we are the Crystal Gems. Garnet said.

Garnet. Garnet said.

Amethyst. Amethyst said.

Pearl. Pearl said.

And Steven. Steven said.

and our new allies. Garnet said, turned around to Lupin and his gang.

Lupin the 3rd.

Daisuke Jigen.

Goemon Ishikawa.

Inspector Zenigata.

in the planet of Earth a peaceful city called Beach City everything was nice kind. the narrator said.

Steven was showing Connie light Steven to her. the prism begin to flash. and light Steven left.

a Homeworld ship begin to enter Earth's atmosphere. and destroyed the car wash.

what's going on? Lupin said.

who the hell are you? Jigen said pointing his revolver at the mysterious gem.

where is my manners my name is Hessonite. Hessonite said introducing herself.

I'm here for you. Hessonite said to the prism.

something tells me this is not going to end well. Garnet said

Jigen shot some of the lights soldiers.

we have to keep on fighting no matter what. Goemon said.

yes it's us or them! Lupin said.

a bunch of light soldiers ran towards Goemon, but he cut them with his sword.

Lupin the 3rd and the Crystal Gems: save the light.

coming soon..