''man you are awesome as the new batman tago'' shouts david

''thanks man I appreciate the comment'' says tago astonished that he is still alive and how good he is at what he does

''well I got to go'' says david as he is about to go to the front door

''what's the matter david got a hot date to go to?'' tago jokes with david

''no I just want to go out'' says david secretly getting on his costume without tago and mason noticing and the base of the costume is a wolf

''call me the howler'' says david as he sees a couple cars driving away from some cops and he jumps on one of the cars and sends it reeling to another direction and tago in his batman costume and he stops the other

david gets jealous of his antics and tago punches the other crooks and left hooks the fifth one and goes for the ring leader and knocks him out and one of the crooks try's to get away but he stops him by pouncing on top if the crook and breaking his legs and right arm

''ah the pain I can't stand it ow damn you batman!'' shouts the criminal who is in pain

tago gets in the crooks pocket and dumps out all the drugs he had stolen and he is about to walk away and let the cops do the rest of the job the howler tackles tago and they punch each other for a couple minutes until a cop and a couple TV reporters show up

''freeze you are under arrest'' shouts a cop having his gun out

''are you insane this fight could make my job more awesome and get a hell of a lot more ratings than normal crime busting'' says a reporter

''fine but when they get fatigued stop the recording got it?'' asks the cop putting his gun away

''you got it this is gonna be the best day of my life right now'' shouts the reporter as he shows the camera showing the fight that's about to break out

''who the hell are you?'' asks tago annoyed at the howler

''none of your business'' says the howler

tago charges at the howler and punches him

the howler gets pushed back by tago a bit and he is about to be left hooked by tago but he catches his punch and he grabs tago into a full nelson and bites his shoulder

''ow damn mutt he keeps head butting the howler until he lets go of tago he does eventually but tago turns around and elbows him in the gut and the howler kicks tago in the side breaking his ribs

tago grabs a batarang from his utility belt and throws it at his hand and the howler screeches in pain and tago covers his ears and the howler takes out the batarang and runs on all fours and jumps up and pounces on top of tago punching him in the face

tago head buts the howler and throws a smoke bomb from his utility belt and vanishes through it as well as the howler does

''where did they go?'' asks the cop as both he and the reporter try to find him but can't