"Language of the Dead"
"Being Form"
'Mind Link'

Harry became aware of his surroundings as he slowly opened his eyes, only to find darkness. Never-ending darkness. He tried to look for any clues as to where he was but to no avail. The only thing he could see was his own body which appeared to be younger than when he had died, and the only thing he could hear was a slight thudding sound. It almost sounded like somebody banging their fists on a door. The sound brought images of Petunia and Vernon banging on his cupboard door to get up and cook or clean for them. Harry shuddered as he shook his head to steer away from the unwanted memories.

He stood up slowly once he realized that the low thudding sound was only in his skull and not somewhere in the darkness like he originally thought. Holding his head in his hands, Harry noticed that he was wearing what he had died in but instead of looking 197, he appeared to be in his teens again. Maybe Ginny would look like a teenager again too, though he hadn't thought about how his kids would look like. It was possible that they would appear as little kids.

He began to walk in what he assumed was forwards. It was hard to tell since he couldn't even see where the floor and ceiling were. The only indication of the floor was the sound of his footsteps against it and the feeling of something solid beneath his feet.

It went on for what seemed like miles as he trudged through the unknown darkness. The only noise to comfort him was his footsteps and the soft thudding in his head. Maybe the thudding was the aftermath of the killing curse which struck him in his head right were the thudding was coming from.

He felt as if someone was watching him as he walked. The feeling of eyes on him didn't cease even when he ran. Harry turned around abruptly to face the person, only to gasp in shock at the sight in front of him.

This person - if it could be called a person - didn't have any skin or muscle tissue. Only bones. It wasn't even a person. It looked like a walking skeleton wrapped in a black cloak holding a wand in his right hand. This was not what Harry was expecting at all. What was this thing doing in the darkness? 'This is starting to get scary', he thought.

Was this thing here to hurt him? That was impossible! He was dead for Merlin's sake! He just wanted to see his loved ones.

"Hello there young Master, I was wondering when you would be paying me a visit," the skeleton said in a deep, rumbling voice.

"Wh-Master?" Harry stuttered in shock. Was this a joke? "What do you mean Master?" he paused before asking another question. "And just who are you?"

The cloaked figure appeared to understand the reasoning for Harry's questioning, although he (was it even a he?) seemed to sound amused. (And could a skeleton even get amused?)

"I say Master because that's what you are. You are my Master," the figure attempted to explain. Unfortunately, it was not working seeing as Harry was confused once again. Apparently, the being wasn't good at explaining things.

"Great, that clears up everything," Harry replied sarcastically as the cloaked skeleton chuckled. It unnerved Harry slightly to hear the rattle of bones and the wind going between them.

"I am Death." With this being said, Harry was more than a little confused. He was the Master of Death? Rubbish! How was someone like him Death's Master? But the skeleton-like body would make sense then... Even still, it made no sense!

"But that's not possible!" Harry argued, trying to get away without being searched for by this thing. He just wanted to die and see his family. What did he do to deserve this? "If you're Death then why am I just now seeing you. I've died twice before this. What changed?"

Death replied easily, "You had not fully died those times. The first time you died was not my doing. Someone intercepted Fate's plans which resulted in your death. Since it was not your set time to perish, she had Life place you back in your body." The being stopped explaining to answer any questions his 'Master' had.

Harry nodded his head and said quite bitterly, "And the second time?"

"That was not you who died. The one infecting your soul had taken the impact of the killing curse instead, so I was not involved. The only thing I did was summon the sliver of soul that was in you to put away with the rest of it." Once Death was finished explaining, Harry understood a bit more, but he was still quite livid about this whole Master thing going on.

"And if I decide I don't want whatever this 'Master' business is?"

"Hmmm...usually people tend to be excited about being my Master," Death spoke. "You though...Fate likes you for some reason; she even told me to let you have a few choices in this matter."

Harry just stared at Death once he finished speaking. Fate liked him? Well, she has a bloody terrible way of showing it! She killed all his family and friends. And what matter was the being talking about? "I highly doubt that," he told Death coldly, as the skeleton just sighed. 'How is that even possible?' Harry thought to himself. 'How is any of this bloody possible?'

"Fate planned out for me to kill the people you cared for because you went 'off the tracks' so to speak, but you and another were always her favorites," Death explained patiently, seeming to know what Harry was thinking.

"What the bloody hell do you mean by 'off the tracks'? She killed them for nothing? For NOTHING?!" Oh, Harry was furious beyond belief after finding out that bit of information.

"Technically no, but it was what helped form who you are now and helped you come to me faster," Death stated. The being was quite fond of Fate and her sister, Time, not that he would admit it though. "And it was me who did the killing. She just planned it out," he added.

Harry could almost feel his blood rushing, and he was definitely seeing red blotches in his vision. He had to fight to stay calm, but it was a losing battle. "I just want to die! To pass on! I just want to see my bloody family!" he yelled at Death. Why couldn't anything nice happen to him? Harry thought Death would be a little more accepting, but he guessed wrong apparently.

Death sighed once more before speaking, "You can't go to your family. They don't exist; they were never supposed to." Death, apparently, was extremely daft. Of course Ginny and his children were real! He could touch them and talk to them just fine when they were alive.

"What the bloody hell are you going on about? Why would they not be real?" Harry demanded the answer. Death better have a good explanation or Harry would go off even more.

"They were never supposed to happen. Some beings decided it would be fun if they messed with Fate and made her plans go bonkers," Death huffed. Honestly, sometimes Mischief and Mayhem were downright intolerable!

Harry raised an eyebrow. "And these beings were?" he asked stiffly.

"Mischief And Mayhem," Death answered with an annoyed tone. Oh, how Death couldn't stand the two of them. They were always causing trouble for the other beings and not to mention the paperwork they had to handle due to the duo.

"So you're telling me that my family was never supposed to exist, and they did because of Mischief and Mayhem? Well, it seems to me like I owe them a thank you!" Harry exclaimed.

Death was at his wit's end with his Master. Why couldn't he just accept the truth and move on? Why did humans have to be so complicated? Never, in all of his existence, had he met somebody like his new Master, but at least this one would provide some form of entertainment. Death rubbed his temples with his bony fingers as he closed his eyes in frustration which looked slightly creepy to Harry seeing as Death didn't have eyes. He guessed he would just come out and say it. "That's not the whole story," he spoke quietly.

"Then what is?" Harry snapped. He was getting tired of being in this darkness with Death.

Death sighed as he began his very long story.

"Mischief and Mayhem are twin brothers that feed off the mischief and mayhem that they, or the humans they control, produce which is how they received their names. They claimed that they were starving when they wrecked both of Fate's favorite humans, which would be you and another. Although you might think you had an okay life in the end, you didn't know the truth about all your so-called friends." Death stopped talking to wait for a reaction to happen from his Master. It didn't take long for the anger to come back.

"What do you mean 'so-called friends'? They were my first and closest friends!" Harry almost screamed out. He'd be damned if anybody talked about his friends like that.

"Before we go any further, I want you to believe and trust me when I say what I'm about to. Just remember that I'm a celestial being, and I don't lie. Please trust me, Master," Death reasoned.

Harry thought long and hard until finally coming up with an answer. "Fine," he said through clenched teeth.

"Good," Death smiled, but it wasn't pretty. "Now, where was I? Ah, yes. I observed potions being placed into your food and drinks."

Harry narrowed his eyes as he said, "What?" Why would there be potions in his food?

"Yes... I believe your drinks had loyalty and other various compulsions in them," he drawled. "There was also a love potion added later in your sixth year."

"And just why am I supposed to believe you? I just met you!" Harry yelled at the cloaked being. He would've known if there were potions in his drinks!

Death just stared at him with a blank look. "Child, I am Death. I can see all because I am a celestial being. You are my Master. I would never lie to my Master, even if I thought he was being completely dense." The being finally snapped out.

Harry grumbled about cloaked figures always having it out for him before moving his hand in a motion that meant "continue".

"Thank you, Master. Now, as I was saying, you also had glamours placed on you to look more like your biological father. In addition to this, you had blocks surrounding your magical core and personality manipulators," Death finished with an annoyed look. If looks could kill then the whole world would be burning.

Harry, on the other hand, seemed to look calm but was really fighting a raging war going on inside his head. He wanted to shout and say rubbish, but there was a part of him that knew this was true. Frankly, he liked the part that agreed with Death, but he felt like he needed to not trust him. It was all very uncomfortable for him. "Who did it?" he asked quietly.

Death shook his head, knowing what his Master was feeling already. "You will not like the answer to that question."

"If I really was poisoned by somebody, then I think I deserve to know who it was!" he yelled at the skeleton in anger and frustration.

The being sighed as he contemplated the different reactions he would get from his Master. "It was the people you were closest with." He tried to be vague, but Death knew his Master would want more information.

"Who?" Harry hissed. He was so mad that English was slipping away from him, bordering on Parseltongue, and he didn't even notice the small little fact of him not supposed to be able to speak or understand the language of serpents.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was the main one responsible, but there were others who kept you in the dark. For example, the Weasley family with the exception of Bill, Charlie, Fred, and George Weasley. Hermione Granger was also involved once you entered your fourth year," he said with blazing eyes (sockets really). They shouldn't have been allowed to touch his Master! Death would wring both Mischief and Mayhem's necks again for tormenting his Master!

Harry's eyes glowed the colour of the killing curse as he thought about what was told to him over and over again. How dare they touch him! He had slept with the one who betrayed him! But he had made beautiful children because of it. Oh, how he missed his children. He could never blame his innocent ones for the actions of their mother. "They will pay for everything they've done to me and then some!" Harry yelled in disgust.

"That's what I figured you would do Master," Death said softly with fondness apparent in his voice.

Harry faintly smiled at that and nodded his head. "...So what of this mission?" he asked.

"Well Master, I think it's time that I told you the options you have!" Death exclaimed excitedly.

"I'm scared now. What are they?" Harry wasn't really scared, seeing as he had a small smile on his face, but if Death was excited then that couldn't be good at all.

Death almost jumped up and down in joy, but he soon controlled his emotions and spoke. "You have multiple options to choose from really. You could go back to a time when you weren't born, although I wouldn't recommend it because of time paradoxes, and Time really hates having to do extra work. You could go to the future, but that wouldn't be helpful seeing as you would get nowhere from that. And option three, which is my recommendation, you could go to your own lifetime."

"So I can really only go back to my time if I wanted to take my revenge?" Harry concluded. Why even mention the other two if they were useless?

"Yes," Death spoke softly. "Which point would you like to go back to? Only major events though because that's when your life took a path on a different route."

Well, Harry needed his options first. "Which points can I go back to?"

Death took a moment to think over all the different events that happened in Harry's life. "You could go back to the moment you became Voldemort's Horcrux, the moment you received your Hogwarts letter or the moment when you were chosen for the Triwizard Tournament. Choose wisely and carefully though, you can only go back once. I may be Death, but I'm no Time."

Harry thought about each choice, but there were so many pros and cons in each that he had a hard time deciding.

For the first choice, where he could go back to the time when his parents died, Harry thought about the pros first. He would be able to build up a disguise, rebuild his magical core to harness more power, and free Sirius...

On the other hand, he would basically be a newborn, and Harry would also have to face his 'family' before even having a moment of peace. Oh, he would have a hell lot of fun with them.

The second choice was okay due to the fact of him not having to be helpless, but he didn't know how far back the compulsion charms went. For all he knew, Dumbledore could have spelled his letter, and he didn't want to go back only to have not a single thing fixed. This one was out.

Finally, the third choice was even worse than the last. He would have been at Hogwarts for four years! Harry wouldn't even be able to think clearly because of the spells, charms, and potions! It seemed that this one was out as well, meaning that there was only one option left.

"I think I'll go back to when my parents died," Harry decided. He had been pacing as he thought; it was a habit that Harry just couldn't help.

"A very good choice Master, but there are some things I need to explain," Death said as he floated - yes, floated - towards Harry. The raven tilted his head to the side lightly in a questioning manner. "I will be able to have access to your mind, and in return, you will have powers that no other has known. I won't be the only one to grant you some form of power though. There's quite a lot of celestial beings who are rather fond of you. For example, you have the favor of Luck, Time, Fate, Life, myself, and even Lady Hecate herself," Death took a moment to let his young Master have a chance to comprehend what he was told.

"Oh..." was all Harry was able to get out.

"Yes, it is quite the reveal, but you will need all the help you can get when you go back to your time," Death explained to the raven. "Each celestial being will grant you just a few of their many powers at any time they want too. You will most likely have a test for each one, except mine and Life's. In fact, she should be here any minute..." He trailed off just as a bright, blinding light flashed a brilliant gold color. Harry had to cover his eyes, so his vision wouldn't be damaged. "There she is now!" exclaimed Death happily.

"Death! Oh, I am so glad that I could make time to see you and that poor human! Honestly, Mischief and Mayhem are going to be nothing but a memory by the time I'm finished with them!" A voice screamed out once the blinding light was gone. As Harry looked up at the other being - Life - he gasped in shock. Life actually looked human! But then again, she was Life.

The woman had beautiful golden hair that went to her waist in curls along with nicely tanned skin. Her body was shaped perfectly with all the right curves in all the right places that needed them. Life's eyes were the most fascinating about her though. They seemed to be able to see and know everything that happened in her realm even though they were a pale blue that contrasted with her tanned skin brilliantly; she didn't have pupils though. She wore a white toga but didn't have any shoes on. Odd...

"Why hello little human! My name's Life, but Death here probably already told you that!" she grinned at Harry. Even her teeth were perfect! Harry decided to learn how she got her good looks, although it was most likely due to the godly genes she carried.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, and please, call me Harry," he told her. Harry had a feeling that Life already knew him quite well.

"Then I insist you call me Life!" she said as a smile took over her face. Harry smiled softly at the obvious excitement in her voice. It's been a while since he's received this much affection even if it was just words and a few smiles. "Anyway, I have to hurry because there's supposed to be a baby boom in the next two or three decades, and I have yet to start on the data needed," Life said with a tired sigh.

"I understand. You have a lot of work to do then. Let's hurry up; I still have to give my Master his gift from me as well," Death spoke.

Life looked at Death as if he were crazy before speaking. "You still have a Master? I did away with mine when the last one died!" she exclaimed in astonishment.

An exasperated sigh managed to escape the skeleton being. "It lessens my workload, and I have fun so yes. I do still have a Master."

"I believe you're the only one left who still wants a Master around. The others, including me, felt limited." Life didn't have a Master then. Harry was lucky that he was Death's Master.

"Well fine then." Life turned away from Death to face Harry. "Okay Harry, all you need to do is stand there and maybe close your eyes if the light gets too bright. Okay? Good."

"Wai-" Another blinding, gold light made him unable to finish his speaking. Harry closed and then covered his eyes with his hands for safe measures. The light was beginning to become unbearable with brightness as well as heat before it suddenly stopped.

Harry collapsed to the ground - or to the end of the darkness - on his knees and clutched his head as a wave a pain passed over him before it left almost as quickly as it came.

"What was that?" he groaned.

"It was the aftermath of receiving a celestial gift," Death explained. "Usually they hurt a lot worse, but you are powerful and already a Master of a being so it was lessened."

"I suppose that's good then..." Harry muttered under his breath. He climbed back up to his feet before facing Death. "Can you do yours now then? So that I can go back?"

Death observed his Master for any signs of pain or weakness and said, "Of course Master. You know the procedure."

Harry nodded as he covered his eyes once more and waited. There was not a blinding light, but there was the unbearable pain.

And as fast as it came, it was gone like the other one.

"There you go, Master. All done," said Death.

"Why was there no blinding light this time?" Harry asked confusedly but glad for it.

"The light is there to represent the aura of the celestial being. Mine is gold, and Death's aura is black which is why there wasn't a blinding light for his," Life, who was silent until then, explained to the young Celestial Master.

"Thank Merlin," was Harry's muttered response. "So what were those? The gifts I mean."

"I gave you endless life as well as the ability to become fertile." Life smirked. She knew of Fate's plans for her favourite humans.

Harry became confused but said nothing due to his embarrassment. Death chuckled at this which Harry glared at him for. What would he need that for? And a never-ending life? So he couldn't die?

"I can see you thinking of the life part. Well to explain, you can heal at a quicker rate then others as well as become reborn again once you die. Usually, you'd have to go back to Death to be reborn, but this'll make it quicker and easier." Harry nodded his head. It seemed helpful to say the least.

The other being spoke once Life was done. "You can take lives without doing anything once you practice the ability, 'raise the dead' so to speak, and control Dark creatures. I figured those would help you along the way." Harry nodded his head in a daze. He would have to sort all this out later to wrap his head around everything that's happened to him.

"Master, you have to go now. Just remember this, Dark doesn't always equate to evil," said the being as he rushed Harry to stand at least ten feet away.

Life waved to Harry as she yelled, "Bye Harry! I hope to see each other again soon!"

And with that, the endless darkness was replaced with slightly lighter darkness. It appeared that he was sleeping. He was truly back then...

It appeared that Harry Potter was about to live his life for a second time with valuable information and abilities.