"Akihito's unnatural secret"

Hey guys its Misha here…. It's My first time writing a finder series fanfiction. So, bear with the mistakes and do point them out. English isn't my mother language. And I tend to mix American and British English. This story is self beta-ed. Please review


Akihito took pictures repeatedly of the transaction between a corrupted police officer and small gang thug. But occasionally saw how they turned out before continuing. It was a small-time deal but he needed the pay, even though he lives with the devil himself doesn't mean he will use his money. He uses his money to buy ingredients for their meals and clean around the penthouse instead of giving the rent to Asami. However, Asami doesn't mind his freeloading he does. Well that's what he keeps telling himself. He has a pride damn it. He will not be his mistress. He isn't a leech. They are together for sex only. No feeling's involved. ' yeah, right' a voice said in his mind, he scoffed n came to reality resuming taking pictures.

How much time are they going to take? they are really novice. Asami would have round it up in fifteen minutes max. He cursed himself suddenly. Why he always ends up thinking about the bastard anyway. He hasn't seen him in two weeks. Their timing with their jobs are really clashing now a days. He knows that Asami does come home due to the scent of his super expensive cigarettes.

He shakes his head again and realize that they are finally leaving the meeting place. 'Thank god that took forever'. After their cars left he got up from his hiding place and walked out in search of his vespa. He likes to park it a bit far from his hiding place. Doesn't want those shady people to find out about it when he is taking photos and get suspicious. He sat and drove straight to penthouse to tweak these photos. He used to do that in his apartment, but the bastard kidnapped him from his apartment again when he didn't come home after a week working for a job then editing and redoing them. When he complained about Asami getting in his way and not letting him do work ,The bastard actually renovated and made a darkroom in the penthouse for him. To say that Akihito was surprised would be an understatement. He ofcourse ranted and bitched about it and Asami had to shut him up by using various unique techniques that makes him blush even thinking about it.

He parked his vespa in the VIP section (Asami insisted that he use it) and went up the building. The person on the front desk greeted him and he blushed cause whatever he say they insisted on calling him Asami-sama. He took the elevator to the penthouse. After placing his camera bag on the table, he took a shower because he smelled like dumps and made something light to eat and started working on the photos.

Asami came home around 2am. That's early considering there are so many rats to clean and Kirishima always has paperwork for Asami. He noted the light dinner and there was a barest of smiles on his face, he took a shower and ate the dinner. Akihito wasn't in master bedroom so maybe he was out working or in his darkroom. Asami may not admit it yet but he missed messing with his kitten. It's been too long since he last had a taste of his kitten. Just remembering his hissing and flushing kitten made him smirk. He decided to check the darkroom and a cute sight greeted him. Akihito's laptop was on a table and he was slumped on the said table sleeping and drooling a bit. He would occasionally mumble something. Asami smiled and decided to let him rest. He looked like he needed it. He pulled of the doorframe that he hasn't realized he has been leaning on and watching Akihito, and gently picked him and went to the master bedroom, put him in bed and laid with him. Soon he was asleep.

Akihito woke up in bed and smiled thinking Asami must have put him in it. The bed was cold beside him, so the man must be his office already. He sighed and got up from bed and went to bathroom to relieve himself, fresh up and went to make breakfast. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Asami sitting in a chair reading newspaper and drinking coffee. The surprising fact was that the businessmen was in casual clothes. He was wearing loose slacks and a polo shirt. Damn he looked soooo sexy in anything. Some people just had everything. Why must God be so cruel to him?

Asami saw Akihito standing there speechless and smirked seeing the lustful expression. "Good Morning Kitten. Had a nice Sleep?".

Akihito shook his head and resumed walking in the kitchen to make breakfast. "Morning. What are you doing here?".

"Whatever, do you mean kitten. It's my home. Is it so wrong to be here?".

"You know what I mean bastard. And don't start with this kitten bullshit this early in the morning. Don't you have world to conquer and people to kill?" Akihito asked raising an eyebrow.

"I never knew you thought so highly of me. But to answer your question I thought I should spend some time with my lonely kitten" Asami smirked.

"Who's lonely bastard" Akihito answered flustered and shrieked when Asami wrapped his arms around his waist from back and leaned on him. "W-What are you doing?" Akihito asked with a blush without realizing that he was leaning back on Asami's embrace. That breath on his neck just did many things to his body. And god it's been so long. "Akihito" hearing that voice thick with desire he groaned. Asami kissed his shoulder blade and picked him up. He kissed any protest that might have fallen from those sinful lips and made his way to the bedroom.


Akihito made his way to the café and entered hearing the doorbell chime. "Aki, here" kou raised his hand. He made his way over to the table where his two best friends sat and gently sat on the chair. His ass got pounded that entire morning and noon. Asami was very rough with him not that he complained that time. He barely had any sleep when his friends called him and made plans to hang out this evening. He denied saying he was tired, but they blackmailed him and here he was an hour later drinking a milkshake. He knew two of Asami's guards were following him, but he didn't have the energy nor the stamina to deal with the bastard for his possessiveness or to lose the guards.

"So, Aki how have you been man? Kou asked.

"I've seen better days".

"You sure look like a zombie. Is your boyfriend making you that tired?" smirked Takato. Akihito groaned and slumped on the table "Guys why is that when we get together its always Asami that's usually the topic? If that's all you guys are going to talk about then I'm out of here".

"Calm down Aki we were just teasing you" replied Takato. After that they had their fun talking about the movies they wanted to watch and the new girl Takato had a date with. And Akihito used that to his advantage and teased Takato to no end. After a few hours they said their good byes and went their way.

Since Akihito was tired he was just thinking about going to penthouse after heading to the nearest supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner. Someone bumped into him suddenly and apologized. He brushed it off and rubbed his right arm where he was bumped. Maybe he should start wearing his jacket soon, the season is changing and the wind is picking up. His phone rang and "Bastard" was showing on the screen. He accepted the call "Akihito" mimicking Asami.

Asami chuckled "Kitten I see you are in good mood. Where are you?".

"Like you don't know Bastard. Your goons are following me. I could have lost them but I'm in too much good mood to ruin it to bother with them. Just to humor you I'm on my way to super market and then to penthouse".

"Great then buy the stuff you need and head to Sion we'll go from there".

"Don't be a possessive bastard and order me around" Akihito scowled.

"Akihito, I know it's been some time since I tied you to bed but don't tempt me".

"Why you-"

"One more name calling and you'll seal your fate" and there was that warning tone.

"Fine. You win" Akihito said aggravated.

"Don't I always?" and Akihito could feel that smug smirk on Asami's face. "Be Good Kitten" and the call went dead before he had the chance to say something. He huffed and continued his way to the market. He bought the stuff he needed and paid accepting the bags. The guards came forward and took the bags from him. Surprised he tried to take them back but they denied saying "Takaba-san its Asami Sama's orders. The car is waiting outside to take you to Sion". He scowled but went to car without complaining.

During the ride he started feeling nauseous and blamed it on the car ride, though that never happened before but everything has its first right.

By the time they reached sion fifteen minutes later he was positive something was wrong with him. He got out of the car after the guard opened the door for him and grasped the car door to steady himself. He was feeling quite unsteady on his feet and dizzy. He shook his head to clear it but that only made matters worse and the guard held him, so he doesn't plant his face on the front of sion.

"Something wrong Takaba-san?" "No" he took a deep breath, removed the hand holding him and walked inside praying he won't embarrass himself in front of these rich patrons. He is already a gossip among them b/c of his visits. Only God knows what will happen if they found his face planted to the floor. The mortification of even all that happening made him take his steps faster and enter Asami's private elevator.

By the time he reached Asami's floor he staggered his way out. Kirishima who was waiting for him immediately held him alarmed "Takaba-sama what's wrong" Are you injured?".

"I-I don't know. Feeling dizzy and…." he closed his eyes tight and brought his hand to his head. Kirishima immediately helped him into Asami's office. The moment Asami saw Akihito slumped onto Kirishima he was there, took Akihito from Kirishima and made him sit on the couch. "What happened?" his voice held a command and demand of detailed answer.

"I'm not sure Asami-sama, he was weak and unsteady on his feet when he left the elevator and complained of dizziness." Asami nodded and put his hand on Akihito's forehead. He realized he has a fever but that alone doesn't warrant his lover this weak condition. "Call Miyazaki and have him chauffeured here immediately". Kirishima already had its phone on ear giving orders "It's done Asami-sama".

Asami nodded his head. "Akihito? Hey what's wrong. You were fine this morning and the time I called you to come here".

Akihito only groaned "I don't know alright. After your call, on the ride here I started feeling weird and it got worse with time. It's probably flu or something. Just need to sleep a bit" he mumbled.

"No, don't sleep yet. Let my personal physician have a look on you then you can sleep". Asami somehow had a feeling this wasn't it. And his gut feeling was always on point.

"Kirishima how much time till sensei come here?" asked Asami after a few minutes.

"He has entered the premises Asami-sama and is being escorted here as we speak". Just then the door opened, Miyazaki entered and bowed greeting "Asami-sama". Asami nodded and Miyazaki started his checkup on Akihito.

After a bit probing here and there and some questions answered by Asami since Akihito was incapable. "He has high fever Asami-sama. But I can't find the cause. It's not flu. I need to run some tests to diagnose what is wrong" the doctor responded confused.

"Do what you must I want to know everything. Tell Kirishima if you need anything" Asami replied calmly. Much too calm for Kirishima's taste. His boss was concerned. He could see it behind his calm façade. "of course Asami-sama" Miyazaki replied.

"A-Asami" whispered Akihito "I feel… weird". Asami noted that Akihito's voice was slurring. He sat beside him and ran his hand in his hair in a soothing motion. "You'll be alright soon Akihito". But Akihito didn't respond. He slumped on his side losing consciousness breathing hard and perspiring. "Akihito? Hey…. Akihito?" Asami said brows furrowed patting his lover's cheek. "Do something" Asami bellowed to the doctor furiously.

"I've made arrangements Asami-sama. Let's take him to the hospital. My medical team is already waiting." The doc said hurriedly.

"Th car is ready sir" Kirishima provided immediately.

Asami took Akihito's unconscious form and carried him to the car. They arrived the hospital in record time. Asami entered the hospital with Akihito in his arms flanked by Suoh and Kirishima. As promised the medical team was waiting and took Akihito to a private room.

Asami and his two guards stood waiting in the waiting room. The atmosphere heavy with silence. "Kirishima report".

Kirishima immediately understood that his boss wanted a detailed explanation. He anticipated it. His boss was like that when it come to the boy. Wanting to know every little thing he does and goes around him. He couldn't blame him either. The boy was a trouble magnet though they have also grown fond of him and see why Asama-sama needs him. "I've asked his guards sir. But nothing seemed out of usual. He met with his friends, did his shopping and came here. Though he did bump into someone but they didn't find it suspicious since the person apologized and Takaba-sama didn't complained of anything stolen" Kirishima replied.

Just then the doctor arrived "As I've already said he has a high fever. The blood tests came and we found some kind of poison in his system. One we don't know anything about. That's probably what's causing the fever. His body is trying to fight it causing it to heat itself. We gave him antidote, but we are not sure if that remedy will help any. Our specialists are working out to find the cure of this unknown poison. Till then I'm afraid we can't do anything" the doctor replied nervously.

It felt as if the temperature in the room dropped several degrees. Asami clutched his fists tight, anger burning in his veins. He'll kill the bastard who did this but not before he inflicted all the pain he gave Akihito with interest himself. "How did the poison enter his body?".

"Through his arm Asami-sama. I think it was injected. The skin there has discoloration".

"Kirishima find everything on that person Akihito bumped and have a file ready in 3 hours".

"ofcourse Asami-sama" already phone in his hand Kirishima made his way out of the hospital nodding to Suoh. A silent communication between them of protecting their boss and his lover.

Asami made his way to Akihito's room and took a seat beside his bed. Akihito looked so pale and fragile. His fiery eyes close. Asami ran his hand through those silver-blond locks in warmth. What would he give to see those eyes open again. Sighing he stood up and made his way outside. Souh standing stiffly beside the door as expected.

"Souh I want Akihito to have personal guard who will stay with him 24/7. Show me your choices and I'll choose to my standing" the order came.

"ofcourse Asami-Sama."

During their conversation about the detail regarding Akihito's security both men failed to notice the faint glow surrounding Akihito's whole body for a few seconds.

A few minutes later the doctor came by to check on Akihito, entering the room with Asami. He did the basic checkup but there was confusion on his face. He furrowed his brows and took Akihito's blood.

"What's wrong?" Asami asked Seeing the confusion.

"I don't understand. I'll be back in a few Asami-sama". The doctor mumbled and left before Asami could ask more.

Asami stood there thinking that the cause of Akihito's condition in still out there. He'll kill that fucker. The revenge will be sweet. He will bath in the bastard's screams. His golden eyes turned cold with fury.

The doctor came back unexpectedly happy. The smile on his face had Asami raise his eyebrow.

"Asami-sama you won't believe this. The results of Takaba-sama blood are all clear. We didn't find any trace of that poison. Somehow his blood cells embraced the poison turning it into their own. Our specialists aren't understanding this miracle either. But you'll be happy to know that he'll live." The doctor chatted away happily.

"When will he wake up?".

"In an hour or so I think". Asami nodded and the doctor dismissed himself giving the man his privacy.

Asami stood their shock to the core but there was that warmth spreading in his chest after hearing that news. He ran his hand on his face and hair in a relieved sigh. He can't believe this…. His boy has just proven that he is a fighter. That he will come over everything. Sitting on the bed he again ran his fingers through Akihito's hair. This time a true smile playing on his lips. "You brat. I'll have gray hair sooner rather than later".