"Language of the Dead"
"Being Form"
'Mind Link'

Second-year came far faster than the first had (probably because it was only a summer this time and not ten years). The journey to the Hogwarts' train was easier than in Harry's first life, namely due to there being no soul-consuming diary or hysterical house elf.

Tom had, in fact, already absorbed the life force within the blank book. It was what gave him a youthful appearance despite being over half a century old. Harry thought he looked quite dashing even though he knew he shouldn't have those thoughts. The man had ruined his previous life, after all, but the Master of both Death and Life had to remind himself that the other Tom was not his.

His Tom was much more clever and skilled in deceiving people as well as a master at planning and patience.

But when had he begun to think of this Tom as his? It was an odd thought that Harry sometimes caught himself thinking of when he was deep in thought. Maybe it had been when Asmo had commented on Tom being his mate (and that was a thought he was not willing to give much thought). She was a snake which meant a simpler thought process and less vocabulary, so perhaps there wasn't quite a word for business partner/friend/Dark Lord.

No, that couldn't be it. Maybe it was when he had ordered (yes, ordered, and not asked because Harry has always been very serious when it came to the protection of loved ones) Death to keep an eye out on the Dark Lord. One time, Death had reported to Harry that Tom had been hurt by a stray curse while dueling an Auror couple who were known to be members of the Order of the Phoenix. The raven had never apparated faster than before once the last word had left his loyal servant's mouth. Of course, if he had allowed Death to finish with his report, he would've known that the curse had only caused a shallow cut on the man's upper arm. Even all the sarcasm and worry in him could not prepare him for seeing the Dark Lord Voldemort's bare chest.

That was a situation both he and Tom were keen to ignore.

But alas, this was not the reason as to when or why Harry had started calling Tom his.

It was when Tom began to send little gifts. It started out small with a tiny bracelet of a snake with emeralds as eyes, saying it reminded the man of Harry himself. Sometimes Tom would even send him various books about many different topics. It appeared that he liked to read no matter the topic if the divination book Harry received was anything to go by.

The biggest and most important gift, though, had to be the new law that granted rights to werewolves.

Family was always an important part of his life, no matter if it was this one or the last. Seeing Remus cry tears of joy with Sirius jumping around, barking happily in his dog form, will be one of his happiest memories to date.

Even though family is a major aspect of life to Harry, blood relation sometimes does not matter. Tom had attempted to bring him the Dursleys' as a gift, but he had refused no matter how hard the man tried to manipulate him into ruining them.

They were his problem, and they would get what was coming to them on his own terms. After all, you always saved the best for last.

With all these new gifts and happiness, it was no wonder he started to mentally call this Tom his. It also helped that the man asked about his life and the people around the Master of Death and Life as if Tom cared about him which didn't make him feel as lonely. Harry would forever be grateful to this Dark Lord no matter what happened.

So here he was on the train to Hogwarts' waiting on Hermione to find his and Draco's compartment. Neville had already arrived a few minutes after they had got there which was a bit unusual for him seeing as the boy is almost always looking for Trevor.

The other Slytherin second years were in the compartment to the side of them. They were close enough to Harry that he could go over and tell them something if he needed, but not close enough to make his non-Slytherin friends uncomfortable. He understood why Neville and Hermione felt uneasy towards the group seeing as their reputation is high within the ranks of the Dark, but they were also just children that wanted friends.

Harry would eventually bring them together, but now was not the time for that.

"Harry! It's so good to see you!" Hermione said before he was covered in her hair once again.

He gently pried her off before saying, "Likewise. I hope the rest of your summer was enjoyable." Harry smiled softly.

The girl nodded her head enthusiastically. "Oh yes! This year Mom and Dad went to this meeting for-" She was cut off by the door to the small room opening.

In the doorway, was a small blond girl who appeared to be off in her own head. Her pale blue eyes looked dreamily towards Harry while saying, "I'm glad I was able to find you, Master Mort and Vie." Her smile was serene as she walked over to the group.

Harry had forgotten about the mystery that was Luna Lovegood. They had briefly grown close in his last life before she was taken away by Deathlike all others in that life. She had always known when something was wrong with him. Even if the raven had tried to hide it, the girl would always give him advice while soothing him at the same time. Luna had become like a sister to him.

He couldn't help but grin as he took her hand in his and brought it to his mouth to press a soft kiss on the back of it. "I should've known you would be here, Luna dear." She giggled.

"Uh, Harry? Mind telling us who that is?" Neville asked shyly.

The girl in question looked over to Neville (or more like through him if Harry were being honest) and smiled softly. "I'm Luna Lovegood. It's lovely to meet you all."

"She's a friend of mine," Harry explained. He knew he should be shocked, scared even that the young girl was aware of his other Titles, but this was Luna after all. She was full of surprises no matter which life he lived.

Hermione perked up to ask, "How'd you meet? Her robe doesn't have a house yet which means she's a first-year." Leave it to the brightest witch of their age to point out the obvious.

(He was kidding. He would always love Hermione even if she lacked common sense sometimes because he would never be able to get the image of her dead body out of his head.)

Luna's eyes glinted mischievously, "It was like Fate really. Harry and I were both walking the path of the Light until Lord Mort found him and Lady Vie found me."

The three Second years all had confused looks on their faces, but only Draco commented on the use of French. "By mort and vie, you mean death and life, right? Are those your pets or something?"

Curse Draco Malfoy for taking French lessons.

Instead of answering, Luna only smiled and looked at Harry. It seemed he would be the one doing the talking.

"In a way, I suppose they are."

Eventually, the questions dwindled, and everyone went to do their own thing. Luna was reading her father's newspaper with Hermione glancing suspiciously at it every now and then while reading this year's Transfiguration textbook for the ninth time. Neville and Draco were playing Wizard's Chess, taking turns in beating each other at the game.

All was quiet until: 'That's quite rude, you know.' A female voice commented.

Harry mentally rolled his eyes, 'Well, what else could I say? And it isn't exactly wrong. Death has an animal form after all.'

Life hummed before answering, 'I do as well. All Beings do.'

Now, this was news to Harry. Even after years of being the Master over Life and Death, he learns a new thing almost every day. 'Do go on.'

Just then, there was a white blur at the train window followed by a tapping sound.

Having an idea of what it was, Harry got up quickly to let the window open. Once the latch was undone, a white dove came flying into the compartment.

Draco managed to let out a loud screech as the bird neared him but was silenced by Hermione who was shaking her head at the scene. "Must you be so loud?" She asked.

"Easy for you to say! There wasn't a bloody bird trying to make a nest in your hair!" The Malfoy heir yelled while still attempting to battle the bird away.

In the background, Neville snickered.

Harry, already knowing what (or who) the bird was, quickly and gently grabbed her.

'It's about time! Your friend almost hit me!' Life spoke to him in his mind while she stared at him as a dove.

'Are all Beings birds?' He asked as he petted her in apology.

Once Life settled down into his lap, she answered sleepily, 'Yes. We like to fly. Reminds us of being free and all.'

Harry stared bewilderedly at the bird, 'Are you tired? How is that possible?'

'Our human and animal forms require sleep and nutrition like any other living thing.'

The Master mentally nodded, 'Rest well then.'

The only response he received back was a little chirp.

As the train ride ended, the group of five collected their belongings before heading to the carriages. Luna split from them to go to the boats but said she would be joining them at the Feast. Harry couldn't remember if sitting with a different house than your own was against the rules or not. Even if it was, he doubted Luna would care much.

Like the train ride, the trip in the carriage was just as peaceful. The students discussed classes and homework while Harry focused on the increasingly strong pull he felt inside the school grounds. It seemed the closer he got to the Great Hall, the more intense the feeling got.

Harry would like to think that he remembered quite a bit from his past life. What he could not remember, though, was this connection that he felt inside the school. It felt almost like a Horcrux, but he was sure that he retrieved most of them.

He had a sneaking suspicion of what was going on, but Harry decided to let the man have his fun instead of ruining the "surprise".

Before entering the Great Hall, Harry was flooded by the link between him and Tom. The emotion that poured out of the mind link was bubbly and light. The boy didn't even think that Tom had meant to send the emotion out, but he certainly wasn't complaining. He had an even better guess at what the Dark Lord was planning now because of it.

Tom was very much excited for Harry to see him apparently.

Upon walking through the doors leading the Hall, he was greeted with a man, the same one that accompanied Lucius during his birthday party that summer, sitting at the High Table.

Thomas Rivers was sitting in the Defense Against the Dark Arts position with a large grin on his face, locking eyes with Harry.

Not to ruin the surprise, Harry widened his eyes and gasped loudly before sending a quick message through the mind link.

'You sly snake, you.'

The man only chuckled softly before looking away from him.

Draco, who also recognized the new professor, whispered to him, "Harry please tell me that isn't the Dark Lord teaching us." The poor boy was paler than usual as he continued to openly gape at the table.

"That's not very noble of you, Draco. Shouldn't you be happy he's here?" Harry asked amusedly as the blond boy stared at him incredulously.

"Right, and I'll just ignore the fact that he used to throw around Crucio's like they were chocolate frogs."

Harry rolled his eyes and chose not to say anything more on the subject. He knew Draco wouldn't say or do anything to harm Tom's position. He was glad he was able to trust his friends with the information he had because Harry really hated hiding things from the ones he cared for.

He also knew that Draco was only partly joking about the Dark Lord. The young Malfoy knew the importance of everything that was going on. It probably helped that he wasn't dumb either and knew what to do in the presence of the Dark Lord.

Hermione and Neville joined him and Draco at the Slytherin table for the Sorting and Welcoming Feast. It wasn't very eventful besides the start of it where Colin Creevey was, to the shock of Harry, sorted to Slytherin after a three-minute sitting with the Hat. Colin was apparently very dedicated to being in the same house as Harry. The first thing that was asked of the Master of Death and Life was a photo. It appeared not much had changed in that regard.

The only other sorting to mention was Luna Lovegood's where she was sent to Ravenclaw as she was in his past life. True to her word, instead of going to her new house table, she walked gracefully over to the Slytherin table and sat between Harry and Hermione. The Hall was silent until the group of four she sat with started clapping. The rest of the Hall soon followed, though hesitant.

Once the Sorting was over with, Dumbledore made his announcements. Since Harry was not able to hear them in his second year during his first life, he made sure to pay attention in case there was anything important to note.

The old man walked to the stand with a twinkle in his eyes. His smile disgusted both Tom and Harry. They discussed such through the mind link.

"Yes, yes, I am very honored to welcome our new First-Years and am even more honored to welcome back our existing students. A couple of announcements before the feast begins." The Headmaster took a moment before continuing to speak, "Professor Quirrel had an unfortunate accident. Everyone, please welcome our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Thomas Rivers!"

There were claps from each table with the Slytherin table being slightly louder but not too noticeable. Some of the older girls were blushing and giggling while gossiping to their friends.

Harry had to admit, Tom was fairly attractive, so he could understand the excitement.

Dumbledore laughed softly, "We are happy to have you, Professor Rivers. One more thing before we settle in. I'm sure you all are ravished by now. Dark times are approaching us. Be prepared for anything, and stay safe." With that said, the senile old man sat down with a smile.

The students in the Hall looked around at each other, some freaked out while others laughing as if it were a joke. Perhaps it would've been better if it was a joke, but Harry knew better than to assume that's what Dumbledore meant.

The year continued quickly which was a relief but also a fright to Harry. He wasn't used to being relaxed.

His past life had the Chamber of Secrets, but without the diary, it was inactive unless Harry or Tom went down there (which was often since they both greatly adored Regina). Lockhart was also already taken care of by Tom who had exposed him then murdered him for his position at Hogwarts'. Harry thought long and hard about whether he should care about people dying. He knew it was wrong but did bad people really deserve to live? He couldn't exactly defend Lockhart, but he couldn't defend Tom either.

Death had told him that he was desensitized from (for lack of a better word) death since he was the Master of it. It made sense, but sometimes Harry felt like he was missing a part of himself. Could he really call himself a good person if he was willing to let people die?

This led to Harry going to Tom late one night, ranting and finally breaking down about his concerns over the topic. The man had comforted him, though, and told him there were always casualties on each side of war. Harry knew that, but he hated it with a passion. Maybe it was his hero complex still in him from his last life.

For once, he desperately wished to not have to save people.

After a while, he got over it. He didn't have time to focus on the morality of war when there were more important things to be discussing.

For example, he and Tom were working on a plan to break out his followers in Azkaban. The actual plan would not happen until the summer, but they decided it would be better to start planning now in case something happened. The breakout would be extremely hard and top-secret with only him and Tom doing the breaking out. Although Lucius could be useful, it was ultimately decided that he would stay out of it for Draco's sake. Harry was the one to argue that Lucius should have an alibi so that he wouldn't be arrested or even accused of assisting in the breakout.

Tom had no choice but to agree with what Harry asked him (more like ordered if he was being honest) since the boy was the only other he trusted to help him with his plans. He didn't mind too bad, though. Making sure Harry was happy was like second nature to him now. He wanted to repay him for everything he's done so far for the man he barely knew.

Harry could feel the warm and fuzzy emotion of affection in his mind after all. It was very welcome after living ten years unloved again.

It was even better when Tom was teaching and Harry answered a question correctly. The man would feel proud of him which he could feel in turn through the bond. It made him very happy that he was able to make the Dark Lord proud. He was even happier with the way Tom taught because the student of Hogwarts actually learned some stuff, unlike his past life. It was no wonder he had wanted to be a teacher. It was almost too bad that the man had turned into a Dark Lord instead.

Harry couldn't quite feel that bad about it, though.

The only major events that took place during his second year at Hogwarts was Dumbledore calling into his office to talk about his inclinations (which was very weird for someone that old to ask of someone who was supposed to be twelve) and Tom being sent love letters every other week. It was honestly funny when Tom had first got one. His face was one of disgust and amazement that someone would send him, the Dark Lord, a love letter.

Harry had laughed his arse off for a good hour before he calmed down enough to read it with Tom, but that only made him laugh longer.

Luna had joined their little group along with Theodore, Pansy, and Blaise, though they weren't there as often as the others were. The three new Slytherins were not informed of the Dark Lord situation, but Harry had a feeling their parents had informed them which made them gravitate towards the main "dark" group.

He couldn't exactly blame them. They figured they would be safe with them since they were all friends, and Harry knew if he grew attached to the kids, he would not let anyone or anything harm his friends. The three most likely knew that as well. Maybe he had a soft spot for kids.

The blond girl was always around one of the four second-years when she didn't have class. She was very welcome as even Hermione (who was hesitant of her at first) warmed up to her. Harry had grown accustomed to having her by his side to talk to about "Mort" and "Vie".

Draco may have known French, but there was no way he would be able to figure out Luna's strange way of talking which meant they were able to speak freely (in Luna's personal language) about his Mastership of Life and Death and his bond with Tom.

He enjoyed her company immensely. She had a unique way of insulting others to their faces which he loved to watch. Harry had also got used to calling her "my dear" while she called him "my master".

It was strictly platonic since she was still just a kid in his eyes. Everyone besides most of the teachers were still kids to him. It made him lonely at times, but he had Death, Life, and Tom which made things better.

He thought about telling her to stop, but he couldn't say no to the poor girl's puppy eyes. Everyone in their little group knew they were only friends, so it wasn't as bad as he first thought it would be.

Draco started to get a little jealous of his and Luna's close friendship at first, but he soon got over it when the girl started hanging out with him as well. Harry understood why he was jealous of course. He was friends with Draco before anyone, so it was reasonable to assume that he would feel threatened by someone Harry was closer to.

Another event that happened this year was Ron and Ginny Weasley almost getting expelled by Snape for use of a love potion. Ron had attempted to help Ginny give the one and only Master of Life and Death a love potion. He was able to tell something was wrong when one of his Lordship rings started shining.

Death had commented briefly, 'It appears to be a love potion, Master.'

'I think we all know who it was, Little Master.' Life said.

Harry was more than a little upset because he hated the fact that someone would try to force him to love them. He had already experienced enough of that in his last life; he knew he didn't want or need any more of it.

He went right to Severus with the goblet full of pumpkin juice and a love potion.

The Potions professor was extremely mad about someone trying to poison his student, his godson at that. He was furious, so when he went to Dumbledore with the evidence and was rejected, he was even more furious.

The only thing they could compromise on was detention for the rest of the school year for both Ginny and Ron (though the Headmaster only agreed because Snape has said he would quit otherwise).

Harry had a hard time trying to calm down Remus and Sirius who wanted to press charges. The boy knew they would get their karma sooner or later, so he wasn't too concerned. The look on their faces would be worth it when he made them pay.

Tom, on the other hand, had to be physically held back by Harry when he was informed of the predicament. Death had to even help him with the raging Dark Lord. He appreciated the concern that his family and friends showed, but Harry wanted to be the one to ruin them. He told just that to Tom who eventually calmed down.

The weeks after, Tom had been slightly overprotective which wasn't that bad in Harry's eyes. He knew the man was just worried and not actively trying to hold him back on purpose.

Needless to say, Harry's second year this time around was quite boring with only a few events happening.

Soon, it was the end of the year with Hermione and Draco stressing over exams while the others tried to help them relax. Of course, the whole group passed them because they held a couple of study sessions in order to prepare them for the tests.

After exams, it was time to head home from another year of Hogwarts. Harry was certainly grateful for a relaxing year since he knew the next one would be something to look forward to.

Now if only he could convince Siri and Remy into inviting the Dark Lord to their house over the summer.


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