That afternoon...

Baldroy had charged himself with making a simple lunch, in Sebastian's absence. It was unheard of for the butler not to be making it himself at 11:30 AM sharp. Peering at the clock, he decided not to wait any longer and risk the masters meal being late. A simple array of finger sandwiches with the various thinly cut fine meats available.

"What could go wrong?" The Bard said, moments for for setting the kitchen ablaze with his flamethrower.

Meanwhile, Sebastian bathed himself quickly as possible. Doing his best to clean the ever smoldering smell of sex and blood off his pale body. His contract seal began bleeding a new, with the irritation of the vigorous motions. What caused him more pain than the wound to his hand however, was the straining erection that still hung between his legs.

Ciel's orders rang through his head again "-you are not to touch yourself', as he washed around his length. The heat experienced by demons is far greater than the lust any human could experience, times like these however, made it a curse. The butler poured the hot water over where he was not allowed to touch, cock twitching at the heated water.

Unbearable... Deeming himself clean. He made quick work of bandaging his arm and hand in white linen, Sebastian dressed and hurried to the kitchen to find a very chard Baldroy.

Baldroy wasn't the only servant who had noticed Sebastian's absence. Meyrin had long since started worrying about the butler, knowing it was almost unthinkable for him to ever be late. In fact, she failed to remember a single time he had ever failed to show up in all the years they had worked together. Meyrin tried to busy herself with washing dishes in the kitchen, not wanting to think of the worst case scenario.

She has briefly seen the young lord and he had seemed unconcerned, although rather stressed about something. So surely Sebastian was fine? Meyrin finally received her answer when the butler entered the kitchen, making her almost drop a plate in surprise. Although he seemed fine more or less, she could instantly tell something was wrong. His usual calm demeanor was absent, his expression strained rather than the usual smirk he had.

"Ah! Mr Sebastian, there you are! We were getting very worried, yes we were!" she squeaked without thinking.

Sebastian eyed the maid almost coldly for a beat, it had only been a moment, but it was enough to send shivers to anyone who caught it. He had an idea...

Catching himself before anything was betrayed, he snapped attention back to Bard. "Bard. There is per-paired, Moules Marinières ou à la Crème in the stock. I marinated it overnight, see to that."

The blond rushed around the kitchen instantly afraid of getting scolded, meanwhile Sebastian snaked closer to Meyrin. He could smell the fragrance of pheromones emanating off her. It was more obvious in females, something about their scent was unmask-able. She liked him, always had. This bit of knowledge, allowed the ever manipulative demon the upper-hand. Leaning over the small framed maid, Sebastian placed his long slender fingers over her ear, whispering coolly. No one else even seemed to notice, with the ciaos happening around them.

Meyrin let out a quiet squeak, a shiver running over her as she quickly turned back to the dishes in front of her. She guessed that from the cold glare Sebastian had given her, whatever had happened he certainly didn't want to talk about it. In that case, it was best to just carry on as normal. Or at least, that's what she thought at first, before the butler moved so close to her.

"M-Mr Sebastian?!" she gasped, her cheeks already turning a dark pink with embarrassment. Their bodies were so incredibly close as she had often fantasized, and not only that but glancing down she noticed something else far out of the ordinary. There was an undeniable bulge straining against the butler's pants, the implications of what that meant causing Meyrin to let out another squeak. Was he hard, because of her? She hoped so, but for the time being seemed unable to do anything but utter unintelligible squeals.

Sebastian ghosted his lips over her ear, feeling the heat of her blush rise from their closeness. He finished informing her to follow him, he didn't care that he was about to take advantage of her, there was zero regard for her feelings or anything of the like. The only concern making itself all too noticeable was the hardness between his legs. Leaving it unattended to, was not an option.

The young lords orders were not to touch 'himself' there was nothing about someone else doing it. It was clear the Earl desired Sebastian, but he was not going to give the young lord the satisfaction of crawling back to him, not after the humiliation, even if he too had fleeting moments of wanting the boy as well... He wouldn't give in, in this way, not when there was a loophole to the order. Certain no one would be occupying the library at this time, Sebastian halted his stride.

Meyrin gulped nervously, managing to give the butler a brief nod in response so he knew she had heard him. She followed him out of the kitchen as best as she could, almost tripping over her own feet on the way. Her heart was already pounding in her chest at the mere thought of what might be able to happen. It was most likely a pointless exercise since Sebastian had already asked her to follow him, but she made a conscious effort to make herself more physically appealing. She quickly ran her fingers through her hair before placing her arms close to her sides in an attempt to prop up her large breasts.

"Um... Mr. Sebastian, I noticed you... You're... I could h-help, if you need me to." she squeaked, glancing down at his erection before glancing away again. "Ah! Sorry! I didn't mean to assume that's what you wanted, I didn't!"

Watching the bumbling girl trip over her words did not appeal to the raven. But in this case he needed her.

"Help me?" Sebastian echoed smoothly "You're such a perceptive young woman." This was a game, the demon had played so many times before, it was almost too easy. Without ties of a contract, he always had the upper hand in the lover department.

Slipping his left hand around her waist, before sliding it up, carefully curbing the sides of her breast, over the soft skin of her neck, landing with a long slender finger under her chin, tipping her head back to look at him.

Sebastian lent in, lips nearly touching hers before saying almost inaudibly "...On your knees." he didn't sugar coat it, there was no need to charm or romance her, Meyrin was naturally already wrapped around his finger, to her fault.

When she didn't move, or respond fast enough, he yanked her head back slightly, by her hair with his other hand, unsure if he hissed at his painful leaking cock, or the pain in his damaged hand. He made her understand who was in control with that one simple motion. Meyrin opened her mouth to apologize yet again, though what for she wasn't quite sure. The words soon died however, her body completely frozen in place by Sebastian's wandering hands. She instinctively leant forward, closing her eyes in anticipation for a tender kiss she never received.

"Oh... Y-yes!" she gasped in response to the butler's command. It didn't occur to her she was being used. All she could think about was how Sebastian was there, right in front of her and needing her.

Meyrin was soon on her knees, quickly unbuttoning the butler's pants and sliding them down enough to release his aching cock. It was even larger than she imagined and already dripping with precum. She gently stroked her hand along the pulsing shaft, swirling her tongue around the head before taking the butler slowly into her mouth.

Sebastian groaned gutturally as her lips slipped around his member, the hot cavern of Meyrin's mouth felt incredible. Needing this desperately... Fluidly biting and removing his left glove for better grip, the demon laced his fingers through her red kissed hair. She had started out slowly, but Sebastian had already been teased to the point of no return, waiting until she had fully taken in his length and adjusted, he studied himself and began thrusting.

Meyrin was probably a virgin, but her inexperience and innocence didn't matter to the butler, her throat was now his to command. Sounds of sloppy gurgling began arising, which only drove the demon on more, he thrusted even harder, tightening his grip in her hair. She was his fuck toy, the loophole to pleasure. Images flashed, of Ciel sitting on his stomach hazed over Sebastian's view of Meyrin, he blinked trying to clear his vision. Her face was flushed, and he probably was going too quickly for her to even breath properly.

Meyrin let out a muffled squeak of surprise, placing both her hands on Sebastian's hips to steady herself. Even being treated so roughly, she still wanted to please the butler as best she could, running her tongue along the shaft and hollowing her cheeks. But with Sebastian's full length now forcefully pushed into her mouth she was struggling to breathe, tears forming in the corners of her eyes and her cheeks now a deep shade of red.

Sweat formed at the butlers brow, causing black strands of hair to stick at odd angles as he moved. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over him powerfully. Looking down at her, Sebastian's memory of sucking off Ciel not an hour earlier shot through his memory, pushing him over the edge. Gripping her tightly help held her in place, as thick ribbons of his white seed coated her throat, the pleasure caused him to moan softly, lips parted.

Meyrin made soft gagging noises, struggling to accommodate the butler's large size. She attempted to move away but was kept firmly in place and forced to swallow every drop of the demons seed. The feeling of her mouth completely filled with his come was unpleasant, but even so she wasn't planning on protesting once he finally let go.

Meanwhile Ciel had grown impatient of waiting for his butler to return. He had seen just how desperately hard the demon was and so had expected him to come begging soon. But if the demon would remain stubborn, Ciel decided he would simply tease him some more. The little earl only had to search a few rooms before he stumbled across the butler in the library. He completely froze in the doorway, his mouth hanging open at the sight that greeted him.

"Sebastian!" the young lord snapped angrily, paying no attention to the maid still kneeling on the floor. Instead he shot a furious glare at the demon who was still flushed with pleasure.

Sebastian's eyes snapped open. "My lord." he rasped, still coming down from his orgasmic high.

Pulling out of Meyrin's mouth lewdly, there would be no covering up what they were just doing. Correcting his pants, the butler gaped at his masters clearly displeased glare, Ciel had wanted him to suffer, not do this... Fully mortified and embarrassed, in front of the young master no less, Meyrin scrambled to her feet

"E-Excuse me, I'm so sorry! I'll go and clean something!" she said, fixing her glasses, now impossibly redder, she skittered away. Leaving the room to a very displeased Ciel, and his now, too pleased looking butler.

"Your orders, were for me not to touch myself... I did not break them." Sebastian said smoothly, returning his glove to his left hand. Fully sated, the demon was ready to once again take his master retribution. Not really expecting the brat to be fair, even though he hadn't broken orders, surely it would not be anywhere near as harsh as before.

Ciel didn't even glance at Meyrin as she dashed passed him, far too preoccupied glaring at his butler. The plan had been for Sebastian to suffer his lack of release before crawling back to his master, and yet he had found a loophole around Ciel's order.

"Damn's always someone else! Is there anyone you won't use, you whore?!" Ciel shouted, his fists clenched at his sides.

Of course he was angry Sebastian had found pleasure elsewhere, but that familiar feeling of jealousy was also taking hold. The demon was definitely going to pay for this, and he would beg Ciel for pleasure this time.

"Don't be surprised to receive a harsh punishment. Go to my bedroom and strip, then wait for me there. And don't you dare pleasure yourself or use anyone else! That's an order!"