I Lost My Way

I'm Alive boiiii…Anyways I think I quit on 'Mutated' it was a very rushed story and I kinda got too excited on it…But that doesn't mean it's no longer special to me, it is of course my first story

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In the dark tunnel of an abandoned subway, sobs could be heard nearby, something or someone was in great pain, the source of the sobs was curled up in a wall shaking as tears covered its cheeks, upon closer inspection the sobbing creature appeared to be a humanoid turtle, this turtle was in fact a mutant going by the name Michelangelo, Mikey for short.

As for why he was crying well…That's another story.

There are other like Mikey, humanoid turtles, they were his brothers; Raphael, Leonardo, and Donatello, together they lived with their father, Hamato Yoshi or Master Splinter, But being brothers there was bound to be some verbal discord sometimes, especially considering what they do most of the time. Fighting crime and trying to stop both an extra-dimensional alien race shaped like brains and psychotic mega ninja hell bent on revenge, while trying to remain stealthy about it.

You heard that right folks, you heard that right Mikey and his brothers were crime fighting teenage mutant ninjas, or to put it shortly teenage mutant turtles. And as for the verbal discord, well their daily life had caused lots of unwanted stress and negative emotions. As for Mikeys crying, it wasn't originally from him, it was from his brothers…


Mikey was sitting on a sofa watching TV, lying flat on his belly, with solemn look on his face, having returned from a mission he was exhausted.

"I wonder where are Raph, Donnie, and Leo?"The young mutant wondered aloud, while flipping through different channels.

The young ninja had done a rather deplorable job at helping his brothers with this recent, and he felt rather guilty about his failure which explained why he wasn't smiling like he'd usually do.

"Maybe I should check on them…"Mikey said to himself, switching the television off and standing up to walk to Donnies lab.

-Line break-

"I can't believe Mikey screwed up again!"A brash voice rang out as Mikey stopped at the front of the labs door with wide eyes. He gently pushed the door, careful not to make a sound, there he saw his three older brothers sitting in different places of the lab.

"For once I agree with you Raph, Mikeys performance was just outright horrible"Donnie supplied with an annoyed expression on his face.

"He was outright horrible!"Raph countered with his face edging to the color red out of anger, causing Mikeys eyes to widen as hurt flashed through the baby blue orbs.

"He is to childish to even be in this team…"Donnie said staring at Leo, hoping he would consider…

Finally Leo spoke"…Guys while all of this true…We can't tell Mikey, He'll only get upset"As he finished the statement Mikey could see Raphs eyes flash with something, an idea, and knowing Raph a cruel one.

"Why don't we tell him then maybe he'll stop being an idiot"Raph requested with cruelty flashing in his eyes, as Donnie nodded in agreement, while Mikey couldn't believe his what he was hearing.

"No Raph Leave. Him. Alone. Mikey will learn eventually"Leo said shooting the red turtle a glare.

Raph grumbled in disappointment but didn't act on, but only said.

"Whatever, he's still worthless"Raph growled out in annoyance, while Mikeys eyes widened.

That was the last straw.

"RAPH"Leo roared, but Mikey didn't see what came next as he hurriedly turned and ran to the sewers…

-End of flashback-

Mikey sobbed even harder as he remembered, once again, the harsh words of his older brothers, it was one of the many times they had done this to him, he'd usually play it off and continue with his business and ignored the hurt he felt along the way but now…

He could only take so much.

Mikey sniffed a bit as he stood up and turned his head to one of the sewer lids.

"Maybe a walk topside will calm me down"He said to himself as he climbed the ladder to slowly open the lid, and carefully stepped out the manhole and to the streets of New York.

Mikey carefully trotted over to a building and begun climbing it, careful to not distub its inhabitants and as soon as he reached the roof top he observed the area checking for trouble, and after confirming that there was no trouble to be found he sighed and sat down.

'Maybe I could get some pizza gyoza'Mikey thought.

Suddenly he could hear a strange whirring noise from his T-phone, a rather loud whir filled with static, making the young ninja turtle take up his phone and stare at it confused, only to be even more confused as the T-phones screen was filled with ones and zeros as the whirring continued, making Mikey realize if the whirring wouldn't stop it would wake someone up.

"Mute!, where's the mute button!?"Mikey whispered in a rush, tapping the screen of the T-phone rabidly, and then it finally stopped, "phew"The young turtle sight in relief, that's until he took a good look at his phones screen.

'Come to Manhattan central park_'It read.

Mikey stared at his phone as if it grew an extra head, he contemplated on whether or not he should do as the text said or just flat out run back to the lair and tell his brothers, but then he thought of something, 'maybe I'll uncover something big if go there, and then maybe my bros won't think I'm so worthless anymore' he thought with hope written on his face.

And so he went.

-Line break-

Mikey had managed to make it to the park entrance with a solemn, contemplating look on his face as he wondered what awaited him there before shifting his expression into something more serious, and walked into the park expecting to see something big.

Only there was not.

"Huh"Mikey peeped out in confusion, but then he heard a softer version of the whirring from his T-phone and he immediately picked it p and looked at it revealing another mysterious message.

'This is a point of no return, would you like to continue?_'

'Yes' 'No'

Mikey once again contemplated on this, his face shifting from confusion to sadness as he remembered the pain his brothers inflicted on him, before his eyes flashed with angered determination, and he pressed 'Yes'.

The next message confused him greatly.

'Very well, preparing digi-port in 3, please stand by_'

'What the heck is a digi-port'Mikey thought.

He didin't have time to think more on it because his T-phone begun to emit a bright light coupled with an even louder whirr, causing his baby blue orbs to widen, while the street light begun to flicker on and off and a nearby Tv shops screens to turn on with static, as car alarms begun to go off, before strong electricity current zapped the wires, then the bright light of Mikeys T-phone converted itself into a beam of light and shot itself into the front of him.

"Ah!"Mikey yelped as the portal begun to suck him in, he was immediately thrusted forward, but Mikey flipped himself frontward and grabbed a piece of grass hoping that the portal was time limited like most of the portals he and his brother encountered, that's until he heard the sound of dirt breaking him growl.

Curse him for not bringing his nunchucks!

Mikeys growl soon died down into a shriek of blood murder as the portal brought him in, and amidst all his screaming he saw the portal entrance close, adding more fuel to his sheer terror, but while he was thrashing and screaming Mikey did not pay attention to his T-phone, whom he somehow did not drop, type a new message.

'Light is born of darkness_'

'Darkness sails north to become water and creates ice_'

'Light sails south to give birth to fire_'

'Wind flows in between light and darkness to collide with fire to become thunder_'

'Light sinks into darkness and returns to earth and wills it into steel_'

'Hamato Michelangelo you and several others are our remaining hope_'

'Please save our world_'

End of chapter 1