Stranger Potter

By Ordinaryguy2

July 18, 1979

Hawkins, Indiana

The Hawkins police car rolled to a stop at the side of the road near the crossroad.

After the opening the door, the tall, craggy uniformed man reluctantly got out. Stretching his arms, he twisted his neck until he heard a pop. He let out a groan as he gave the stubble on his face a scratch while glancing around.

"Figures nobody'd be here," he complained as he leaned against his patrol car.

It wasn't until he was about to light a cigarette that he heard someone speak out.

"No one other than you and I, as you requested, Constable Hopper."

Having been caught off guard, Jim Hopper almost pulled out his Smith & Wesson, his hand stopping an inch from the holster. He let out a heavy sigh and swore.

Under an old oak tree not fifteen feet from where he'd been parked, stood an old man with a long, white beard wearing medieval traveling robes that were mostly blue, but with strong highlights of yellow and orange.

"Damn, it's too early to see colors like that," Hopper groaned, rubbing his eyes.

"Really?" said the white bearded man as he considered his garish robes. "I thought this fitting for this wooded locale. Perhaps a deep green and yellow? Or maybe a purple? I have several shades of purple."

Hopper held up a hand, requesting a pause, using that brief moment to pick up his fallen cigarette and lit it. "You had yourself under disillusionment?"

The bearded man tilted his head as he regarded the lawman. "A notice-me-not spell," he admitted.

Hopper grunted. "Stupid name for a spell." He took a deep drag from his cigarette. "Look, you're Dumbledore, right?" He was rather certain that was the case since he couldn't imagine anyone else wearing something so outlandish. The man's peculiar tastes were so infamous, even Hopper had heard tell of them all the way on this part of the planet.

"Yes, I am Albus Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot of Magical England, and Headmaster of Hogwarts; and if we are confirming credentials, you, sir, I take it are Constable -"

"Police chief," Jim corrected. "Chief of Police Jim Hopper of Hawkins, Indiana." Jim Hopper had only recently moved back to his hometown and took on the role of head of the police department. His career in the big city had nosedived after his little girl had passed away. When his wife left him, he had to get away, so he went back to what he knew. It wasn't anything special, but it paid what bills he had. And other than breaking up some drunks every now and then and stopping some teenagers from doing something stupid, things were usually quiet.

"Very well, Chief of Police Jim Hopper, you contacted me to pay back a debt owed to me by your family."

Hopper response was to turn and spit to the side of the ditch. "Yeah, if I wasn't a squib… well, hell, life would look really different right now, for sure. But way before my father, Riccond Spurboot, kicked me out for not being magical, you evidently saved his sorry butt from some of Gellert Grindelwald's goons during WWII."

"Is that why you, instead of your father, have contacted me?"

"My father's dead. Him and my brother died almost a decade ago poaching gryphons or something like that. But, me, I guess being a squib means having just enough magic in me to make me liable for owing a family debt to you." With that, Hopper turned and punched the side of his patrol car twice, hard enough to leave a small dent.

"And you resent that?" the solemn wizard redundantly asked.

Hopper didn't turn to face the old wizarding hero. "I resent the fact that when I needed wizards to help my dying daughter, I was flat out rejected. Because being a squib didn't make us good enough for magic to be used on us. Still, it makes it so I am supposed to pay back my damn father's debt to you if I'm able." His fist slammed down on the top of his car, leaving a smaller impression.

Albus Dumbledore stood there quietly as he contemplated this moment. He gave the younger man time to compose himself while taking out his own pipe.

Finally, Jim turned around leaning back heavily against his car. "I thought about just blowing my damn head off instead of calling you. I really did. But I had a reason not to. You see, while you magical bastards won't help squibs or muggles, I know you will help your own kind. And that is why I called you here."

"You know someone magical in need of help?"

"See! I knew you'd jump at that! You magical bastards are all alike!"

"Enough!" Dumbledore barked, now approaching the patrol car. He could smell the alcohol on the man now. "I am well known for being fairhanded in my dealings with witches and wizards, squibs and even magical creatures. My dealings with muggles have been fewer, but I do not travel often in that world unless necessity needs. I am fair-minded and not like your father!"

"So you say!"

"Yes, I do! And when I hear that someone is in trouble, I do what I can. Now tell me what it is you contacted me for, and stop comparing me with your father."

Jim could feel some of the power pouring off the old man in front of him. It made him feel even more frustrated. Even more bothersome was that inner need to repay his father's debt to the man.

"Turn off the power show and we'll talk," he finally spoke.

Albus was a bit surprise at the other man, but he did reign in his aura. Most people caved right away when he would pour out his power. This man was different. Almost as if he was punishing himself.

Jim took another pull from his cigarette and blew smoke. "My father would do that aura crap when he would practically kill me trying to get me to do some accidental magic."

"He evidently wasn't a very decent sort," Albus commented.

That drew a dry chuckle from Hopper. "Nope, not him. I probably turned out ten times better than him by simply getting adopted by strangers."

Albus cleared his throat. "Is there a time frame to this matter you called me about?"

Jim glanced at his watch. He pretty much knew what it was going to show him. He sighed. "Yeah, all right, let's get down to business."

Leaning back further, he crossed his legs. "I've only been police chief here a few months, but because I was a squib I was contacted by an auror that works in this general area. You know, in case things get too out of hand. You see, there was a problem noted when a child was to be informed of their magical status and acceptance to Ilvermorny."

"The colonials' largest magical school, I believe," noted Dumbledore.

Hopper snorted. "Yeah, that place. Anyway, the auror, goes by the name of Topknot, he said that there are two young witches being held in a muggle facility."

"What facility?" the wizard said with some alarm.

Jim haphazardly pointed down one of the roads. "Hawkins National Laboratory. It's just down there. Some kind of research lab. Government run. Lots of military hush-hush stuff I think from all the guards I saw when I took a peek at the place." He took another drag on his smoke. "Anyway, they're conducting experiments on the girls."

"Isn't the MCUSA Law Enforcement doing anything about this?" Dumbledore asked, still confused as to why he was called. This clearly threatened the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. While he didn't always agree with the MCUSA, he knew they wouldn't risk allowing the exposer of the Wizarding world.

"Sure they are. They're raiding the place in about two hours, which is why I have you here just after the butt-crack of dawn. See this is how I am paying you back that family debt. At least one of those witches is British. Her name is Kali Prasad. She was the one just turned eleven."

The name clicked in Dumbledore's head. She was a half-blood and had been kidnapped several years ago. Her parents, who had been living in Muggle London, had been outright killed. Her mother's parents, the Patils, had used their wealth and strong connections to uncover who had done the travesty had come up with no results.

"The other girl I'm told is Jane Ives," continued the police chief. "Her mother is Terry Ives. I went to see her yesterday. Those bastards did something to her mother when she went and tried to rescue Jane on her own. Her brain is like fried. I don't know how, but the auror was able to determine that the father of Jane is one Frederick Duffer."

Albus nearly choked on his pipe. He'd been to the funeral of Charlus and Dorea Potter less than three months ago. Frederick Potter had been their first-born, a squib who had left due to prejudices of the magical society, and changed his surname to Duffer.

That amused Jim. "Yeah, I thought that would get your attention." It had been while waiting to see a magical physician for his daughter that he'd happened to read a magical newspaper lying about in the waiting room. In the foreign affairs section it mentioned Dumbledore taking a stand against the most recent dark lord. The Potters were one of the families listed to immediately join him. "So here's where I ask you to do something."

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. One did not pay off a family debt by asking something in return. Still, he was curious. "And what would that be?"

"These girls, if they have decent family, make sure they get to them. If they have scum for family, make sure they are brought to someone who will actually care for them. Also, check on them, damn it. I've been an officer of the law for over a decade, and kids get shafted more often than not if people don't check on them. You're a big name. People won't mess with them if they know you are checking on them."

"What is your reason for asking this?"

Taking a final puff, Jim tossed the butt away. "I couldn't get your magical world to help me with my daughter, I can at least get you bastards to do right by these two girls."

The wizened man considered what he was being asked. True, he didn't have to comply with this simple request. But it would at most only cost him a little time; less if he delegated someone else to check on them. He would also be returning two young witches to Magical England, a place where the magical population had been dropping considerably recently. Young James Potter would most likely be overjoyed at having a new family member after losing his parents. His new wife, Lily, would appreciate having someone to lift up her bereaved husband. James had only been a toddler when his brother, Frederick, had finally had enough of the bigotry of Wizarding society and left for other lands.

"Very well, I will do so."

Jim breathed a sigh of relief. "Alright then, I am out of here then. If you are going to take those girls back to England, you are going to have to do so before the MCUSA conduct their raid."

Dumbledore frowned at that. Damn, but the muggle was right. The MCUSA were not likely to allow him to take the two children with him if they get their hands on them first. The MCUSA was also not likely to reveal to him what kinds of experiments were conducted on the two girls.

"Very well, I have need to get busy then."

"And the debt my family owes?"

The wizard paused. "Depending upon what I find in this Hawkings National Laboratory; if the situation is as you have told me, then, yes, your family debt will be resolved."

Hopper nodded and open his car door. "Well, hope you succeed. Don't take it the wrong way, but I hope I never see you again." He jumped in and started the car before he could get sucked into any more wizarding matters. Despite the situation, he felt a lightening in his chest. Whether that was due to the family debt no longer weighing down on him or that he'd made it possible for the two girls to have their lives restored, he wasn't sure, but he felt more better about himself than he had in years. He had no doubts in Dumbledore getting the girls out of the facility. As far as Hopper was concerned, the girls were as good as back home already.

Dumbledore smiled and waved as Hopper looked back at him, the wizard's eyes twinkling.

As the patrol vehicle sped away, another man suddenly appeared. "That man is quite obstinate. I think I like him."

"Yes, Alastor, but he has laid an interesting conundrum at my feet."

Albus Dumbledore was no fool. He was not about to come to some secluded meeting without any backup, especially not in these times with Voldemort looking for any way possible to take him out.

"The Potter boy will not doubt be grateful for the return of a family member," added Moody.

Dumbledore was already counting on that. He'd been broaching the idea of having James Potter and perhaps a few of his friends joining the group he had organized to face off against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Potter would fit in nicely in the Order of the Phoenix. Just a month ago, James and his wife, Lily, had faced off against Voldemort in Diagon Alley, and held him back for the necessary time for aurors to begin to arrive. The young newlyweds had become something of instant celebrities from it.

Yes, returning this girl to the Potter fold would make young James owe him a family debt. The Patils most likely, too.

"Come, Alastor. Let us liberate these poor children and return home."

"You know, this could still be a trap," pointed out the paranoid British Auror.

"I think not. I used legilimency on him just not to check. There is no signs of his mind being influenced. Other than the grief that continues to torment him, he genuinely wanted to help those two young girls." He paused to consider. "I think this may be the start of his healing process."

Moody stretched and stomped his feet. "Well, let's do this. We are burning daylight here. I for one am already looking forward to my bed at home. Those international portkeys do not play well with me. Especially when they go over the Atlantic."

Albus chuckled. "Very well, old friend. Let us see to these two young girls."

October 31, 1981

Godric's Hollow, England

Jane hurried into the kitchen and opened one side of the stove. Using her telekinetic abilities, she had the metal pie tin slowly float out and set on a wooden board on top of the counter.

"The shepherd's pie is done!" she called out, after first wiping her bloody nose with a handkerchief.

"Smells good," a man responded coming in behind her as she hastily tucked the handkerchief away.

"It should. I did everything the way Lily said to," Jane said proudly.

"Then I am sure it will be great. Whether it is potions or just plain cooking, Lily is always one of the best," James boasted.

"Talk like that will give me a swelled head," replied a female behind him.

"Hey, Lily, Jane just took out dinner."

Lily gave James a quick peck on the lips as she passed him on her way into the kitchen. Once at the stove, she gave the meal a quick glance over. "It looks perfect, dear. We'll let it cool some before we get Harry up from his nap, then we'll eat."

Jane nodded happily.

"Now did you wait for James to be here before taking it out of the stove like I told you, or did you do it on your own again?"

Jane fidgeted. "It wasn't like I was going to burn myself. I used my powers to take out the pie."

Lily reached out and put a reassuring hand on the nearly eleven-year-old's shoulder. "You are still learning control, dear. What would have happened if you had dropped it? Padfoot isn't here to eat it off the floor, and the rest of us prefer to have plates on the table."

James snorted in amusement while Jane giggled. She had assimilated well into the Potter household though the newlyweds had never expected Dumbledore to drop off a head-shaven, scared little girl one rainy evening. It had taken Lily just over two months, but Jane finally was won over by her. James had tried hard using humor and gifts to get the eight-year-old to accept him, too. Lily finally had to tell him that he was trying too hard, just as he had first done when trying to win Lily when they were still students at Hogwarts. Realizing she was right, he decided he should ease into things with her. James took to telling Jane of the family lore, and introducing her to the salvaged portraits from the former Potter Estate that had been decimated recently from a Death Eater attack. The young girl seemed to relish learning of her ancestors and the portraits were interested in her, too.

None of that seemed to matter to Sirius who flaunted his canine antics around Jane whenever he visited. Ironically, she told him quite honestly that she preferred him as a dog. Sirius had been amused and just a bit hurt by that blunt statement. She had warmed up to Remus quickly, and surprisingly seemed to be able to sense the wolf inside of him, too, not that it mattered to her. It was Peter that she was leery about. When asked about it all she would say was that there was something about him that she did not trust and didn't want to be around him. She seemed uneasy around Dumbledore, too, claiming he made her head hurt. Lily didn't like how the headmaster would ask about how Jane's powers were developing. And he'd proven her right later.

Six months after they had got Jane, Lily had been struck with the flu, Dumbledore had asked James to bring Jane over to examine her. He hadn't mentioned that there would be several of his friends from the Unspeakables there to conduct tests on Jane. When James had finally brought her home, the girl had been inconsolable for days. James had been forced to sleep on the couch for a week. While the testing had been bad enough, Jane had also overheard one of the Unspeakables tell Dumbledore that they would like to have her for study for a few weeks. Maybe longer. And Dumbledore had said he would see what he could do.

In order to make it right, James told Dumbledore that he could no longer see Jane and that the Potters were out of the Order of the Phoenix unless he made an Unbreakable Vow that he would never let Jane be away from the Potters for more than a day and that he would see that she came to no harm. The elder wizard hemmed and hawed of the matter, but James refused to budge or change the words of the oath that Lily had written down. Finally, when James offered to let the headmaster study his invisible cloak, Dumbledore relented, and James was allowed back into his own bedroom. Lily had proven that even as sick as she had been that she was a lioness and Jane was her cub.

"I miss Padfoot. Why hasn't he come to see us?" Jane asked. She hated being stuck in this cottage all the time. All because some evil dark lord had singled out her family. Why couldn't the world leave her and her family alone?

James chuckled and playfully mussed up the dark wild hair she had inherited as a Potter. "He's doing things for the Order. He'll be by when he can. And he'll probably have treats for you and Harry, too."

Jane grinned but wasn't completely satisfied with the answer. "What about Selena? She hasn't brought Luna over in a week."

Selena Lovegood had been introduced to Jane when the girl had been with the Potters for over three months. Lily had been friends with Selena who had been a year ahead of the Potters in school. Knowing Selena as she did, Lily had brought her in to help Jane develop her powers. Jane took to Selena's tutelage slowly. Once Jane realized that she wasn't going to be treated like her 'papa' had, she warmed up to Selena just as she had Lily. Later, after Selena and Lily had given birth within a month of each other, baby playdates had become a normal occurrence while Jane had classes with Luna's mother.

"I'm afraid Luna is still having fits."

"Really?" James remarked. "It's been almost a week."

"She senses something," Jane spoke. "Something is going to happen, and she doesn't like it."

"How do you know that, dear?" Lily regarded James' niece who never failed to have more surprises for them.

"I just do." Jane shifted uncomfortably, wishing she knew more. Sometimes her abilities frustrated even her.

A charmed lamp went off in the corner to let them know that Harry had woken upstairs.

"I'll get him," Jane spoke up quickly, happy for the chance to get away. Plus, the one-year-old was always happy to see her.

She was already halfway up the stairs when Lily called after her. "He's going to need to be changed. Don't try to do that with your powers, all right?"

Jane paused. "Fine," she groused. "I only did it the one time. It was a really gross diaper. I still can't look at corn," she said in her defense before running the rest of the way up the stairs, leaving the two adults alone.

"What was that about Luna?"

Lily allowed her husband to pull her into a hug. "I don't know. I don't think Luna really knows either. But she senses something." She didn't know how she would have handled things without having Selena come over several times a week. She had wanted Dumbledore to allow them access to the Longbottoms, but the wizened wizard had insisted that it would put them all in more risk. As it was Lily still felt as if she were a shut-in. She had also worried about the Lovegoods as they were secretly the Potters main contact since they had gone into hiding. Not even Dumbledore knew that the Potters had had Pettigrew share the secret of their home with the Lovegoods. For extra protection, Lily had obliviated Peter of the fact that he had shared the knowledge of where they lived with the Lovegoods. Lily and Selena had cast another Fidelius over the Lovegoods home for safe measure with Lily as the secret keeper.

"Should we tell Dumbledore?"

Lily frowned. She didn't like how her husband still relied on Dumbledore so much. She had seen enough over the years at Hogwarts and in his Order of the Phoenix to know that the headmaster wasn't infallible. The Order was still reeling from the unexpected deaths of Fabian and Gideon Prewett. Plus, Selena had confided in her that she thought Luna might be a seer. That was definitely not something she wanted Dumbledore to know about.

"Let me get ahold of Selena tomorrow. Maybe she has figured out what is bothering poor Luna." She gave her husband a quick kiss before heading for the stairs. "Would you be a dear and check on the biscuits for me? They should be about done."

He grinned, heading for the kitchen. "You know, if you'd let me bring a house-elf here, we wouldn't have to worry about the cooking or even changing Harry's nappies."

"And then I'd be even more bored than I am already," she retorted down to him.

"I don't see how with all the schooling you've been doing for Jane," he answered back. "Even as quick as she picks things up, she keeps you rather busy."

She was truly grateful for Jane being there with them. Teaching the poor child had given her something else to focus on while hiding out from Voldemort who was focused on hunting them for some reason. She still didn't understand why he had such a mad-on for them all of a sudden. The only thing she could think of was that the insane sometimes have one strong fixation. And it would be just their luck that that fixation would be the Potters.

In Harry's room she found Jane helping Harry to stand. Harry was trying to balance by holding one of her fingers and rub his eyes with the palm of his other hand. He giggled as he weaved back and forth, unbalanced.

"That's it. You're doing it," Jane said encouraging to the baby.

"How is he?" Lily asked.

"He's dry," she answered back, not looking away from Harry.

"Probably not for long then." As Lily came over, Harry started to try jumping in excitement once he saw her only to fall on his rear. "Did my little man have a good nap?" she asked picking him up.

"Gaah!" Harry proclaimed, his left hand holding onto the leg of a toy fuzzy black dog. "Pa'fo!"

"I still think he looks like a Snuffles," Lily smirked as she teased the toddler.

"Pa'fo!" Harry argued as he shook the toy in front of him.

"I still can't believe that someday you will turn eleven and head off to Hogwarts."

Lily smiled and glanced over to Jane. The young girl had pulled back her sleeve and was tracing the '011' tattooed on her inner wrist. It broke her heart whenever she thought about what her life must have been like as a little girl. The man who did that to her should have been feed to the dementors and let them choke on him. There were very few people she could ever think that should happen to, but this Dr. Brenner was near top of the list with Voldemort and his sadistic group of lackeys.


" 'Eleven'. That's what papa used to call me at Hawkins. Eleven is how old I will be on my birthday next week. And how old I will be when I am sent to Hogwarts."

"Is that what's bothering you, sweetie?" She reached an arm out to pull her in for a hug and Jane stepped away. "Jane, honey, we've been over this. You can stay here, and we'll homeschool you if you want. We'd love to have you stay with us. Really, we do. Harry would miss you terribly if you were gone anyway."

"I don't know," Jane finally said. "I just want to be with you and Harry. James, too." She sniffed, turned and went for the hug that Lily had ready for her. "And Selena and Luna."

"You left out Sirius and Remus."

"And Sirius and Remus," added Jane with a sniff.

She knew that Jane had been building up for an emotional breakdown or breakthrough. Who wouldn't with all she had undergone. In fact, she thought Jane had been handling things quite well for someone her age. It was one of the reasons she and James had already considered homeschooling her for at least a few years before letting her go to Hogwarts.

"Well, your birthday is in a week. Maybe we can get everyone to come to your birthday party. Wouldn't that be nice?"

She wiped away a tear, but managed a smile followed by a nod.

There was a sound from outside that startled them.

From downstairs, James called up, "It's him! Take the kids and get out! I'll hold him off!"

Lily gasped as the realization came to her of who 'him' had to be, and that James was basically laying his life out for them to get away.

No! She wouldn't let him do that! She quickly came up with the plan to apparate with the children to Selena's and then return to face the dark bastard with her husband.

Holding the kids tightly to herself, she twisted in place… but did not leave. Voldemort had already had anti-apparation wards in place.

"That monster!" She tried to think. To think of anything. James always said her mind was her greatest weapon. Time to prove him right.

Below them, they could hear the exchange of spells and objects being destroyed, sometimes shaking the very cottage.

There had been an old form of magic she had been researching with Selena. It was costly and risky. But it was the only chance for Harry and Jane.

Downstairs, silence suddenly seemed as earthshaking as the battle before had. James, she knew, had to be dead. How could she not give of herself as he had done?

Taking in a steadying breath, she reached out and touched Harry's brow, not picking him up, despite his cries for her to do so. She pulled Jane into a quick hug. "Jane." Her voice threatened to break. "Jane, take care of Harry. I'm going to try something I've been working on. I'm sorry."

Jane looked at her mother-figure in confusion, only seeing Lily's wand at the last moment.


Lily quickly moved the girl into the corner with a disillusionment charm over her. Then turned to face Harry again, reaching up to touch his locks of hair on his forehead. She said a few words in Latin, focusing on her intent. With the start of a tear in her eye, she spoke to Harry. "Be good, my little man. And be good to Jane-"

The door to the bedroom was blown in as Voldemort stormed in. Lily's wand was summoned from her hand, but that did not stop her from placing herself between the evil wizard and her son.

"Move yourself, mudblood, and you will be spared!"

Why would…? He means to kill Harry! "Not Harry! No! Not Harry!"

"I said move, woman!"

"Not Harry! You may not touch my Harry! You may kill me, but not him!"

"Woman! You have vexed me for the last time! Avada Kedavra!"

Voldemort stepped over the woman.

"No one can say I didn't try to spare the mudblood."

Jane, from her corner of the room, looked on in horror. She'd been able to partially block the stunning spell that Lily had sent at her. Her adrenalin and magic were now pushing the last of the affects away. Before she knew it, she'd jumped to her feet and roughly shoved Voldemort into the wall with her mind, the disillusionment spell over her breaking away to nothing.

"No!" she screamed, hurriedly placing herself between Harry and this monster.

Voldemort staggered to his feet, the front of his robes covered in butt cream and baby powder. "Ah, yes, the other Potter. I heard of you. A bastard child from America. But you will have no mercy. You shall die as will young Harry Potter. Then there will be no Potters for me to concern myself about."

"No!" she yelled again, tears streaming down her face along with blood dripping from both nostrils as her power built within her.

"Yes!" the dark lord snarled back. "Avada Kedavra!"


Voldemort could only be amazed as the green killing curse that left his wand was somehow impeded by strange ripples in the air around the girl, and then just as suddenly, it all came flying at him.

Voldemort's body was basically destroyed to the point that it could be said he had been disintegrated, except there was no matter left behind, except his wand and some of his clothes. And the rest of the house that had been behind him was also gone.

Young Harry began to cry again. Jane, now the only other living person in the house, lay comatose atop of her dead surrogate mother.

November 1, 1981

Hogwarts Infirmary, Scotland

Albus Dumbledore looked down at the young girl sleeping in the cot. Why had Voldemort spared her? The only conclusion he could determine was that Voldemort want to study the girl.

"Such a mystery." He wondered if Jane's mother was a squib or a witch. Maybe she had been a muggle. Somehow the potions – or chemicals – that Dr. Brenner had been giving to Terry Ives was the key to producing such a powerful child. A witch of that caliber had not been seen in England since before the Founders of Hogwarts. Maybe even Morgana Le Fay.

He sighed.

And she was sure to protect Harry. And Albus was sure that Harry was a horcrux from the readings he took on the boy's scar. "No, Voldemort isn't fully gone. And he never can be while Harry lives. Voldemort will return and Harry must face him. The prophecy foretells it. Harry must grow up willing to give his life so that Voldemort will perish forever."

"I have to let him grow up alone. Unwanted and dejected." He shook his head. "If only I hadn't sworn that oath to James to not keep Jane from her family."

He looked down at her.

"I cannot keep you from Harry for more than a day. Nor can I allow harm to come to you." He shook his head. "I see no other way to do this so that Harry grows up alone."

Raising his wand, he cast a stasis field around the sleeping girl.

"Albus, what are you doing?"

"Ah, Poppy, yes, I'm afraid that I am going to have to keep young Jane here in a stasis field. How long do you think I can safely do that for?"

Poppy Pomfrey frowned, not understanding the reason for having to do that. Still, her mind did figure out the answer for him. "A young girl her size and weight… about 10 years, not much longer than that. But why? There is nothing wrong with her except exhaustion?"

"Around ten years." He sighed wearily. "About the time young Harry will start attending school here. Yes, that will have to do then."

He turned to his trusted school physician who was looking to him for answers. "Thank you, Poppy. It's for the Greater Good you understand." He raised his wand toward the disbelieving Hogwarts physician. "Obliviate."


Author's ChAlLeNgE:

This has all been set up as a challenge for other writers. Hopefully it will have been found interesting enough to be pick up by other writers.

1.) Jane gets released when Harry is attending Hogwarts. Whether that is his first year or up to his seventh is up to you. (Personally, I am interested mostly in his first and fourth year. But that is just me.)

2.) Voldemort will focus his energies on both Jane/Eleven and Harry.

3.) As for relationships, I could see Jane/Eleven with Neville and I prefer Harry and Hermione but I will leave it open. Just not Harry and Jane/Eleven because they are related, so ick!

4.) Dumbledore can't harm Jane/Eleven. Plus, he has to allow Jane/Eleven and Harry to stay together, in school and at the Dursleys during the summer.

5.) Dumbledore is manipulative, but is it because he can't see any other way or is he himself evil or going crazy? I wrote my part so that it could be either way, so you decide.

6.) Will Jane/Eleven get to the Upside Down seen in 'Stranger Things'? Maybe that is on the other side of the Veil in the Department of Mysteries. Maybe that is where she blasted Voldemort. Or maybe she created a portal to the Upside Down when she blew up Voldemort. I don't know because no one has written it yet!

7.) Jane/Eleven must reunite with Kali Prasad at some point, even if it is just brief.

8.) Also, I'd like the story to stay clean, like I keep all my stories. I'm going to be letting one of my daughters watch Stranger Things soon, and give her the option of reading these challenges, if they are taken up.