''dude what the hell were you thinking walking up to the Joker like that?!'' shouts mason as tago takes off the costume when they are at his house

''as I said before someone should take a stand so why not me damn it?'' shouts tago as he takes off the costume

''your parents gave up their lives so you could live on pretending to be batman is a pretty poor way to repay them!'' shouts mason as david and bobby see tago and mason fighting

''don't you fucking dare mention my family they were murdered by the joker" tago is about to punch mason but he calms down

'I'm sorry mason I don't know what I was thinking either I was so pissed off when I heard that bastard's laughter I got triggered and ran off to fight him'' tago says as he starts to cry and he looks at a picture of him and his mother and father with commissioner gorden

''god mason when I was fighting that clown piece of filth not a single moment has passed that I wanted to torture him like all the other times he has done that to my family and after he was battered and broken at my feet begging for mercy then and only then I would end that bastard'' says tago with contempt

tago turns on the TV and sees the news

''a bank robbery is in progresses taking a lot of people hostage including both workers and children we will give you the news as the story goes on may god have mercy on their souls'' a reporter says

tago turns off the TV and gets his costume on

''guys I need to stop them'' tago says before going up to the roof

''no problem kick their buts'' david says as tago gives him a thumbs up and he runs off to the bank

''shit we can't get their in time'' a cop says as tago is with them

''ah batman good thing you are here man'' the cop states to tago

''what's the situation commissioner?'' asks commissioner gorden

''the robber won't give up the hostages unless all of the money is given to him'' says the commissioner

''well he won't get his way now that I am here'' says tago as the commissioner looks at tago with concern because he knows tago is batman

''be careful'' says commissioner gorden

''no problem'' tago gives the commissioner a thumbs up as he runs into the bank

''alright hand over that money and make it snappy boys'' shouts the robber

four battarangs hit the light bulbs knocking out the lights and tago rushes in throwing in smoke bombs not hurting the hostages only affecting the robbers and he punches one or two robbers knocking them out and he goes for the leader and hits his pressure points knocking him out and he charges at the other robbers and punches the next one and lunges to the eighth robber and loft hooks him in the gut and the ninth robber grabs a kid and points a gun at his head

''don't move or I will kill this brat I mean it man I will kill him!'' shouts the robber

''not today'' tago shouts and he shoots a batarang at his arm as he drops his gun and tago punches the robber and he grabs the kid

''I believe you'' says tago

he gives the kid to the mother and vanishes as the mother looks up