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"I have a bargain to offer," said Loki, folding his hands behind his back neatly and pacing back and forth. Tony raised an eyebrow, but after a look from Wanda he resisted the urge to mutter something sarcastic.

He looked much better than he did before. Loki was dressed in his annoyingly familiar oak green outfit, highlighted with black and gold, black hair smoothed back with green eyes glittering.

"You allow me a room to have rest, for at least three days," went on Loki, clearly surprised at Tony's lack of reaction. "You don't even have to feed me. Lock me in for all I care, and forget I even existed. I swear on my honor I will leave without causing any trouble at all."

Well, that was absolutely ridiculous, because of course Tony wasn't going to let Loki starve for three days. Tony had a feeling Loki knew that, too. But Tony needed to act tough here. "What's in it for us?" he asked.

Loki shrugged his narrow shoulders. "You recently had an attack? By Ultron," he added. "I can mend anything you wish with my magic. If you want."

Wanda was still standing so rigidly that Tony wondered if he should poke her, just to make sure she wasn't dead. But he doubted she would appreciate it. But she finally spoke.

"Why do you need rest?" she asked, voice clipped with her accent. Good question, thought Tony, feeling idiotic because he didn't ask it himself.

Loki was chewing his lip. "You probably know I lost my memory of the past few weeks," he said almost reluctantly, locking eyes with Wanda. If it was possible, she stiffened even more.

"Yes," she replied.

"Well, somehow during that time," said Loki, voice light, "I got slightly wounded. Nothing big, but it'll take a few days to recover. I'll be much obliged if you give me a place to—what is it called?—crash in for a while."

Tony didn't accept that, because funnily enough, the voice Loki was using was the exact same tone Tony used with Pepper, trying to pass off injuries as less than they were. "Not working, Lokes," he said, stepping forward. "Tell me what's up. Otherwise we're kicking your ass out the door."

Loki looked at him, mentally debating how much to tell. "Fine," he hissed out through gritted teeth. "Very well, your funeral. I have deadly poisoning in my system because someone dragged out a message on my back with a poisoned knife, and I am slowly being killed from the inside out. My magic is at work overtime, and unless I have a few days to recuperate, the poison will be fatal."

Tony's jaw dropped.

"Hell," he said finally, feeling slightly guilty. He glanced sideways at Wanda, who was still staring at a mocking Loki. "Is what he's saying true?" he asked her.

"Yes," answered Wanda. "Someone has written something in his back. With a poisoned blade. He is in a great deal of pain."

"Ms. Maximoff," Loki ground out, "Stark most certainly did not need to hear that."

Tony had no idea on what to do. He sunk his face in his hands wearily. "Why do I always get into these situations?" he muttered to no one in particular.

"Because you're Stark," said Loki, never without a ready reply.

Wanda flashed Tony a look that wasn't quite amusement, but close enough. "Don't forget," she said, getting as close to teasing as Wanda ever would with him, "that you dragged me into his mess with you, too."

"Oh my god," mumbled Stark. What were they going to do now? Tell the team?

"Yes?" murmured Loki absent-mindedly, barely flinching as Tony threw an available book at him. It passed through Loki, however, in a flash of emerald light.

"An illusion," said Tony, understanding. The form of Loki standing in front of them disappeared easily, and suddenly there was another Loki, lying wearily on the bed.

"Would the two of you mind deciding?" asked Loki suddenly. "My magic is almost depleted, and I need to figure out a good place to teleport to if you're dumping me."

Tony opened his mouth to speak, before a knock banged on the door. "Stark, I told you not to touch my arrows!" hollered an indignant voice. At the sound of that voice, Loki visibly froze.

Clint Barton. Hawkeye.

Oh, this was bad. Very bad.

Tony hoped with all his heart that Wanda had locked the door behind her. Too late. The knob was turning. Wanda made a slashing motion at her throat to Tony, who blinked at her. Idiot, she mouthed at him, turning to Loki. Clint was still hollering at the door, and Tony mumbled something in reply.

Turn invisible, Wanda mouthed to Loki, who shook his head. He couldn't. His magic supply was depleted already, due to most of it going to his injury. Wanda cursed, right as Clint Barton stormed into the room, still speaking.

Wanda and Tony instinctively stepped closer to each other, blocking Loki. Clint stared at them, the two people who had been avoiding each other since Sokovia now standing uncomfortably close. Barton gestured vaguely with his hands. "I've missed something, haven't I?"

It may have ended then. Tony and Wanda may have talked out of it, and escorted Clint easily out of the room, if a certain angry redhead hadn't decided to make an entrance.

"Tony, what is the meaning of this?" demanded a fuming Pepper, ignoring Wanda and Clint completely. "You just disappeared! And then you lied to me! Thor didn't need help with his shower! And I find it entirely unacceptable how you…" As Pepper ranted on, Loki sighed. It was only a matter of time before Pepper and Clint noticed him, and then Loki was most likely going to be kicked out.

"Wanda!" another voice ejaculated in delight, while Loki grinned bitterly. "This just gets better and better," Wanda heard Loki mutter.

She closed her eyes weakly as Vision easily melted through the walls. "Wanda, your sweater was on the couch the whole time," said Vision, holding the damned thing out to her. "You—" his voice trailed off, and Wanda knew he'd seen Loki.

Clint and Pepper had seen Loki, too. Clint already had a gun pointed at Loki's forehead, while Pepper screamed and grabbed Tony's shoulders.

Tony was frantically trying to calm a hyperventilating Pepper, who was shrieking. Vision was repeating something over and over again to Wanda, who seemed to have spaced out. Clint was glaring daggers at Loki, spouting some pretty impressive curses at the god of mischief.

And to top it off, somehow Steve had gotten into the goddamned room, too. And was that Thor behind him? Bruce and Natasha were cramming into the tiny room, which was feeling terribly squished by now. Great. Now all the Avengers were here. So much for keeping it discreet.

Everyone was talking on top of the other—Clint was swearing at an amused Loki, Thor and Bruce were trying to figure out what was going on from the back of the room, while Natasha, Steve, and Pepper had all united in a shouting match against Stark.

"Shut up, everyone!" Wanda screamed suddenly, letting ribbons of crimson light escape from her hands. The overly dramatic effect had everyone silenced quickly enough, and all eyes were turned to the Scarlet Witch.

But the silence didn't last long. "I'd like to know exactly what Loki is doing here," bit out Steve.

"Loki?" both Bruce and Thor cried simultaneously.

It seemed like another angry row was about to break out, and Wanda hastily intervened. "Let's all meet," she said. "We have a lot to discuss."

"I'll say we do," scowled Clint, as Natasha laid a warning but gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Tony," said Steve, tapping impatiently on the table. "Tell us from the beginning about happened."

Natasha turned her steely gray-green eyes to Tony, who tried to look nonchalant but was failing miserably. This whole thing was getting confusing, in her opinion. She'd come to the room with Bruce because she had known for a fact that it was empty. They'd wanted to play chess in a more private setting, and the two of them had walked in on the chaotic scene. Natasha wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but all she knew was that a certain someone, who should've disappeared from Earth a long time ago, was lying on the bed.

"I was in my bedroom," said Tony, surprisingly not making a sarcastic remark. "Minding my own business…when a knock came on my door. Being the amazingly hospitable person I am, I opened it. And you can all guess who it was."

Thor had a confused look on his face. "Who?" he asked, and Natasha realized Thor didn't know that it was Loki in there. Well, that complicated things.

"Nose goes!" said Natasha suddenly, a finger reaching up and lightly tapping her nose. The reaction was simultaneous. Almost every hand darted up and touched their own nose…leaving a bewildered Steve, blinking around at everyone.

"You gotta tell Thor," grinned Tony unabashedly. "Come on, Capsicle!"

Steve looked indubitably displeased, but nodded curtly, not bothering to demand a rematch.

"What is this 'nose goes'?" demanded Thor, but Steve brushed him aside.

"Thor," said Steve, wanting to get it over with, "the guy in the bed, and the guy outside Tony's bedroom….it's Loki."

Thor stared at him, alarmingly blue eyes fixed on Steve. "Are you sure?" Thor asked finally. Steve nodded, and before Thor could say something more, Tony quickly took the stage.

"Back to my story!" exclaimed Tony, voice too cheery to be real. "Anyways, guys. Loki was outside my room, and I asked him what the hell he was doing there, and then Loki fainted. So I did the only sensible thing to do, I dragged him to the spare room near mine."

"You should have told us," said Steve disapprovingly. "Didn't we already have this discussion about make important decisions like that without telling us?"

"I'll be sure to call a meeting before I redecorate my room," answered Tony seriously. "Anyway, I was going to tell you afterwards."

Natasha instantly knew that was a lie. The slight twitching in his hand, the way Tony forced himself to meet Steve's eye. It was obvious that Tony was no Loki, but his act seemed to fool everyone else well enough.

"What next?" Steve began, but Tony hastily began speaking.

"Wanda will tell," he said quickly, stumbling over his words. "Wanda would, won't you?"

Natasha sighed, and settled back for Part Two of Stark and his Crazy Antics.

Wanda knew exactly why Tony was so willing to hand the reins over to her. Usually the billionaire loved hearing the sound of his own voice, but in this case, apparently Tony wasn't eager to announce to Thor that his little brother had probably just been tortured, and can't remember anything from the past few weeks.

"I went to get a sweater from my room," said Wanda, shooting Vision a glance. "I got lost…" she hesitated. The Avengers mightn't be very pleased to hear what she was doing, but then, that was who Wanda was. It wasn't her fault.

"…and I felt around for another mind," said Wanda, forcing herself to ignore the looks that flashed across the Avengers' faces. "And when I felt Loki's—I didn't know it was his at the time, of course—I was, well, curious. It was probably the strangest mind I'd ever felt, sort of like Thor's. Strong-willed with the same power radiating from it that Thor has, but more…" her voice trailed off, looking slight embarrassed. But Thor caught on quickly.

"Cleverer?" Thor asked. "Yes, Loki was always far more cleverer than me in everything. I'm not surprised to hear that."

"I was curious," Wanda repeated. "So I went into the room, and I saw him on the bed. He said he knew my name, so I asked him his. He told me it was Loki." Wanda frowned, recollecting her thoughts. "Loki had a giant memory gap in the place of his memories of the past few weeks," she added. "So he had a light memory loss. Well, I didn't know what to do at that point, because Loki wasn't exactly attacking, and that's when Stark came in."

"I wanted to know what was going on," Wanda went on, "so I dragged Stark out of the room. He explained what happened, and then Loki called us back in. Loki said he had a proposal."

Before anyone could ask the obvious question hanging in the air, What sort of proposal? Wanda answered it herself. "He wanted a few days of rest, from an injury," she said. "He said he didn't even want food. And Loki promised repairs of any damage created by Ultron."

Wanda glanced at Clint with sympathy, careful not to show any in her gaze, because the assassin didn't appreciate sympathy well. Clint looked furious but soothed down, still in shock about seeing his enemy after two years. Wanda had heard about what Loki had done to Clint—With Coulson and the mind-control—and Wanda felt pity for him.

"It could be a trap," said Vision, but Wanda had her answer prepared.

"No," she said. "Loki was in a considerable amount of pain."

Other than Wanda, the only other female Avenger—Black Widow—was leaning forward to speak. Everyone fell silent, heads turning in her direction. Natasha rarely spoke in group discussions, only when necessary, but when she did speak, her words were sensible, practical, and caused everyone to look at the problem from a new angle.

There wasn't much Wanda knew about Natasha. There was no chance of girl-to-girl talks there, because the silent assassin never spoke much to Wanda. She was polite enough, but Wanda supposed that Natasha still hadn't forgiven the mind-issue.

Wanda tore herself away from her thoughts, and focused her attention on Natasha. "It seems to me," said Natasha, "that if Loki isn't lying, then his injury must be pretty serious. Loki has an ego to rival Stark's…"

"Hey!" Tony protested.

"…and would only ask for a night's rest even if he had a broken wrist," Natasha continued. "I wouldn't be surprised if his injury was fatal."

Wanda was already nodding. "Yes," she said, glancing quickly at Thor with pity before looking away. "Loki says he was, er, tortured. And apparently he's dying."

Wanda braced herself for the outbreaking of clashing voices, but it never came. Everyone was just staring at her, jaws dropped, with mixed expressions on their faces. The Scarlet Witch ducked her head, not meeting anyone's eyes.

"Do you know the details?" spoke Bruce for the first time, ever the doctor. "Maybe we could do something for it."

Wanda shook her head. "No," she said, forcing her voice to stay level. "Loki says that—that apparently someone wrote a message on his back. With a deadly, poisoned knife."

The silence was loud enough to hear a pin drop. Wanda stared at an invisible spot on the table, avoiding Thor's gaze. The emotions radiating from him were heart-wrenching, and Wanda cut herself off from his emotion flow, feeling sure that she would burst into tears if she felt Thor's feelings any longer.

"Who do you think did this, Thor?" asked Steve.

Thor was shaking his head over and over again. "It was most likely one of the many sorcerers in the Nine," he said bitterly. "Loki has a nasty habit of offering to work for someone, then double-crossing them for the person who has more money. Fifty percent of the time, that is his ploy. Yet Loki keeps being hired, because he is an adept sorcerer with a quick, intelligent mind. No one can get the better of him. As you can imagine, he has many enemies. I believe one of them did….that to him, then wiped his memories in cast anyone wanted to figure out who it was."

Outside, the rain began to pour.

Clint listened with mixed feelings as he found out that Loki, his enemy, was about to die. The only other time he felt these odd feelings were when he accidentally shot an arrow at Pepper, and Loki danced in the way and took the arrow for her.

This was sort of like that.

Clint decided to voice his thoughts when no one else said anything. "Guys," began Clint, "in my opinion, we should…"

"Clint," interrupted Steve warningly, sending him a quick glance. At the same time, Natasha squeezed his shoulder.

Clint felt angry as he brushed off Natasha and glared around at the rest of the Avengers. "Do you guys think so low of me?" he demanded. "This was two years ago, Jesus Christ! There was once a time I would secretly be happy, thinking Loki deserves everything that is coming to him. But I've changed. I let go of my grudges."

Clint sighed. "I was just going to say that we should offer his shelter, for as long as he likes," he said, all the fight draining out of his voice. "We provide him with whatever food or things he needs, and let him have a room, under controlled conditions, of course."

"But," Clint went on to say, "We can't go off gallivanting after the sorcerer who killed Loki to avenge him or whatever the crap we're going to say. It's not our fight, and if this guy is powerful enough to bring down Loki, we don't want to have him wage war on Earth."

"What was er, on his back?" asked Steve. Wanda opened her mouth to reply, but Thor cut her off.

"Probably ancient runes or some dark spell," dismissed Thor. "Nothing of importance."

Before someone else could speak, Wanda took the floor. "I finally got a word in," she said, ruffled. "Listen, all of you got it all wrong. This is our fight, and no, Thor, those weren't runes on Loki's back." When she paused for breath, Clint felt a spark of annoyance and interrupted, much to Wanda's displeasure.

"Since when did you grow so fond of that trickster?" he said, voice coming out harsher than he intended. Wanda turned dark eyes to him.

"This is nothing to do with Loki," she said, voice frosty. "It has to do with something else entirely."

Wanda's gaze flittered around the room, drawing in breath for her final statement. "The letters on Loki's back?" she said. "I saw them in Loki's mind. They were a message. A message for us."

"What was it?" asked Tony impatiently. Wanda bit her lip.

"Beware, Avengers," she quoted, voice dull and devoid of emotion.

"I am coming."

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