This is not a story update but rather a story notification: I want all my readers to know that I had decided to adopt the major story project that I had started out to the Fanfiction writer Sally Boswell for the very reason that even if I had gotten these favorited notifications for my stories and writing. They still hadn't gotten any reviews on how I could improve. So ultimately that just sent me a message that it is time for the story to be switched in over to new ownership who would do a better job in all that pertails. I personally still have some exploring and figuring out before I take on a big story project like this again. I am not necessarily giving up just shrinking to smaller stories like the one shots as you mentioned but the size of that particular story I think I may have made a bit of a mistake on but I felt to much of a personal need to not do it. I am going to switch to smaller one shot stories for now on until I can get better at the larger more complicated stories. I am clarifying that I am not necessarily giving up on fanfiction story writing but admitting that I had taken on to big of a project. Wally Boswell wanted me to inform you that it will be so!e time before the story will recieve some major editing and updates or even a newer variation to the original version.