Author Notes: I don't own the Cartoons, or my Original Character powers from "Jojo Bizarre Adventure".

All I own, is Bates Bagge.

On with the story!


Bates POV:

In hindsight, Bates probably wish he could borrow Professor Utonium car. Not that he could, given that Bates was in the Townsville. A city had stricter rules on age limit for drivers and Bates did not even have a driver-learner permeant from any DMV, yet.

In Nowhere, Kansas…it was country and the law was not so heavily enforced.

Oh, who the hell Bates was kidding! The cops were crooked and he was glad that he did not bring his 2x4 pick-up here.

That giant Calamari that almost killed him, if it wasn't for the Powerpuff Girls. Looks like they were even on saving each other lives ordeal, so no life-debts or anything.

Still, it sucks having to find bus schedule and take subway to his destination.

Bates kept an eye out for the GanGreenGang, given their tags on walls and people avoiding the Junkyard like the plague. Thankfully, Professor Utonium and Powerpuff Girls gave him heads up.

Strangely, the GanGreenGang were not around and Bates had the Junkyard to himself!

"Man, this brings back old memories…" Bates mumble to himself, looking at FRAPPE and SCAMPP he made. While Bates trying to grow and improve weapons based on KND 2x4 technology thanks to Computer, Bates still couldn't help and go back to basic training. It might look like toys or scrap of junk to look like guns, but it was so much more to Bates.

It was his childhood.

He remembers his days a Cadet Next Door. Meeting Cree and dealing with strange or bizarre situations that pop up in his life.

All it took for Bates to build was some hammer, nails, duct tape and batteries; about ten to fifteen minutes was all it took to make these KND weapons. Not record-breaking time, but Bates was not trying to break any records.

Bates knew it hadn't been that long ago given that it was few months since his Decommissioning and 'recruitment' into the Teens Next Door, but it feels like ages ago.

The isolation he felt, was probably getting to him.

He could not email Cree. Computer left to who knows where. Courage was good company, but Bates would be lying if he did not wish to talk to someone else besides Courage.

Bates could not talk to Courage openly with Muriel and Eustace around. They gave him funny looks and questioned his sanity. After all the crazy things that happen, apparently talking to the family dog was what set Bates apart from being odd. Muriel and Eustace accepted the idea of Bounty Hunting along was with his powers, possibly. It rather hard to tell for Bates on what Muriel and Eustace consider normal or unusual events they dealt with. It was safe to say that Eustace was indifferent and Muriel was innocent about the dangers around them.

Don't get Bates wrong, he loves Muriel like mother and Eustance was…Eustace? They just did not talk about a whole lot stuff and had different interest that were pretty predictable for Bates that he got bored.

Courage was keeping Muriel company today and rest, given the Zombie Magician episode was really traumatizing event.

Eustace was either watching TV, reading a Newspaper or fell asleep on Dr. Utonium couch.

Just as long as Eustace was away from his Pickup, Bates was fine. Eustace always caused more problem than fix a good portion of the time.

Bates shook his head and put the KND Weapons in his backpack, "Okay, enough about that. Get the parts and get out hear."

Bates walked around, but still felt a aching feeling in his ribs. He was healed because of his Ripple Healing and breathing control. It was not much of Healing Factor, but Bates could heal his injuries from slashes to minor fractures in his bones. The ache and pain were there, but not as bad. It just took days to heal to get back to normal.

If he didn't use Ripple Energy, it would take as long as any other human being.

Bates shifted and look through piles of Junk for material he needed for Eustace Pickup. It would take a couple hours to find all the right parts. There were plenty of Car, Pickup or Truck parts to use. Monsters came around Townsville that often and Bates could see a lot of destroyed vehicles he could scavenge off parts for that Eustace Pickup needs.

That not counting that Bates had to find Auto Store to get some new Oil, but first Bates had to clean out the Oil in Eustace Pickup. It was disgusting and took a while, but Bates think it would only take couple days for Eustace Pickup to be fix and ready for the road.

As Bates put more parts in his backpack, he hopes to avoid more extreme danger that the Powerpuff Girls would consider normal.

He was not superhuman and could very easily die.

That the truth that Bates realize.



"Hmmm...I feel like something missing, for NOW!...I'm not quite bored and yet I feel like something missing." As HIM lay back in its chair and played with its customize paddle-ball in his right claw. It helped relieve the any unwanted TENSION!

"Kill.." BAM! "…me…" BAM! "…kill…" BAM!"…me…" BAM! "…kill…" BAM!"…me…" BAM! "…kill…" BAM! "…kill…" BAM! "…ME!" BAM!

…only Demongo to keep HIM company and HIM was getting bored of Demongo repeating the same words over and over.

Time moved differently in HIM realm. Sometimes time moved faster or slower. Really, it throws HIM off sometimes, but being the MAGICIFICENT Demon it was doing not have to worry about time. His realm of time could feel like Mortal time passing by normally and other times it feel like months or years within HIM realm. HIM did not have to worry about age or growing old, but HIM did worry about gaining weight and certain trends.

HIM just love keep himself in shape and staying in the latest style.

That why HIM love the twist on Santa Claus outfit he made with red and black color scheme, with high heal lady boots and puff pink fluff.

HIM has seen demons, immortals, demi-gods and gods around the millennium.

They always get out of shape or lose touch with either themselves and the current trends.

Oh wait! HIM forgot to RESPOND to Demongo.

"Let me think about it….hmmmmm!" HIM switch the paddle-ball, which was large wooden paddle with crimson energy string connected to the Demongo. HIM remember Demongo being black and blue in color; but now Demongo look a bit redder, purple, blue and black in color.











"…..NO!...why should you get a sweet RELEASE and I feel a sense of uncertainty. How that fair? Who is the wonderful HOST HERE!?...As a guest, you should consider your wonderful HOST feelings." HIM said, as his left wrist that held paddle kept on paddling DEMONGO, trying to consider what to do next.

HIM has been keeping active like crazy.

Demongo was really a BLESSING in disguise and help HIM keep busy as time passed in his realm.

Should HIM look at what happening with the Mortal World and what happening in Townsville?


HIM was not hungry or wanting to get UPSET about the idea the Powerpuff Girls doing their GOODY-TWO SHOES AND SPREADING CHEER-

Calm down! Breath in and out. Those little pest were not his concern…for NOW!

No, HIM. Don't think about Powerpuff Girls that often.


"Oh! Hey Demongo?" HIM paused his paddling and let Demongo rest on his PADDLE. With that, HIM got a good look at Demongo. Oh my!...was that TEARS! HIM could sense the tears of RELIEF and hope from Demongo that his end was coming near.


"Yessss…" Demongo replied in pain, hoping for some mercy.

"Do you know of being called Lord Pain? Not only him, but another Demon you might know name Negal. I recently found out about him from Nergal, the creature at the center of Earth, got married. I feel like a PARTY is in order…MY TYPE OF PARTYING! Also, I feel like checking up on a crass Unicorn by the name of Mary-Francis." HIM could feel a smirk coming along.

Demongo was bit of prude for a Demon. Eating mortal souls and enslaving them was good wait to saitfy CERTAIN demon needs, such as GREED and GLUTONNY! Still, sin was a spectrum of DEPRAVITY that Demons should try at least onces. HIM? He tried them all and knew what he like. Still, there was a certain craving for a certain kind of…release…Besides feeding on negativity and despair, HIM had certain…


"Yes….what are you going at? I know Lord Pain. Didn't know that creature at the center of the Earth got married. Where does Unicorn come in to all this…?" Demongo, was thankful for being a Shadow Demon or Demon in general. Healing Factors were the best gift a Demon could have…

"I was THINKING of getting some fine wine, relaxing, and having some good old GROWN UP FUN WITH FRIENDS!...All thanks to the wonderful gift of alcohol and being bored with their life…OH WHAT THE HELL!... I can spare some my secret stash just to see how LOOSE they can get…ehehehehehEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" saying all of this, HIM could not help but consider the small depravity he could get himself involved with. Not to mention an unwilling participate.

Most magical and demonic beings of the Underworld did not have care or preferences.

As long as their PLEASURE nobody cared…

…except for a prude and prideful being such as Demongo.

"No. No, no, no, no, no, NO!" Demongo was beginning to get a idea where this was going.

"Don't worry! I'll let them know the SAFE WORD, but you won't need it." HIM stated, licking his lips at the idea. To HIM, Demongo negativity and DESPAIR was rising! He could taste it and it was delightful that Demongo already knew where HIM imagination was going.

"PLEASE! I WANT DEATH! ANYTHING BUT WHAT YOU HAVE PLAN!" Demongo cried and actually jumped off the paddle and flew as fast as he could away from HIM. Only for the crimson energy string to PULL back to HIM paddle and HIM to vanquish the paddle. Demongo landed straight back into HIM claws.

HIM could only smirk at this.

Everyone had itch to scratch, but the greatest PLEASURE was HIM having someone who was unwilling and witness for what to come.

The other toys might not know what happening, but they would find out later.

Certain substance has influence on any form of creature in existence.


Lord Pain would know a NEW pain!

Ruining Nergal marriage would be TASTY! If not? Well, HIM love to corrupt and mingle with Nergal new wife.

…with Mary-Francis, HIM could only promise some peanut butter get going and crashing in his Domain rent free with access to the Mortal TV channels for free for couple weeks…


In the end, HIM would be laying back in his bed and actually enjoy watching the aftermath of it all. Sure, blame would be placed on HIM. Did HIM truly care though?



The GanGreen Gang POV:

It was nice day for GanGreenGang to just chill in their shack.

Ace was strumming some notes on his Base Guitar, dreams of making it big and being in power.

Snake, Lil' Arturo, and Grubber where watching TV off some cable they…liberated from the good city of Townsville.

Billy? He was looking at children picture books being entertained and trying teach himself something new.

They were outcasts because they're green skin and their ability to be too cool for the law, at least in Ace mind.

The others just sort of listen to Ace and enjoyed having him as leader. They had no greater dreams or aspiration. As group, they felt like they had something called a family and they did not need anyone else! Everyone looked down their noses to the GanGreen Gang, but SCREW THEM! Ace knew they were afraid. That people of Townsville was sheep and they could not do anything without their precious Society.

One day…Townsville wouldn't have the Powerpuff Girls.

One day…The GanGreen Gang get all the stuff they ever wanted and nobody would tell them no!

No more Jail! No more listening to the Rules!

The GanGreen Gang would rule and have the respect they

Ace was just enjoying the rest, but soon they would get hungry and Ace wonder what type of food they be craving foor.

It was kind of hot in Townsville, so Ace felt like having slurpy and some Ice Cream. Unlimited refills on slurpy.

Snake felt like taffy or being belly aching about taffy. Ace had smack Snake face to shut him up.

Lil' Arturo been getting tired and need a bit caffeine in his diet. Lil' Arturo always loved to drink coffee, but anything with caffeine do would

Grubber was probably hungry for something greasy meat, like hot dog and chase that down with a lot of soda. Grubber may look like slob, but his taste was expensive.

Billy? Well he has sweet tooth like Snake, but he love to eat Rock Candy candy or anything that difficult to chew. They guy loved it!

"Hey bossss! Someone in are junkyard!" Snake words broke Ace out of his thoughts of food. Ace always got easily annoyed by Snake. Why? Snake always said some stupid questions.

What should we do next?

Why don't we steal some money or valuables?

How come we don't do House Invasion to steal Chemical X from the Professor to gain Super powers?


Ace always had answers:

Let do whatever they want!

Grab the next suit or broad, then bring them to alley way to mug them!

The Powerpuff Girls would get Antidote X, take away the Gangreen Gang, and then beat the day lights out them before throwing them in Prison.

Still, this gave them something to do and Ace wanted to get some cash and get some exercise going.

"Well, let go give our vistor a proper introduction. GanGreen Gang Style!" Just the words left Ace mouth, his boys followed him. Ace taking the lead and Billy in the back. Snake, Grubber and Lil' Arturo flanked Ace sides. They were solid as unit and ready to go great this unannounced visitor. It was going to feel good to get BEAT DOWN GOING!"

"Ahahahahahaha!" GanGreen Gang were getting excited about the prospect of fight.


The shack of the GanGreen Gang house actually opened and showed their Junkyard. They saw nothing, but heard noise that sounded like someone going through metal or tossing around scraps in the Junkyard.




Snake was right, someone was in the GanGreen Gang territory. The nerve of some people! Sure, they live in a literally dump, but it as theirs!

They had to go through some hills junk. Scraps of metal, wood, and other garbage was around. It was hard to look around given that Townsville had a lot of garbage or recycling around the place. Still as they got closer they heard sounds getting closer and then they saw a familiar shape. A shape of person, that they had some memories of going out of town to get away from Twonsville or more specially the Powerpuff Girls.

Some tall ginger haired looking punk that put a beat down on GanGreen Gang and sent them back to Townsville back behind bars!

"Well, well, well…What doe we have here? Some tall Ginger teenage punk, sorting through our Junk! Hey Ace, do you remember this tall Ginger haired punk!" Ace proclaimed to his group. The element of surprise was lost for the GanGreen Gang, given the tall long-haired carrot top looked at them. The tall punk was going through a backpack of some kind.

"Yesss! He beat usss UP!" Snake answered first.

"Hehe! He hurt us and sent us to Jail! I didn't appreciate that! Hehe!" Lil' Arturo said with excitement at revenge.

"PPFFFTT!" Grubber nodded his head fast at the memory.

"Duuhhhh…Soda!" Billy small mind, remember the pain in his one eye.

"Well, Boys, I think it time to give this guy some payback!" Ace happy and acknowledging the idea of beating this tall Ginger to bloody pulp, with his right fist hitting his left palm in anticipation!

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" The GanGreen Gang laughed at the doom of their victim.

ZAP! Billy head was incased in a block of Ice. His laughing impression was made, but frozen. He fell to the ground with thud.

CRASH! Billy wasknocked down with groan, his head was frozen and he didn't know what happen, but was getting very sleepy. Billy was unconscious.

"What the-?!" Snake said surprise, as well as the rest of the GanGreen Gang stopped laughing minus Billy.

They saw Tall orange haired person had some junk made to look like rifle that was pointed at Billy in his left hand, then brought up another piece of junk that look like another piece of scrap in the shape of rifle in his right hand.

ZAP! Lil' Arturo was hit next and blown back a few feet by green energy, with Garbage soften unconscious Lil' Arturo.

ZAP! Grubber was hit next in the stomach, landing a few feet from Lil' Arturo with a "PPPFFTTT!" coming out his mouth, lying unconscious…with his eyes open. Creepy!

ZAP! Snake was hit, sent flying and landed with the other two GanGreen Gang members.

"…HOW DO YOU MAKE A FREEZE GUN AND LAZER GUN OUT SCRAPS OF GARBAGE!" Ace said, looking very surprised and shock that his boys were taken out to easy. Her barely look at those rifles and they were not made wood, nails, duct tape and some scraps of electronics! Well, Ace was not going down like this!

Ace was about to run, until a pair of large hands grabbed his shoulders. The guy was strong lifting Ace up in the air and flipping him around just so Ace could look at him, then plant his feet to the ground.

The tall orange haired man had backpack straps and those two junky rifles sticking out of backpack.

"…They are made of 2x4…not Garbage…So… you wanted payback? Because I do feel like I need to pay you back for coming out to meet me." A mean looking smirk seem to just promise pain, even if Ace didn't know who this guy was!

"Who are you?" Ace had to know! This was not just some random person! The GanGreen Gang was toughest street criminals around!

"Oh? That polite of you to ask. Bates is my name. I'll do you favor and take these off." The newly name Bates, took Ace sunglasses off and threw them to the ground.

The change from the dark sunglasses hurt Aces eyes as they adjusted, but only to see a giant pale fist that grew closer until it was all Ace could see-


-and feel the pain from the raining blows that Bates kept on punching into Ace face and body. Ace didn't know when, but Bates stop hold Ace up and beat him to the ground until he grew physically tired. Ace had a face that Bates likes to punch.

All Ace could taste was blood. His teeth moved and ached, wanting to fall out his mouth. His skin on face and torso felt like it was on fire from how hard Bates hit Ace, over and over until he was done. Ace could really use a slurpy and ice cream about now… The punches were not as painful or as bad as the Powerpuff Girls, though. Ace knew that the Powerpuff Girls held back or else most Criminals would be dead or beaten into bloody mess.

Bates? He seems to enjoy hitting Ace and giving it his all in his punch.

Ace could only close his swollen black-eye of Bates retreating figure, before passing out.


Bubbles Utonium POV:

It was fun day at Pokie Oaks Kindergarten! She got to draw and color, talk about their house guest that spending day with their friends, beat up some Monster terrorizing Townsville and came right back to school for snack time along with well-deserved nap time.

Blossom always love learning, even though she was smart enough already. Blossom knew her ABC's, learning cursive writing, and could do Math so well. A role model student!

Buttercup didn't care for classes so much unless it was recess, activities that involved being active or talking with the Mitch Michelson and the boys. Buttercup was tomboy and love getting physical.

Right now, her and her sisters were flying home to Professor! Bubbles goal was to hopefully to play with Courage!

"We are almost home girls! I call dibs on the computer!" Blossom said excitedly, probably wanting to learn more online.

"Dibs on the TV!" Buttercup love to relax a bit before playing games. Sort of routine for her.

"I want to play with Courage! Ehehehe!" Bubbles was so happy at that thought. She wanted to play with Courage floppy ears! They were so fluffy and loose. Maybe rub his tummy to get his leg moving with a mind of its own.

"Fine with me. That old guy is a grump though…" Bubbles was sure that Buttercup complain about Eustace eating most the Bacon that Muriel and Professor made this more.

"Muriel, Bates and Courage are nice people though. Remember, they are only with us until Bates fixes their Pick-up" Blossom said, when Bubbles saw their House coming into view.

They saw Eustace sleeping outside on lawn chair, news paper on his face. Good. Bubbles didn't care for Eustace that much.

Green and Pink streak of energy went through their house. Blossom went through the front door and Buttercup went through the window.

Bubbles stayed outside looking for Courage, starting with the back yard.

"Courage! Courage, come here boy! Bubbles want to play and love yo-o-u!~" She looked and saw nothing. Not even dog pop, which was strange. All they she saw was the outside toys that was okay to leave out until the rain came to Townsville.

Bubbles flew fast leaving streak of blue energy behind her to the front yard floating. Eustace was still asleep and snoring, but someone else was out there.

The garage door was open and in the drive way was Eustace Pick-up. The Pick-u- was propped up, with Someone under the hood of the pick-up. Near the grass was back pack, but strange wooden rifles put together with nails and duct tape. Even some blender and flashlight was apart of it for some reason.

"Bates, have you seen Courage?" Bubbles ask innocently.

"Uhm, No. Come-on! Stupid crappy oil!" Bates said a weird word, and sound sucking sounds of air going under near the Pick-Up. Bates had some form vaccum going sucking up the black oily gunk.

"What is crap?" Bubbles wonder and looked at the Pick-up. It was old and dirty Pick-up could need a nice cleaning. Professor always kept his car clean and Bubbles loved to clean cars.

"NOTHING!...forget I said that word. Its bad word! Somewhere a poor cute animals' ears are hurting or something." Bates said panicked, but Bubbles gasped in horror! The poor cute animal and Bates just said a word that could hurt a poor cute animal-

"Oh no, Courage!" Bubbles said out loud.

"There we go!" Bates slide out of from under the pick-up with a rolling board under his back.

Bates white shirt was cover in black oils. His hands were black and oily, but he went his way to his backpack picking out parts and going back to the open hood of the Pick-up. Bubbles couldn't tell, but it looks technical and Bates was familiar with this Pick-up.

"Okay…" Bubbles felt sad not having Courage to play with. Some tears were starting to form and she felt her mouth quiver at the idea of not playing with Courage.

Bates looked at her with a raised eyebrow, his hands were on the grill of the Pick-up and hunched over.

"Do you want help me fix the Pick-up?" Bates sounded uncertain, but Bubbles felt like she need to distract herself. Bubbles being happy only seem right to Bates and he did not want to put the blonde Powerpuff Girl down.

"Alright!" Bubbles said and she saw Bates smile a bit.

Bates asked Bubbles to hand parts out of his backpack and even container of new oil he bought at a local Auto-Shop.

A hour passed and then they decide to clean the Pick-up.

"Man! I wish I had your guys powers…" Bates was amazed and Bubbles giggled as she flew at super speed of tornado of light blue went around the Pick-Up.

Once she was done, Eustace old Pick-up was very clean!

…although, Eustace was still sleeping on the lawn chair and did not seem to notice the effort getting his own Pick-up, but Bubbles was just happy to be useful.

Plus, Bates said she was pretty quick at learning at finding parts and smart at picking up problems that Bates didn't see because he didn't have Super Vision.


Buttercup Utonium POV:

Today was boring day, which nice. Of course, she would love to fight criminals and monsters, because she was Buttercup Utonium! The toughest Powerpuff Girl. Right now, it was boring from watching TV or playing videos games from her console.

"Hey! It time for me Show!" A grumpy old man by the name of Eustace Bagge said rudely.

Buttercup gave quick glare, then just decide to go somewhere else as Eustace took over the Living Room TV. There was no good cartoons on anyway. She started to float around the house for something to do and be away from Utonium family rudest House guest. The man was not nice. If she had to pick someone to be evil old man, then Eustace was it. He had nothing to say but complain, eat and nap.

The other House Guest, were pretty cool.

Muriel was okay, for elderly women. A Homemaker and voice of reason. She was cool, but Muriel didn't click with Buttercup personality. Muriel mostly did the Housework for the Utonium Household to help keep her busy and show gratitude for Utonium family for letting them stay. Courage, the pink and cowardly dog, was alright. Never leaving Muriel side, but Courage seem to be talking to Bates.

Bates Bagge, was kind of mystery. The guy was big and strong, but he seems to just hide away from attention. He even had job at thirteen years old as Bounty Hunter! Oohhh! That the ticket. Buttercup could be awesome and cool Bounty Hunter. Making all that money and getting everything she would ever wanted- weights, punching bags, video games, and maybe new base guitar! Still, Bates seem to be focus on the Pickup that Eustace own to get fix-upand leave, which was understandable. The old man was just bad to be around and she couldn't even think what it was like living with such crooked old timer.

Buttercup kept her floating around, until she got to the den to entertain herself with something to hit. Namely her punching bag that Professor put it.

When she got to the den, she saw dirty Bates with some black oil and grease on his grey shirt, putting a hand on her punching bag.

He didn't hit the bag, but gave it a push and the heavy bag swing slightly. The punching-bag barely moved and just swayed a little.

"How heavy is this thing?" Bates said out loud, for himself and for Buttercup to hear. Not much of challenge given a Powerpuff Girl super hearing.

"Three hundred pounds." Buttercup spoke up and look to the object that she wanted to relieve some stress with. She always was on the move and love being active, otherwise Buttercup would get in trouble.

"THREE HUNDRED-Oh! Buttercup, sorry. I was heading to kitchen for some water and heading upstairs for a shower." Bates started off startled and then calmed down. The big guy was polite, better than Eustace.

"Yeah, whatever. Say, can you hold the bag for me. Usually I get Blossom or Bubbles to do it, but I don't have time for that. I need something to hit!" Buttercup was bit frustrated, about the slow day and she need to be active.

"Uhhh…okay. Take it easy on me." Bates said, a bit nervous and she couldn't blame him. Bates may have saved them the other day with Zombie Magician, but it was bad day. At least he wasn't a jerk that thought he was better than her and her sisters.

Bates went to one side of the punching bag and put his hands on the punching bag to hold and brace for the force to come from the punching bag. Butter cup got on the other side, ready to bring the punishment down on the inanimate object.

Bam! Buttercup started with her right fist. Bam! Then her left fist made contact with Punching Bag.

The bag move quite a bit and Bates got a steady firm grip on the bag, otherwise the Punching Bag would hit him in his person or the other objects in the room.


Buttercup began to relax and get into her pace, slowly getting a rhythm going at her pace. Buttercup was just getting started! Bates seem to be doing fine, given the Punching Bag swinging around and seem to be steady grip. That was pretty good, given that Professor had hard time holding the bag and certain…incident caused him to no longer help with Buttercup punching exercise.


She was in the zone! All those criminals and villains were starting to shape into her Punching Bag and every hit felt so good. Images of all the bad guys just appeared in the place of the Punching Bag, to Buttercup. She punches Fuzzy Lumpkins. Give Mojo Jojo a Knuckle Sandwich! Gifting Sedusa a Buttercup special! Her punches was rearranging HIM demonic and creepy face! She was toughest! She could hit harder than this. Kid gloves were coming off, baby!

Buttercup would later look back, that her punches were going as fast as piston engine of race car and Bates Bagge was starting to turn red from struggling of holding Punching Bag. Sweat was forming on teenager body and Bates had no choice, but to use some Ripple breathing exercises to give him more strength. He could barely hold onto the bag.


Bates body glowed yellow and had more strength to hold the Punching Bag.

Too bad, Bates wasn't ready for Buttercup intense exercise or how much more power Buttercup could put into her punch.


"Grrrr-AHHH!" Buttercup just thought of all the creeps and villains that mad her so mad she had to cut loose with finisher.

BAAAAAMMM! SNAP! The strap connecting Punching Bag to ceiling and Punching Bag went flying!

…with Bates Bagge along for the ride.

CRASH! Bates Back hit a wall in the Den, near a door way. Creaking cracks and large imprint of his body indented into the wall. Bates couldn't even scream, because Buttercup hit the Punching Bag so hard that even Bates air was knocked out him. It was getting hit by moving vehicle going 50 miles per hour.

Buttercup saw this, rage on her face replace with concern.

"I'M SORRY! Bates are you okay?" Buttercup concern voice was excitable and scared. She didn't want Bates hurt, but she didn't want to get with Professor.

Buttercup saw Bates push the Punching Bag off himself and slowly get out of the wall ident of the Wall. Bates gasp for air and took a knee. Breathing in and out, before raising a hand with thumbs up and speaking…

"Yeah…I just need that shower, now…" Bates wheezed out.

"Well, you did better than Professor. I forgot your not as strong as my sisters…." Buttercup scratched the back of her head and look to embarrassed.

"Hey. As long as those punches go to the people that deserve it, it okay! Plus, I could say something like stop. You did good Buttercup and your very tough girl." Bates gave Buttercup a slight smirk before dusting off dry wall himself.

"Buttercup!" Professor voice came out, sounding concern.

"Oh my! Are you alright Bates?" Muriel voice came in as well.

They came in on the other side of the doorway of the Den, Professor shaking his head. Buttercup hope Professor wasn't too mad. Muriel, seem to be less worried and just asking if Bates was okay with everything.

"I'm good. My bad Professor! I'm sorry, I guess I misjudge the idea of how strong Buttercup could punch, err, Punching Bag. I think she needs a heavier bag.." Bates said, trying to show being punch into a wall with Three-Hundred-pound Punching Bag was nothing. Buttercup could see Bates body language was pretending he was okay, but Buttercup could tell he was breathing hard and seem to rub his chest with his large left hand.

"That okay Bates. Go clean up. I'll give call to fix the Wall….agian. I'm glad I have them on speed-dial." Professor said with tired voice and leaving the Den, Muriel following behind.

"Let me make some tea for you, to get over the stress". Muriel left soon after.

Buttercup was surprise how easy Muriel let her off without any punishment; she was absently floating before large hand ruffle her head.

Most the time, when Buttercup was too rough, she got into trouble. She did not mean it, but it happen a lot. That did not mean she like getting in trouble…

"Good job, Buttercup. I got train up more to get as tough as you." Bates said, with smile and then Buttercup got funny feeling with Bates ruffling her hair. That dopy smile and wild straight orange hair look different. Along with the slight freckles on Bates face seem to stand out. His large hand felt heavy, callused and rough; strangely friendly and warm. A funny feeling, she like and didn't like. Sort of remind her of the funny feeling she had for Ace with the GanGreenGang. Something the Buttercup didn't ever say out loud to anyone, including her sisters….

…a crush….

"You okay?" Bates said, making Buttercup realize her head was hot. Bates remove her hand and seem to be looking straight at her with concern. She realizes she must have been staring for to long.

"I'mgoodgottogobye!" Buttercup felt embarrassed and flew as fast as she could out of there!


Buttercup was glad she could fly and move at super speed. She didn't want Bates to see her blush…

Ugh! She got crush…Again!


Demongo POV:

Something was going on. HIM did not torture or hurt Demongo in a few hours, which he considers a blessing in disguise. Demongo could take this reprieve to heal and hopefully not deal with HIM using him for sport activities, a stress ball or go in random bits blinding rage when something good happens in Townsville. HIM, was being he could not predict.

Even he, Demongo, knew that he was hostage until HIM was done with him.

For what end thought? Demongo had no clue.

Most demons would continue to torture their enemies, either personally or having something amusing to watch as their enemies suffer by torturous devices they might have on hand. In the Underworld, their was Market on torture devices, sometimes having fifty percent sell off to get rid of old products and bring out new torturous products.

Not HIM though.

For the last couple of hours, HIM spent most of his time calling on his phone. Talking, laughing and having some strange glint in his eyes. Demongo thought it was hunger, but something else. Something familiar and unfamiliar that Demongo had encounter in the Underworld, but for his eternity he could not remember.

Demongo did not dare get close to HIM, so he could not hear what HIM was plotting or talking about.

HIM hung up his phone.

"They should be hear soon, I better get PREPARED!" HIM stated, going to parts of his domain that Demongo did not know or care about.

He was stuck her with that HIM, until HIM devoured him or Demongo freedom himself of HIM Domain or…if HIM let him go….


Random demons begin to appear in HIM domain. Demongo could not tell what genders and creatures they were. Random humanoid creatures to quadrupeds and…is that female human?

"Oh, goody! You are all HERE! I have itch that I can't SCRATCH on my own!" HIM said, the strange look on HIM gave Demongo shiver of fear…something unspeakable.

"I CAME HERE FOR PAIN! So who better to do that then you, the Cruelest of Cruel!" A man in metal medieval helmet spoke up, his body tattooed with various images of death dedicated to the Grim Reaper… Demongo wish to know why the man was in black leather BDSM shorts that sent Demongo bad signals.

"Remember I don't have a SAFETYphrase or word, you got that Lord Pain?" HIM spoke, which Demongo begin to realize was in his own BDSM outfit that was corset, bra and panties..

"Oh, no. No, no, no…" Demongo was getting horrifying realization.

"Your sure I'll like this, Nergal?" The human female spoke, with large nose and in her own suggestive BDSM outfit. She held a leash connected to Supernatural being that Demongo thought was myth!

"Why of course, Honey! You wanted to spice up our marriage and learn my cultural roots as Supernatual being. This way we can mix the fun of learning with pleasure!" The being from the center of the Earth spoke, on all fours like Earth mortal animals they call dog. Before putting…a red ball strap to his mouth and mask on his face with BDSM mask covering his face.

"….no. no. no. no. no. No…" Demongo begin to chant in fearful mumble to himself. He was still healing and his small ember form. Demongo need to find a place to hide from this….HORROR SHOW!

Demongo hunted for Mortal Warriors and power! He was greed and glutton, but Demongo had lines that he did not cross!

"Where the unwilling participate that we can have….fun with. Eheheheheheheheh!" Some random demon said, in crowd of other demons in BDSM outfits of different styles and presence for who identified were dominant and subservient.

"Oh! I almost…FORGOT…about little old Demongo." HIM spoke, before nasty smile and glint landed on Demongo, before the shadow and fire demon could hide.

HIM Lobster claw grab Demongo. SNAP!

Demong round, chibi form was caught at HIM mercy.

"Ooh! Let use you to light some CANDLES! It going to get musty so they are scented and are good for our ACTIVITIES…ehehehehahahaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" HIM begin to laugh, while going around the his Domain where the…HORROR would take place!

They started to foreplay before someone put on music, Total Eclipse from the Heart, lyrics begin to play. Whips were drawn out and demons shape shifted in various animals or humanoid animals, getting ready for something HORRIFYING UNSPEAKABLE FOR YOUNGESTERS!

Every now again, then I get a little bit lonely, and Now your coming 'round-

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!" Demongo scream was heard through HIM Domains, as HIM smirked and had saucy smile, with the…sounds of the background becoming louder and horrifying

Yet Demongo scream could be heard, slight out of the Underworld many realms and…


Blossom Utonium POV:

"Did you hear something?" Blossom ask Bates, who was sitting on the couch with his metal prosthetic legs off his body for drying and oiling up. Bates told Blossom he had maintain his feet or sometimes they would have chances of rusting over time. It was odd seeing his metal feet separated from his…stumps, until small untangle sound of "No~!" could be consider whisper in the wind.

"No." Bates said, as he got rag to wipe the metal on his prosthetic feet. Blossom was too busy to notice, given her attention was how much care Bates put into polishing his prosthetic feet.

It was hard to tell for Blossom, given her super hearing. She looks at the Powerpuff Girl Hotline or try to hear from the room, but several moments of silence pass without sound besides Bates working on his feet.

"I guess it was nothing, so can I ask a question?" Blossom looking back at her focus, Bates feet and shin. It was morbidly curious about Bates past injury that would normally crimple someone to do fewer active duties besides Bounty Hunting, but her scientific curiosity of the cold metal and steel in Bates hand could not be contain.

"Sure." Bates said, inspecting his work.

"Did you make your own feet?" Blossom said, curious and little exciting.

"Well…not all on my own. It was idea I had, while having some more intelligent people who finish up the ideas of my prosthetic limbs. The sole of feet, was original part of idea for boots or shoes to have Jet Shoes. When I lost my feet, I had help from my…Computer who made what you see today. I had kid look at it, but the prosthetic was rough looking and used 2x4, with random bunch of junk metal." Bates response was truthful, something Blossom like. Still, it was odd that thirteen-year-old had this idea of Jet Shoes, but somehow had connections with people to make such advance accomplishment in science in prosthetic.

It was not perfect. Blossom notice every so often, Bates would reach for his feet to scratch for few moments before pausing. Then his hand would leave his feet alone.

"…Do you still feel your feet?" Blossom cautiously ask. This was touchy subject that could make Bates angry.

"Sometimes. I think called Phantom Limb syndrome or something. Sometimes I feel a itch or my foot fallen asleep. Other rare times, I feel little pain near my toes. It takes a while to get use to that." Bates said, before reaching in his backpack. It seems Bates use his backpack a lot, though his Sword was put in the corner of the Living Room near his reach.

"You might want to leave, Blossom. This is going to be painful for me and I do not want to traumatize five-year-old girl. When I put my legs on, it not really pleasant feeling my nerves connect with my prosthetic feet…" Bates said, looking at Blossom.

What could be more traumatizing then destroying Monsters and dealing with Criminals? It was sweet of Bates, but Blossom could handle anything! She was leader of the Powerpuff Girls!

"That okay! Plus, you might need help." Blossom said, hovering to side of Bates Bagge.

Bates look at Blossom for a moment, but just shrugged and decide to get this over with. Blossom wonder how painful could it be?

"Alright, but Black Betty going to do most the assisting. Only help when I call you, okay Blossom?" Bates said.

Blossom only nodded and got a confident look on her face.

Blossom watch as Bates ruffle into his backpack for piece of- cloth and wood? It seems like that item was what Bates was looking for.

"Alright…now for worst part. Black Betty!" Bates called and the ghostly four arm women appear. Blossom was strangely fascinated that the women should muscle tissue and parts bone joints, but had clothing that cover up the ghostly women. It was strange that this- Stand? Seem to have various degrees of dark coloring, but red and orange coloring it. It almost appears like the Ghost was swimming in the Air around them, because the ghostly women hair flown from her head in every direction.

Blossom just watch to see what would happen. Ready for anything, if she was ever need!

Bates got on empty section of the Living Room floor carpet, away from anything valuable or breakable. Blossom watch as Bates put the wood and cloth in his mouth. Black Betty carried one Bates Prosthetic feet to him, not bothered and parts of her body fading where only her upper body existed. 'What was big deal?' Blossom could not help and wonder

Blossom could not figure out, until she got her answer.

CLICK! Black Betty connected his right foot to Bates, where Blossom heard muffle cry of pain, "mmmmMMMMMPHH!" It sounds painful, and Blossom could see Bates restraining his body as best as he could, with his fist clenching the Carpet so hard in the Living Room that Blossom thought he would rip it out; only for Bates to let go and clench his fist until his knuckles turned white.

"Do you need any help?!" Blossom, panic at this moment. Her only response was Bates holding his left hand in a STOPING motion and then left hand shift it to thumbs up. She did not believe he was okay, because Bates had work up a pain sweat.

The Bates focus on the ceiling, before Blossom notice Bates right hand gesture to ghostly Stand known as Black Betty.

CLICK! Black Betty connected Bates left foot, which cause another muffle cry of pain, "mmmmmmMMMMPPPHH!" Which was hard for Blossom to watch, but she did not turn away until Bates pain went away and took out wood and cloth out of his mouth.

With a huff of relief, Bates spoke, "…sorry about that, but I wanted to get that done. The more I delay it, the more likely I would be reluctant on doing this….nothing more painful than connecting human nerves with certain circuits to my Prosthetic Feet…" wiping his forehead of sweat.

"It's o-okay…" Blossom hated when people where pain, but none of her powers had much to do with healing. It was feeling of helplessness that got to her the most, when dealing with challenges should could not solve or fix herself.

"I like to think it helps my pain tolerance, but I hate doing this. Luckily, I do not have to connect my feet too often and make sure my feet are oil and maintain every couple of months. Usually I do this at home, without anyone, but with fixing Eustace Pickup…" Bates said, whipping sweat off his forearm. Blossom could tell that Bates look guilty, with his frown.

Moments silence passed. Blossom was about to speak, before she smelled something in the air. Bates sniffed something in the air and smile.

"Looks like Muriel cooking some good food. I hope she laid of the vinegar, but it starting to grow on." Bates declared, which cause Blossom to look less hungry. Muriel was a great cook for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; it just that Blossom did think she like the taste of vinegar.

"Let hurry up, before Eustace eat everything. You better get your sisters and Professor. The man seems to forget when he needs to eat regularly." Bates stated, which Blossom smile at. It always seem like the teen seem to care about other people and knew that Eustace tend to over-eat too much. Blossom was surprise that the old man wasn't overweight by now.

"Okay! Oh, is Eustace Pickup going to take any longer to fix?" Blossom hope this was not rude question.

"Almost. I just need to go buy oil and test out the Pickup to see if it road worthy, before we go. I thought it would be worse, but I think we might leave by afternoon or tonight. Thanks for being so neighborly, you and your family, Blossom." Bates said, with true smile, before licking his lips in hunger.

Blossom just nod, before flying off.



The next day!

General POV:

The City of Townsville was busy as usually, from Heroes to Villains!


The GanGreengang! They were robbing, eating food and terrorizing anyone who came near the local Convenient Store near a Construction!

Various GanGreen members enjoyed certain snacks of leisure, while the cashier was terrified and huddle under the counter-top shaking in fear.

CRUCH! CRUCH! CRUCH! Big Billy was eating Hard Candies from Rock Candy to Suckers and other brands of Hard Candies children would normally take time with such a treat, but Billy was eating large amount that would be make most humans sick.

MUNCH! MUNCH! MUNCH! Snake was enjoying various Taffy. Not to much compare to their large and slow Cyclops member, but Snake was enjoying his Taffy like their was no tomorrow. Stretching it out and enjoy the hard/flexible candy.

CRUNCH! MUNCH! GLUG! ~BURP!~ Grubber was eating Hot Dogs, Burritos, Burgers, Tacos and Pizzas; while washing down with various brands of Soda. Grubber would eat and drink so fast, but then belch out for breather before eating and drinking again!

SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! Lil'Arturo was drinking large amounts of Coffee, while shuddering and twitching from all the Coffee going through his system. Lil'Arturo was drinking down the whole Pot of Coffee without a care in the world!

SLURP! LICK! CRUNCH! SLURP! Ace, their leader, was enjoying various cold snacks. From Slurpies to Popsicles and Ice Creams, enjoying the craving he has been wanting to satisfy for long time!

Most Citizens of Townsville avoid it like the plague, waiting for their heroes to save the day.

Meanwhile, Bus dropped off large orange hair teenager with a unusual pink dog, near the Convenient Store where the GanGreen Gang was having their junky and unhealthy feast.

"Well, now we got to wait for Bus 48 to pick us up, that could be a few minutes or longer, depending on traffic." Bates Bagge said to his companion, Courage. The Teenager was carrying a Backpack with his Sword and two makeshift rifles that look 2x4 technology. In his right hand, was Bates reading off the bus schedule. In his left hand, was a container of Oil for Eustace Pickup.

"Bates. I'm thirsty." Courage said in complaint, enjoying the trip they came from. Bates had to buy new Oil for the Pickup and had to buy the Oil from Auto Store in Townsville.

The Oil was all they need to fix up Eustace Pickup, with possibility for Bagge family leaving today. Especially given Eustace impatient and missing his chair.

Courage wanted to come, enjoy possible their last day in City. Still, the City heat was stifling for dog from Kansas and Courage need to cool down.


Bates and Courage notice the Powerpuff Girl Rainbow color auroras Pink, Light Blue and Light Green flying above them and towards them heading towards-

PEW! BOOOOOM! The Powerpuff Girls went into the Convenient Store, which was behind Courage and Bates bus bench.

"OOOOHH!" Courage howled, nervously and shaking in terror. Courage got so scared he hope on Bates head in hug, eye wide enough to see the blue veins around his corneas.

Bates look towards at the Convenient Store, as best he could with Courage trembling body shaking his head, before speaking up.

"Do you want to see if the Convenient Store has something to drink? I'm pretty sure the Girls got this. They can stop Monsters, so a couple criminals at Convenient Store would be like couple flies being swatted out of annoyance..."

Courage stop shaking, when Bates slowly got his large hands on Courage body, and set the pink dog on the Bus Bench. Bates look at Courage, waiting for response.

All the pink dog could do was sigh and reply, "…Okay. Your right. It should be normal criminals against a three young Super Power girls. Also, I'm a lot thirstier now that panic attack. Maybe they could give us ride back to Professor Utonium home? I hate the City bus schedule…"

With that the Tall Teenager and Pink dog head to the Convenient Store for something drink and to check on the Powerpuff Girls.

BAM! Big Billy was punch in his large round gut by blue streak of energy Bubbles energy barreling into him. Billy was slammed into the wall. CRUNCH! Bubbles smirks at her work.

WHAM! Buttercup picking up Snake like baseball bat, smacking him on the ground, and picking up Snake to her other side for-WHAM! meeting the ground once again.

WHOMP! Blossom giving Ace a upper cut, with piece of teeth and blood/spit coming loose.

Buttercup grabbed Grubber, while Bubble lifts up Lil'Arturo and tossing him towards Buttercup holding Grubber. Grubber was baseball and Lil' Arturo was ball, meeting each other make. CRACK! There skulls crack against each other.

On and on, the Powerpuff Girls were on the GanGreen Gang like hellish rainbow-colored wasp- taking apart their enemy.

The Powerpuff Girls had everything under control, so Bates and Courage slowly moved around the Super Girls beating up the Green Thugs. It was difficult with broken glass, debris and various goods that the convenient store had on the ground- open, destroyed or maybe still can be used to sell.

They got to the counter, notice a interesting Slurpy machine that they could buy. Courage pointed Bates to that with interest, while Bates understood. Maybe Bates could try a Slurpy. Bates love to drink water and juice occasionally, but he could not stomach soda that well because it was too sweet or bubbly with carbonation.

"Hello? Can we get some service? I know that this could be a bad time given you were getting rob or convenient store being messed up and all…" the more Bates open his mouth; he was starting to think this was bad idea. How would employee react to Bates asking service during this personal time of crisis?

Suddenly, a work that was cowering under the counter having nervous break down came up and seem to find some strange sense of courage and duty.

"Hello, sir. My name is Larry, how can I help you?" The Convenient Store employee spoke and Bates got good look at him. A slightly tanned skin man, very skinny in a blue shirt that had his name tag spelling Larry, in bold. His head was large and had shaved head with five'o clock shadow. Some sweat was beading off Larry head, but he seems ready to help serve Bates and Courage.

"Yeah, could we have some Slurpies? I'll buy two." Bates said, while Courage waited patiently.

"What flavors would you want? We have Stratosphere Strawberry, Mesosphere Blueberry, and Troposphere Green-Apple. We also have Tri-Goblet Slushie cups, by paying extra you may try all three of these wonderful flavors and saving money along the way!" Larry, speaking quickly and professional, while trying to not look at the local heroes beating up well known criminals in the Convenient Store.

"Courage?" Bates ask his pink companion, ignoring the weird look from Larry he got.

"I would not mind all three. Do you have enough to pay?" Courage replied.

"Yeah. I got enough, along with emergency gas money if Eustace runes out money." Bates response, before speaking to Larry "Will take two with all three flavors."

Larry got to work with getting Tri-Goblets and getting the flavors from the Slushie Machine. Few moments later, Larry got big cups of Slushie filled Tri-Goblets for Bates and Bates gave Larry the correct amount money for the purchase. Larry then hand Bates the straws for each flavor.

Larry went back under counter, getting right back to his nervous breakdown.

Bates handed Courage his slushie, then both drinking in bits different flavors as they watch the Powerpuff Girls at work.

Suddenly, all three of the Powerpuff Girls went into triangle formation, with the GanGreen Gang in pile. Eyes lighting up up with various energy that glowed red. The energy powered up in the girls eyes until.


GanGreen Gang floated off the ground, bruised and broken, energy heating up around them. What everyone did not notice, a strange chemical reaction was happening GanGreen Gang and the Heat Beam Eyes that Power Puff Girls were powered by Chemical X, which Radiated through the very beings of GanGreen Gang bringing a….change within them.

Batles and Courage just watch the light show, with Courag bringing out Sun Glasses to cover his eyes and Bates only use one his hands to cover his eyes from brightness. Both drinking their surprisingly tasty Slushies. Not too surgery sweet and just icy enough to take their minds off the heat.



The GanGreen Gang plops to the ground, while the Power Puff Girls Heat Beam Eyes powered down.

"Ooooohhhh…" The GanGreen Gang moaned in pain, besides from the super powered beating they gain, their stomach and intestines were in groaning in pain from the chemical changes from the food and Chemical X radiation spreading through out the system.

"…I do not feel good…" Ace spoke out, what all the GanGreen Gang felt.

"BATHROOM!" The GanGreen Gang declared, surprising the Power Puff Girls, Bates and Courage from the beating they got. Whatever energy or pain tolerance that the GanGreen Gang had, the criminal went to the Port-a-Potties near the Construction site of new building of Townsville.

"What the?" Blossom ponder out loud.

"Don't those guys need Ambulance and Cops to move around, after we get done with beating them into pavement?" Buttercup said, crossing her hands.

"That was weird." Bubbles said, in concern.

"Are you girls letting your them use the restroom? Why didn't you guys keep beating them up?" Bates said from safe distance.

"Have you beaten up someone so badly that they accident to in their pants, Bates?" Courage said, with Bates giving him a nod in confirmation. Courage reached, "Ugh! That foul.." and Courage went back to slippering his Mega-Slush.

As far as Bates Bagge was concern, if the enemy or person he fighting having trouble during a fight, then that is their problem. Not Bates Bagge problem.

"They usually don't get back up. Plus…we do not like the idea of beating up criminals until they have…accidents. Buttercup learn that the hard way." Blossom spoke to Bates.

"Ugh! That just ruins kicking the bad guys butts when they…Ugh! Did you have to bring that up, Bates?!" Buttercup still had bad memory for that.

"That just so dirty…" Bubbles said, with her face scrunch up.

A few moments passed, before GanGreen Gang came out the Port-a-Potty with some surprising changes.

"Ohhhh. I'm not feeling g-good. I-I'm F-F-Freezing!" Ace spoke out, with his skin going from pale green to icy-blue hue in color. He then moved away from his Gang to one side the street and sneezed!

SHhhhhh! A could blast of Artic Air hit the street, freezing couple yards and some vehicles.

"Oh no…" Bates spoke up, seeing what was happening.

"AAHHH!" Courage actually screaming and shivering in terror at the display of power by the Ace.

WHOOSH! Lil'Arturo dashed to his boss, but stop short of the icy street in Super Human fashion.

"Look boss! You froze the street!" Lil'Arturo seem to appear right next Ace side, with surprising speed. Almost like he teleported.

Errrrrr!Snake kept his feet planted near the porta-potties, but his right arm and leg stretched to his Leader.

"Do you need a Hackie, Bossss…" Snake gave Ace a blue cloth hanker-chief.

WHOOSH!Lil'Arturo Super Speed dashed back to Gang, then dashed back to his boss WHOOSH!

"Haha! Boss, Snake super stretchy! Oh, and take look at Big Billy!" Lil'Arturo said with happiness and excitement, full of energy than what he normal acted like.

Ace followed back to his Gang, with Snake stretching back with Errrr! To a taller and lanky self than what Ace remember.

"Daaahh, I feel heavy and taller." Big Billy said that, while looking at his new Rock Hands and legs. He did grow taller and bigger, with his cloths stretched out around his once Round and Soft Flesh into Grey Rocky color. Only Billy Hair and tooth stuck out to be the same.

WHOOSH! "Hahaha! Billy a Rock Man, like from that Comic!" WHOOSH! Lil' Arturo dashing everywhere around proximity of the area, both Bates and the Powerpuff Girls barely seeing images of where Lil'Arturo stops briefly before running again.

"Woah! Hey Grubber! You feel any different?" Ace looked at his last GanGreen Gang member, who looked like the same Non-verbal Hunchback that he remember. Ace got his answer when Grubber turned to away from his Gang towards the other side of street.

BBBBUUUUURRRRRPPPPPPPPP~! A red shock wave of Sound broke around glasses, warped light posts, cracked the street and turn Cars over that was near by on the roof of the Cars.

"…That just gross…" Bates could looked sick and fascinated how long the Hunchback actually burped and how damaging the power was.

SPLAT! Courage jaw dropped his Mega-Slush down. SMACK! Also, Courage unhinged his jaw with teeth falling out. This was not happening….PLEASE LET THIS BE A SUGAR RUSH DREAM FROM DRINKING HIS SLUSHY!

"Courage, hold my Mega-Slush and the Oil. This might get ugly…" Bates handed his Mega-Slush to Courage and the new Oil for Eustance Pick-Up, before reaching in his backpack for his 2x4 Weapons. Bates did not want to take his Sword out for this, given he did not know how effect his Melee weapon would be against the more Superpowered GanGreen Gang.

"What the?!" The Powerpuff Girls were surprised, speaking chorus about witnessing the trouble making GanGreen Gang gaining their Superpowers.

"Well, Well, Welly-Well, Well! It looks like the Tables have turned!" Ace proclaimed excitedly, knowing that they could take on the Powerpuff Girls and get revenge on the tall Ginger punk who arrested them and even had the gall to actually go on their territory without paying the Toll to the GanGreen Gang!

Bates Bagge, did not waste any time and just pointed his FRAPPE in his right hand and fired at the GanGreen Gang leader.

ZAAPPP!Ace body began to be frozen solid, with the exception of his head.

"Oohh! That cold! I did not know the Ginger Punk could be such a cool guy! Still, I'm the coolest around!" Ace proclaimed with his cocky smirk.


Ice surrounding Ace was smashed by his new resistant of Ice and possible Super Strength, broke the Ice Prison surround him.

"Oookkay, we have an Evil Ice-Man that immune to Ice. My bad, I should know that would not work." Bates spoke loudly, hoping the Powerpuff Girls hear him, if anyone of them had Ice Powers.

"Yeah, I know. Try it on yourself!" Ace spoke and his left hand pointed at Bates.

FWOOOSH! Ace shot at Bates right hand, holding the FRAPPE and the 2x4 weapon was instantly drop.

"AAHH! Why does it burn?!" Bates cried out, his right hand was incased in ice, having dropped the FRAPPE the moment the shocking cold made contact with his skin. Bates forgot at very cold temperatures that sometimes surprise at the Artic Base of the KND, that it felt so intense that the cold weather felt hot. Uh-oh! Was the Hyperthermia or Frost Bite?!

"BATES!" The Powerpuff Girls said, with the Fight now officially starting battle.

PEW! PEW! PEW! A rainbow of Blue, Green and Pink charged at the villains.

The Superpower GanGreen Gang came charging as well.

WHOOSH! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Lil'Arturo reached Bubbles, greeting her with barrage of Super Fast punches the Blue Puff was not ready for. It did not hurt as much as regular punch, but the relentless barrage keep hitting over and over again was stunning and adding up the damage that would knocked out normal person by now.

BBBBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPPPP! Buttercup was hit at full force with disgusting pull Sound Blast of ranched breath coming at her. The Burp stopped until, Errrrrrr! SMASH! Snake stretching powers in enlarged his hands to make giant fist to smash Buttercup into the Street.

Shhhhhh! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Blossom dodged Ace Ice Blasts, but then the GanGreen Gang leader started shooting Ice Shards held her in place. The Ice was hard and sharp, which would have stabbed and cut person to death at this point. Blossom would wait for Ice tire out….Why was there massive shadow over her?- CCRRASSSHHH! Blossom forgot out about Big Billy, who new and improved version of Super Strength held a Titian like strength smashing Blossom straight into Building.

ZZZZZZZZZZ- CRACK!- ZZZZZZZZ! Bates focused his Ripple into his right hand, Ice having melting and cracking in the Yellow Light before SMASH! The Ice broke, while Bates numb hand was filling with warmth and blood circulation filling out his hand.

Bates flexed his right hand, before lifting his left hand with SCAMPP before blasting.

ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Each GanGreen Gang member was hit and the green blast knocked them off in a concussive kinetic energy away from continual beating of the Powerpuff Girls.

"You girls okay!" Bates said, picking up the FRAPPE.

"Yeah…" Bubbles rubbed her face from Lil'Arturo almost endless punches.

"Ugh! What did Grubber eat?!" Buttercup face crinkled up in disgust.

"Were okay. Just caught off guard on the GanGreen Gang power up and how much stronger they are." Blossom said.

Bates and the Powerpuff Girls got into their fighting positions, while the GanGreen Gang got back up and were angry at surprising.

"That was cheap shot!" Ace declared.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Am I suppose to let you beat down on couple of Superpowered Kindergartens, given now you have Superpowers. I'm sorry, I'll wait my turn." The amount sarcasm Bates used was heard and felt by the GanGreen Gang.

"Ssssee, that you do!" Snake said before getting SMACK by Ace, for his subordinate being idiot. Honestly, he was now surrounded by Superpowered idiots.

"AAAHHHHH!" Both Villains and the Heroes charged at each other down the street to clash with each other!

BAM! Buttercup punched Grubber in the face.

WHOOSH! SMACK! Lil'Arturo used his superspeed and jump, landing powerful kinetic punch into Bates torso.

AAAAHHHHHH! Bubbles Sonic Scream shocked and stunned Snake.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ! Blossom used her Heat Ray Eyes on Big Billy to keep him at distance, as Billy used his arms as a Shield.

SPALT! "HEY! Who throwing slushies?-"BAM! Ace, covered in Slushie of Green, Blue and Red; before Lil'Arturo was punted by Bates kick straight into Ace.

A pink Dog sitting out the fight, casually whistling and pretending to play with Paddle-Ball, like he did nothing wrong.

The fight went on back and forth, not one side letting up letting up with the other. The Powerpuff Girls were trying to restrain themselves from not accidently killing the GanGreen Gang, while Bates was giving his all just to keep himself into the fight. The GanGreen Gang fighting was better, but they were still knew to their powers and inexperience fighting with someone who actively help the Powerpuff Girls.

"BLACK BETTY!" Bates called out, and his Stand came out. The GanGreen Gang was surprise, but most of all Big Billy as he levitated from the ground and spin very wildly, arms and legs splayed out, hitting his fellow Gang Members.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Big Billy was a battle top, that hit the remaining GanGreen Gang members to the construction zone area near the Porta-a-Potties. Big Billy soon joined them, with Black Betty raising all four of her arms and thrusting Billy towards his Gang, hitting the hard blacktop street.


They separated from each other. Getting a moment of breath from each other.

The GanGreen Gang was bruised and cut up from the fight. Bates Bagge looked rough up with bruises, black eye and cuts of his own. The Powerpuff Girls looked rough up, but thanks to being Invulnerability saved from most damage and their cloths were mostly battle worn out.

They would have continue their battle until.

Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle!

"OOoohhh!" The Gangreen Gang members held their stomach. Feeling a intense pressure and pain inside of themselves. Like their own stomachs were revolting against them and about ready to burst.

"Oh! I don't feel so good.." Ace spoke in pain.

"We need to use-" Lil'Arturo began before WHOOSH!

"-BATHROOM!" Snake yelled, with Grubber and Big Billy following behind.

Each GanGreen Gang member actually getting inside the Port-a-Potty. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM!

"Hold on for a bit- UGH! We will be back with you guys in a couple of seconds." Ace spoke with open door on the Port-a-Potty before SLAM!

Bates and the Powerpuff Girls were stunned.

"What is going on here?" Blossom said in bit of disgust and confusion. Twice the GanGreen Gang paused their fight for bathroom problems.

Bates though, was not forgiving and had evil smile on his face.

"Oh, I know what to do. Hey girls! Courage! Follow my lead!" Bates called them out, as he went to the Port-a-Potties. Bates got behind Ace Porty-A-Potty, with each Powerpuff Girl and Courage right behind a respective Port-A-Potty.

"Oh three, follow my lead and push. One, Two,-" Bates spoke up before being interrupted.

"What are we doing?" Bubbles asked innocently.

"Shh!" Butterup shushed her sister, getting the idea and thinking this would send Message to the GanGreen Gang members for pausing their fight.

"-THREE!" Bates replied, tipping over and pushing the Port-A-Potty. Blossom, always obedient little girl, just followed Bates example. She was tired of today and need a rest.

"AAHHH!" GanGreen Gang members screamed before.



The Port-A-Potties actually tipped over and the doors were on the ground.

The immediate reactions came from the GanGreen Gang:

"Oh god!" Lil'Arturo screamed mortified.

"IT'SSSS EVERYWHERE!" Snake horrified proclaimed.


"BLAAH!" Grubber actually threw up in disgust, which was worse given the…contents of liquid everywhere.

"WHY! WHY DID I HAVE TO HAVE ICE POWERS NOW!?" Ace, was most upset he said.

"Smell you, later poopsicle! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bates laughed at the idea what Ace is going through. He never felt bad for criminals and honestly thought the GanGreen Gang deserved this.*


"I feel kind of bad now." Bubbles said, glad to not see what the GanGreen Gang look like in the Port-A-Potties.

"Ha! Poopiscle!" Buttercup was laughing at her enemies' despair.

"...Well, Crime does not pay and at least the Police are here to handle the rest…" Blossom said, feeling questionable about her own actions in this. As the Police got near them and made radio call for a Clean Up crew with couple of Hazmat Suit need for the GanGreen Gang.

"Yuck!" Courage stuck his tongue out, before fishing out his fur pockets a Gas Mask, to put on his face.

Bates did not care, putting away his 2x4 weapons and grabbing the new Oil for Eustance Pick-Up. Their Buss arrived at a convenient time. Bates did not want anything more than to fix up Eustace Pick-Up, so they could get back to Nowhere, Kansas. Plus, the GanGreen Gang had Super Powers, so he needs to think of way to stop them. If being gross and fighting dirty ends the fight, that was fine with Bates.

"Whatever. That will hopefully make them think twice before messing with me." Bates said, walking with Courage to his Bus, while the Powerpuff Girls actually flew off for other trouble in Townsville or to do their daily routine.

"WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?!" The GanGreen Gang spoke in unison. Not understand or seeing the reason why this was happening.

Nobody had it worse than them at the moment!



"Aahhh. I need that…." HIM smiled, after the debauchery party he had with most beings from the Underworld seem to enjoyed themselves too. It felt like the party went on for days. He was so SATISFIED!

Most of the Underworld beings left, indulged in their sinful desires and experience new SENSATIONS!

"Hmmmm, where is-OH! Demongo, did you enjoy yourself?!" HIM saw the Shadow and Ember demon, no longer in his Chibi/Ball form, but actually in his humanoid form. Rocking back and forth, mumbling and bits of blue fire leaking out his eyes. Around the Demongo, was all forms of missing Underwear and other…unspeakable things that most children would not understand.

"I need bath. I need bath. I need bath. I need bath. Not clean. Not clean. Not clean. Not clean. Not clean. Must. Wash. The. TAINT!" Demongo cried out, trying everything in his power to block out trauma. It was so fresh and vivid. So…NEGATIVE!

"Okay, you PRUDE. You want a Bath? HERE!" HIM kicked Demongo into a boiling lake of lava. Even having some elements Fire in his being, Demongo was not pure being of Fire. His nature was predominately a Shadow Demon.

"Oooh! Yes! Sweet Pain and Release! GIVE ME THIS NEW MEMORY TO BLOCK OUT THE UNSPEAKABLE!" Demongo cried out in joy, as the fires and molten rock burned him. As the Demongo bobbed up and down, swimming in the Lava and feeling a whole new level of physical pain to help him forget. Demongo just had to make sure the Lava got everywhere, then he would be Cleansed!

It would not KILL Demongo, but HIM could actually be merciful.


"….Such a baby. He should be THANKING ME! What type of Demon still has V-Card. Well, Demongo, you now lost all of your INNOCENTS!...Demons? Innocent? HeheheheheheHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...Ha… I did not know Demongo was capable of making me laugh." HIM finished and actually went straight to find Mary Francis, to watch some TV.

Maybe find out what going on with the MORTAL REALM!


Bates POV:

He laid out on the tailgate of Eustace Pick-up, with worn out sleeping bag, as the Pick-Up was driving out of the Townsville and heading home. Bates had to be thankful for the KND training with 2x4 technology and his own experience that the Pick-Up was fixed so quickly. Now, Bates was just glad he had room in the tailgate, instead of squishing Muriel, Eustace and Courage. This was not comfortable and ideal for anyone, but this would work out.

Once the Oil was inside the Pick-Up and few test drives, Eustace Pick-up was ready. It was near the Afternoon when they left, Eustace impatient instance. Bates did not get to say goodbye to the Powerpuff Girls, but that was fine. He was enough trouble to them and did not want deal with whatever dangers Super Villains that came they're way.

The girls were nice. It just the GanGreen Gang gaining superpowers and that fight really hurt a lot. The cold air outside the pickup up tailgate help bring down the bruises and bumps from the fight down, but Bates was practicing his breathing on his Ripple was work to heal his body fast enough.


Ahhh! It was good healing.

…He wonder what was next challenge he would face?

Hopefully, it would just be while so he could rest up a bit.


Author Notes

*This refrence was from Adam Sandler movie, "Eight Crazy Nights" Animated Movie.