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"Hey boys," called out Pepper, heels clicking merrily as she walked over to the sitting room.

Thor and Clint had their eyes glued to the TV screen, and Steve was the only one who turned a head in her direction. "Pepper," Steve greeted warmly. Pepper smiled and nodded at him.

"At least someone has manners," she said pointedly, looking at an oblivious Clint and Thor. They didn't get the hint, however.

On the television, Han and Leia were kissing passionately. Pepper rolled her eyes at the sight of it. Star Wars.

Steve seemed slightly disappointed, turning back to the TV. "I thought Leia and Luke would be a better couple," he said, while Clint mocked gagging into his sleeve. Steve frowned at him. "What?"

"Luke and Leia are twins, you idiot," said Clint, punching Steve's shoulder. Steve looked annoyed.

"I'd rather have watched it myself," he said. Pepper cleared her throat, bright smile fading slightly.

"Ah! Lady Pepper!" exclaimed Thor, noticing her for the first time. Thor's loud voice aroused Clint, who turned and blinked at Pepper.

"Hey, Pepper," Clint said. "Did you need anything?"

"Did you guys see Tony?" Pepper asked, tapping her foot slightly impatiently. "He disappeared to go help Thor run his shower."

Thor raised an eyebrow. "I did not ask for assistance for my shower," he contradicted, looking offended. "I know how to run a shower." Pepper froze.

"Are you sure?" she insisted, biting her lip. She hated it when Tony lied to her.

"I am certain," declared Thor.

Pepper just frowned. There was something funny going on here, and she was going to get to the bottom of it.

"You don't remember anything, Lokster?" Tony asked, eyeing the demigod with a mixture of pity and wariness.

Loki made a disgusted sound. "Don't call me that. What kind of nickname is that, anyway? Are you comparing me to a lobster?"

"It's a cute, mocking, and slightly affectionate nickname," said Tony easily, and Loki snorted.

"Affectionate?" he repeated. "Am I to call you Papa now? Oh dear Papa, will you buy me a kitten?"

Tony's lips twitched in amusement. "Sorry, kiddo," he said, grinning. "Pepper won't let animals in the house."

Loki rolled his eyes, leaning back in the pillows. Tony watched him. "So you've really can't remember how you got here?" he asked. When Loki shook his head, Tony shrugged helplessly.

"Your life sucks, you know that, right?" Tony told him bluntly. Loki's lips quirked upwards.

"And yet you still refuse to buy me a kitten."

Now, where was her room again?

Wanda walked down the hallway, feeling uncomfortable and out of place. The extravagant quarters she'd been given seemed too big, too lavish, and just not her. Wanda would have been happy with a small, simple room furnished with just one cot.

Why was she here? Her room…right. Wanda had felt terribly chilly, and had told Vision she was going to go grab a sweater.

Ah, Vision. Wanda had so many mixed feelings about him that it was hard to decipher them at all.

Vision was sweet, Wanda had to admit that. And it was all too obvious how Vision felt about her—even Wanda didn't need her telepathic powers to sense that. It was ironic, too, considering that it had been Wanda who tried to stop Tony Stark from completing Vision.

Vision was remarkably powerful. Wanda didn't know herself how powerful, but what frightened her even more was that she could defeat him. Easily, too. It wouldn't cost her much effort—physically, of course.

Wanda wasn't supposed to be this powerful being. She was just an seventeen-year-old girl, and somehow, instead of being in high school, studying for a test…..she was here. With Thor—a god, Tony Stark—a billionaire, To be honest, it was terrifying.

Not to mention the Avengers weren't tripping over their shoes to welcome her. They weren't cold towards her, on the contrary, they were friendly. But there was a cold, distant barrier between every single one of them, and Wanda knew it wouldn't be easy for them to forget what she'd done to them.

But there were two Avengers Wanda was feeling a connection with. One was sweet, helpful Vision. The other, surprisingly, was Clint Barton. Ever since Peter had passed, Wanda could only feel a dull sort of ache whenever she was faced with Clint, considering he'd unintentionally been the cause of her brother's death. But somehow that'd blossomed into the odd sort of friendship the two of them had.

Everyone was generally wary of Wanda. With her telekinesis, people naturally assumed she could read their minds. Well, Wanda could, in some sort of way, but not the way people imagined it. They pictured human thoughts as a random strings of words that went on, like Oh! The sky is so blue today or She looks so ugly in that sweater.

Thoughts were kind of like that, but not really, People thought things in emotions, thoughts, and senses. When walking in a crowd, Wanda found it difficult to figure out who was feeling what. If someone felt mildly annoyed because someone else accidentally bumped them, then Wanda wouldn't sense that. On the other hand, if a mob was breaking out, Wanda's head would begin to ache with all the strong feelings of anger.

She could figure out someone's thoughts, but that would take a great deal of concentration. And if the person resists, that makes it even harder. But Wanda tended to avoid that, because she considered it an invasion of someone's privacy.

Wanda shook her head. She was getting terribly distracted. Now, where in his damned, massive building was she?

Wanda couldn't tell, and she reached out with her mind to figure out who else was on this floor. It didn't seem like anyone was here….wait.

Wanda froze as her mind brushed against another's lightly. It wasn't the mind of anyone she knew, now, that could mean nothing. But this mind—it was the strangest mind she'd ever felt.

It was like a combination of Tony and Bruce's mind, and Thor's. The mind was terribly clever, Wanda could easily see that. It held the power and sheer strength of Thor's mind, but the mind had a cunning, quick cleverness that Thor did not possess.

The strange individual was deep in thought, and very much alone. He—Wanda could see it was male—was irritated and annoyed at something. Wanda felt herself smile slightly. There were times like these that made her talent seem like a blessing, rather than a curse. After a few minutes with a person, she understood the person better than a friend.

Wanda felt incredibly intrigued by this vivid, bright mind that she leaned against the wall, brown eyes fluttering shut as she concentrated fiercely. This mind was very strong, and the unnamed man could probably shield his thoughts from her if he wanted to.

Unconsciously, Wanda began to walk towards the closed door that contained this fascinating individual, her attention still fully on his mind. What is he thinking about? wondered Wanda, and she began to probe deeper before she hastily withdrew. You're better than this, she scolded herself. You can't intrude like that.

So she didn't. Wanda satisfied her curiosity by grazing gently over his strong emotions. He was having mixed feelings about something, and as a mental image was drawn up, Wanda realized with shock that it was Thor. And not only Thor, Tony as well.

His feelings for Tony were something like fondness, irritation, and admiration. Pretty much was everyone feels around Tony, so that wasn't a surprise.

What really surprised Wanda was the strong connection the individual held with Thor. He had mixed feelings about the god of thunder—affection, annoyance, fear, anger, a desperate need to hug him, a desperate need to flee from him, and another desperate need to punch him in the face. Wanda looked faintly amused. It was pretty much the emotions between two fighting brothers.


Wanda's heart nearly stopped. Surely it wasn't..it couldn't be….

Wanda immediately turned her attention to the mind. She went below the strong emotions, and underneath, Wanda jolted at the feelings underneath. She knew this person very well by now—he was a strong-willed, stubborn, clever, unreliable person.

That person shouldn't be feeling so much confusion, so much bewilderment. And he most definitely shouldn't have a big, black hole instead of his memories of the previous week.

Wanda couldn't stand it no longer. Preparing herself, Wanda flung open the closed door, and stopping dead at the sight of the individual on the bed.

She couldn't say she recognized him. He was tall, but remarkably slender, with handsome features. His face was pale but striking, black hair was combed back, and clear, unblemished green eyes watched her.

He didn't look at all fearful of her, on the contrary, he looked as though he knew she was outside the whole time. But Wanda knew better. His thoughts and emotions were wild—Why didn't I sense her there? I need to stop letting my defenses drop. Ah, so Wanda was dealing with a master liar. She should have expected that from someone with a mind like that. And if this man was who she thought he was…well, then Wanda would be dealing with the god of lies. Quite literally.

"So I have a visitor already," commented the man, gaze sliding over her as he sized her up, then darting back to her eyes. Wanda cocked her head at him, an unsettling feeling creeping over her as his burning green eyes seemed to bore holes into her.

It's all a ploy to intimidate you, Wanda told herself. She gathered herself together, and answered stiffly, "I'm not a visitor. Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me?" The man pulled up an injured look. "I know who you are."

That too, was a lie. Even as he spoke, the man was desperately pulling up all known info on her, and it was only a matter of time before he pulled up her name. Wanda Maximoff. Wanda frowned when she felt all the research the man had put into the Avengers.

"Wanda, is it?" the man asked. Wanda felt the panic of his mind when he realized exactly what powers she had, before the man instantly closed his mind off. Now, Wanda could only sense the especially strong emotions.

"Yes," said Wanda warily. "You know my name…allow me the pleasure of knowing yours."

The man narrowed his dark green irises into narrow slits. "I am surprised you do not know me," he said lightly. "I am Loki Odin—" his voice caught in his throat, as a bunch of unidentifiable emotions swirled around his eyes. As quickly as they were there, however, they were gone. "Just Loki," he said, nodding at her.

Her suspicions were confirmed instantly. But Wanda didn't lose her cool, she just nodded at him. "Loki, as the Loki who tried to take over the planet?" she asked politely, surprised she was holding it together as well as she was now.

Loki grinned. "The one and the same."

Wanda should have felt fear or alarm, but honestly she wasn't at all worried. But she had an inkling that a certain billionaire was behind this. "Stark?" she asked wearily.

Loki arched an eyebrow. "He pretty much is behind all the trouble in his Tower, one way or the other, isn't he?" he commented. "But it was my fault too, I'm the one who dropped outside his bedroom door."

"Just when I thought all of this was over," muttered Wanda, but both their heads turned simultaneously as the door barged open. Loki straightened up instantly in bed.

"Hello, Stark," drawled Loki lazily, green eyes flickering. "I was just wondering where my favorite arrogant, annoying Tin Can had gotten to." Wanda almost smiled, before she stopped herself. In another lifetime, she might've actually liked Loki.

Stark stopped dead at the sight of the two of them, head turning comically from one to the other. "Something you forgot to mention?" asked Wanda sarcastically, while Tony swore.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he said, running a hand through his hair. Loki had that innocent, slightly mocking, I'm confused look on his face again.

"I believe that Jesus' middle name wasn't 'fucking'," Loki said mildly, not breaking a stride. Wanda had to duck her head to hide a smile, and when she looked back up, Loki was watching her.

His gaze made her feel slightly uncomfortable, so Wanda tapped her foot impatiently on the ground. "Stark," she said warningly, allowing a trance of her annoyance to show through her voice. "We have to talk."

"Sure," said Stark distractedly. He followed her out of the door, and Wanda slammed the door behind her.

"If there's one thing worse than an evil, genocidal robot trying to take over the world," said Stark, "it's an angry female."

Wanda gritted her teeth—she had no time for Stark's games now. "Did you even think of mentioning that the Norse god of trickery who recently brought an army of aliens out of a giant wormhole in the sky?"

"Who apparently birthed an eight-legged horse," Stark added, face seriously. "Don't forget that."

Wanda blinked. "What the hell?"

"I did not give birth to an eight-legged horse!" hollered an indignant voice from inside the bedroom.

Wanda let out a frustrated sound, then grabbed Stark by the shoulders and dragged him into a separate room, far from Loki's hearing.

Tony exhaled slowly, joking mood vanishing. "Okay, I probably owe you a bunch of explanations," he said. "But there isn't much to tell. I was in my bedroom, and someone was knocking on my door. I answered the door, and there was our favorite demigod." Tony chewed his lip. "He seemed….agitated," frowned Tony. "Then he dropped cold. I had no idea on what to do, so I dragged him here. I left to grab a drink of water, and then you were there."

"Did he seem to, well, forget anything?" asked Wanda, on a sudden impulse. Tony blinked.

"Yeah," he said suspiciously. No doubt he was thinking Wanda had just read his mind, or something foolish like that. "When he woke, he demanded what I was doing there, and seemed confused about why he was there. I sort of thought he was lying, though."

"He's not," Wanda contradicted shortly. "I looked into his head—" Tony cringed, "—and there was a blank hole in the back of his head, a gap that should have been filled with the memories of the past two weeks. But there's nothing there."

"Concussion?" Tony asked hopefully, but Wanda was already shaking her head.

"If he had obtained a head injury," she replied, "the memories still would be there. Decidedly fuzzy, and hard to decipher, but undoubtedly there. Here, it's as if nothing even happened. And before you ask….no, Stark, Loki was not simply in a dark place for the last few weeks. If he was sleeping, there would be a different feeling."

"What are you saying?" Tony asked.

Wanda looked at him seriously. "I'm saying," she said soberly, "that someone wiped those memories from him."