODY murder! The purse he had was thrown backwards and hit the skinny middle age man with the brown hat.

"Ow!", the middle age man said.

The brown haired middle age women looked at the man, possible he husband, "Eustache! Are you okay."

I did not get a chance to watch or listen anymore.

Right in front of me was an angry robber about ready to inflict some form of torment on me. I ran out the alley with the robber chasing me in Nowhere main street sidewalk in circles as the robber chased m. I looked around for any police officers, but the street was did not have a lot of people today. I decide to head to the Veterinarian building direction.

I screamed, "Help! They're a man trying to hurt me! Maybe even touch me! Help! ANYONE!" All I got was the middle age couple watching robber chase me around the street with as much concern as they could give at the moment. I couldn't tell.

I decided to try and ditch the robber given that I was beginning to tire out, so I decide to run behind the Veterinarian ally way and jump in a dumpster. I must have been too fast or the robber taken his eyes off me, because he ran past me as I sat quietly in the dumpster. I sighed in relief.

Just then I heard a roar and everything thing was shaking. I covered my ears because they hurt and open the dumpster with my head to look around to see what was happening. All I saw was a lot of smoke and fire coming from the Veterinarian roof. I looked some more, but what I saw as garbage shoot and someone yelling in fright coming from it. I was stupefied. Something was coming down the garbage shoot, not expecting anything alive to come down. It was alive, it was pink, it was loud, and COMING STRAIGHT AT ME!

I was healthy and a bit skinner than normal since being on the streets is tough. They're was no way to get out of the way from what was coming.

"BAM!", "Ooffff!", "OW!"

I shake my head and look down to something in my lap. It was a pink puppy with black mark on his back.

The same puppy that was with his mom and dad, but now they were not around. The puppy was scared and shivering with tear in his eyes, while looking at me. The puppy eyes look up at the sky and I do as well. I look what came out of the Veterinarian roof and could barely make out a Rocket or Jet of some kind. I look at the puppy that was tearing up and quietly crying as he was whimpering.

I guess that unhinged Veterinarian was crazy enough to send the Puppy parents air born or possible into SPACE! It looks like the puppy parents were not coming back.

I look at the puppy and sigh. 'Looks, like someone lost family. Damn.'

I picked up the puppy and the puppy was surprised, so he screamed in fright "AHAHAHA!" I made sure both of us got out of the dumpster and we sat down looking at the sky. The puppy, once he calmed down, huddle close to me and all I could do was rub and pet his head and back as we sat on dirt road of the alley. Both of lost and wondering what to do next.

"Oh my!", a voice called out . The puppy and I got alert and a bit panic.

We both look and I recognize the middle age old women with brown hair. She came forward to us and I look about ready to bolt. I tried standing and getting ready to sprint as fast as I could, before middle age brown haired lady called out to me specifically.

"No! Wait, I don't mean yeah any harm! I just came to thank you for getting my purse back from the robber."

I stopped myself from rising and bolting from the alley. Why am I stopping? Am I that tired. Was a month or two on the streets that bad for me. Do I even care anymore? I just looked at this women with caution, for now and waited potential as I could. People seem nice, but it could bring your own guard down.

The middle age women then looked at the puppy. "Oh dear! Are you both outside by yourselves. Where your family?"

I look at ground and I sat down where I was sitting, while the puppy next to me and the trash around us began to tear up looking up at the sky of the fading smoke from the Rocket or Jet. Nothing but silence passes between the three individuals, I realized.

The women looks at the me and then puppy in front of her with a sad smile. She slowly bends down and pets the puppy.

"My, it takes great Courage to be out here by your own. That what I would call that dog, Courage."

I look at her with raised brown and she looks back at me. She said, "What did you name the dog something else?"

I just shook my head, not trusting myself at all at this moment.

She looked at me again and said, "My name is Muriel Bagge. The man waiting outside the ally is Eustache Bagge and my husband. Now, what is your name boy and where your family."

I look over behind her and their was her husband. Her husband yelling and talking with the Cops! Where were they when all this was going down!? Are they going to arrest me, because they been looking for me for stealing food from the Grocery store!?

Strangely, even with this thought anxiety, I was so tired that I did not know if I could escape. Middle Age women? Sure. Three police officers ? No

It felt like eternity until I look at her straight in her glasses and I said, "I don't have a family. I'm orphan. My name is Bates".

Why was I talking to this women? Should I be worried about her husband? Her husband, Eustache, found some police men and now I worried the Police would arrest me for my past crimes of steal food for months now.

This Muriel Bagge, looked at me and notice that was scared of the cops. She said, "Are you scared of the police. Why?"

I looked at the ground again. My heart beating fast and now I feel like tremble. Huh? I guess I have not lost all my feelings if I'm showing this much fear still. Even the puppy notice I scared and was looking at me with curiosity.

I breathed in and out, then say, "I have no family. The last adult I was with tried to feed me to some big and weird exotic Spiders and the three kids did not make it. I been stealing food to survive so far and the cops have been looking for me for couple months now."

Muriel looked at me for a while with blank face, before sadly smiling.

Muriel finally said, "Well you can stay with us for bit. It just me and my husband live on farm a couple miles from Nowhere. It is not a big farm. We do have some Chickens and small garden for ourselves. We do have barn, but we rent that out to Trucking companies or Farmers to store they Straw and Animal feed for a certain period of time for storage. We do have wind mill to generate electricity. Maybe you could stay with us until you figure out what you want to do next. What do you say?"

I'm stunned. Nobody offered me this opportunity before. Well, that not true at all! Sure, there were creeps and suspicious people that scared me, so I just ran away. I was on the streets for so long, I think I forgot humans could be kindness. I look at the Puppy. The puppy looks back at me. Muriel smiles a bit brighter and says,

"Maybe you and this dog would stay with me and my husband for bit. What do you say?"

I look back and nod. I could not trust my own voice.

What was this women. Did I want to trust her or did I feel out of instinct that she was general this kind of person. What kind? A good person. A person you could trust , for some reason.

Muriel smiles and nods. She says, "Come on, Bates and Courage. We can go get you some supper back at our house."

The puppy was confused by the other name, but I got the idea. She named the puppy Courage. I look at the puppy and pick him up. We followed Muriel to the man, Eustache, and towards the cops.

Eustache was scowling and yelling at the cops, "You better find the hippie that tried to steal me wife purse! What good are you if you can't do your jobs!"

The shorter stocky police man frown back and said, "We will do all we can. We take robbery serious in Nowhere." Then he looks to me and says, "Alright lads, take the boy in for steal food."

I notice the short stocky mustache cop had some crumbs in his mustache. Huh? I wonder if he was eating lunch or having donut?

Muriel gets in front of me, while I hold the newly named Courage and said, "You will not! That young man helped me and my husband get back my purse. He coming with us, as well as the dog, Eustache."

The police officers and middle age men scowl at us.

Huh? Not a warm feeling at all. That sadly normal for me at this point.

The red mustache officer looked to me and said, "Alright, I will let you go, but social services will come in to check on you once this couple tells me they're address and then they will figure out where you will live. Anymore stealing and crime, you are going to juvenile hall. If worst? Prison. "

I begin to shake, feeling scared and look down. They would not put me in Prison! As I think with fear, 'Are they stupid! I'm a kid! Then again, most adults are not that smart in around the Town of Nowhere. Damn!'

Muriel says, "Well what if we want to adopt the lad. What then?"

The Police officer was surprised and said, "Well if you do, the social services will come by check out your living conditions and decide whether you can adopt this child, for the child safety. If you fit the bill, she will give you the paper works and couple of days the boy will be official yours."

The middle age man with brown hat and black rain coat now known to me as Eustache yelled, "Muriel! Get rid of that dog AND boy! We can't afford to take care of them! We are getting old and they will cause NOTHING, but trouble!"

Muriel scowled and Eustache scowled, but the police officer add some last minute information, "Of course you will be paid by the state of Kansas for taking in this boy every month until his eighteenth birthday. About thousand dollars or so a month will be given to for helping to take care and bring this boy a proper up bring. That until he a adult in the eyes of the law."

Eustache scowl turns into a greedy smile and eyebrows raise, "Works for me! When will I get me money!"

Muriel still frowns a little, but it lessen a bit. She turns and smiles at us.

She said, "Well, it looks like you boys are with us now the Eustache has reason to keep you. Come on. It almost dinner time. I could use some tea after this after all this stress. What about you two?"

The cops leave to they're car and the middle age couple head to an old Pickup truck.

Courage and I look at each other. Courage looks up to me upside down, because I was holding him to my chest with his back to my chest and arms wrapped around Courage belly to hold him. We stare for bit, then I began to walk to the old green pickup.

I said to the puppy with uncertainty and blank face, "Courage, huh? Not a bad name. At least your name does not relate to some psycho from books or TV shows like my name does. My name is Bates. That what I thought of my name when I read books or watched scary movie gave me idea for that name. I did not know you are boy though, but Courage would fit if you are boy or girl."

Courage begins to pant and giggle a little not understanding so much what I said, but felt happy as we head to the pick-up truck.

I think to myself before getting into the pick up truck, 'This world bizarre scary, supernatural and dangeorus. In order to survive, I got to get better in anyway. Maybe this new family will give some motivation. Muriel seems nice for now, Eustache seems like a jerk, and Courage? Well, we are both Orphans in this world that happen to live together with are new 'parents' it seems.'


Author Notes: Bates Bagge or the Dirty Boy is my Original Character.

My idea of this character are ideas from The Scotsman from "Samurai Jack" and a character from G.R.R. Martin character from "A song of Ice and Fire" Series or really the "Dunk and Egg" series on Ser Duncan the Tall. The character does NOT have any United Kingdom or Wales, Scottish, Irish or English accent. This character born in American, so has a American accent.

As for this Bates Bagge personality, it will develop. I'm trying to start up with humble, if not sad beginnings. This will change as a unlike group of characters will live together, bond together and possible rely on each other.

Yes, I based Bates Bagge name from Norman Bates. The fictional psychopath from the Book, movie Psycho, and TV show Bates Motel.

Logic and reality of the Universe? It based on a Cartoon. Primary focus on Supernatural or Dark Cartoons that I watched as child. I will try to add both elements or episodes of "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and "Codename: Kids Next Door". Of course, they're will be other elements of other Cartoons in this story, but most the stories will focus on this. Don't expect logic to make sense or anything. If you like these cartoons, then you don't need to think so much about.

I wanted to have a character that strong and useful. That can be beaten, but learns and becomes something powerful. Also, strangely find some logic in these cartoons I loved. I always felt Courage need help or Muriel and Eustace Bagge need help survive the Supernatural world. As for KND, I felt some things were not properly explored such as Teen Ninjas and how they came to be. That why Cree Lincoln be a re-occurring character in this story and be close to my Original Character in ways by having history with each other.