"I don't want to fall asleep without you anymore..."

His mouth was on hers almost the same second the words had left her lips. Her tongue was seeking his, desperate to taste him again. Jess hugged one arm tightly around his neck as the other gripped his shoulder, Nick's arms wrapping themselves around her waist. He bumped them into her door frame, the passion propelling them forward. Her feet barely skimmed the floor when Nick lifted her into the bedroom, spinning with her still in his arms and kicking the door closed with his right leg. His weight pinned her up against it and Jess made a little noise in the back of her throat as his crotch lined up with hers, the bulge in his pants pressing in to her pelvis and making heat spread through her abdomen. She had fistfuls of his shirt and moaned into him as his hands roamed across her back and down her sides, needing to touch all of her at once. Breaking apart for air, Nick smiled and placed a few short pecks on her lips as he tried to catch his breath, feeling her grinning back at him from under his mouth. Jess slid her arms around his waist, and her hands snuck up the back of his t-shirt to run across his skin. Tracing her fingertips back around to his front, she tugged the material up over his head. Nick obligingly lifted his arms and Jess threw the shirt to the floor, bringing him back towards her by grabbing at his waistband. The heat of his bare skin seeped through her thin blouse and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Nick began to unbutton her top, stopping halfway through to dip his head - kissing her softly across the skin of her throat and down to the delicate curves of her cleavage, just visible above the material that was still done up. Impatient and unable to wait for him to finish, Jess quickly undid the final buttons and let her shirt fall open, feeling him swallow against her neck as he pushed the top down her arms and on to the floor where it fell at her feet.

"I want you so much, Jessica." He murmured in her ear.



"I'm so turned on right now..."

"Yeah, that's kinda the aim..." Nick replied, running his tongue slowly along the curve below her earlobe and feeling her melt a little beneath him.

Dropping to his knees, he ran his hands up the back of Jess's bare legs making her giggle. She suddenly felt nervous, like being back in high school. Why did she feel nervous?! This was Nick. Her Nick, the love of her life - the man she had already slept with more times than could possibly be counted and yet, somehow, her insides had turned to jelly and her cheeks were blushing red all because of his touch. Placing his lips to the soft skin just above her knee, he feathered kisses up her left thigh before repeating the process on the other side. Jess was practically pulsing between her legs already and he hadn't even gotten started. Boy, was she in trouble...

Nick hitched her skirt up around her waist and smiled at her yellow underwear. Even her panties were full of sunshine. He kissed his way across the fabric, enjoying the sound of Jess taking a sharp intake of breath as he ran his tongue along the skin above her waistband - so tantalisingly close, yet so frustratingly far from where she needed to feel him. Nick sensed her squirming and hooked his fingers over the elastic, whipping them down to her ankles and causing her to gasp at the sudden sensation of cool air between her legs, which was swiftly replaced by the warmth of his mouth and - by, God - Jess nearly passed out with pleasure as his tongue caressed her slowly in all the right places. Her fingers ran themselves through his hair and gripped firmly, letting him know this was exactly what she wanted.

Jess tasted phenomenal, just as he remembered. Nick loved the way her body reacted to him, how he could draw moans from her mouth just by the presence of his tongue on her skin. Feeling her body writhing from his touch, he thought he could quite happily stay there for hours on end, pleasuring Jess until her knees gave way and buckled beneath her. Nick licked, kissed and circled her to the brink of ecstasy before moving away to run his lips over the skin of her inner thighs - a move he then repeated on a loop until she couldn't stand it anymore.

What was he playing at?

"Nick..." she whined "...stop being such a damn tease!"

Jess felt him smirk while his mouth was against her and he quickly got back up to his feet, leaning his weight into her, resting one hand against the door behind them and kissing her hungrily. She could taste herself on his lips and it was so erotic she thought she might explode.

"Sorry." he apologised between kisses "It's been a while. Maybe you should help me out with some direction..."

Nick breathed against her neck as he moved to suck on the spot below her jawline that he was pleased to find still drove her wild. Trailing his finger tips back up the inside of her left thigh, he lingered there and stroked the skin.

"So...you don't want me...here?"

Jess sucked her bottom lip in and gave a tiny shake of her head. He danced his hand slightly higher up, hovering between her legs as she sighed into him before he softly ran a thumb along the delicate area just between her hip and pelvis.

"How about there?"

"No..." She breathed, the evident frustration spurring him on. He knew exactly what Jess wanted, but was having far too much fun with his little game to give in just yet. Allowing his hand to finally land between her legs, Nick felt his dick twitch as he heard her breath catch in her throat at his touch.

"Ah...you want me here?"


"Hmm?" His mouth was still on her neck and the vibrations of the sound sent shockwaves straight to her centre.


Drawing his head back, Nick looked down at Jess and cupped his free hand to her cheek again, kissing her slowly, deeply. Movements matching perfectly with the rhythm he was tracing out on her most sensitive area, making her jerk her hips forward towards him.

"Nick..." His name was a plea on her tongue.


"Nick, I..." She couldn't complete her sentences, so overwhelmed with what he was doing to her.

"Tell me what you want, Jess."

He whispered in her ear while he worked her faster, revelling in the little gasps coming from her as he did. He'd missed that sound.


"Oh...?" Resting his forehead against hers, he placed a solitary, lingering kiss on her lips "...you mean like...this?" Nick finally slid his finger inside her.

Jess whimpered against his mouth as her body instantly spasmed when a second finger quickly followed.

"Oh, God...yes!"

She clawed at the skin of his back with her nails as he slid his fingers in and out of her slowly, continuing to circle her with his thumb, applying pressure at random moments to elicit curses from her lips as her impending conclusion drew nearer. Increasing the speed of his movements, Nick felt her body start to tighten and as she called out his name, he kissed her hard to swallow the cries she couldn't hold back when the inevitable climax shuddered through her. Waiting until she was completely spent, Nick finally removed his hand and grinned as Jess buried her face in his chest the way she always used to when she was embarrassed by how surprisingly loud she had been and didn't want to look at him.

Face flushed, she finally pulled back and merely offered a breathy "Wow..."


"Yeah...wow..." She rested her lips on the dip below his throat and murmured "...your turn..."

Jess curled her fingers over his waistband and reached to undo the buckle of his belt but felt his hand cover hers and hold it still when he realised her intentions.

She frowned, feeling somewhat confused "I thought you liked it?"

"I do." He replied, leaning in close and kissing his way up her neck "I love it, actually...but I really don't think I can wait much longer to be inside you." his voice was a gravelly whisper in her ear and, just like that, her body was on fire again. She wanted him too, more than she had wanted anything for a very long time. But she wasn't going to let him get away with being such a tease that easy. Jess wound an arm around his neck and pulled his face to hers, kissing him eagerly before pulling back and leading him by the hand to her bed.

"Well that's too bad, Miller..." Jess gave a coquettish grin as she pressed down on his shoulders to make him sit on the edge of the mattress. Placing a hand on each of his knees, she leaned forward to nibble on his right earlobe "I've waited a long time to do this again, so I think I'm going to take my sweet time with it..."

Nick threw his head back and laughed. A genuine, open-mouthed throaty laugh that made her heart nearly burst in her chest. Only with this man - this glorious man - could the mood switch so easily. They went seamlessly from getting hot and heavy as hell to being in fits of giggles with each other, and she couldn't imagine anything more perfect.

Nick looked up at her and nodded slowly, biting down on his bottom lip as he leaned his weight back on his hands.

"Well okay, if you insist...who am I to argue, right?"

Jess lowered herself to crouch on the floor between his legs, sliding her hands up the insides of his thighs and undoing his belt. He shifted his weight up for a second so she could remove his shorts and boxers, smiling inwardly as she threw them aimlessly to one side without even looking. Her gaze was fixed firmly on his crotch, where his erection was standing proud before her. Lifting her eyes to his, Jess ran her tongue across her lips and Nick felt his heart pound faster in his chest at the thought of what was coming next. Reaching out to stroke his fingers across the top of her arm, Jess swatted him away.

"Ow! What the...?"

"No touching, Nicholas!" She quirked an eyebrow at him and mischief sparkled in her eyes.

"Not only is that unfair - it's also going to be impossible!"

"Nuh-uh...if you touch me - I stop. Got it?"

The authority in her voice served only to heighten his arousal, but Nick swallowed hard and nodded silently, captivated by this feisty side of her he had always loved when she dared to set it free.

Biting back a smile, Jess dipped her head but kept her eyes locked on his as she ran her tongue along his entire length, making him draw in a gasp of air as she took him in her mouth and slowly moved to encompass as much of his impressive hardness as she could. A moan rumbled out from deep in his gut, and Jess noticed Nick was gripping fistfuls of the sheets between his fingers as she moved, drawing back every now and then to glide her hand around him while she circled his tip with her tongue. His left thigh began to tremble as she sucked up and down, lifting her gaze every now and then to look him right in the eyes.

It was getting too much - Nick screwed his eyes shut because the view was so hot he wouldn't be able to control himself for much longer - but there was no way he was letting this end prematurely.

"Shit...Honey, I'm gonna need you to slow down..."

Leaning forward, he placed his hands either side of her shoulders.

Jess came away from him with a pop, a look of consternation on her face as she stood up, him following and getting to his feet, leaning towards her again.

"I told you no touching." She chastised.

"And I told you that wasn't going to be possible. I'm a man, Jessica!"

"Oh, that old chestnut." She rolled her eyes but smiled, skimming her fingertips across his stomach as he reached his hands to the soft skin of her waist, deftly unzipping her skirt to remove her only remaining item of clothing before walking them backwards to the wall opposite the bed until they landed against it with a bump, his naked body pressed against her. A moan unexpectedly left her mouth at the feel of him, hard as a rock on her abdomen.

The late afternoon sun flooded her room, illuminating the curves of Jess's body with their amber glow. Nick shook his head a little, dazed at the sight before him - every inch of her skin highlighted in a way that nearly made him speechless.

"I can't be expected to be stood in a room with the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on and not be able to touch you. That's got to be some kinda violation of my human rights or something." Nick murmured, his mouth now hovering mere millimetres from hers - feeling the short, fast breaths escaping her lips and falling on his skin as she spoke frantically.

"Just shut up and kiss me, Nick..."

"I'm trying to!"

Their mouths met, open and wet. Hungry for the taste of each other. His tongue glided over hers and Jess's hands slid up his shoulders to link behind his head as they fell back into a kiss that seemed to erase all the years they had been apart. His fingers lost themselves in her hair, and she melted into him, the noises coming from the back of her throat making him want to never stop kissing her again.

Nick went to reach down between them, Jess doing the same, meaning their arms tangled and a mild struggle ensued as they both tried to be the one to control the situation and have the other in their hands. Jess dropped her arm from around his neck in frustration and grabbed him by the wrists.

"No more games..." Her voice cracked, sounding suddenly strained.

He nodded, seeing the true meaning of her words displayed in her eyes, insides twisting.

Reaching behind her, Nick pulled her in close and held her body tight to him, just for a minute. Felt her skin pressed flush to his, shaky breaths matching his own as their ribcages rose and fell quickly against each other. Eyes closed and remaining silent, they allowed themselves to be completely lost in the moment - to savour it, to commit this feeling to their memories forever.

"No games..." Nick whispered.

He pulled back and gazed down at her, lips still plump and moist from his kiss, breath catching in her throat and desire flaming in her eyes. Grabbing her around the waist, Nick lifted Jess into his arms and clear off the ground in one fluid move, drawing a gasp of surprise from her as she automatically wrapped her legs around his body. One hand supporting the gloriously smooth skin of her bottom, the other spanning the width of her back, he turned and walked them both over to her bed.

Nick could feel her heart pounding against his chest as his body pushed her into the mattress, one forearm resting by her head with his free hand still gripping tightly on the flesh above her hip. Nudging her cheek with his nose and resting his forehead on hers, he stopped to catch his breath before kissing her softly, tenderly. He ran his tongue slowly over hers and drank in the taste, his mouth coaxing hers open so he could reach more of her - but it would still never be enough. Moving his head, Nick dragged his lower lip up the curve of her neck to rest below her earlobe and felt her arch her back, pushing her pelvis to his.

"I love you, Jessica." He breathed, repeating himself as he felt Jess buck her hips up at his words "I love you...I love you."

Peppering her with kisses across her jaw, Nick returned eagerly to her mouth and Jess could feel her entire body buzzing. A heat that sparked electricity to surge through her veins, a connection once feared lost now instantly reignited. Like lightning striking at full velocity directly to her soul. A yelp escaped her lips as Nick moved himself lower, letting his teeth graze her nipple before he sucked it into his mouth and heard her low moan reverberating in his ears when he cupped her other breast in his hand and squeezed it gently. Jess was writhing beneath him, her breathing shallow and fast and he stroked his way down her side, the tough pad of his thumb brushing across the silky skin of her stomach and finding its way between her legs once more.

Jess nearly burst at his touch. She could feel each beat of her heart pulsing through every limb of her body, the blood was whooshing in her ears as he rubbed hard and slow against her clit, forcing her to bite her so lip hard she nearly drew blood.

"Jesus Christ, Nick...oh, God...I...fuck..."

She felt her climax fizzing all the way to her fingertips, toes digging in to the sheets beneath her. Her head was still swimming from the dizzying sensation as she sensed him crawl his way back up her body, skin now slick and glistening with sweat. Jess was aching for him to be inside her, practically clinging to him as her lay above her, hands around his shoulders and digging themselves into his skin. Not giving her time to recover, Nick rested himself between her thighs. He was so hard it nearly hurt, and he could tell she was more than ready for him. Nick entered her, slow and deep, his breath leaving him all at once and falling hot against the skin of her neck in a huff as his head dropped to her shoulder with a small grunt of pleasure. Jess let out a high pitched whine at the sensation of the stretch and pull of him. She'd almost forgotten how it felt to adjust to him, and it took her a moment to find her bearings.

Drawing back, he pressed into her a second time, then a third, rolling his hips as he did and groaning as Jess matched him thrust for torturously slow thrust. The old rhythm playing out as if their bodies had never been apart.

"Nick..." She mewled into his ear, fingers sliding their way down to his butt.

Sex between them had always been fantastic, but this? This was other worldly. On another planet entirely in a galaxy far, far away - and the intensity of it all was threatening to tip him over the edge before he was ready. He wanted this to last all night and to never stop until his body gave out, because he would never get tired of hearing her whimper his name in pleasure. That act in itself nearly made him explode. It carried a power like nothing else he knew.

Sensing her urgency, Nick hooked a hand under her left thigh and lifted it so her pelvis was tilted right up against him, then drove himself into her faster and harder just like he knew she wanted. The friction coupled with the slight change of angle nearly made her lose her mind. She could feel every perfect inch of him as he slid inside her again and again, the pins and needles starting to bubble up from her abdomen and shoot their way through her body in ripples.

"Fuck, Jess...you're so close..." Nick could feel her start to tense around him and never dropped his pace for a second.

The pleasure rose inside Jess like the crest of a wave rearing up above the shore, gathering momentum before it came crashing down, engulfing her until she was consumed completely. Her grip on his skin tightened, her moans deep and desperate and delighted. It was all it took to bring Nick to his own release. It ripped through him with the force of a freight train: unstoppable, uncontrollable...and utterly fucking magical. The most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced - bar none.

To be with her, on her, in her again...it was amazing.

He collapsed on top of her, panting hard and lost for words. Feeling her legs wrap themselves tighter around him, he gave one last involuntary thrust and felt her spasm with a little aftershock. The two of them lay there speechless in a bundle of tangled limbs as they slowly came back down to earth.

Nick ended up a little way down the bed, his head laying on Jess's stomach as they waited in the quiet aftermath for their breathing to return to normal and their limbs to regain full functionality. He let his fingers glide back and forth over the skin of her waist, drawing repetitive little circles and figure eights.

Jess's whisper broke the silence first.

"I changed my mind..."

Nick's heart sunk in his chest, a hollow feeling creeping in to his stomach as he lifted his head to look at her, prepared for the inevitable regret in her eyes.

"You...changed your mind?" His voice was raw with disappointment.

She smiled down at him and stroked a hand through his hair and down to his cheek.

"Yeah. I changed my mind. That was our best sex ever...hands down..."

The relief washed over him and Nick pushed himself up on his forearms to lean closer, his forehead now resting against her shoulder, letting out a low chuckle as he saw the twinkle in her eyes.

"It was so good..." He agreed, placing his lips on her collarbone to dust it with kisses so light they tickled her skin.

"Correction, it was sooo good!" Giggled Jess, referring to their conversation the night before.

"Better than those stupid truffle fries?" He mumbled against her.

"Ooh, tough call..." She laughed, and he rolled his eyes before flopping backwards onto the pillows next to her while suppressing a smile.

They didn't leave her bed for the rest of the evening, save for a brief excursion to the kitchen for post coital snacks. As the night drew in, Nick propped himself up on the pillows and tucked his arm around Jess's shoulder, pulling her in close and resting his lips on her head as he twirled a lock of her hair in his fingers.

"I meant what I said, you know..."

"What's that?" She yawned, her hand stroking its way across his chest.

"If you had told me how you felt the night before Schmidt and Cece's wedding...If I had known...I swear to God, Jessica, I wouldn't have left you in a million years."

She lifted her head to look at him - to really look at him, his eyes as dark and honest as she'd ever seen them - and a smile played gently across her lips.

"It's okay..." Jess nodded "it's okay...we got here in the end, Nicholas."

Her mouth landed gently on his, pressure increasing as she leaned into him and his hand came up to cup her face, sliding his lips across hers and holding her close. They parted with a pop, foreheads touching ever so slightly and Nick stroking his hand up the expanse of her still naked back.

"I'm never letting you go again." He promised, slipping them both backwards to lay under the sheets.

Resting her head on his body, Jess allowed herself a moment in the silence to try and absorb everything that had happened that afternoon which ended with her once again in the arms of the man she loved more than she realised was possible. And she let herself fully embrace the old clich├ęs when thinking about how phenomenal their sex had just been. The whole 'orchestra playing in the background, seeing stars, time standing still, fireworks behind the eyelids' kind of thing.

Because, boy, was that something else.

With her cheek pressed flush against Nick's chest, Jess watched the rise and fall of his breathing until she finally fell asleep with the silence broken only by the sound of his heart beating in her ear.