Chapter 13

Authors Note: Please remember that Eleven or 'Elle' was rechristened as Jane in this story as that is the name her mother had given her. Also, she is Harry's cousin and that Dumbledore had kept her in stasis for 10 years to keep her away from Harry. If you still have more questions, you may have to read the entire story again. Sorry for not getting this done sooner. Life is crazy and I've been taking my wife to the hospital on top of everything else.


4:52 PM


Minerva and Poppy were having tea in Poppy's office as Minerva caught the Healer up with all the events she could share with her.

"My, Albus has really dropped the clanger, and it has blown up spectacularly."

Minerva nodded at her friend's comment. "And he only has himself to blame."

"Those poor children."

"Yes." She couldn't help worrying about all of them. She had been with Harry, Hermione and Jane, but there were all those other girls that had been taken by that damn orphanage. Many of those girls she had taught herself.

Both ladies were mulling over their thoughts when the main door to the infirmary opened. There standing in the bright doorway, waiting for his eyes to adjust, was their absent potions master.

"Poppy, Minerva, I've just returned from harvesting ingredients." He paused as he eyed the two women, and scanned the area to be sure that no one else was about, though that was doubtful during the summer break. There are strange stories going about the Three Broomsticks. Madam Rosmerta mentioned that the Ministry building is in lockdown. What is Albus doing about all this?"

Minerva put her mug down hard on the table. "Albus isn't doing anything currently except studying the inside of his eyelids."

Severus Snape's normally somber face raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

Pomfrey cleared her throat as she rose to her feet. "The headmaster has suffered a bit of… an accident."

Severus walked inside; his curious look indicated he was waiting for them to continue.

The two women glanced at each other, silently asking the other how much should they say. In the end, McGonagall decided to be the one to break the news.

"Follow us, Severus."

The two witches led the potions master to the far end of the Infirmary. Severus could see some damage had been done to the wall. Several portraits and nature paintings had been either damaged or removed, and there were bits of cloth embedded in the wall that somewhat resembled the shape of a person. Even with all that evidence, he was amazed to see the headmaster lying bruised in the bed.

"How did this happen?"

"We were hoping you could tell us," Minerva stonily replied, her Scottish accent more pronounced, indicating her mood to those that knew her.

Realizing after a moment that they were not blaming him for the injuries, Severus slowly walked around the bed as he took in the various bodily damages. "Broken bones?"

"Both hips, legs, several ribs and vertebra, one arm and hand, and a concussion," Poppy said with great annoyance. "And that is nothing compared to all the soft tissue damage as well as bruised organs. His skin tore like parchment in several places, some of which I will not mention."

"Most likely an attack or an explosion, possibly by a person or an artifact." Severus had always been leery of the many odd instruments twisting and turning in the headmaster's office. One of them could have very likely blow up. The problem with that hypothesis is that the attack or accident happened here in the hospital wing instead of the office.

"It was a young girl," Minerva stated coolly. "One who was not even a student here yet."

He eyed her curiously. He could tell both witches were on edge, studying his reactions. "What was she doing here?"

Poppy spoke now. "She's been here for ten years, held in stasis, under a notice-me-not charm."

Severus didn't even bother to hide the dumbfound look on his face. "How… no, why was a child held here under stasis for ten years? Was she an obscurial? Were you and Albus trying to treat her, come up with a cure of some sort?"

"I had no idea she was here!" the Med-Witch snapped. "Ten years in my infirmary and she was hidden from me! Do you have any idea how wrong that is?"

Severus choose to dodge that question. "Who did know the child was here?"

"Albus, of course," Minerva stated bitterly. "And at least some of the Hogwarts house-elves."

He gave a slight shake of his head. Of course, Albus-too-many-names-Dumbledore would know about such a thing. He glanced to the old, injured wizard in the bed. Severus was glad that Albus was unconscious, as he felt that he would learn much more than he would otherwise be allowed. "Tell me everything," he said, relishing the fact that he would be learning some of Albus' most hidden secrets.

"Not so fast," the Scottish witch spoke.

Earlier Minerva had told Poppy that she wanted to give Snape the same purging potion that she had had to deal with. Poppy had said that it wouldn't be needed since purging potions were regularly used by potions masters to clear their systems of any potions that they may have inadvertently come into contact with unknowingly. Minerva was a bit disappointed that she wouldn't get to see Severus leg it to the loo. It was then see realized that part of the reason the potions master seemed so dour is because he did give himself purging potions all the time. So, since a purging potion wasn't necessary to remove any controlling substances, the two witches needed something else to verify that Severus wouldn't side with Dumbledore.

"We are going to need an oath from you," Minerva concluded. Her steely eyes showed that she was resolute on this matter.

The wizard gave a slight grimace. He hated oaths. He'd made too many in his young life. Even so, he needed more information so he would have an idea of what he should do. "What is the wording?"

It took them a while to agree on what the oath would say. Basically, he would not help Albus acquire or manipulate the girl. Nor would he tell the headmaster or anyone else anything that Severus learned about her from them. Poppy wanted to include more to the oath, but Minerva thought it might conflict with some oaths Severus had already given to others. Severus agreed with that.

For fifteen minutes Severus Snape sat and listened in growing surprise of Harry's cousin, Jane Potter, and what they knew of her life history. Finally, he called out for his personal Hogwarts house-elf, Sweeny, to deliver him a large shot of fire whiskey.

"And she is now at the Ministry? With Potter?"

"His name is Harry," Minerva mildly rebuked him. "If you would take your eyes off the past for five minutes you would see that Harry is only about twenty percent like his father, and most of that trait goes to the boy's broom skills, looks, and reckless leaping into danger to help others. Filius and I were comparing notes after the school let out, and we both agree. Harry is more like his mother in every other way. He is clearly his mother's child, which you refuse to acknowledge. (Damn, I should have included that in the oath!) You need to get your head out of the past and join the rest of us in 1992."

He sneered. "You know why I can't do that!"

"I believe so. It is the same reason you are so biased against any of the Hogwarts houses that are not under your authority." She gave the incapacitated headmaster a scornful look. "Albus wants you to persecute Harry so you can curry favor with the dark families. It is all so stupid and just further divides the Wizarding world!"

Severus rolled his eyes, having heard this response before. "I'm the one putting my neck out, if anyone should be complaining it should be me!"

"Would you two stop?" barked Poppy. "Severus, can you add anything to all this?"

He hesitated. He gave a brief glance at the headmaster before turning away. He quickly told them of his meeting with Lucius Malfoy.

"The foul git! I'd like to hit him with a baldness curse as well as castrating hex that would never heal!"

"Poppy!" Minerva said with mock surprise. "Remember your profession!"

Poppy sniffed disdainfully. "Fine. I would let his wound heal. But once a month it would reopen again with all the initial pain before having to slowly heal again."

Minerva nodded with a hint of a smirk. "That's more like it."

Severus knew that they were just lightly bantering with each other, though he could detect an undercurrent of seriousness that made him nervous, and he unconsciously crossed his legs.

While he didn't remember this Jane Potter, whether that was due to Dumbledore's meddling or not did not really matter. He imagined that Lily had to have taken this child in as a surrogate daughter, so he was determined to do what he could for her. He determined that the child's past as a laboratory experiment was most likely much worse than anything he had suffered due to the Marauders. Regardless, she had to be better than Potter's son.


5:03 PM

Ministry of Magic Building, London

Adrian Pucey loudly proclaimed again that he was going to throw away his shoes as soon as they got back. He also added that Draco was paying for his new pair of gargoyle-hide shoes. "Someone was off their nut making a toilet a backway into the Ministry!"

"Quiet down!" Theodore Nott barked in a hushed tone. "You want us to get caught?"

Blaise Zabini groused silently to himself, mirroring complaints about having to step into a filthy muggle toilet and flush themselves into the Ministry. His own shoes, made from chimera-hide, didn't seem to have the same luster since their arrival in the building.

"What matters is that we are in," Draco insisted. "Now come on before someone sees us."

The eleven wizarding children all crouched low and followed after the blonde.

Draco led them to a large mirror in an alcove. Pressing certain nobs on the frame, the frame swung out revealing a hidden staircase. Draco turned to give his followers a smug look.

"My father took me through here two years ago," Senret Theakston stated with annoyance. Graham Montague, who was on the other side of him, nodded that he had had a similar experience. So did Blaise Zabini and Casper Warrington.

Annoyed at his father's secret not being as secret as he claimed, Draco turned and marched up the stairs.

"Where's this take us?" Drew Withers, who was just a year ahead of Draco.

"Up near the offices. Comes out in a supply closet right off a small library."

"I didn't know the Ministry had their own library," Goyle commented.

"It's just their public one. There is a much bigger library for the Ministry higher ups and the Wizengamot members up on the top floor," said Ursa Bukharin, a cousin of the Greengrass family who had gone to Durmstrang for his First Year, but after the recent death of his father, his mother, Flora Bukharin nee Greengrass, was determined to get him into Hogwarts. Noticing that Draco was fuming at his moment being taken away, he added, "I didn't know about a secret staircase to it though."

That seemed to appease Draco a mite as they continued up the stairs while all trying not to wheeze.

"Are we there yet?" Vincent whined only to be shushed by the others. Glumly, Vincent followed after them.

"Shut it!" Draco barked. "I think I hear something."

"What's the plan?" Casper asked, ignoring the look Malfoy shot him.

Seeing Casper and several others were looking adamant for an answer, he finally acquiesced. "It's simple really. We go searching through the outer offices of the Minister. If nothing is there, my father mentioned a secret way to get into the Minister's office. I really don't want to go that route if we can help it."

The others noted the Malfoy scion's unease at that, and decided not to press him on the matter since they knew that if they were as free with their fathers' secrets as Draco has been… No, they were resolute to come out of this better than when they currently were. In their childish arrogant minds, they were sure they could fix everything and win their parents' respect as well as put the mudbloods back in their place.

They at last came to the top of the stairs, all stepped out from a mirror and began to look around the growing shadows of the library caused by the setting sun.

"What good are so many books?" muttered Crabbe while absently wiping a booger across the spine of a book.

"C'mon," Pucey spoke, leading the way to the doorway out of the library.

Draco wanted to insist that this was his idea so he should lead the mission, but something about the shadows made him instead think it might have been better if he had left everything up to his father. Goyle tugged on his sleeve, encouraging Draco to keep up with the others.

There was a booming sound from the hallway and someone or something screamed. The boys froze at the door. Pucey glanced once at the others before opening the door just a few inches in order to see out.

On the other side of the door was the main office area of the Minister of Magic and just beyond that the doors to the office of the Minister of Magic and his Under-Secretary. But instead of everything being shut down, chaos flooded the whole area. Several Unspeakables were fighting their way out of one of the offices while two aurors used spellfire to try keep them contained. The Unspeakables coming out of the office also appeared to be fighting for their lives against various horrors that appeared to want to consume them.

Graham Montague was the first to speak. "What in the name of Merlin have you gotten us into?"

They closed the door and, as one, ran back to the mirror.

"Open it!" Bletchley demanded.

Draco glanced all around the mirror. "I… I don't know how to open it from this side." He turned to Senret. "You said you've used it before. You can open it."

Senret blanched. "We didn't go back down this way. We went down the main corridor."

The others who had claimed to come up the hidden stairs nodded to having similar experience.

"Can't we just break it or move it!" Gregory Goyle looked fearfully at the main doors of the library.

"It's a magic mirror. You don't dare break it. Besides, it's only connected through enchantment to the stairway. It's not really behind it," pointed out Blaise Zabini.

"You mean we have to go through that- that firefight going on out there?" demanded Graham Montague. He turned and took a swing with his fist at Draco who just managed to get out of the way.

Drew Withers raised his voice. "Can't we just wait it out in here?"

"You mean 'hide', don't you?" sneered Casper.

"That's no good," said Blaise, sounding calm. "That fight could and probably will spill into here. Besides, more aurors are sure to come and they are just as sure to check in here."

Theodore Nott glanced at his fellow fledgling wizards. "Who can cast a shield spell?"

"We're not supposed to cast any spells outside of school, you dimwand!" barked Miles Bletchley.

"Actually," began Pucey. "My uncle said even though we are underaged, if we were to cast spells in the Ministry building itself, it couldn't track us because we are too close to the tracking array for underage magic or something like that."

"That's good then," said Draco. "My father taught the shield spell to me, but so far I can only do a mild shield charm." A few of the others said the same. "Can anyone do a disillusionment charm?" They all shook in the negative."

"Let's get out of here already then," Casper insisted. Crabbe and Goyle grunted in agreement.

They opened the door a crack to see what was going on. It was louder now. One of the aurors was missing his head just thirty feet from them. The Unspeakables were trying to get past the last auror while fending off the beasts in the room with them.

"Run!" Blaise hissed as he pushed the door open the rest of the way and headed over to the elevators. The rest followed quick on his heels.

The weak shields they had up was easily shattered by a strong spell that hit Drew Withers in his right arm, turning it to chalk. The boy screamed in terror but continued to run for all he was worth, beating Blaise to the elevator and pushing the button.

"Not the elevator! The stairs!"

But the elevator doors opened, and they didn't have to wait. All twelve boys hurried in and Nott hit the button for the lobby. Crabbe bumped into Drew, thereby breaking off two of his fingers.

"My fingers!"

"Got them," stated Ursa. "Here. Put them in your pocket. My uncle, Darrin Greengrass is a master at Transfiguration. And he has taken some healing classes, too. I think he can fix you, just don't lose any more parts, yeah?"

Before Drew could answer, something landed on top of the elevator. And it growled.


5:16 PM

Ministry of Magic

Stu Curmudgeon blasted the beast directly into its gaping mouth with a series of conjured bronze arrows, killing it. A fiery spirit flew towards him, but it was stopped by Soul-Tracer with a spell that Stu didn't recognize. Truth-Seeker lay bleeding on the floor rug of a pink Yeti pelt while Mender worked to put a temporary fix on her foot.


Hearing the name he was given as an Unspeakable, Stu turned in time to blast another of the large beast things with no face that opens up several ways to reveal a mouth of fangs.

The beast managed to get to its feet and ran out after several of its fellows into the main office area.

One of his newer Unspeakables, Tempest-Ranger, had created a barrier of lightning along one side that reached from the ceiling to the floor and extended twenty feet, providing them with some much-needed cover. Stu knew that Tempest-Ranger could only keep the barrier up for ten minutes at the best of times. As it was now, she was exhausted and battered.

Number-Cruncher stepped up alongside him. Her right arm was in a makeshift sling, but she was almost ambidextrous with her left so she would manage. "Knot-Weaver, the hole we tore to get out of that dimension! It isn't closing!"

Stu glanced at the hole in the wall of reality that was also one of the walls to Umbridge's office. Tendrils or roots of some kind seemed to push around the opening, forcing it to stay open. There had been some resistance to the closing of the hole in the recording he had seem when the girl Eleven had breached it. He had just assumed that it would close on its own again.

"We'll leave it for Croaker to deal with."

Number-Cruncher stared at him. "But… the things… all those monstrous creatures. Some are already trying to come through to this side."

"They will help cover our escape."

"People will die!"

"People are always dying."

"These are our people! And members of our family!"

Stu glared at her, not that she could see it with the Unspeakable hood hiding his features. "You forget yourself. You are an Unspeakable. We seek knowledge above all else. We must be free from Croaker and his lot so that we can continue learn more."

Number-Cruncher lowered her eyes slightly, acquiescing reluctantly.

They only had a seconds warning when Tempest-Ranger faltered and fell to the ground in a heap.

Stu laid down a series of pressure fire spells while Number-Cruncher stunned Tempest-Ranger, then transfigured her into a toy wooden block of wood. Placing her wand between her teeth, she picked up the block of wood, she quickly slipped it in a pocket with three other blocks of wood from others that had fallen wounded or from exhaustion.

Chalk-Writer conjured a stone wall over the barrier to block a shark-like kangaroo creature from crossing over as well. Chalk-Writer reenforced the stone wall to make it impervious. He was about to add several transfigurations to help in securing the wall when several small squid-bumblebee creatures flew down and inserted tentacles into the ears of the Unspeakable despite the hood.

By the time Truth-Seeker had saw the flying creatures attached to Chalk-Writer's ears, the stone wall Chalk-Writer had created was nearly knocked over.

Stu and his rebel Unspeakables left as fast as they could.


5:20 PM

Amelia Bones' office

Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement

Ministry of Magic

Amelia Bones read the report from the hired Gringotts ward specialist sent to examine Number 4 Privet Drive. "Blood wards."

Cornelius Fudge paled from his seat on the other side of the desk. "Does it say who cast it?"

"Originally it was a type of blood magic cast by Lily Potter. Possibly the very thing that saved Harry and destroyed Voldemort that Halloween. From the magic used to transfer it to the Dursley residence and change it into a variant blood ward; one that draws its magic from Harry. This report also indicates that the ward influenced the other people in the house to despise Harry."

"Was that on purpose?" asked the minister.

"It seems that way."

"And… who did this?" he asked, already expecting to know the answer.

"Dumbledore," she said bitterly as she continued to read.

Fudge groaned and sank further in his chair. He couldn't help but think he much further this was going to drag his name down. Both Malfoy and Dumbledore had played him for a fool. His own name was going to be remembered as one of the worst ministers in Wizarding history. He gave another heavy sigh.

After Bones had informed him of some of the horrible things that had happened to the girls from the Solum Orphanage, and then learning that one of those girls was actually the daughter of his late brother, he was resolute to support Bones in her endeavors to bring all matters to right no matter where it left him.

Cornelius jotted down a few notes on a small piece of parchment to help him with his thoughts, a habit he had developed while a student at Hogwarts. He wasn't sure what his wife would think of them suddenly taking on a young daughter. Cornelius would insist that young Tiffany Crofton would be raised by them. He knew his wife, Fresca, had been enamored by Cassius before he died. In many ways he knew she was settling for him because his brother was no longer a possibility. Fresca had wanted kids, unfortunately, a Death Eater attack at Hogsmeade had left her wounded, a wound that had eventually revealed to have made her barren. Cassius, of course, had been the one to save her, which had led to her enthrallment. It had stuck in Cornelius' craw some because he was the one that had been dating Fresca at the time. Not that he would blame Cassius for saving her. He just wished it had been him that had saved her. He couldn't help wondering if that is why they had drifted apart.

Could Fresca open her heart to accepting Tiffany? The poor girl couldn't go back to her mother since the Obliviators or someone on their skill level had removed all memories of the girl once she had been placed in Solum Orphanage. And memory charms on that grand of a scale cannot be reversed. Even minor memory charms can be dangerous to undo to the subject.

He couldn't help wondering if some how he didn't end up in Azkaban, could Fresca and he come together and make their relationship work again? He didn't know. He would have to dump his mistress. She was getting whinny anyway so that wasn't too much of a loss. She was expensive, too. But it would be nice to have Fresca look at him that way again. He -

"Cornelius, did you hear me?"

Fudge looked up in surprise, nearly dropping his parchment. "I'm sorry. What was that you said, Amelia?"

Amelia gave a sigh. She had already had a long night and now there was promising to be a long night. Still, Cornelius was proving to be much more helpful than she thought he would be.

Before she could bring forth her question, the door burst open causing Amelia to draw her wand.

One of the aurors guarding the door had burst in, eyes wide in alarm. "Madam Bones, there is an alarm from upstairs! Near the minister's office. We can't get ahold of the aurors stationed there!"

Amelia was already up, grabbing her battle robe she had on a coat rack that she kept under a notice-me-not spell. "That's right by Umbridge's office. Right were that monster came through."

Fudge fiddled with his hat. He could just use his emergency portkey, but he wanted to know what was going on. "What are we doing? Are we going up there?"

"I'm going up there. You are staying here." She was already moving for the door.

"I could go with you," he said, surprising even himself.

Amelia had frozen at the door. "Absolutely not. We would be too distracted to protect you properly. You could get injured or killed, and my aurors would most likely get injured or killed trying to save you."

"I could help portkey any of the injured straight to St. Mungo's," he blurted out to everyone's surprise.

She frowned. "I can't risk it just for your publicity."

"I don't care about publicity at the moment." He swallowed wondering where this is all coming from. And then he knew. "It's not quite what Cassius would do, but it is something I can do."

She snorted in frustration. Cassius had saved her live more than once, too. She turned knowing he'd be following. "Do you even have a portkey to St. Mungo's on you?"

He reached to his belt. He felt the hidden pocket when he kept an old portkey to the Wizarding hospital. Pushing a bit of magic into it, he could tell that it was still good. "Yes. Just one though. I, ah, have a few more portkeys to other places as well, but there would not be medical aid waiting for them."

She decided now was not the time to address the fact that it was considered dangerous and illegal to have more than one portkey on a person's body. If they were not properly insulated from each other, strange disastrous results could occur. "Then just be sure to use the right one," she said, as other aurors rushed to join them. One was a retired auror that she had called in but had not had a chance to talk to yet. "Moody, glad to see you."

"Where's the fireworks?" Alastor asked, working to keep up with the head of the Magical Law Enforcement.

"Spin your eye up to Fudge's office and tell us."

"He can see into my office?" Cornelius stated with alarm, suddenly wondering if she had been using Moody to spy on him all these years.

"Can't see that much through all the magical interference in the walls," he grunted as his pegleg echoed louder than all the others fast walking. "Still there are a few times I get to a place in this building every now and then that I can see a bit; like looking through a pinhole. Sometimes it's a bit bigger. I noticed one spot about three years ago right around here that let's me have a small window view of the office area." He moved over close to a portrait of a battle-wizard was standing over the slain body of a small hydra. "Pardon, Sir Aguthra." Moody's magic eye spun up. His breath caught in his throat. "Bloody Merlin! It's like someone opened hell's version of a circus and is emptying it all out of Umbitch's office! There's even some Unspeakables runnin' from them!"

Amelia swore briefly, but had the wisdom to send a quick patronus message to Croaker about what Moody had just seen.


5:24 PM

Jane had been asleep when she felt something wrong. It was more of a wrongness that permeated the air. It wasn't nearby, but she could tell it was wrong wherever it was. Even as she slept, she was curious about it and let her mind seek it out.

Her mind moved through the darkness, getting closer, ever closer to the wrongness. It seemed to be moving around in a frenzy, but she couldn't understand. So she moved closer.

Something seemed unusual about the wrongness. She couldn't determine what it was. And then it seemed to spread out, revealing to be several different creatures. In fact, she had seen several of the creatures recently in the strange dimension when she had gone through the Veil of Death, though she had not known it was called that at the time. A trio of large creatures broke away from the rest and rushed toward her. As they rushed toward her on four legs, she recognized them as the creatures the elf Bo'antar called 'Umgubular Slashkilters'.

With a sudden cry, she jerked awake on the soft bed one of the aurors had conjured for her.


She looked over to Hermione.

"Bad dream?" asked the bushy-haired girl, as she handed her a drink of water.

She took the ornate glass and took a quick drink. "No. I am not sure that it was a dream. I think… I'm not sure but I think something bad has happened." She glanced around. The elderly Newt Scamander was asleep next to the wounded Snorkack. The purple beast was also unconscious, and bluish bruises were now more evident over its thick hide.

"Where's Harry?"

"Just in the loo," came a response from the afore mentioned boy from a side door. "Now that you're up, maybe we could go over and you could introduce me to Sirius."

Jane could see the eagerness in Harry's eyes. The affection-starved boy fervently wanted to gain more connections to his past; he was sure Sirius would a pillar to lift him out of the woes of his life. In her mind, Jane damned Dumbledore again for all of his machinations that had caused so much suffering her cousin Harry and all those who loved him. She almost wished she could send the manipulative old goat to where she had suffered at Hawkins National Laboratory, and let the man who had had her call him 'papa' do experiments on him for a few years.

"I know you said he would be stuck as a dog while his hip is healed," Harry began. "I just figure we could still get to know each other."

"How is that? Is Sirius supposed to bark once for 'yes', and twice for 'no'?" Hermione asked with a grin.

"Well, yeah." He gave her a cheeky grin. "And while he heals, we could tell him stories of our first year at Hogwarts. From what you've told us about him, I think he'd like our adventures."

"I think Nymphie would like to hear them, too," Jane said, having heard a few of their escapades already.

"I don't think I can call an auror 'Nymphie', Jane," Hermione stated. "You might be able to get away with it because she is like your second of third cousin and you knew her when she was nine years old, but having it come from me, I feel it would be disrespectful."

Jane rolled her eyes. "If that were only the biggest concern you had to deal with today, you-"

The door to the hall burst open as an ugly, dour man with bags under his eyes and dressed in dark dragonhide robes stormed in while carrying a long-handled ax with a huge blade. "They say there is a beast in here!" the man loudly proclaimed.

Jane and Harry immediately were on their feet and placed themselves in between the man and where the Snorkack was recovering.

"Leave this room! You have no business here!" proclaimed Jane defiantly.

"I am the executioner for the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures," the man asserted with self-importance.

"Pardon, Macnair," came the cold tone from Newt Scamander who stood tall for his age, in clothes transfigured from his night attire that he'd worn when summoned, except for his fuzzy bunny slippers, which rather diminished the effect he was trying for. "As much as I despise your profession, I do know that you need approval from that committee of yours before you can implement your 'profession'."

Macnair sneered at Newt, both adversaries for years whenever they encountered each other. "The minister himself has sent me to deal with wild animals terrorizing the Ministry building."

Newt sported a grin. "That leaves out our Snorkack friend as it is too weak to even rise to the poor girl's feet."

Macnair spat on the floor. "And I say it is an unknown threat. The beast will tear into anyone about once it has its strength again."

Newt scowled. "It is a sentient creature. It purposely protected and led Jane while on the other side of the Veil of Death."

Macnair flinched at the mention of the Veil of Death, but before he could retort the door burst open admitting a ragged auror. "Macnair, there is an incursion of beasts up on the Minister's floor! They say there is a whole menagerie of wild and deadly things attacking up there!"

Macnair's eyes widened. He glanced past the two children to the severely wounded unconscious creature. As much as he wanted to add the horned Snorkack to his collection of mounted trophies on his wall at home, the beast resembled no type of challenge except for the children and old man protecting it. Meanwhile, what the auror had just mentioned to him seemed like a great challenge. If the floor really were being overrun with beast, he could even be awarded a medal for dealing with the situation. He knew the puny aurors were not up to such a task. "Later, Scamander."

The children and Newt breathed a sigh of relief when the executioner left. Newt turned to Hermione. "Thank you for waking me, dear girl," he said to white faced Hermione.

"Your welcome," she said. "I-I wasn't sure what else to do."

"Well, it was the right thing. I have had several encounters with that odious man. He is despicable to his core." Newt took a moment to look at each of them. "I want you all to promise to never go near him. I suspect many despicable things about him. He's as vile as his grandfather. Maybe even worse."

Jane had something else on her mind, though. "What the auror said… about there being a menagerie of wild and deadly things up on the minister's floor… I just dreamt about that."

"What does that mean?" Harry asked with a worried look and holding Hermione's hand.

"I think the hole I made to get back to this… dimension… this reality, I think it broke open again. I must have damaged it beyond repair, and it ruptured. This is all my fault!"